How to play Ludo? Step-by-step guide to play Ludo with pictures

If you grew up in India, you probably would already know how to play Ludo. Ludo is a core part of a kid’s childhood, at least for the ones up until the 90s era! An intense game of gully cricket with friends followed by a chill game of Ludo with parents in the evening defined summer holidays for kids in most parts of India.

But somehow, Ludo always remained a children’s game till the pandemic struck.

If you weren’t among the people who got a chance to play Ludo during the lockdown in India, it must have been a while since the last time you played Ludo. Let us refresh your memory with the rules of this beautiful, simple yet brilliant game!

Here is an outline of the article:

How to Play Ludo?

The game’s goal is to take all four tokens out of the yard, move them around the board in a clockwise direction to reach Home (the box in the center of the board). If you manage to take all your tokens to the Home box before your opponents, you win the game.

How to play Ludo board game

Step 1: Start the Game

Start the game by choosing a board of your choice. The Ludo board comes in different materials like cardboard, wood, iron. The traditional Ludo board will have a maximum of 4 players, but some boards also have a 6 player option.

Once you decide on the number of players and board, all players need to choose a color and place the respective tokens on the board in the space provided. In total, each player gets 4 tokens to play with.

Step 2: Roll the dice

Every player takes turns to roll the dice in a clockwise direction. The player who rolls the first 6 gets to start the game. In some cases, even rolling a 1 can be accepted as a value to start the game.

Step 3: Move the token around the board

Once you roll a 6, you can bring one of your tokens into the playing area. Roll again to get a value on the dice. This number is what determines how many boxes your token moves. If a player hasn’t rolled a 6, they continue to try till they get a 6 to activate the token.

After your first token is activated, you can place another token on the playing area for every 6 you roll or choose to move the existing token forward. Here is where your game strategy comes to play.

Step 4: Capture and safeguard the tokens

Capture your opponent’s token by landing on their token. The opponent whose token is captured must take the token off the playing area to their yard. The opponent will have to roll a 6 again to activate it again. The player who captures the opponent’s token gets an extra chance to roll to dice.

Some Ludo boards have Safe boxes marked by a star. Landing on these will keep your token safe from being cut by your opponent. You can also safeguard your token by creating a block. How to do that?

You can create a block by bringing two of your tokens in the same box, which will create a block that your opponent cannot pass. The only way your opponent can pass the block is by landing on the box where you have created a block.

Step 5: Win the game

Once you are in the Homerun area, roll the exact dice value to reach the Home box. If you roll more or less than what is needed, you will have to move another token on the board or miss your turn.

The player who successfully takes their tokens to their respective home boxes wins the game. If in case more than 2 people are playing the game, the rest of the players can continue to compete against each other even after the first winner is declared.

Ludo Reimagined – Play Ludo game online

When the pandemic struck, and everyone was cooped up in their houses, Ludo online came to the rescue. If you were in India, it is likely that you too spent hours playing Ludo games online on your phone with random people on the internet.

The name Ludo saw a surge like it hadn’t ever. Ludo game app makers, too, were taken by surprise. One such famous Ludo game app Zupee, recorded a whopping 250 million daily active users by May 2020. One of its Ludo games made its mark among the myriad of Ludo games available online.

Yes, you guessed it right. It is Ludo Supreme. With more than 14,177,664 downloads and 5,73,880 active players, it is on the way to becoming the most popular Ludo gaming app. We might even say it is better than the regular Ludo!

What is Ludo Supreme?

Ludo Supreme is an online Ludo game with live tournaments all day long. Matches are played between real and verified players from across India. There are many Live tournament options available on Ludo Supreme.

Ludo Supreme - Play online Ludo and earn cash

What equipment’s do you need to play Ludo Supreme?

All you need is your phone which you probably already have in your hands right now. Click here to download the game onto your phone.

The installation process is a breeze too! Set up your profile in a few easy steps, and you’re good to go!

How to play Ludo Supreme?

Ludo Supreme gameplay format is slightly different than the classic Ludo board game. A good kind of difference as the format makes the game a lot more interesting than it already is. Here is a brief overview on how to play Ludo Supreme:

How to play Ludo Supreme?

Ludo Supreme general rules

  1. All players are assigned random colored tokens at the beginning of the game
  2. The game starts along with the timer. The timer is according to the format you choose. A 2-player game lasts for 8 minutes, and a 4-player game lasts for 10 minutes
  3. All tokens are in the open position, so you don’t have to roll a 6 to start the game
  4. You get an extra turn for rolling a 6, but when you roll 6 three times consecutively, you skip a turn
  5. You also get an extra move for every token that you take Home or if you cut other opponents token

Let’s take a look at how to play Ludo supreme below:

Step 1: Start the game

You can start the game by choosing the kind of game format you want to play and the amount you want to win. Here are the different formats in which you can play Ludo supreme:

  • Free Game
  • 1vs1 Battle
  • One Winner
  • Two Winners
  • Three Winners
How to play Ludo Supreme - Step 1

Step 2: Roll the Dice

When it is your turn to play, roll the dice by tapping on the dice icon. The dice will reveal a value which is the number of boxes you can move in this turn.

How to play Ludo Supreme - Step 2

Step 3: Move the tokens or skip your chance

To move your tokens, tap on the token of your choice after the dice reveal the value. The tokens will automatically move as the number rolled once you tap them.

If you wish, you can also skip your chance. You are allowed to skip twice during the game. If you skip the game the third time, you will be disqualified.

How to play Ludo Supreme - Step 3

Step 4: Capture and safeguard the tokens

Capture your opponent’s token by landing on their token. The opponent whose token is captured returns to its yard automatically. This also triggers a loss of all the points accumulated by that particular token of your opponent. The opponent does not have to roll a 6 to reactivate the captured token.

The player who captures the opponent’s token gets an extra chance to roll to dice. You can also safeguard your token by landing it on safe boxes.

The boards have safe boxes marked with stars. When one or more of your tokens land here, they are safe and cannot be captured or cut by your opponent.

How to play Ludo Supreme - Step 4

Step 5: Win the game

The scoring works differently in online Ludo Supreme. You earn 1 point for every box moved. If your token is cut, all points made on that token are lost. You score an extra 56 points for each token that reaches home.

Once in the Homerun area, roll the exact dice value to reach the Home box. If you roll more or less than what is needed, you will have to move another token on the board or miss your turn.

The player with the highest score wins the game. The money is split according to the format you choose. In case of a tie, the payout is split between the players.

How to play Ludo Supreme - Step 5

Regular Ludo vs. Ludo online on Ludo Supreme

Here’s a table to quickly understand the difference between regular Ludo and Ludo supreme:

Regular LudoLudo Supreme 
Need to roll a six to start the gameAll tokens are in an open position. No need for a six
Need a six to unlock every token No need to roll a six can start playing the tokens for any value on the dice 
Time is not specified. Can go on for hours 2 players last for 8 mins and 4 players last for 10 minutes 
All players need to be physically present Can play with random players online
Luck determines the values on the dice All players get the same number of values on their dices only in a different sequence
The game-winner is decided based on who is able to take all the tokens to the home column firstThe Scoring system determines who wins the game 
Probably no winning money involved Chance of winning up to 5 lakhs! 
Can’t play at any time of the dayLive tournaments all day long

There might be many differences that separate Ludo online and regular Ludo. Still, at the core, it remains a game that triggers fond memories from the days of yonder! We hope you decide to give either one a try soon.

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