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Ludo online tricks to win online

Hey there! Ready to become a Ludo champ? We’ve got the perfect guide to help you level up your game with some awesome Ludo tips and tricks. Whether you’re playing online or with friends, we’ll show you how to win Ludo like a pro. From strategies to winning techniques, this guide’s got everything you need to impress your opponents and rule the Ludo world.

And if you’re wondering how to win Ludo game consistently, you’re in the right place! Check out the video below to uncover the best Ludo player tips and tricks. Dive in and start dominating the online Ludo gaming scene like never before. Plus, we’ve sprinkled in some cool Ludo hacks just for you.

Let’s get started and turn you into a Ludo master with the 20 best ludo game tricks to win!

20 Best Ludo tips and tricks to win online

Mastering Ludo isn’t about luck; it’s about strategy, making smart moves, and knowing the game inside out. If you’re looking to dominate your online games, here, we’ve gathered the 20 best Ludo tips and tricks that will help you outsmart your opponents and increase your winning chances. From essential hacks to advanced strategies, this guide covers everything you need to know to become a top Ludo player

When you are playing Ludo online on platforms like Zupee, you have 4 variations of Ludo games such as 

In all these 4 Ludo games, the key ludo game technique is to win by scoring high within a limited number of moves or within a restricted time frame. Yes, Ludo Turbo, Ludo Supreme League, and Ludo Ninja are move-based games where you need to score high within limited moves. Ludo Supreme is a time-based game where you can score high and win within a limited time.  

If you’re looking to master these Ludo games, remember that employing clever Ludo game tricks can greatly enhance your chances of winning, whether it’s maximizing your moves or efficiently managing your time.

zupee ludo game variations

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Let’s dive into the details and uncover how to win Ludo play online free game more consistently.

1. Learn the Rules of Ludo

To excel in the Ludo game on Zupee, comprehending the fundamental techniques of traditional Ludo is imperative. The game board resembles a vast plus symbol, featuring a middle section and four limbs, each painted in a unique hue and bordered with squares in the same color. Mastery of Ludo game techniques is essential, especially when adapted for the digital realm like on Zupee, where strategic planning, predicting opponent moves, and making the most of each roll of the dice are key to victory. Zupee’s Ludo online game aims to navigate your token clockwise, aiming to reach the board’s center to secure victory. Here are some of the key Ludo rules to win Ludo:

  • Start playing without needing to roll a six.
  • Earn one point for each box moved.
  • Score maximum points when your token reaches its destination.
  • Missing your turn three times leads to disqualification.
  • Protect your tokens by landing on “star” squares or stacking two in one square.
  • Gain extra chances to capture opponents’ tokens or rolling a 6 or taking token home depending upon the game. 

2. Unlock All Your Pawns

Unlocking all your pawns is the next ludo tricks to win. In Online Ludo, all your pieces are ready to go from the start; no need to roll a six to get moving as classic one. Just a simple tap on the dice and another on the piece you want to move is enough. For more insights on how to enhance your gameplay, read on for some useful Ludo tips and tricks.

3. Distribute Your Pawns Strategically Across the Board

The next ludo game technique is by distributing your pawns strategically across ludo board. Spread out so you get an advantage over your opponent. For instance, if your token is behind an opponent’s token, you have the upper hand in cutting it and vice versa. Moreover, advancing your token near to the home area does give you a  chance to earn more points, which can help you in winning the game. 

4. Avoid Placing Two Tokens on the Same Safe Points

Avoiding two tokens on the same safe points is the best ludo trick to win. Keeping two tokens on the same safe point is a good defense, but it limits your flexibility. Spread out your Ludo token to cover more area and create multiple threats. This strategy increases your chances of advancing safely and strategically on the board. Incorporating Ludo player tips and tricks into your gameplay can elevate your strategy and lead to more victories.

5. Never Race a Single Token Alone in Ludo Online

Mastering Ludo game tricks requires strategic thinking; remember, when a token is sent too far ahead without support, it can become a target for opponents. Try to advance your tokens in pairs or groups. This protects them and gives you better control over the board.

6. Keep Your Idle Tokens on safe points

In the realm of Ludo game tips and tricks, the safe boxes are your best friends in the game of Ludo. As a rule, when a token enters the safe box, it can’t be cut by an opponent’s token. There are 8 safe boxes in all four online ludo games. The box from where each player starts their game is a safe box and every eighth box from that first box is a safe box too. Use the safe boxes when you are entering an opponent’s turf. 

These Ludo player tips and tricks can help you navigate the game more effectively and secure victory. Remember, mastering the strategic placement and utilization of safe boxes can be one of the most potent Ludo game tricks for securing your path to victory.

7. Safeguard Your Highest-Scoring Pawn

The next ludo winning trick is to safeguard your highest scoring pawn. In all four ludo games from Zupee, a token earns a point when it moves a box. That being said, the token that has moved the most boxes will have naturally scored the most number of points. An opponent will try their best to cut this particular token as they will ensure that all points you scored on that token are lost. So, keep the token that has gained the highest number of points safe. 

8. Guide Your Pawns Home Strategically

Guide your pawns home strategically is also one of the best ludo winning tricks. Bringing your pawns home isn’t just about moving them as fast as possible. It’s about timing and avoiding risky situations. Plan your moves to dodge opponents’ tokens and use safe points effectively to shield your pawns from attacks. 

9. Identify Which Pawns to sacrifice

Sometimes, sacrificing a pawn can be a strategic ludo winning trick to gain a better position or save another pawn. Evaluate the board carefully to decide which pawn’s loss would be the least detrimental to your overall strategy. 

10. Keep Track of Your Token’s Position

If you want to know how to always win in ludo, keep track of your token positions. Remember where your tokens are so you know which token to move when you get a number that can give you an advantage over your opponent. This also helps you not miss a chance to cut your opponent’s token. 

11. Understand When to Capture Your Opponent’s Tokens

Capturing an opponent’s token can be satisfying, but it’s not always the best ludo tips. Consider the consequences and whether it advances your position or just exposes your tokens to risk. Sometimes, focusing on safety and strategy is better than aggression.

In Ludo playing tricks, patience and strategic restraint often outshine impulsive aggression. Assessing the situation before making a move can lead to more calculated and ultimately successful gameplay.

12. Strategically Block Your Opponent’s Pawns

Creating blockades with your tokens can significantly slow down your opponents. Position your pawns in a way that forces your opponents to take longer routes or puts them in vulnerable positions, making it easier for you to control the game.

13. Prioritize Killing Your Opponent’s Tokens

In an online game of Ludo, your opponent is your enemy, and the game is your battlefield. Remember, you are here to win the money, which will only happen when your opponent loses. So, be ruthless when it comes to cutting an enemy’s token. The more you cut, the more chances you have of winning the game. 

14. Decide Which Pawn to Eliminate Wisely

Not all tokens are equal targets. Focus on eliminating those that pose the greatest threat to your strategy or are closest to reaching their home. This requires constant evaluation of the board and strategic foresight. 

15. Respect Your Opponent’s Strategy

Acknowledging and respecting your opponent’s strategy is crucial in Ludo. By understanding their approach, you can anticipate their moves and adapt your tactics accordingly. This respect also encourages a more enjoyable and challenging game, as it pushes you to think more critically and strategically. Keeping an eye on your opponent’s progress and tactics not only helps in defending against their moves but also in identifying opportunities to advance your own strategy.

For players looking for ludo win cash game tips and tricks, understanding the skill level and strategies of your opponents is crucial. Given that these games often involve more than two players, many of whom play regularly, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the competition. At the start of the game, you have the opportunity to click on your opponents’ profiles. This allows you to see their number of wins and losses, which can be invaluable in formulating your own strategy. By assessing this information, you can better understand how skilled your opponents are and adapt your gameplay to increase your chances of winning.

16. Utilize Time to Your Advantage

The best trick to win ludo is by utlizing time to your advantage. There are two timers in Zupee’s Ludo games: one displays the time limit for each match, and the other shows how much time you have left to play your turn. There are two kinds of time elements in Zupee’s Ludo games.Both are important. It can make or break your game. Know when to take longer to think your turn through and when to play in an instant. 

17. Dice value division

When you get a big number on the dice, use it to move the token closest to home. This way, you will ensure it gets to the homerun area sooner. It is one the best ludo game strategy which keeps your token safe and takes you closer to victory. Invest the smaller Ludo dice values on tokens that haven’t progressed much in the game, so you will not be losing a chunk of the points accumulated even if they do get cut. 

18. Understand the “Rule of 7”

Try to stay 7 boxes ahead of your opponent. The highest number of dice is 6, and the probability of your opponent getting a 2 after that is less. So, stay ahead of 7 boxes of your opponent’s token.

19. Ludo Tricks for 6 

There are no guaranteed methods or tricks to consistently roll a six since it’s a random event. Moreover, dice rolls are random and can’t be manipulated in digital Ludo games, like Zupee’s as we use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure each roll is fair and unpredictable, preventing cheating and maintaining the game’s integrity. This system guarantees that every player has an equal chance of rolling any number, keeping the focus on strategy rather than dice manipulation. However, there are strategies and tips you can use to maximize your advantage when you do roll a six or to enhance your overall gameplay:

  • Maximize sixes by strategically moving tokens on the board, ensuring you don’t overcrowd your starting area to maintain mobility.
  • Use sixes to reach safe zones, reducing capture risks.
  • Spread your tokens to enhance strategic options and increase chances of capturing opponents.
  • Use sixes to clear your home column quickly.
  • Observe and respond to opponents’ potential threats, utilizing sixes for strategic moves.

20. Practice Regularly for Improvement

Like any other skill game, online ludo needs practice. A lot of it. Use the Free game, & hone your skills. Gradually go on to playing games for money. You can start as low as Rs.5 and work your way up.

This is how to win ludo every time. Now lets find out bonus ludo game strategies to win while playing online. 

Bonus Ludo Game Strategies to Win Online Games

To dominate in online Ludo games, it’s crucial to go beyond basic strategies. Here are some bonus Ludo tips and tricks that can give you an edge over your opponents and increase your chances of winning.

Take Advantage of the Start

Taking the advantage of the start is one among the ludo strategy to win. This means getting all your pawns into play as quickly as possible. An early lead in positioning can give you more options and control over the board, allowing you to adapt your strategy based on the game’s flow and your opponents’ moves.

Adopt an Attacking Strategy

While playing online Ludo, being too defensive can sometimes backfire. Instead, adopt an attacking mindset. This Ludo strategy involves strategically positioning your pawns to capture your opponent’s pawns whenever possible. An aggressive approach can disrupt your opponents’ strategies and give you a psychological edge.

Balanced Approach Between Offense and Defense

Finding the right balance between attacking your opponents and protecting your own pawns is key. Don’t focus solely on attacking; ensure you’re also making moves that safeguard your pawns from being captured. This Ludo strategy to win keeps your opponents guessing and allows you to control the game’s pace.

Be Patient

The best ludo strategy to win is to be patient. Rushing your moves without considering the bigger picture can lead to mistakes. Take your time to assess the board, anticipate your opponents’ moves, and make strategic decisions. Sometimes, the best move is to wait for a more opportune moment to advance or strike.

With this comprehensive list of Ludo tips and tricks, we’re pretty sure you can win every Ludo game you play online! Toh Ludo Khelo India – Zupee App Par!

Ludo Game Tricks to Win: FAQs

How to win Ludo easily?

To win Ludo easily, focus on spreading your tokens on the board to minimize risk, always have a plan to move your tokens to safety, and block your opponents’ path whenever possible.

How do you play Ludo smartly?

Playing Ludo smartly involves strategic positioning of your tokens, choosing the safest paths, and being adaptable to the dice rolls while anticipating your opponents’ moves. Read & find out how to play Ludo online.

Is there strategy in Ludo?

Yes, there is strategy in Ludo; it involves careful planning of moves, protecting your tokens from being captured, and deciding the best times to spread out or concentrate your tokens.

How do you get lucky in ludo?

Getting lucky in Ludo can’t be controlled, but you can improve your chances by making strategic moves that put you in a better position regardless of the dice rolls.

Is it wise to open all tokens in Ludo?

Opening all tokens in Ludo can be wise as it gives you more options for movement and strategy, but it also increases the risk of having more tokens captured by opponents.

How can I improve my luck in ludo?

Improving your luck in Ludo can’t be done literally, but playing strategically and making the most out of each dice roll can significantly increase your chances of winning, which may feel like improved luck.

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