Ludo game rules – 10 Ludo rules to create a winning strategy

Ludo Rules

While playing Ludo, you need to look out for your opponent’s token. They can capture your token, or worst, their token is just about to reach their ‘Home base space’. To avoid such a scenario, you need to know the ludo game rules to strategize your moves. For instance, as a rule, you need to roll a 6 to get your tokens out of the yard. So, based on this Ludo rule, your strategy can be to take out your token every time you get a six.

This article talks about 10 such fundamental rules to play Ludo, that will help create a winning gameplay strategy. We also highlight how the classic Ludo game rules are different from playing Ludo online.

Playing Ludo online has gained popularity in recent times. The objective of the game remains the same, with some tweaks to the Ludo game rules. Moreover, you can even win a chance to win real money by playing Ludo online. One such app where you can play Ludo for free online and can stand a chance to win real cash is Zupee.

Ludo Rules – Rules to play the game

Ludo is a strategy board game with easy rules to understand. The game’s goal is to take all your 4 tokens into the ‘Home’ space. Sounds simple, right?

Well, there is more to Ludo than just racing your tokens to the ‘Home’ space. You can capture and block other players’ tokens. However, there are a set of rules that you need to follow.  So, let’s take a deep dive into the Ludo game rules, but before that, make sure that you have read this article about how to play Ludo, to get an idea about the gameplay.

Key Rules to play Ludo

Here are the 10 fundamental Ludo rules:

  1. The game is played between 2, 3, or 4 players without a partnership. 
  2. You need to roll a 6 to activate each token. If your token is not activated and you roll any other number than 6, your turn passes to the next player.
  3. The value on the dice determines how many boxes your token moves.
  4. You get an extra turn if you roll a 6.
  5. If you happen to roll a 6 three consecutive times, you lose your turn.
  6. If your token lands on an opponent’s token, two things will happen:
    • The opponent’s token is sent back to their base, and they must roll a 6 again to activate it.
    • You get an extra turn.
  7. A block forms if you land more than 1 of your tokens in the same space. Blocks act as a barrier against your opponent. They will not be able to pass the barrier or land in the same space. Blocking is used when you want to delay your opponent’s token from reaching home.
  8. Some Ludo boards have additional markings on certain spaces like a crown or circle. Avoid these spaces since landing on one of them will send your token back to their base. Moreover, you will need to roll a 6 to activate the token again.
  9. Once your token reaches the home column, you need to roll the exact number or less than the required number to get your token to the home base. For instance, if you have three spaces to move and you roll >=4, you cannot move that token 3 spaces. In such a case, you have to move another token or pass.
  10. All of your 4 tokens must travel around the board and move into the home base space to win the game.

Check out this video to learn about how to play Ludo with tokens on a classic board vs. how to play ludo online on Ludo Supreme:

Ludo game rules – Online vs. Classic

With the growing popularity of Ludo, you can now play Ludo online anywhere at any time. Even though the online space is flooded with different formats of the Ludo games, there are three types of multiplayer games by Zupee that stand out from the crowd:

What’s the difference between the three Ludo games by Zupee? Well, the difference is in the gameplay and rules they follow. In fact, you play Ludo Ninja without a dice!

Take a look at this article to know the difference between the three online Ludo games by Zupee.

Here is the difference between classic ludo game rules and rules to play Ludo on Zupee:

Ludo Rules Ludo game rules – Classic Version Ludo Rules – Online version by Zupee
Rule to roll a 6 There is no time limit specified. It can be played for hours. Online Ludo games by Zupee last approx. 10 mins.
Rule to Block your opponent A block is formed if you land two of your tokens in the same box. The block cannot be passed by your opponent. A block is formed if you land two of your tokens in the same box. However, the block can be passed by your opponent.
Rule to win You win by taking all four tokens inside the home area. You win if you have collected maximum points. Even if all tokens are not inside the home area you can win the game.

Ludo online game rules

There are three essential rules to play Ludo games by Zupee:

  • Rules of rolling a 6
  • Rules for blocking your opponent
  • Rules for winning the game
Ludo Online Rules

Rules of rolling a 6

One major differentiating factor between Ludo online and the classic game is that you do not need a six to activate your token. All tokens are in the open position, making it a fast game.

Want to get an extra chance? Unlike the classic Ludo board game, you do not get an extra chance if you roll a 6, while playing Ludo Ninja or Turbo. However, this is applicable to Supreme. While playing Ludo supreme, you get an extra chance if you roll a 6.

One similarity between playing a regular Ludo game vs. Zupee’s Online Ludo games is that you lose your turn if you roll consecutively three times’ 6′.

Rules for blocking your opponent

Like the classic Ludo game, a block forms if you land more than 1 of your tokens in the same space. However, while playing Ludo online, a player can pass the block and land on the block space.

So, what is the advantage of creating a block while playing Ludo online? Well, a block helps you to safeguard your token. Let’s say you have created a block. If your opponent lands on that space, they cannot capture your token.

Rules for winning the game

Unlike regular Ludo, you do not need to take all your 4 tokens into the Home area. Depending upon the gameplay, you need to earn maximum points to win the game. For instance, Ludo supreme is a time game, whereas Ludo Ninja and Turbo are limited move games. The player who has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

There are other factors of differentiation. Take a look at this article, where we talk about the three Ludo games by Zupee in detail, their gameplay, and rules.

Now that you are aware of the Ludo online rules strategize your moves and win a chance to win real cash! Always download the app from an official site – Ludo Supreme, Ninja, and Turbo.

Ludo rules – FAQs

How to play Ludo?

To play, all players take turns in a clockwise direction and depending upon the roll of the dice, they move their token. The player to take all four tokens inside the home area wins the game. Learn how to play Ludo in 5 easy steps.

Can I play Ludo Online?

Yes. You can play Ludo online on Zupee.

What are the rules to play Ludo Online?

Depending upon which Ludo game you play online, rules might be tweeted. If you play Ludo on Zupee, there are three fundamental rules that are different from classic Ludo game:
1. You don’t need to roll a six to activate your token.
2. Your opponent can pass the block you created.
3. To win you need to score highest points.
Zupee has three types of online ludo games – Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo. Know the difference between these online Ludo games.

Can more than 4 players play Ludo?

No. At a time 2-4 players can play ludo.

Do you get an extra chance to capture your opponent’s token?

Yes. As a Ludo rule, you do get an extra chance to capture your opponent.

How can I win online Ludo?

To win, you need to make sure your strategy is on point before the game even starts. Here are 15 Ludo tricks to always win the Ludo game online.

Which are the safe areas in the Ludo board?

The areas marked as stars are the safe spots on the Ludo board. Apart from that if you land two of your token in the same spot, they cannot be captured by the opponent. This rule is true for both classic and online ludo games on Zupee.