Ludo Game Rules & Instructions to Play Ludo Online

Ludo game rules

Discover the core regulations for playing Ludo. One of the most important Ludo rules to remember is strategizing your moves for a winning outcome. Understanding the specific rules for Ludo can significantly enhance your gaming experience and prospects of victory. This Ludo rule is applicable to online gameplay too.

Keeping this in mind, let’s understand the rules of the online Ludo game that helps you win real cash.

Understanding the Ludo Game Rules to Play Online

Ludo is played with 2-4 players, and each player has four pawns. The goal is to move all your tokens from the starting point to the home area by rolling a die and moving the corresponding number of spaces. However, there are some variations in the instructions for Ludo games depending on the specific online game being played. For example, some Ludo games may allow players to get a bonus roll if they roll a 6, while others may not.

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Ludo Rule For Total Number of players

According to the normal Ludo game rules, 2 to 4 people can play together. When you play Ludo online on Zupee, this stays the same, but there’s a fun twist in the Ludo Supreme League.

In the Ludo Supreme League, lots of players can join in the tournament, more than just 4. They all compete to get a high rank on a leaderboard. Look at the table below to learn about the number of players required to play as per the Ludo instructions:

Ludo OnlineNo. of Players
Ludo Supreme2-player, 3-player, and 4-player mode
Ludo Supreme LeagueMultiplayer Online Leaderboard Tournament
Ludo Ninja2-player and 4-player mode
Ludo Turbo2-player and 4-player mode

Ludo Rule for Starting the Game

As a Ludo rule, to start the game, you need to roll a 6 to get your tokens out of the yard. But while playing Ludo online on Zupee, you do not need a six to activate your token. All tokens are in the open position, making it a fast game. Each player has four tokens of a specific color at the start on the “home” base. However, when you play a 3-player game, you get 3 tokens.

Ludo Rule for Movement of the Token

In the rules of Ludo, players advance their pawns based on the dice roll, aiming to move them from the starting area to the finish zone. Each turn, the dice dictates the number of spaces a player can move their pawn forward. The goal is to be the first to maneuver all pawns into the finish zone.

Moving your game piece in Zupee Ludo is easy: just tap the Ludo dice to roll. After rolling, tap the token you want to move, and it will automatically advance the number of spaces shown on the dice.

Ludo Rule for Getting Extra Turn

Want to get another turn? In some Ludo games on Zupee, rolling a 6 won’t give you an extra chance, like in Ludo Ninja and the Ludo Supreme League. But in Ludo Supreme and Ludo Turbo, rolling a 6 will get you another turn.

Also, in Zupee rules of Ludo, you can earn an extra turn by either cutting your opponent’s token or bringing your own token home safely.

Ludo Rule for Capturing Token

According to the classic Ludo board game instructions, if your token lands on an opponent’s token, two things will happen:

  • The opponent’s token is sent back to their base.
  • They must roll a 6 again to activate it.

When playing Ludo online on Zupee, if you cut an opponent’s token, it is sent back to their base, and your opponent loses out on all the points made by that token. The gameplay rules are slightly different when you play Ludo Supreme League. When you cut tokens placed on the board, you earn the points that the token carries.

Ludo Rule for Staying Safe

In online Ludo, just like on the classic board, there are safe spots marked with stars. When your token lands on one, your opponent can’t capture it. Plus, if you have two tokens on the same spot, they’re safe from being captured by your opponent. So, knowing these Ludo rules and regulations is crucial to keeping your tokens secure.

Ludo Rule for Winning Points

There are certain Ludo playing rules to win points on Zupee. Take a look at the table below:

Online Ludo Rules to win points
Ludo Supreme1 box moved = 1 point | Home = 56 points ( 2 and 4 players)
1 box moved = 1 point | Home = 43 points (3-player)
Ludo Supreme League1 box moved = 1 point
Ludo Ninja1 box moved = 1 point | Home = 56 points
Ludo Turbo1 box moved = 1 point | Home = 56 points

Ludo Rule for Winning the Game

Unlike regular Ludo game rules, you must not take all 4 tokens into the home area to win. Depending on the gameplay, you need to earn the maximum points to win the game or rank high on the leaderboard. For instance, Ludo Supreme is a time game where you need to earn maximum points within a limited time frame, whereas, in Ludo Supreme League, you need to rank high on the leaderboard by earning more points within a specific number of moves. 

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Other Ludo Board Game Rules

There are rules for winning, losing, and some strategic movements in the Ludo tournament. Here’s the breakdown of online Ludo rules:

Ludo Winning Rules 

  • All Tokens in the Home Column: To win the game, a player must move all their tokens into the home column (the last column before the tokens reach the home base). This rule will differ if you play Ludo online. 
  • Exact Dice Rolls: Players must roll the number to enter their tokens into the home. If a player rolls a number that would overshoot the home column, that move is invalid, and the player must wait for the exact number to be rolled.
  • Highest Score – Another winning strategy in Ludo is to score maximum points compared to the opponents. 
  • Exit Win – According to Ludo rules, in a 2 player match, if your opponent leaves in the middle of the game, you will automatically win the match, even though the score is less than yours. However, this rule only applies for 3-player or 4-player matches, once and unless all the players leave the game except you.

Ludo Losing Rules

  • Getting Captured: If an opponent’s token lands on a square occupied by one of your tokens, your token is captured and sent back to the starting point. 
  • Multiple Captures: If your token gets captured multiple times, you’ll have to start moving it from the starting point again.
  • Unable to Move: If a player cannot move any of their tokens because all their tokens are either captured or they cannot make any moves with the dice rolls, they lose their turn.
  • Rule of 3 Sixes: According to the ludo rules for 3 sixes, your chance will be skipped if a player gets 3 consecutive sixes. 
  • 3 Chances Missed – If any player skips 3 turns in the whole match, that player will be kicked out of the game. 
  • Less Score –  Ludo rules for losing a match depict that you will lose the game if your score is less than the opponent’s.

Ludo Killing Rules

  • Landing on an Opponent’s Token: If you land on a square occupied by an opponent’s token, that token is captured and sent back to its starting point.
  • Strategic Blockades: Players can form blockades by strategically positioning their tokens, making it difficult for opponents to move them forward.
  • Safe Zone – According to Ludo rules for killing, if two or more pawns of a player are on the same square box, the opponent can’t kill it. This makes a safe zone for that player. 
  • No Killing Safe Zone – Tokens cannot be killed if they are in their respective safe zone star-marked boxes (often the colored area corresponding to each player’s start zone).

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Fundamental Rules for Playing Ludo Online on Zupee

The fundamental Ludo game rules in English typically remain consistent with traditional Ludo gameplay when playing online, whether through a dedicated app, website, or platform. Here are the basic rules for playing Ludo online on Zupee:

  • 2, 3, and 4 players can play Ludo on Zupee anytime & anywhere. 
  • In this classic board game, you don’t have to wait for 6 or 1 to begin the game. Thus, you can move your pawn from the quadrant without waiting. 
  • The value of the dice will determine the pawn’s movement and your score. 
  • You will get an extra turn every time you roll a 6. However, this game rule will vary according to the Ludo formats on Zupee. 
  • The third chance will be skipped if you get three consecutive 6s”. 
  • If your pawn or token lands on your opponent’s token, you will get an extra turn for killing the opponent’s pawn. However, if the opponent’s pawn is in a safe zone, you can’t kill it.
  • If you land more than 1 of your pawns in the same box as your opponents, it creates a tactical advantage for you. The opponent won’t be able to pass this barricade as you can kill its pawn.
  • You will get an advantage of extra points if a pawn reaches home, plus an extra turn. 
  • Move all your pawns to the home to win the match. 
  • Score maximum under the limited move game or time to win the match.

Ludo Rules: FAQs

What are the basic rules of Ludo?

Rolling the dice and moving the pawns clockwise around the board are part of the Ludo rules. Players must either advance every pawn they control to its home space or eliminate every opponent pawn in order to score the most points in order to win. Learn how to play Ludo in 5 easy steps.

How does the rule of 6 work in Ludo?

When a player rolls a six in Ludo, they get to roll again. They move a token out if they haven’t begun. Turns are granted continuously if successive sixes are rolled up. However, if the player gets 3 sixes consecutively, the third chance will be skipped. 

Can you roll 3 sixes in a row in Ludo?

It is possible to roll three sixes in a row in Ludo. A player gets an extra turn for each six they roll. They receive another turn if they roll another six on their extra turn, and so on. However, the chance will be skipped automatically, if the player gets 3rd six in a row, according to the online Ludo rules.  

Is killing opponent’s tokens compulsory in Ludo?

No, it’s not required to kill (capture) an opponent’s tokens to win Ludo money online. Although it might be a calculated move to impede your opponent’s advancement and increase your own chances of winning. Based on their strategy and the state of the game, players can decide what to do next.

Can one token eliminate two tokens in Ludo?

No, a single token can only take out a single opponent’s token at a time under the standard rules of ludo. An opponent’s token is only killed and returned to its starting place if it lands on a square that is occupied by a player’s token. The usual ludo rules and regulations do not allow one token to destroy two opponent tokens at the same time.

How can you get extra moves in Ludo?

Rolling a six on the dice in Ludo gives you an extra move. Players can now take another turn right away. To move a token onto the board, a player must roll a six at the beginning of the game. Strategic advancement is facilitated by consecutive sixes, which offer continuous turns until a different number is rolled. Thus, it’s best to know winning strategies for Ludo online. 

Where are the safe spots on the Ludo board?

In Ludo, safe spots are places where tokens are shielded from being killed, such as each player’s home column right before their home bases. Furthermore, because adversaries are unable to access the starting area—where tokens enter the game, it is considered secure. These places offer protection from enemy captures.

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