Rules of Ludo

Ludo Rules

Discover the core regulations for playing ludo. One of the most important ludo rules to remember is strategizing your moves for a winning outcome. Understanding the specific rules for ludo can significantly enhance your gaming experience and prospects of victory. This Ludo rule is applicable to online gameplay too.

Ludo is played with 2-4 players, and each player has four tokens. The goal is to move all your tokens from the starting point to the home area by rolling a die and moving the corresponding number of spaces. However, there are some variations in the ludo rules depending on the specific online game being played. For example, some ludo games may allow players to get a bonus roll if they roll a 6, while others may not.

Before delving into the rules of Ludo, watch this video on how to play ludo online:

Here are 8 Key rules of Ludo you need to follow to win online:

Play ludo online and win real cash.

Ludo Rule 1: No. of players

Generally, Ludo can be played between 2 to 4 players.  But, when you play Ludo on Zupee, some games also allow you to play solo. Look at the table below to learn about the no. of players required to play the Ludo game:

Ludo OnlineNo. of Players
Ludo SupremeTwo to Four 
Ludo Supreme LeagueSingle-Player
Ludo NinjaTwo to Four 
Ludo TurboTwo to Four 

Ludo Rule 2: Start the game

As a Ludo rule, to start the game, you need to roll a 6 to get your tokens out of the yard. But while playing Ludo online on Zupee, you do not need a six to activate your token. All tokens are in the open position, making it a fast game. Each player has four tokens of a specific color at the start on the “home” base.

Ludo Rule 3: Movement the token

The game is played with a die or dice. However, while playing Ludo online on Zupee, you can play games with or without the die. Based on the dice value, move a token. To roll the dice, just tap on it. The selected token will move automatically.

Learn more about the online ludo dice here.

Ludo rules to move token

Ludo Rule 4: Extra turn

Want to get an extra chance? Unlike the classic Ludo board, you do not get an extra chance if you roll a 6 while playing Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, and Ludo Supreme League. However, you get an extra chance to roll 6 on Ludo Supreme.

For all four ludo online games on Zupee, you get an extra chance:

  • When you take a token home.
  • When you cut the opponent’s token.

Ludo Rule 5: Capture token

In a classic ludo, if your token lands on an opponent’s token, two things will happen:

  • The opponent’s token is sent back to their base.
  • They must roll a 6 again to activate it.

When playing Ludo online on Zupee, if you cut an opponent’s token, it is sent back to their base, and you earn all the points by that token.

Ludo Rule 6: Stay safe

Like in the classic Ludo board, there are safe spots marked as stars in online Ludo. If you land your token on it, the opponent cannot capture it.  You can also land two of your tokens in the same spot, and the opponent’s token cannot cut them.

Ludo Rule 7: Win points

Here are the rules to win points on Zupee:

Online Ludo Rules to win points
Ludo Supreme1 box moved = 1 point | Home = 56 points
Ludo Supreme League1 box moved = 1 point
Ludo Ninja1 box moved = 1 point | Home = 56 points
Ludo Turbo1 box moved = 1 point | Home = 56 points

You get extra points for all four ludo online games on Zupee when you cut an opponent token/token on the board.

Ludo Rule 8: Win the game

Unlike regular Ludo, you do not need to take all 4 tokens into the home area. You need to earn maximum points to win the game depending upon the gameplay. For instance, Ludo Supreme is a time game, whereas Ludo Ninja and Turbo are limited-move games. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Ludo rules: FAQs

How to play Ludo?

To play, all players take turns in a clockwise direction and move their token depending on the dice roll. The player to take all four tokens inside the home area wins the game. Learn how to play Ludo in 5 easy steps.

Can I play Ludo Online?

Yes. You can play Ludo online on Zupee. Download Zupee Ludo App for Android & iOS.

What are the rules for playing Ludo Online?

Depending upon which Ludo game you play online, rules might be tweeted. If you play Ludo on Zupee, there are three fundamental rules that are different from the classic Ludo: You don’t need to roll a six to activate your token, your opponent can pass the block you created, and to win you need to score the highest points.

Zupee has four online ludo – Ludo Supreme, Ludo Supreme League, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo. Know the difference between these online Ludo games.

Can more than 4 players play Ludo?

No. At a time, 2-4 players can play ludo.

Do you get an extra chance to capture your opponent’s token?

Yes. As a Ludo rule, you get an extra chance to capture your opponent.

How can I win online, Ludo?

To win, you must ensure your strategy is on point before the game starts. Here are 15 winning strategies for Ludo online

Which are the safe areas in the Ludo board?

The areas marked as stars are the safe spots on the Ludo board. Apart from that, if you land two of your token in the same spot, they cannot be captured by the opponent. This rule is true for both classic and online Ludo on Zupee.

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