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Ludo Like Games Online

We’ve all grown up playing the classic board game Ludo with family and friends. A throw of the dice, a skip of a beat, and the thrill of sending an opponent’s pawn back to the starting square—it’s an experience we all cherish. However, the digital era has ushered in a new wave, and many of us are now hooked to online games like Ludo. But why the shift? And what are some popular ludo like games online that have captivated the masses? Read on to know the answer, but before that, watch this video to learn the gameplay of ludo like games online:

Games Like Ludo

A digital adaptation of the classic Ludo board game rose to fame by combining nostalgia and accessibility. Its success paved the way for a plethora of alternatives, diversifying the gaming landscape and providing players with various options to enjoy the timeless Ludo experience on their devices. Here are four multiplayer games like Ludo that have become a hit in India (Bharat):

  1. Ludo Supreme: A fresh take on the traditional game, Ludo Supreme offers a quicker gameplay lasting just 10 minutes. Perfect for those short breaks! Download Ludo Supreme APK & win real money.
  1. Ludo Ninja: Ludo Ninja could be your go-to if you’re seeking a challenge. Its unique dice-less features and strategy-based moves make it stand out. Download Ludo Ninja APK.
  2. Ludo Turbo: As the name suggests, this is a fast-paced version. It’s ideal for those who love the thrill and want to do it immediately. Download this Speed Ludo game apk.
  3. Ludo Supreme League: This version adds an extra layer of excitement for those who enjoy competitive leagues and tournaments. Know more about online ludo tournaments on Ludo Supreme League.
Ludo King like games online

Games Like Ludo

Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme League

Ludo Ninja

Ludo Turbo

No. of Players


Single-player tournament








Gameplay time

2 players: 8mins

36 Moves

2 players: 24 Moves

2 players: 30 Moves

4 players: 10mins

4 players: 24 Moves

4 players: 18 Moves

                                                            Play & Win Real Cash

Why play Ludo like games online?

The appeal of classic Ludo remains timeless, but online ludo type games bring an added zest. These games marry the charm of the classic with the conveniences of the digital age:

  1. Anytime, Anywhere: No need for a physical board or gathering everyone in one place. You can play with friends or strangers from anywhere in the world. Look at the new & improved online Ludo board.
  2. Variety: Numerous versions are available, each with its twist, ensuring a fresh experience every time.
  3. Economic Aspect: Many online games like Ludo offer an opportunity to win money, making them more than just a pastime for some.

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Ludo like games: Advantages

So, what drives the masses towards these Multiplayer games like Ludo?

  • Ease of Play: With intuitive interfaces and easy-to-understand rules, anyone can start playing these games, regardless of age or tech-savviness. Take a look at Ludo rules to win the game.
  • Cash Winnings: As many of these games offer chances to win money, they appeal to a wider audience looking for both entertainment and money benefits. Toh Khelo Ludo, Aur Jeeto Cash!
  • Social Aspect: Multiplayer games like Ludo let players challenge their friends or make new ones online, fostering a sense of community.

Watch this video where an online Ludo game player won Rs. 2,50,000:

Ludo game reviews

In conclusion, while the essence of the classic Ludo game remains deep-rooted in our hearts, the allure of online ludo type games is undeniable. They cater to our modern needs while keeping the soul of the traditional game intact. So, the next time you’re in the mood for some Ludo action, remember that the digital realm offers a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored.

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Ludo Like Games: FAQs

What are Ludo like games?

Ludo like games refer to digital versions and variations of the traditional board game Ludo. These games maintain the core essence of Ludo but may introduce new rules, challenges, or gameplay formats suited for online platforms.

How do online Ludo games differ from the classic board game?

While the fundamental concept remains similar, online Ludo games often come with enhanced graphics, different gameplay modes, options to play with friends or strangers globally, and sometimes opportunities to win monetary rewards. Additionally, there might be time-bound matches, leaderboards, and in-game purchases in online versions.

Are Ludo like games safe to play online?

Most reputable Ludo like games are safe to play. However, players should always ensure they are downloading apps from trusted sources, be wary of sharing personal information, and avoid any platform that seems to have unfair practices, especially if real money is involved.

Can I play Ludo like games offline?

While the appeal of Ludo like games is often in their multiplayer online modes, many apps offer offline modes where players can practice against computer opponents or play with friends on the same device.