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Ludo Supreme League: Reviews

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Winner of Real cash games

Ram Anjor


Zupee humein apni ek family jaise rakhta hai.. Maine Zupee 2021 mein khelna shuru kiya tha.. Ab tak maine 2.5 Lakhs jeetey hain Ludo Supreme League khelkar.. Zupee ek safe game hai..Instant withdrawal hota hai aur agar withdrawal fail bhi hota hai toh paise wallet mein vapas aa jate hain.. Zupee is my favourite game..I love it.

Winner of Real cash games

Anuj Kumar


Mera naam Anuj Kumar chaurasiya hai. main baligaon Patepur Vaishali Bihar ka rehne wala hu. main zupee par 2023 se ludo ninja khelta hu or ek din Maine ludo supreme league me 2nd rank hasil karke 20 thousand Jeet liya.Thank you zupee.

Winner of Real cash games

Chhotu Saha


No one told me about zupee. I just saw adv on mobile. I started playing since March,2022. I just won approx 1 lac in Ludo supreme league. Nice experience to be a part of this game. Such a great and fair game. I love it.

How To Install Ludo Supreme League

Download the Free Ludo App – Zupee Ludo, to play Ludo Supreme League:

  1. Click on the Download App button on this page to install Zupee App.
  2. Select Ok for the general warning message pop-up.
  3. Locate the app by either checking your phone notifications or go to “My files -> Downloads Folder.
  4. Complete the registration process on the Zupee app.
  5. Select the Ludo Supreme League game.
  6. Start playing!

Ludo Supreme League by Zupee

Ludo Supreme League is a single player ludo format where you compete with others to score the highest and move up the leaderboard to win real cash prizes. It fuses the super successful Ludo Supreme, aka Ludo Supreme Gold, with a tournament format that allows a Ludo fan like you to compete and win against a larger number of players. Learn how to play Ludo Supreme Gold & Win Cash with Zupee.

How to play Ludo Supreme League by Zupee

Zupee Ludo Supreme League is a single player online ludo tournament where you compete against others players to score the highest and move up the leaderboard. Here are the steps to play Ludo Supreme League by Zupee:

  • Register for a ludo tournament of your choice from the different options available.
  • Once the game starts, all participating players are assigned yellow tokens.
  • Apart from your yellow tokens, there are 12 other ones on the board. 4 each of Green, Red, and Blue. These 12 tokens are stationary and hold the same positions on the board for all participating players.
  • Out of 12 tokens, 6 tokens are placed at the start points of each colour and can’t be cut. All players will only be able to cut rest of the 6 tokens.
  • Each of these tokens carry certain points. Tap on the tokens to find out how many points you can earn by cutting them. Cut as many as possible to increase your chance of ranking higher.
  • All your tokens are in an open position so you can roll the dice to play without having to roll a 6.
  • All players get an equal number of 1s, 2s, 3s 4s 5s and 6s on their dice, except in a different order.
  • Scoring: – You get 1 point for moving one box. When you cut a token on the board, you get the points the token carries and an extra move. Make sure you cut all the tokens to score high. Every time your token reaches Home, you get an extra move.
  • You get 36 moves in a game and 15 seconds to play each move. If you run out of time, your time bank of 60 seconds will be activated which can be used throughout the game.
  • In case you exhaust your Timebank, you will land out of the game and the points scored till then will be considered the final score.
  • Aim to score the highest to move up the leaderboard and win bigger!

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Ludo Tournament Key Gameplay Points

Here are the rules to play Zupee Ludo Supreme League and win real cash online:

  • Single player ludo tournament played with no other opponents on the board.
  • Only 36 moves per game.
  • Play with yellow tokens that are already in an open position.
  • 12 tokens, 4 each of Green, Red, and Blue, are spread across the board.
  • All players can only cut 6 tokens on the board. The rest of the 6 tokens are placed at start boxes and can’t be cut.
  • They are all located at the same location on the board for all competing players within a tournament.
  • Each token carries specific points. Tap on them to find out the points they carry.
  • Cut tokens to get points they carry and an extra move.
  • Roll dice and move tokens on the board.
  • No need for six to start game.
  • Play your turn within 15 seconds.
  • If you run out of time, a 60-second time bank will get activated.
  • Exhausting your timebank lands you out of the game and the points scored will be considered the final score.
  • 1 box moved = 1 point.
  • Cut all tokens on board to ensure high score.
  • Get an extra move every time a token is taken home.
  • Make the highest points to rank at the top, and win the ludo tournament.

Ludo Supreme League by Zupee - Tournament Tips

  • Try and cut as many tokens on the board as you can. It is the only way to ensure you score high and win the ludo tournament.
  • Try to take ‘Home’ as many tokens as possible to maximize your score.
  • Your token will always be Yellow. So remember to only focus on cutting tokens that aren’t yellow.
  • You can tap on the icons to find out how many points they carry. The points they carry are defined by the number of boxes from their start point. So, target to cut high value tokens to move up the leaderboard.
  • This version of ludo does not have opponents cutting your token so put all your energy into earning as many points as possible.
  • You get an extra turn when you reach home and an extra turn for throwing a 6 on the dice. So, plan strategically!
  • Try not to use more than 90% of your Timebank.

Ludo supreme League - FAQs

Ludo Supreme League is a single-player online tournament. Join a tournament and play on a board without opponents with an aim to score high. The higher your score, the bigger are your chances of ranking higher. Play this new format of Ludo and win real cash.

You can join a Ludo Supreme League tournament in a few easy steps. To start playing, go to your Zupee app and select Ludo Supreme League. Once it’s installed, go to the lobby page and take your pick. You can see all details about the game there.

Yes, you can win real money on Ludo Supreme League.

Yes, it is safe to play Ludo Supreme League. Zupee app is 100% safe and secure.

Yes. Withdrawing your winnings from the game is super easy. You can easily withdraw your winnings from the wallet. Fill in the required bank details and once you select withdraw, money with instantly get transferred to your account.

Yes. It is safe to add money to the Zupee wallet and play Ludo Supreme League tournament. Zupee has partnered with credible companies like Razorpay, Cashfree, and Juspay to ensure safe and smooth transactions.

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