Carrom Tricks – 10 best carrom board trick shots you must know

Carrom Tricks

Want to defeat your opponent in Carrom? Here are 10 best Carrom tricks you should know to win the game:

  1. Side shot
  2. Middle Shot
  3. Board Shot
  4. Center Cut Shot
  5. Cut and Take Shot
  6. Back Shot
  7. Double shot
  8. Thumb hot
  9. Alley Oop
  10. Second Hit

Apart from having a good sense of angle, you must have great precision and concentration to make a perfect Carrom trick shot. Besides, how well you play Carrom depends on how well you shoot or flick the striker. You must flick the striker in a way it hits and pockets the carrommen. But, how to do it? 

There are many techniques for flicking the striker out there, and after thorough research, we have curated a list of the 10 best Carrom tricks. In this article, we share those Carrom trick shots with you and provide 4 expert tips on improving your game.

Learn how to play Carrom in just 4 simple steps!

Carrom Tricks – 10 Carrom board trick shots

Here are the 10 Best Carrom tricks that you should know to play Carrom like a pro:

Side shot

You can play the side shot in two scenarios:

  • To block your opponent
  • To pocket a carrommen

When you are using a side shot to block your opponent, make sure that you hit the striker in such a way that it becomes difficult for your opponent to pocket that carrommen. On the other hand, play this shot in a way that carrommen goes directly into your pocket. This will not give a chance to your opponent to score that carrommen in his pocket. Generally, players use this Carrom trick to be on the safer side.

Middle Shot

The middle shot is a tricky shot played at the beginning of the game. To play this shot, all the carrommen should be placed in the center of the board. The player aims to hit 2 carrommen simultaneously by hitting the striker to the space seen between the two carrommen. The idea here is to move and pocket the 2 carrommen in two different directions simultaneously.

Board Shot

Board shot is for advanced Carrom players who are well-versed with the game. If you are a beginner, there are chances that you might make a mistake while trying this Carrom shot, resulting in a foul. To play this shot, you need to hit the striker to touch three different sides of the board and then hit the carrommen. The shot should end with the striker hitting the carrommen straight into your side of the pocket.

Carrom Tricks - Board Shot

Center Cut Shot

A Cut shot aims at the carrommen or Queen, placed on the center of the board. In this shot, the player strikes the striker to hit the side of the coin. To play this shot, you need to hit the striker to hit the game piece to the other side of the pocket of the striker. For example, if you are playing this shot from the right side, then you will play the cut shot towards the left side and score it in the left pocket.

Another version of this shot is called the ‘Cut and Take’ shot.

Cut and Take Shot

In this shot, the player strikes to pocket a coin in one direction and hits back to bag another coin. The cut and take carrom trick comes in handy when the player needs to cut a game piece in a different direction and pockets another game piece simultaneously. By doing so, pocketing another game piece in the next shot becomes easy for the player.

Cut and Take shot is generally played when the player pockets the Queen and needs a cover along with it.

Carrom trick shot - cut and take

Back Shot

The game piece the player wants to hit may be near their baseline, and as per the rules, they cannot hit the striker backward. So, how do the players pocket that game piece? Here the back shot comes to the rescue.

The player strikes the striker so hard in the opposite direction that it hits the board and comes back to where the game piece is located. This will make the game piece slide towards the pocket.

Carrom trick shot - Back Shot

Double shot

A double shot is the most common Carrom shot. You play this shot when the carrommen is anywhere in the center or close to the center of the board. This shot aims to pocket 2 game pieces in two different pockets. For example, the player strikes one carrommen directly towards the opposite pocket if you look at the image below. Simultaneously, the striker hits the opposite side of the board. The striker bounces back in the opposite direction to hit another carrommen into the pocket.

Carrom Trick shot - Double Shot

Thumb hot

Thumb hot is one of the carrom tricks to be played when players’ finger starts to hurt after hitting the striker for quite a while. There is no rule that the player can hit the striker only with one finger. Thus, they can use their thumb to hit the striker. A Thumb shot results in a stronger hit, which can help the player to pocket the game piece. To play this shot, you form a circle with the help of the index finger and the thumb. You then flick your thumb towards the striker.

Carrom tricks - thumb shot

Alley Oop

If the player is playing in doubles, Alley Oop shot is one of the Carrom tricks that they can use. This trick is solely based on teamwork. In this shot, the player slides their game piece so that their partner gets to pocket it easily.  So, if you know that you cannot pocket a particular game piece, you pave the way for your partner to take that game piece.

Second Hit

The second hit is one of the Carrom tricks that helps the player pocket 2 game pieces in one shot. While playing Carrom, another game piece may block the player’s targeted game piece. In such a scenario, the obstructing game piece becomes their target. So, when the player hits the obstructing game piece, it hits the previously targeted game piece, leading both the game pieces to the pocket. The target and obstructing game piece are in the same line as the pocket for this shot to work. Moreover, to play this shot, the players aiming skills should be strong.

4 Carrom tips to improve your game

Now that you are aware of the 10 best Carrom tricks, here are 4 expert tips for improving your Carrom game:

  • Follow the rules and avoid fouls
  • Have the right attitude
  • Striking style
  • Using the 10 Best Carrom Tricks

Follow the rules and Avoid Fouls

You should have an idea about the rules and fouls in Carrom. Follow the rules and avoid fouls. Players get a foul when they pocket competitors’ coins or pocket the final piece before getting the Queen. So, closely pay attention to the Fouls in Carrom. Here is an article that covers must-know rules fouls in Carrom.  

Have the right attitude

While playing any game, the element of competition is bound to creep in. Remember to have the right attitude and not frown upon the opponent. Having the right mental attitude is necessary to win the game. If you are at a beginner’s level, don’t be disheartened if you lose. Keep practicing and get better.  Moreover, if you are playing with someone who is new to the game, bend the rules a little bit for your opponent. Also, ensure that the new player knows all the rules at the start of the game.

If you are playing in a tournament, do not get over-competitive, as it might spoil the spirit of gaming altogether.  

Striking styles

One of the helpful Carrom tips to improve your game is to learn and use different striking styles. There are several ways of flicking the striker. You can use your middle finger and thumb or index finger & thumb or index & middle finger. Some popular striking styles are listed below:

  • Middle finger striking style
  • Scissor striking style
  • Index finger striking style
  • Vertical long finger striking style
  • Thumb and middle finger striking style

Use the 10 best Carrom tricks

Lastly, to improve your Carrom game, make sure you learn and practice the 10 trick shots discussed in this article. Remember, these tricks are not something you can master in one day. To practice the 10 tricks, you should first know how to flick the sticker perfectly. Your striking speed and accuracy are the keys to pocketing a game piece. Here are some helpful Carrom tips that you can use while flicking your striker:

  • Always keep your hand steady on the board. Place the base/edge of your palm or fingers firmly to ensure that the striker is flicked in the right direction
  • Do not push the striker as it will be a foul
  • Keep your fingers close to the striker so that you do not hurt your fingers. If you are hitting the striker from far, you might hurt your nails

We hope that these Carrom tricks and tips will help you get better at the game. All the best for your next game!

Carrom tricks and tips – FAQs

What happens if the striker goes with Queen?

If the striker and the Queen are pocketed together by a proper stroke, the queen is placed back in the center of the board. Moreover, the player who pockets Queen and Striker has to also place an additional carrommen on the center of the board. Take a look at this article to know the rules to play Carrom.

Can I play Carrom Online?

Yes, absolutely. You can now play Carrom online with Carrom Ninja. It is a 2-player game, without a carrom queen.

Is a reverse shot allowed in Carrom?

Yes. You are allowed to hit in any direction from the carrom board.

How do you always win at Carrom?

To win the carrom game, you first need to have the right attitude. Apart from that, your striking style and accuracy should be good to win the game. Take a look at this article that tips and tricks to win the carrom game.

Can I use my Thumb to strike the striker?

Yes. You can shoot with any finger including the thumb. The technique is called thumbing.