Play Ludo
Win up to 10 Lakh

Play Ludo online with lakhs of players and win real money

Play multiplayer Ludo with lakhs of players online. Unleash your gaming skills to win real money.

Play Ludo
Win up to 10 Lakh

Play Ludo online with lakhs of players and win real money

Play multiplayer Ludo with lakhs of players online. Unleash your gaming skills to win real money.


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Play online Ludo to win real cash

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Surendra kumar


Won: 15.8 Lakhs

This is the most amazing real money game in India right now. Fair & square! The intelligent modifications to the game of Ludo that this game offers is what makes it so out of the box.

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Won: 10.5 Lakhs

Wonderful experience. Best timepass game ever. I really enjoyed it...highly recommended. The best part is you don't have to wait for a Six to open the tokens as those are already open and you can score and win for the token you move. Loved it.

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Sujata Rao


Won: 5.5 Lakhs

It's a good platform for playing with earning money no doubt. The game is secure and withdrawals are very smooth. I am hooked on to Ludo Supreme since many months now. Earning and enjoying totally!

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Pramod Kumar


Won: 6.2 Lakhs

Superbbb for real earning Ludo game forever!!!! Amazing! Excellent! Marvellous! Outstanding! I It's very different than others. Its skill based and a lot of fun. I have earned so much from referring my friends. They downloaded and played, I earned!

About Ludo

Ludo, one of the most popular multiplayer strategy board games, is generally played between 2 or 4 players. The objective of each player is to race their four tokens to their house based on rolls of a single dice. Ludo finds its origins in the Indian game Pachisi.

How to play Ludo on Ludo Supreme?

  • Choose your preferred Ludo game format from 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners game options
  • Choose the type of tournament: The one with an entry fee or the free one. You stand a chance to win more cash in the entry fee tournament
  • Start playing by rolling the dice. You don’t need a 6 to start playing. All tokens are in open position
  • Every box moved earns you a point. For each token that you take home, you earn extra 56 points.
  • The player or players (in case of 2 or 3 winners) with the most points at the end of the time limit wins the prize pot. A 2-player game lasts for 8 minutes and a 4-player game lasts for 10 minutes

Ludo Game Rules

  • No need to roll a 6 to start playing
  • If you roll a 6, you get another turn
  • If you roll a 6 three times consecutively, you will have to miss a turn
  • If you land on a safe box, the opponent’s token can’t cut you
  • If an opponent’s token lands on your token, your token will be sent back to the start point and all points made on that token will be lost too

Ludo Game Fouls

  • If you skip your turn more than twice you lose the game
  • If you don’t play your turn within 10 seconds, you skip your turn
  • If you roll a 6 thrice, you have to skip a turn
  • If an opponent’s token lands on the same box as yours, you’ll lose all the points gathered by that token

Ludo - Interesting Facts

  • Ludo originated in India and was known as Pachisi
  • One variation of Pachisi was patented by Alfred Collier in 1896 in England under the name Ludo
  • Ludo is a latin word that means ‘I play.’
  • All numbers on the opposite side of a dice add up to 7. Go check it!
  • The track of every color consists of 52 squares around the home area. 48 of these squares are white and only four are of different color.
  • Akbar was a big fan of the game. So much that he had separate courts built for the purpose of just playing the game.

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