6 Best Casual Games to play online in 2022

Best Casual Games to play

Whether you are looking to take a break from playing more competitive gamers or need a fun new relaxing game to unwind after a long day, these 6 best casual games for Android and iOS are your best bet:

  1. Ludo
  2. Snakes and ladders
  3. Dominos
  4. Monopoly
  5. Mancala
  6. Chess

Casual games are designed to be played on the go and at your own pace. This article has covered the 6 best causal games in 2022.

Why online casual games?  

Everyone raised in the pre-internet era will agree that summers are fun mainly because of the games we play with our friends and near and dear ones. There is a strange joy in gathering everyone and coming up with innovative ways to engage and entertain each other. Over the decades, however, times have changed, and the entertainment avenues have changed too. Nowadays, everyone is busy with their smartphones and tablets, which has led to a new market for online games.

Why play casual games?

Although there have been a plethora of games that hit the market every week, there are games universally loved by everyone and, most importantly, do not require you to break your head on how to play them. Such games can be categorized as casual games.

Casual games generally have more straightforward rules and require significantly less time to play and win. They are targeted to a mass-market audience instead of hard-core gamers, whose leisure time is primarily devoted to playing games.

Thus, causal games are great if you are not looking to dive too deep into a combat system or complex story. Besides, you can play casual games while you commute!

6 Best Casual games in 2022

Take a break from playing “Hardcore” games like PUBG, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. These 6 casual games are relatively easier to pick up and will whisk you away from stress and worries.

Best Casual Games in 2022


Ludo is a game that originated in India and is one of the easiest ones out there. At most, four people can play this game at a time. And it is very much reminiscent of a cat and mouse game. Generally, when the number 6 is thrown by a player, they can bring a new coin, and if the opponent lands his coin in the same spot as the other player, the latter’s coin is pecked and is sent back to the starting position.

Here are some interesting facts about Ludo.

Ludo is sort of like a race for the finishing line, and the players’ luck directly depends on the dice rolls and how strategically the four coins are placed. There are many online Ludo game apps, but one app you can trust without a hitch is Zupee.

Zupee Ludo games have live tournaments all day long, and you can play these games between real and verified players from across India. Moreover, the gameplay is for about 10 minutes, and you can even earn money while playing it. Zupee has three different types of Ludo games:

Play online casual games - Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo

Learn how to play Ludo and 15 tips and tricks that can help you win the game.

Snakes and Ladders

Another popular casual game that you can play is Snakes and Ladders. It is a classic board game that we’re sure needs no introduction. Generally, each player is allowed to choose a token, and each player moves forward according to the dice roll. If the player lands on a spot where there is a snake, the player is pushed to the position where the snake’s tail is. If the player lands in a spot with a ladder, they climb up the ladder, ending up in the spot where the top of the ladder is.

Online casual games - Snakes and Ladders Plus

The rules to play snakes and ladder online can be different, but the general format of the game remains the same. Here is one such online game that you can play, where each player gets an equal number of moves and can win a monetary reward.


Dominos is a board and tile-based game that originated in Italy from various sources around the 17th century. Before this period, this game was unknown in the European region. One of the most interesting facts about this game is that it is very popular in many Latin American countries. Also, this game is considered a national game in most Caribbean countries.

Best casual game - Dominos

There are white tiles and black dots on small square-like pieces called building blocks. It is a game that requires great skill and strategy. The objective of this game is to assemble these tiles in order to create a large variety of games. This can be played by four people divided into two teams with two members each. Generally, the online game takes less than 15 minutes to play and can be played individually.


Monopoly is another casual game that we all have played, cheated on, and fought over. The sheer elation of buying places, charging rent, building homes and hotels can go on for hours and hours until all the players go bankrupt and one of them emerges victorious. However, you can play Monopoly online in less than 15 minutes too. Generally, four members can play the game, and a timer is set within which each player needs to roll and buy the property.

Best casual game - Monopoly

This multi-player economics-themed classic board game dates back to the 1930s and has been around for close to a century now. The game starts with each player picking a color coin and the banker giving them some seed money to get started. The players then roll the dice and take turns going around the board.

One can either buy the property they land on or pay rent if someone already owns it. Besides that, the board also has Community Chest, Chance, and Jail to make the players’ journey through the game an interesting adventure. While the fun could go on for hours, an online game can be played faster in under 15 minutes.


Mancala is a game that originated in Africa, and it involves a player moving discs around a board to capture other discs. It is a strategic turn-based game, generally played between 2 players.

Best casual game - Mancala

There are different rules for different game versions. Generally, you shuffle the stones and start by dropping one piece into a hole on your side. You will make a capture by dropping a piece into an empty hole on the opposite side. If you capture all of your opponent’s pieces, you will win the game!

Anyone can play Mancala, from children to adults, and if you have ever enjoyed a cup of coffee, you will enjoy Mancala!


One of the most famous board games, chess, is a fun game that anyone can play. It originated in the 6th century and is based on military strategy. Two players compete to take control of each other’s king pieces. The knight is the most versatile piece in the game. Not only can it move in L-shapes, but it can also jump over other pieces to block attacking foes. First, you need to learn the board and all of the pieces. The king is the most valuable but also the most fragile.

Best casual games - Chess

The queen can move in many different ways. The rooks and bishops have unique movement patterns. When playing a king, it’s best to start at the corners and work inward towards your opponent’s side. When you have only one of your pieces left, you have the option of “castling,” which will protect your king and put your rook in a better position on the board. The white pieces move first. And that’s about the easiest way to learn how to play chess!

Online chess games have a similar format as the classic board game chess, with an added advantage to play within a specific time limit. The player with maximum points wins the game.

Would you love to relive the yesteryears and play traditional board games from the comfort of your home? Explore Zupee and see how the games you grew up playing are available online for you to explore and enjoy all over again! It’s time to board the nostalgia express! Share your thoughts, memories, and feelings in the comments section.