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Snakes and Ladders: Zupee Reviews

Win Real Money with Zupee Games: Play Snakes and Ladders Plus

Win Real Money with Zupee Games: Play Snakes and Ladders Plus

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Download Snakes and Ladders

Download Snakes and Ladders Plus Online game. Install Zupee online gaming for money app:

Steps to download Snakes and Ladders

  1. Click on the download button to play Snakes and Ladders online.
  2. A general warning message will pop up. Ignore it. Snakes and Ladders game on Zupee is safe & secure.
  3. Locate Zupee App on your mobile phone. Install & Register it!
  4. Select the Snakes and Ladders Plus online game on the app.  
  5. Play snakes and Ladders and win real money.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is an Indian board game with gridded, numbered squares and a number of ladders and snakes connecting these squares. The objective is to reach the last square by avoiding the snakes and using the ladders based on the throw of a die.

Generally, while playing the classic snakes and ladders game, each player gets one token to race to the 100th box. But, the gameplay of Zupee Snakes and Ladders Plus is slightly different. To make the online game more interesting each player gets 3 tokens. Moreover, the game involves an element of time which adds to the excitement and competition.

How to play Snakes and Ladders?

Learn how to play Snakes and Ladders Plus Online game:

  • Select the Snakes and Ladders formats. You can choose to play 2 player format or even 3 player format
  • Roll the dice and make your moves. Remember, you have 3 tokens to play. So, prioritize which snake and ladder token to move based on your strategy
  • Race your tokens to the 100th position. All tokens are in an open position. So, you can start playing without having to roll a six
  • All players can get any number of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 on their dice
  • For each move, you get 12 seconds to play
  • Climbing ladders will help move up faster and landing on a snake’s head will bump the token down to the tail
  • Earn maximum points within limited moves. For every square moved, you get 1 point
  • For every token that reaches the 100th square or home, you get an extra 100 points
  • The 2-player game format has 15 moves and the 3-player format has 10 moves
  • Cut the opponent’s tokens to reduce their points and get an extra move. When a token is cut, it goes back to the starting position, and all points made by that token are lost
  • Get an extra move when you roll a 6 on your dice
  • There is an option to skip a turn. Just hit the ‘Skip move’ button
  • If you skip your turn 3 times, you will be disqualified from the game
  • The player who earns the maximum points wins this Snakes and Ladders online game

Snakes and Ladders Online: Key Gameplay Points

Here are the rules to play Snakes and Ladders Plus:

  • Each player gets 3 snakes and ladders tokens
  • The tokens are in an open position so there is no need to roll a 6 to begin playing
  • You get 12 seconds to play your turn
  • If an opponent’s token lands on your token, your token will go back to the starting point and you will lose all the points made on that token
  • Two tokens on a single square of the same player cannot be cut by the opponent’s token
  • All players can get any number of dice value on their dice in a random order
  • Rolling a 6 gets you an extra turn
  • Every player gets equal number of moves in the Snakes and Ladders game. In a two-player game, you get 15 moves and in the three-player game, you get 10 moves each
  • You get an extra move in three cases:
    • When you cut an opponent’s token
    • When one of your tokens reaches home
    • When you roll a 6

Snakes and Ladders Tips

Here are Snakes and Ladders plus tips and tricks to win the game:


  • Don’t go easy on the opponent. Remember, everyone wants to be a winner. 
  • Strategize right from the start
  • Always safeguard the token that has advanced the most in the game
  • Play with multiple tokens to mitigate your risk
  • Check the profile of the opponent to look at their wins and losses so far. You may get an idea of how good a player your opponent is

Snakes and Ladders Game Facts

  • Snakes and Ladders was invented as a game of karmic journey. The squares with ladders meant virtue and the ones with snakes meant evil.
  • It is believed that Snakes and Ladders game was invented in 2nd-century BC.
  • Snakes and Ladders was brought to England and was patented in 1892 by a famous toymaker, Frederick Henry Ayres.
  • A Victorian version of Snakes and Ladder named ‘Kismet’ is placed in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection.
  • A form of Snakes and Ladders called Paramapadam is played during Vaikuntha Ekadasi, a festival celebrated in the states of Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The game is especially played to stay awake at night.
  • The phrase “back to square one” is heavily influenced by the game of Snakes and Ladders.

Snakes and Ladders Game: FAQs

Snake and Ladder is a classic game where the objective is to navigate one’s game piece, according to dice rolls, from the start (point 1) to the finish (point 100), by taking advantage of ladders and getting safe by snakes.

Yes. You can win money by playing Snakes and Ladders Plus online. Moreover, the gameplay time is less than 10mins.

Yes. It is safe to play Snakes and Ladders online game on Snakes and Ladders Plus. You can play the game by installing Zupee App. Zupee uses secure payment systems to protect your information and provide good customer service.

In total, 2-3 players can play the Snakes and Ladders Plus online game on Zupee. In a 2-player game, each player gets 15 moves, whereas, in a 3-player game, they get 10 moves.

To download and play snakes and ladders game on Snakes and Ladders Plus, visit Zupee website and hit download button. Get acess to online games for money such as Ludo, Trump Cards, and Snakes and Ladders.

Yes. It is safe to add money to Snakes and Ladders Plus. Zupee has partnerships with the industry’s best payment partners, ensuring smooth and safe transactions. You can add money using a Bank account, UPI, Wallet, or Debit/Credit card.

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