How to play ludo

How to play Ludo?

June 18, 2023 By Vidhya Bharathi

Ludo is a popular strategic board game with straightforward gameplay. Technological advancement lets you play Ludo games online on mobile apps like Zupee. And guess what! You can win up to Rs.10 Lakhs. The best part – the game’s objective remains the same, i.e., to move your tokens clockwise around the board, up the home … Read more

Ludo online tricks to win online

Ludo Winning Tricks and Tips

March 18, 2023 By Vidhya Bharathi

Dive into the world of strategic gaming by mastering Ludo tricks and understanding how to win Ludo consistently. Welcome to our comprehensive guide that is primarily designed to enhance your gaming skills through winning techniques and strategies. It’s time to up your game and impress your opponents by conquering the online Ludo field. Here is … Read more

Indian Ludo Games

Indian Ludo: How did Parcheesi become Ludo?

September 22, 2023 By Lekhika Dhariyal

If you ever fancy yourself a game of Ludo, the chances are you’ll be immediately transported back to your childhood days, gathered around a board game amongst friends and family. But did you know that Ludo was originally known as Pracheesi in ancient India? The game dates back to at least the 6th century AD and is … Read more

variants of ludo game

Ludo Variants for Die-Hard Ludo Lovers to Explore

September 22, 2023 By Mounica Duvva

Ludo, a timeless board game, has captured the hearts of enthusiasts for generations. But did you know this classic game has numerous variations catering to every Ludo lovers whims and fancies? From regional tweaks to entirely new rule sets, the world of Ludo is vast and diverse. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, … Read more

ludo culture

Ludo Culture: From Board Game to Online Ludo Cash Games

September 20, 2023 By Mounica Duvva

Ludo, a beloved board game that once graced our living room tables, has radically transformed India. From lazy Sunday afternoons spent rolling dice with family and friends, it has evolved into a thriving online phenomenon, giving birth to the captivating world of Ludo Cash Games. In this article, we delve into the fascinating journey of … Read more

Best strategy games for Android, ios, and PC

Best strategy games to play in October 2023

September 19, 2023 By Lekhika Dhariyal

What makes strategy games so interesting is that each game requires us to think about endless possibilities to win the game. It requires us to think ahead of the game and strategically place our move. Board games like Ludo and Chess allow us to overcome challenges logically and tactically. In fact, we have been playing … Read more

best games online

Best Games to Play Online in 2023

September 18, 2023 By Mounica Duvva

In the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming, 2023 promises to be a thrilling year for gamers across the globe. Whether you’re an avid Android user, a casual player looking to unwind, a skillful strategist, or a cerebral enthusiast seeking a mental challenge, online gaming has something extraordinary in store for you. This comprehensive article will … Read more

Ludo empire evolution

The Rise of Ludo Empire: A Look at its Popularity

September 18, 2023 By Lekhika Dhariyal

In recent years, a humble board game has taken the world by storm and given birth to an empire, not of territories, but of entertainment and real cash winnings. This empire is known as the “Ludo Empire.” While the word “empire” might make you think of big things, this Ludo Empire’s story is about how … Read more

Dice games to play

Dice Games: Rolling the Odds – A Comprehensive Guide

September 17, 2023 By Lekhika Dhariyal

Dice games have been a favorite pastime for generations, and as we step into September 2023, they’re still as popular as ever. These games offer excitement, surprise, and a lot of fun for everyone. In this blog, we’re going to explore what dice games are, why people love them, and introduce you to the best … Read more

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