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Online Carrom real cash game

Carrom is a popular tabletop indoor game played on a square board with small disks and a striker. With the rise of online gaming, the Carrom game has made its way onto the internet, where players can now play for real money.

This blog post will explore the world of real-money online Carrom games, where players can put their skills to the test and potentially win real cash. We’ll also examine one of the most popular real money Carrom games, its rules, gameplay, and tips for becoming a successful player.

What is Carrom Real Money Game?

Real money Carrom games are digital versions of the classic Carrom board game that can be played online. Players can join online Carrom tournaments and play one-on-one matches against other players, and the winner of the game can take home real money.

Why play Carrom real money games online?

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Real money Carrom games are different from classic Carrom board games in several ways, such as:

  • Physical interaction: In an online Carrom game, players use a mouse or touchpad to move the online striker, whereas, in a traditional Carrom game, players physically move the striker using their fingers.
  • Fouls and penalties: There may be no physical fouls or penalties in online Carrom games, such as knocking over the board or pocketing the wrong color. However, some online games may have virtual penalties, such as deducting points or disqualifying a player, based on game rules. L
  • No Queen: Some online Carrom games, such as Zupee’s Carrom Ninja, may not have a queen to pocket, while in traditional Carrom, the queen is an essential part of the game.
  • Game rules and variations: Online Carrom games may have different rules and variations from traditional Carrom, such as a limited number of moves or time limits for each player. Learn about the rules to play Carrom.
  • Win Real Money: Online real money Carrom games allow you to join tournaments or match with real money.

Overall, while the core mechanics of Carrom remain the same, online Carrom games offer a unique and exciting way to experience the game, with the added thrill of potentially winning real money.

Play Online Carrom on Zupee & Win Real Money

Zupee’s Carrom Ninja is an online Carrom game where you can win real money by participating in tournaments. The gameplay is slightly different from traditional Carrom. Here, the objective is to earn more points than your opponent by pocketing the tokens (numbered 1-19) within limited moves to win the game. You can check out this link to learn more about the game rules.

In Zupee’s Carrom Ninja, you can join live tournaments and compete against other players for real cash. The tournaments have different entry fees and prize pools, and you can choose to participate in tournaments that suit your skill level and budget.

To play, you must first register on the platform. You also get a signup bonus once you register. Once you have joined a tournament, you will be matched with an opponent and have to earn maximum points within limited moves to win! Take a look at this video to learn how to play Carrom online on Carrom Ninja:

Did you know you can win up to Rs.10 Lakhs on Carrom Ninja? Click the “Download App” button and play Carrom online.

Tips to win Carrom online game

Here are some tips to help you win at Carrom Ninja:

  1. Be strategic: Carrom is a strategy game, and when playing Carrom Ninja, make sure to collect high-value tokens and take advantage of the 3X multiplier round. The 3X multiplier round appears randomly in the game only once. So, make sure you pocket a high-value token in this round to earn more points.
  2. Be quick: Carrom Ninja has a set time limit, i.e., players get 30 seconds to play each turn, after which time from the extra time bank (30 seconds) will be used. So it’s important to be quick and efficient with your shots.
  3. Increase Accuracy: Don’t rush when making your right shot. The power of the shot plays a big role in determining the outcome of your turn. Make sure you only use accurate power for each token you pocket.
  4. Be careful: Avoid using the time bank seconds unless absolutely necessary. Because if you exceed the time limit of 30 seconds, you will be disqualified from the game.
  5. Practice & Practice: The more you practice and improve your Carrom skills, the better your chances of winning. Take advantage of the platform’s tutorials and free entry fee games to improve your game.
Tips to win Carrom Online Game

Read this article to know about Carrom tricks to win the online game.

How to Win Real Money by Playing Carrom Online?

You can use a few strategies to win real money by playing Carrom online:

  1. Play on a reputable platform that ensures fair gameplay. One such reputable platform is Zupee. Take a look at Zupee’s Fair play policy and RNG Certification.
  2. You can join mega tournaments that happen periodically. These tournaments often have large pools of cash winnings. The competition can be fierce, but the winnings are significant.
  3. Join daily tournaments that are free or have an entry fee. These tournaments tend to have smaller winnings but can still provide an opportunity to win real money.

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Carrom Real Money Games Online – FAQs

What are the rules of online carrom real money games?

The rules of online carrom real money games are generally similar to traditional carrom, with a few variations depending on the platform. The basic objective is to pocket your pieces before your opponent does.

Is it legal to play carrom for real money online in India?

It depends on the laws of your country or state. In some places, playing Carrom online for money may be considered illegal. In contrast, in others, it may be allowed with proper regulation. It is important to check the laws in your area before participating in online carrom real money games. Take a look at the top Indian Online Games in 2023.

Can I withdraw my cash winnings online?

Yes, most online carrom platforms allow you to withdraw your winnings through various methods such as bank transfer or UPI. Take a look at some of the best UPI games to play online and withdraw winning instantly.

How can I deposit money to play carrom online?

Most online carrom platforms allow you to deposit money using various methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets.

Can I play Carrom Online for money?

Yes. Many platforms and apps allow you to play Carrom Online for money. One such app is Zupee, where you can play Carrom Ninja and win real money.