Refer and Earn Cash

Use your Zupee referral code for cashback, bonuses, and rewards.

Zupee Refer Code: How it Works?

Embarking on your Zupee’s refer and win adventure. Here’s your quick start guide:

  1. Download: Grab your phone and start the Zupee App download process. Sign up to step into a realm of endless gaming fun.
  2. Search: Hop over to the ‘Refer and Earn’ section on the app and meet your magical Zupee app referral code — your ticket to earning rewards.
  3. Share: Send that special code to your buddies and family. Remember, the more, the merrier (and the richer)!
  4. Earn: Your rewards start rolling in as your friend adds money. It’s that simple!
Refer and Earn Program Process on Zupee

Zupee Referral Code Reward

Your kindness in sharing the excitement comes with rewards when you use Zupee, one of the best refer and earn apps. With your referral code for Zupee, you and your friends can get awesome benefits.

Here’s an example of what you and your friend can gain through the Zupee refer and earn app:

Friend Adds


Your Earnings

(Cashback in INR)

Friend’s Earnings

(Cashback in INR)

Up to Rs.100

Up to Rs.60

You Earn up to Rs.25

Up to Rs.50

Up to Rs.30

They Receive up to Rs.12

Up to Rs.20

Up to Rs.12

They Get up to Rs.5

Even a Rs.1 deposit from a friend gives you and your friend up to Rs.2 cashback!

Why Zupee Refer and Earn Money Program?

Experience the advantages of the Zupee refer code, uniquely designed to enrich your gaming journey:
  1. Free to Play: Dive into a free, exciting skill game world.
  2. Online Gaming Fun: Revive classic board games like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders excitement online.
  3. Win Real Money: Showcase your skills and win up to Rs.10 Lakhs!
  4. Genuine Competition: Compete against real players, not bots.
  5. Instant Rewards: Withdraw your winnings swiftly via UPI or Bank Transfer.
  6. Game Variety: Enjoy a plethora of online games:
  7. Play Anytime, Anywhere: Available on both Android and iOS.
  8. Continuous Support: Reach out to us at for any help.

How to Boost Zupee Referral Program

Maximize your gains with these tips on the Zupee app referral code today:
  1. Share karo Zupee ka referral code on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
  2. Stay updated with the latest promotions and updates to boost your earnings.
  3. Encourage friends to join using the referral code of Zupee. Explain the perks they’ll receive.

Track Your Refer and Earn Money

To ensure transparency and allow you to monitor the fruits of your referral efforts, Zupee includes a dedicated “Refer and Earn” section within the app. Here’s a deeper dive into how you can keep tabs on your Zupee gold referral code earnings and maximize your benefits:

Understanding Zupee refer and earn section

  1. Real-Time Updates: The section provides real-time updates on Zupee game referral code earnings. Your account reflects these earnings when someone signs up and deposits money using Zupee new referral code and meets the necessary criteria.
  2. Earnings Breakdown: This section details how much you’ve earned from each successful referral. It helps you understand the most successful referrals, allowing you to strategize your future efforts.

Refer and Earn Program Policy

  1. Changes to Referral Benefits: If there are any updates or changes to the referral benefits, these will only apply to new referrals made after the policy has been updated. These changes will not affect existing referrals that were made before the policy update.
  2. Invite and Earn Code Removal: No referral bonus will be awarded if Zupee referral code 2024 is removed at the time of the first deposit. This implies that the Zupee referral code latest version must remain applied through the completion of the first deposit process for the referrer to qualify for the bonus.
  3. Referral Cap: If there’s a cap on the number of referrals one can make or a limit on the benefits one can receive, reaching this cap may result in changes to the benefits. Users affected by this change due to reaching the cap will be notified about the adjustments.

Zupee referral code today

In 2024, zupee referral code 2024 remains a key feature of the platform, which allows users to participate in the refer and earn program. Unlike some misconceptions, the invite and earn code provided by Zupee does not change daily. Instead, each user has a unique referral code that remains constant.

If you’re looking to join Zupee and want to take advantage of the referral bonuses, using a zupee referral code 2023 or from any previous year like zupee referral code 2022 won’t work. To obtain the “Zupee referral code new,” please access your profile in the App as previously mentioned. Using that code when signing up is essential to ensure both parties receive the promised benefits, as outlined in Zupee’s terms and conditions.

What is Zupee gold app referral code?

Zupee gold refer and earn is the same as the Zupee referral program. This code invites new users to the Zupee platform, offering benefits or rewards when the code is used per the terms and conditions. To find your specific zupee gold coupon code, you should check within the account settings or profile section of the app.

Refer and Earn Program FAQs

A referral code is a unique string of letters, numbers, or a combination of both, provided by a company or service. When existing users share their referral codes with new users, and those new users sign up or make a purchase using the code, the existing users often receive rewards or benefits.

To get a referral code for Zupee, first, download and install the Zupee app on your device. After installation, either sign up for a new account or log in to your existing Zupee account. Once logged in, navigate to the “Referral” or “Refer and Earn” section within the app. This section will provide you with your unique referral code, which you can share with friends and family to enjoy referral benefits.

The referral amount is credited immediately once your friend joins and completes the necessary actions outlined in the referral terms when you refer them. If there’s a delay beyond a few minutes, please contact us at

Ensure your friend completes the required actions listed on the refer and earn screen. If the issue remains, contact us at with your friend’s contact details

Yes. You can refer up to 30 users.

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