How to Play Ludo: Step by Step Guide

How to play ludo

Hey there! Ever wondered how to play Ludo? It’s that classic board game many of us grew up playing! But did you know you can now enjoy it online too? Yup, thanks to technology, apps like Zupee let you dive into Ludo matches anytime, anywhere, and even win some cash—up to Rs.10 Lakhs, to be precise!

So, what’s the goal? Well, it’s pretty simple: move your tokens around the board in a clockwise direction, up the home column, and into the Home area. But here’s the twist: the gameplay varies between the online and classic versions.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to play Ludo and give you some pointers for mastering the online version. And hey, if you’re more of a visual learner, we’ve even got a video tutorial lined up for you! Check out this video to play the most popular Ludo game on Zupee: Ludo Supreme:

Ludo is a popular strategic board game with straightforward gameplay. Technological advancement lets you play Ludo games online on mobile apps like Zupee. And guess what! You can win up to Rs.10 Lakhs. The best part – the game’s objective remains the same, i.e., to move your tokens clockwise around the board, up the home column, and into the Home area.  However, the ludo gameplay will differ for online and classic versions.

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Things you should know while playing Ludo

Playing Ludo can be a fun and entertaining experience for people of all ages. However, before you dive in and find out how to play ludo game, you should know a few key things to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming session.

  • Number of Players: Classic Ludo board game is ideally played by 2 to 4 players. Some variations allow for more players, but the standard version accommodates up to four participants.
  • Age: Ludo is suitable for players of all ages. Its simple rules and gameplay make it accessible and enjoyable for children as well as adults.
  • Equipment Needed: To play Ludo, you’ll need a Ludo board, which typically consists of a square board divided into four colored sections, a set of four colored tokens for each player, and a single six-sided die.
  • Objective: The objective of Ludo is to move all of your tokens from your starting area around the board to your home triangle by rolling the die and strategically navigating your tokens around the board while hindering your opponents’ progress. The first player to move all of their tokens to their home triangle wins the game.

Now that you understand the basics, let’s dive into how to play Ludo step by step.

How to Play Ludo Board Game?

Understanding how to play Ludo isn’t just for fun; it’s like doing puzzles that make your brain stronger and help you make better decisions. Moreover, playing online is different from playing face-to-face. It brings new challenges and strategies.

For instance, in Zupee Ludo, you have to know how the game works and also be good at playing in a digital space. The game has things like time limits and playing in real-time, making it more challenging. You need to be able to use these things to your advantage.

Take a look below to learn how to play ludo game step by step:

1. Set Up the Game

The first step to play Ludo is to buy a Ludo board, which typically consists of a square-shaped board divided into four colored sections, a set of four tokens for each player in matching colors, and a six-sided die. Follow the steps below to set up the game:

  • Place the board on a flat surface accessible to all players.
  • Each player selects a color and places their four tokens in the designated starting area of the corresponding color on the board.
  • Determine the starting player, which can be done by rolling the dice. Then, each player positions their tokens in their designated starting area.
  • The board also features a central square, known as the “home,” which serves as the destination for each player’s tokens.

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2. Rolling the Dice

Now that you are aware of the first step of how to play ludo game, the next thing is to rolling the dice. Ludo is played with a six-sided die, and the game begins with each player taking turns to determine the number of spaces their token can move. 

Here are the dice rules, an essential aspect of understanding how to play Ludo:

  • Every player takes turns rolling the ludo dice in a clockwise direction. 
  • The player who rolls the first 6 gets to start the game. Sometimes, rolling a 1 can be accepted as a value to start the game.
  • Rolling a six allows them an additional roll. 
  • If a player rolls a six three times in a row, their turn is forfeited, and they must pass the die to the next player.

Just Tap on the virtual dice to play Ludo on Zupee.

When you play on Zupee, roll the dice by tapping on the dice icon when it is your turn to play. The dice will reveal a value, the number of boxes you can move in this turn. 

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3. Moving Tokens

After rolling the dice, you must move the tokens according to the number rolled. Here’s a breakdown of how to move the tokens, which is essential for mastering how to play Ludo board game: 

  • Tokens can only move in a forward direction and must travel the exact number of spaces rolled. 
  • If a player rolls a six, they can choose to move a token already in play or introduce a new token onto the board. 
  • Tokens can land on or pass over spaces occupied by their own tokens. Also, they can capture opponent tokens by landing in the same space, sending the opponent’s token back to its starting area.

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When playing Zupee ludo games online, just tap on the token and it will move automatically according to the number rolled. If you want, you can also pass your turn. You can pass twice during the game. But be careful! If you pass for the third time, you’ll be out of the game. You don’t need 6 to take your token out. All tokens are in open position. 

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4. Capturing Opponent Tokens

One of the key elements of strategy in Ludo is capturing opponent tokens. Here’s a breakdown of how to move the tokens, which is essential for mastering how to play Ludo board game:

  • If a player lands on a space occupied by an opponent’s token, the opponent’s token is captured and sent back to its starting area.
  • However, if a player lands on a space occupied by their own token, they can form a block, preventing opponents from passing.
  • You can safeguard your token if you land on the start-marked boxes or by landing two of your tokens in the same box. 

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While playing Ludo on Zupee, if you land on your opponent’s token they lose the points accumulated, and their token is sent back to the yard. Moreover, depending on the ludo tournament type, you can even earn extra moves if you capture your opponent’s token. One of the common rules between online vs. classic is the safe spot! Your token does not get cut if:

  • You land your token on the safe spot. 
  • If two of your tokens are in the same box. 

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5. Entering the Home Stretch

As tokens make their way around the board, they eventually reach the home stretch, the final stretch of spaces leading to the home column. Here are a few tips to get you into the home stretch, which is key to mastering how to play Ludo board game step-by-step:

  • Tokens must enter the home stretch by exact count, meaning players must roll the exact number needed to move their token into the home stretch. 
  • Once a token enters the home stretch, it continues moving along the track until it reaches its corresponding home column.

The same set of rules apply when you play Ludo online. To enter the Home, you will require the exact number on the dice for all 4 variations of Zupee game.

6. Reaching Home

The ultimate goal of Ludo is to move all four of your tokens into your home column. However, while playing Ludo online on Zupee, the winning is decided on various factors like: 

  1. Taking all four tokens home. 
  2. Ranking high on the leaderboard.
  3. Earning maximum points. 

Depending on the game you choose the winning rules differ. So, remember to understand the rules of Zupee games before playing. One of the key differences between online and offline is the point system. While playing Ludo online on Zupee, you get 1 point for each box moved. Moreover, you also get maximum points when you take your token home.

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So, there you have it! 6 steps on how to play ludo game. Playing Ludo has evolved with the times, offering the same timeless fun with added convenience and excitement. Either it’s a gathering around with friends or engaging in a virtual tournaments on your smartphone, the essence of Ludo’s charm endures. No matter how you choose to play, understanding the Ludo rules and strategies is key to enjoying this beloved pastime. 

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How to play ludo step by step : FAQs

Can I play Ludo online?

Yes, you can play Ludo online through various platforms and mobile apps like Zupee. Just download a Ludo game app by visiting the official website that offers online multiplayer options to enjoy the game with friends or strangers.

Is Ludo a skill-based game or a luck-based game?

Ludo is traditionally considered a luck-based game due to its reliance on dice rolls. However, when played online with specific rule sets, it can incorporate elements of skill, such as strategic planning and decision-making, making it more skill-based.

Is it safe to open all the tokens at the beginning of a Ludo game?

It’s generally not advisable to open all tokens at the beginning of a Ludo game as it exposes them to potential captures by opponents. Strategic placement and cautious advancement of tokens enhance your chances of success.

What are the rules for playing Ludo?

Ludo follows simple yet engaging rules. Players roll a dice to move their tokens around the board, aiming to reach the center while hindering opponents’ progress. Capturing opponents’ tokens and careful maneuvering are key strategies.

While playing Ludo, can my opponent pass the block?

No, in Ludo, opponents cannot pass the block. Strategic positioning and clever moves are essential to navigate past obstacles and reach the finish line. Players must rely on their skills and tactics to overcome challenges.

How can Ludo be played with family members?

Playing Ludo with friends and family members is a delightful way to bond and have fun together. Set up the board in a cozy environment, divide into teams or play individually, and let the laughter and friendly competition ensue for an enjoyable family game night.

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