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Ludo Supreme League Reviews

Look at Ludo League players who have showcased their skills to rank on the leaderboard & win real cash.

real money earning games rating
Won ₹2.5 Lakhs
Ludo league player- Ram

I started playing Zupee in 2021 and have won ₹2.5 lakhs playing Ludo Supreme League. The app is a safe with instant money withdrawals. Even if a withdrawal fails, the money gets returns to your wallet.

Won iPhone
Ludo league player - Ahmed picture

Smooth app. Games end in 10 minutes, with easy cash winnings withdrawals.

Won ₹20,000
Ludo league player - Anuj

I've been playing Ludo on Zupee since 2023. One day, I secured 2nd rank in the Ludo Supreme League and won ₹20,000. Thank you, Zupee.

Won ₹1 Lakh
Ludo league player - Chhotu

I learned about Zupee from a mobile ad, and I've been playing since March 2022. I have just won approx 1 lakh in the Ludo Supreme League. I love participating in this game; it's such a nice and fair experience.

Won ₹5 Lakhs
Ludo League Winner - Sumit

Ludo Supreme League is my favourite game. What I love about Zupee is its user-friendly interface, the ₹1 game starts, instant withdrawals, and the quick 10-minute games. It's a secure and engaging platform, so I always recommend it to my friends.

Won ₹1 Lakh
Ludo Supreme League winner picture - Suman

I've won ₹1 Lakh by playing Ludo Supreme League. This game gives you a chance to win more and more every day. Plus, withdrawing the winning amount is super easy. I will recommend this to all the ludo lovers.

Ludo Supreme League Download Process

What is Ludo Supreme League?

Ludo Supreme League is an online Ludo game by Zupee. In Ludo Supreme League, you play alone and try to get a high score to move up a leaderboard where many players are listed. This leaderboard shows who has the highest scores and players compete to win cash prizes. Players receive a limited number of moves and a set time to play each move. The game involves strategic token movement and cutting, with the goal of maximizing points to win cash prizes. This league blends the nostalgic elements of Ludo with a competitive tournament style, providing a fresh and challenging experience for Ludo Players

How to Play Ludo Supreme League?

Once you have download the Zupee App, the Ludo Supreme League App also gets downloaded. To play, follow these points:

  • Register for a ludo tournament: Choose between enjoying free play or opting for entry-fee games.
  • Begin the game: No need to roll a 6 to start the game. Besides your yellow tokens, there are 12 others on the board: 4 green, 4 red, and 4 blue. These tokens remain fixed in position for all players. Out of these 12 tokens, 6 are located at the start points of each color and cannot be moved. Players can only cut the remaining 6 tokens.
  • Score Points: You get 1 point for moving one box. Moreover, each of the tokens on the board carries specific points. Tap on the tokens to find out how many points you can earn by cutting them.
  • Earn Extra Moves: Get an extra turn every time your Ludo token reaches home. Cut as many tokens as you can for even more turns.
  • Count your remaining moves: You get 36 moves in a game and 15 seconds to play each move. If you run out of time, your time bank of 60 seconds will be activated, which can be used throughout the game. If you exhaust your Timebank, you will land out of the game, and the points scored till then will be considered the final score.
  • Win the game: Aim to score the highest to move up the leaderboard and win bigger!

Ludo Supreme League Key Gameplay Points

Here are the rules to play Ludo League on Zupee:

  • Matches with 36 moves per game.
  • Play with yellow tokens that are already in an open position.
  • Total 12 tokens on the board. Cut only 6; the rest remain fixed at the start boxes, inaccessible for cutting.
  • Tokens carry varying point values, with additional moves earned upon cutting.
  • Roll dice and move tokens on the board. No minimum roll is needed to start.
  • Players must make moves within 15 seconds; a 60-second time bank is available. Exceeding the time bank leads to elimination; final scores are based on points earned.
  • Each box moved gets you 1 point; taking all tokens home ensures a high score.
  • Get an extra move every time a token is taken home.
  • Aim to achieve the highest points to dominate the leaderboard and emerge victorious.

Ludo Supreme League Tips

Take a look at the Ludo supreme league hacks:

  • Maximize Score: Cut as many non-yellow tokens as possible to score high and win the league.
  • Focus on Taking Tokens Home: Aim to bring home as many tokens as possible to boost your score.
  • Token Color: Your token is always Yellow, so concentrate on cutting non-yellow tokens.
  • Point Values: Tokens’ points are determined by their distance from the start point; prioritize cutting high-value tokens for leaderboard advancement.
  • No Opponent Interference: This version lacks opponents cutting your token, allowing full focus on earning points.
  • Bonus Turns: Earn an extra turn upon reaching home and cutting token; plan strategically.
  • Time Management: Aim to utilize no more than 90% of your Timebank to maintain efficiency.

Ludo Supreme League Vs. Ludo Supreme

Zupee offers both Ludo Supreme League and Ludo Supreme, each with multiplayer features but different gameplay mechanics and competitive structures. In Ludo Supreme, players compete directly in real-time, while in Ludo Supreme League, players aim to achieve high scores on a leaderboard over multiple games. This leaderboard system creates a lasting competitive atmosphere, focusing on sustained performance across various sessions. Here is a brief comparison in table form:

FeaturesLudo Supreme LeagueLudo Supreme
FormatMultiplayer with LeaderboardDirect Multiplayer
Number of playersMultiple players, not directly interacting but competing for leaderboard ranks.2 to 4
ObjectiveAccumulate the highest total score over multiple games to rank on the leaderboard.Score the most points in a single game by moving tokens and cutting opponents.
GameplayWithin 36 moves players need to score points to rank high on the leaderboard.Depending on the game mode, players have 5 to 10 minutes to score highest points and win the game.
Winning CriteriaTop positions on the leaderboard based on cumulative scores.Highest scorer in each game.

Ludo Supreme League FAQs

Does Ludo Supreme League really pay?

Yes. You can win real money on the Ludo Supreme League. Compete in a tournament, rank high, and stand a chance to win up to Rs.10 Lakhs!

Is Zupee Ludo Supreme League real or fake?

The Zupee Ludo Supreme League is indeed real. It offers genuine opportunities for players to compete in exciting ludo tournaments and win prizes.

Can I withdraw my winnings from Ludo Supreme League?

Yes. Withdrawing your winnings from the game is super easy. You can easily withdraw your winnings from the wallet. Fill in the required bank details and once you select withdraw, money with instantly get transferred to your account.

Is it safe to play and withdraw winnings from the Ludo Supreme League?

Yes. Participating in the Ludo Supreme League tournament and adding money to the Zupee wallet is safe. Zupee has partnered with trusted companies like Razorpay, Cashfree, and Juspay to guarantee secure and seamless transactions.

How to join a Ludo Supreme League game?

You can join a Ludo Supreme League tournament in a few easy steps. To start playing, go to your Zupee app and select Ludo Supreme League. Once it’s installed, go to the lobby page and take your pick. You can see all the details about the game there.

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