Ludo player | Skills, Strategies, & Winnings Tips

Ludo players and Winners

Ludo players are unique individuals who enjoy a board game that requires a combination of strategy and skill.  Regardless of age, gender, or profession, all Ludo players share a common thread of competition, wit, and sheer fun. While the game is simple to learn, mastering it is a different story altogether. Becoming a top Ludo player takes a lot of practice and experience. You must understand the rules thoroughly and develop effective strategies to outsmart your opponents. Ludo players are intense and serious about their game, often spending hours honing their skills and planning their next move.

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Find out what makes the best Ludo players so good. In this guide, we’ll explore the strategies and skills that have made them famous in Ludo. Whether you’re just starting or have played a lot, these tips can help you improve at Ludo and become a top player in this classic board game.

Ludo Player Skills

To become a skilled online Ludo player, you need specific abilities. Patience is crucial. Knowing when to make a move and when to wait is essential. Strategy is also vital. It would help to predict what your opponent will do and plan accordingly. There’s a balance between taking risks and waiting.

A good Ludo player must also be observant. They need to watch their opponents and change their strategy based on what they see. Skilled players can adapt when things don’t go as expected. Persistence is essential. Sometimes, you won’t win, but not giving up sets apart good players from great ones.

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Ludo Player Online: Winning Tips 

The first and foremost tip for any online Ludo player is to thoroughly learn and understand the Ludo rules. Knowing the in-depth rules of the game will help you understand how the game works and how tokens move around the Ludo board. This includes comprehending the basic rules like moving your tokens according to the number on the dice, the rules of entering the home triangle, rules regarding the token kill, and much more. Having a sound knowledge of all these rules puts you in a better position to devise your winning strategies. It’s not just about moving the tokens; it’s knowing when to move and how best to utilize your dice throws.

One aspect that separates the average players from the top winners in Ludo is the ability to consider all possible moves before taking a call. Going for the most obvious move is always tempting, especially when it involves taking out an opponent’s token. However, the best strategy might lie in an unexplored move. It’s essential to evaluate all available options, consider their outcomes, and then make an informed decision. This could be a deciding factor between winning and losing the game.

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Ludo Players Winning Amount

Many Ludo players have become famous in the gaming world. These players need to improve at the basics; they’ve also devised special ways to win. Let’s check out the top Ludo online winners on Zupee:

Ludo Players

Winning Amount (Rs.)

Ajay Sanodiya


Appu Kumar Yadav


Gunjan Choudhary


Ram Anjor




Sumit Sarkar




Ankit Kumar Tailor


Maan Singh


Namo Narayan Meena


Ayush Singh


Preeti Vilas Mangalwedhe


Pinku Kumar


Janved Dhakad


Achal Agarwal


Rajan Maurya


Rahul Yadav


Kanchan Devi


Umesh Kumar Rao


Manjeet Giri




Anuj Kumar


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Ludo Players Review

Watch the Ludo game review of two players on Zupee who have won more than Rs.1,00,000:

Winner 1: Sandeep Parmar

Meet Sandeep Parmar, who won a massive 2 lakh rupees by spending just 19 rupees to play on Zupee:

Winner 2: Ram Anjor

Meet Ram Anjor, who won a whopping 2,50,000 rupees:

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Advanced Ludo Player Strategies

Being a seasoned player involves knowing the game rules and the intricacies to gain a competitive edge. Advanced players often employ offensive and defensive strategies based on the gameplay. One such strategy is to prioritize spreading your tokens instead of moving one at a time. This offers more flexibility and opportunities to block or capture enemy tokens.

Another strategy involves taking calculated risks. While it may seem tempting to keep your tokens safe, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Capturing an enemy token not only sends it back to the start but also gives you an extra chance, which could speed up your game considerably. However, assessing the situation and ensuring the potential reward outweighs the risk is crucial.

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Ludo Player Online: Takeaway

In any strategic board game, like Ludo, having a plan is important for success. A wise player knows when to make moves when to attack, and when to defend. At the beginning of the game, you want to get your pieces onto the board, but it’s a good idea to keep some in reserve and not rush.

In the middle of the game, having your pieces spread out on the board is helpful. In the endgame, if you’ve positioned your pieces well, it becomes a race to get them all to safety. Timing is very important here. A well-thought-out plan can lead to winning.

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Ludo Player & Winner: FAQs

What qualities make a good Ludo player?  

A good Ludo player needs a blend of strategy, patience, and observational skills. Being able to anticipate the opponent’s moves and adapt quickly to changing game situations is crucial.

How can I improve my Ludo gaming skills?

Improving Ludo skills involves understanding the rules thoroughly, practicing regularly, and learning from your games – both wins and losses. Try different strategies and find out what works best for you.

What do top Ludo players use some strategies?

Top Ludo players use a variety of strategies, including calculated risks, defensive play, and adaptive gameplay. They consider all possible moves, anticipate counter-moves from opponents, and adapt their strategy to the game’s progression.

How can understanding the rules of Ludo make me a better player?

Understanding the rules of Ludo helps you to devise effective game strategies. It lets you know when to move and how best to utilize your dice throws, enabling you to make informed decisions during gameplay.