The 10 Best Games Played in Haryana

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Haryana is, indeed, a state which is full of rich cultural heritage and festoons it with lively traditions. This is a city with numerous sport’s interests and games. The state is well known for its contribution to the gaming world, including the time-tested rural game where generations have participated to the sports embraced by the international arenas now. Ludo is the one which is enjoyed widely out of the numerous Haryana games. Moreover, with the advent of technology, you can now play online through various Ludo apps, playing anytime and anywhere, and even win real money.

Apart from Ludo, numerous indoor and outdoor games are played in Haryana. Let us explore the top 10 games that are being played in Haryana, as these games demonstrate the sportsmanship of the entire state.

First, let us find out the top games to play in Haryana outdoor.

Outdoor Games Played in Haryana

In Haryana, outdoor games are not just pastimes but a vital part of the cultural fabric, reflecting the state’s rich heritage in sports and physical prowess. Below are the top games played in Haryana outdoor, each holding significant popularity and tradition in the region.

Kabaddi: The Heartbeat of Rural Haryana

Kabaddi in Haryana is not just a game but a show of power, skill, and determination. From Indian mythology and tradition, Kabaddi emerged as a village sport to play in Haryana ages ago. Haryana has produced some of the world’s best Kabaddi players, like Parvesh Bhainswal, Sunil Dabas, and Parteek Dahiya, who have represented India internationally, a clear testimony of the significance of Kabaddi in Haryani culture. 

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Mahabir Stadium, Hisar
  • Kabaddi Ground, Jind
  • Sports Complex, Karnal
  • Local Village Arenas, Fatehabad
  • Public School Grounds, Rohtak

Kho-Kho: The Thrill of the Chase in Rohtak

The history of kho-kho in Haryana is associated with the game’s existence as a training program for soldiers, which is good for their agility and speed. Nowadays, it is very common in-state school sports – teamwork and physical condition are two aspects of it. The game’s simplicity and negligible need for equipment hands it over as accessible and trendy to the youth of Haryana.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • DAV College Sports Ground, Rohtak
  • Government School Playgrounds, Sonipat
  • Sports Academy, Panchkula
  • Village Community Grounds, Gurgaon
  • University Campus Fields, Kurukshetra

Wrestling: The Test of Might in Sonepat and Bhiwani

Wrestling holds a place of pride in Haryana, a state known for its wrestling akhadas (training grounds) and traditional dangals (wrestling competitions). It has a storied history of producing some of India’s most celebrated wrestlers, including Olympic medalists like ajrang Punia, Sakshi Malik, Deepak Punia, Vinesh Phogat , Ravi Dahiya, Naveen. This sport not only reflects the state’s competitive spirit but also its commitment to cultivating discipline and physical prowess from a young age.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Chaudhary Bharat Singh Memorial Sports School, Nidani
  • Sports School, Sonepat
  • Akhadas in Bhiwani
  • Local Gymnasiums, Hisar
  • Training Centers, Faridabad

Gilli-Danda: A Nostalgic Hit in Gurgaon’s Rural Areas

Gilli-Danda is an ancient sport played in the rural heartlands of India. It is the most popular outdoor games played in Haryana, which involves skills that use handmade wooden equipment. This game, often seen as a pastime for the older generation, links to the simpler recreational activities of a bygone era, requiring precision and hand-eye coordination, and is celebrated during local festivals and gatherings.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Village Common Lands, Gurgaon
  • Community Centers, Rewari
  • School Playgrounds, Ambala
  • Parks in Rural Areas, Panipat
  • Open Spaces, Yamunanagar

Hockey: Swift Sticks in NCR Hockey Ground

Hockey has a rich legacy in Haryana, with the state contributing significantly to the national team. Haryana’s sports infrastructure and training programs have nurtured numerous talented players who have gone on to achieve national and international fame. The sport’s popularity in the state is bolstered by its inclusion in school curriculums and local clubs, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Major Dhyan Chand Sports Stadium, Gurgaon
  • SAI Center, Sonipat
  • Polo Ground, Rewari
  • Public School Fields, Hisar
  • University Sports Complex, Faridabad

These are some of the top games to play in Haryana outdoor. Now let us look at the indoor games in Haryana.

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Indoor Games Played in Haryana

Indoor games in Haryana serve as crucial social activities, fostering interaction and sharpening mental skills among participants of all ages. Below are the popular games to play in Haryana which include both traditional board games and modern competitive sports.

Ludo: The Classic Board Game

Ludo, historically derived from the ancient Indian game Pachisi, was adapted into its modern form during the British Raj and has since become a beloved household game in Haryana and beyond. It has long united families and friends in spirited competition around a simple board. 

With the advent of digital technology, Ludo has transitioned into the online world, allowing players to enjoy the game with a modern twist. Now, Ludo players can connect and compete with others across the globe, bringing a new level of excitement and accessibility to this traditional game. 

Platforms like Zupee have embraced this evolution, offering online Ludo tournaments that engage players in a dynamic, interactive environment. This modern version not only maintains the classic feel of Ludo but also broadens its appeal, attracting a wider audience to enhance player engagement and community building.

haryana ludo games online

Moreover, Zupee is vigilant about maintaining fair play and integrity, especially in addressing the use of unauthorized Zupee controller apps. By implementing strict security measures, Zupee ensures that all players have a fair and equal opportunity to win, maintaining the spirit of competition and fun that is intrinsic to Ludo.

Carrom: The Strike and Pocket Game

Carrom board game has been a popular indoor sport in Haryana for many decades, often played in community halls and during family gatherings. The game’s appeal lies in its blend of strategy, skill, and luck, making it a favorite among both the young and the elderly.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Youth clubs and community centers in cities like Karnal and Rohtak
  • Local tournaments held in community halls across the state
  • College common rooms in educational institutions like Kurukshetra University
  • Indoor sports facilities in major towns
  • Private homes, especially during family gatherings

Playing Cards: The Game of Skill and Chance

Playing cards have been a popular form of entertainment in Haryana, with various games like Rummy, Bridge, and Poker being played during festive occasions and social gatherings. These games are appreciated for their combination of strategy, skill, and social interaction.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Diwali parties and other festive gatherings throughout the state
  • Social clubs in urban centers like Gurgaon
  • Family reunions in homes across Haryana
  • Local tea shops and community spaces in rural areas
  • Senior citizen clubs and recreation centers

Boxing: Fistic Fury and Strategic Strikes

Boxing has gained significant traction in Haryana, spurred by the success of local athletes at the national and international levels. The state government’s focus on enhancing sports infrastructure has further bolstered the popularity of boxing.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Sports Authority of India (SAI) centers in Hisar
  • Boxing academies and gyms in Bhiwani, known as the ‘Mini Cuba’ of India for producing boxers
  • District Sports Centers across the state
  • Private sports clubs in major cities like Faridabad
  • Schools and colleges with dedicated boxing programs

Judo: Graceful Throws and Technical Mastery

Judo which is the popular indoor games played in Haryana, has developed into a prominent sport at the school and college level, encouraged by a growing interest in martial arts and self-defense. The state has produced several judokas such as Satish Kumar, Narendra Singh, Cawas Billimoria, Poonam Chopra Akram Sha, who have represented India in international competitions.

Top 5 Places to Play in Haryana:

  • Judo training centers in major cities like Panipat and Ambala
  • State-run sports academies with specialized coaching facilities
  • University campuses with active judo clubs, such as Maharshi Dayanand University
  • Martial arts studios across the state
  • National and state-level competitions hosted in various cities

From the wrestling mats of Sonepat to the Ludo boards in Haryanvi homes, the state boasts a dynamic range of games that foster competition, fitness, and fun. These Haryana games not only keep traditional sports alive but also encourage the youth to develop a healthier lifestyle through engaging activities.

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Best Games Played in Haryana: FAQs

What traditional outdoor games are popular in Haryana?

Traditional outdoor games popular in Haryana include Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Wrestling, Gilli-Danda, and Hockey, each deeply rooted in the state’s cultural and sporting heritage.

Can I play Ludo online in Haryana?

Yes, you can play Ludo online in Haryana through various online gaming platforms that host multiplayer Ludo games like Zupee.

How can I download Ludo and play it in Haryana?

To download and play Ludo in Haryana, simply visit Zupee Ludo app, then click on the download app button, install it and start playing the Ludo games. 

Is it possible to win cash playing games in Haryana?

Yes, it is possible to win cash playing games like Ludo online in Haryana through platforms like Zupee, which host tournaments with cash prizes for winners.

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