Carrom Striker: Price, Material, and popular striking styles

Carrom Board Game striker

A Carrom Striker is the coin you use in a Carrom game to strike other coins. This blog will detail the Carrom board striker price, material, and rules. We will also highlight various styles in which you can hit the striker to win the game.

Carrom Striker

The queen and other Carrom coins are hit across the board and into the pockets with the help of the striker. Any material, excluding ivory or metal, can create the smooth, rounded Carrom striker. Hard plastic typically makes up this item.

The goal of every round is for the players to get Carrom pieces (black/white/queen) into the pockets on the board using the striker. The typical Carrom striker has a diameter of 4.1 cm and weighs 15 grams.

The Carrom Board’s playing surface must be plywood or equally smooth wood. It must be at least 73.50 cm square and up to 74 cm in size, with a surface thickness of no less than 8 mm. When struck with the greatest force, a Carrom board must support at least three and a half runs of a generally smooth 15 gm striker from one of the baselines to the opposing frame. 

Carrom StrikerUsed to hit the Carrommen and Queen across the board and into the pockets.
MaterialIvory, metal, plastic
Weighs15 grams
PriceRs100 – Rs4000
Available on  Decathlon, Amazon, and other online/offline stores  

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How do you hit the Carrom striker?

Playing the Carrom board game is very popular and thrilling. The players have resumed playing their favorite old-school board games amid the pandemic. Here are Carrom striking styles you can learn to win the game:

  • Striking with the middle and thumb
  • Striking vertically with long fingers
  • Index Finger Striking
  • Cutting Style with Scissors
  • Using the Middle Finger to Strike

Striking with the middle and thumb

One of the oldest and most popular striking techniques is this one. The middle finger needs to be behind the thumb to execute this style. Once a little pressure has been produced, release the middle finger. To push the Carrom men into the pot, you must use the middle finger to forcefully release the striker. By adjusting the direction of their hands in response to where the Carrom men are, players must create a variety of angles.

Striking vertically with long fingers

The palm edge of your hand must remain vertical when using the vertical long-finger striking technique. A perfect perpendicular to the board should be achieved with the middle finger. When Carom’s men surround the striker, players frequently choose this striking style when there is no space around the baseline. The players benefit greatly from this striking style, used in such tense circumstances.

Index Finger Striking

Put your hand on the board and your index finger near the edge of the striker. Use your thumb to create pressure on the index finger. Once you release the index finger, the striker will move forward to strike the carrommen. You must adjust your hand’s direction to the board’s position to play. Using this method to create a potent shot is also common.

Cutting Style with Scissors

You must have an exceptionally still hand on the board to master this beautiful style. The index finger is then used to overlap the middle finger after positioning the middle finger’s edge behind the striker. Release the middle finger after applying pressure by reversing the motion. Additionally, the striker must be fired with the index finger moving forward. It is very popular and effective to apply this kind of striking style.

Using the Middle Finger to Strike

Lay your palm on the board with the middle finger pointing toward the striker’s edge. Create pressure with your thumb on the middle finger. The striker will go forward to strike the Carrommen once you release the middle finger. You must adjust your hand’s direction to the board’s position to play. Using this method to create a potent shot is also common.

Carrom Striker Rules

Here are some fundamental rules of Carrom board striker:

  • A striker must be at the baseline or one of the two circles at either end for every strike.
  • A striker inside the baseline must touch the back and front lines. 
  • A carrom board striker should not “slash the moon” or stand with one foot inside the circle and the other within the baseline. 
  • A striker must finger across the front baseline rather than being flicked horizontally or backward. 
  • After reaching the front baseline, the striker should not strike any piece on or behind it.
  • Players should not cross the baseline’s diagonal foul lines by hand or arm.
  • Carrommen in the middle can be “broken” or disturbed three times during the first turn. 
  • Remove the striker gently, without disturbing any other piece, if the striker rests beneath another piece.

Carrom striker rules to cover the Queen 

Here are some of the Carrom board striker rules to cover the Queen:

  • When at least one piece of that player’s color has been placed in their pocket, they can only pocket and cover the queen.
  • The queen is placed at the center at the end of the turn, even if a player manages to pocket it before being able to cover it. 
  • The queen is covered if a player pockets the queen and one of the pieces in the same turn. Players cannot cover the queen until they have at least one piece in their pocket.

Carrom Board Striker Fouls

The moment a player commits a foul, their turn is over, and they are given a penalty. The consequence of the penalty is that the opponent must place one of their pocketed pieces anywhere inside the main circle. In the center of the playing field, the opponent also places any additional pieces that need to be repositioned on the board. Pieces are frequently arranged in ways that are advantageous to the opposition.

In the following circumstances, a foul is noted:

  • Pocketing the striker.
  • Striker gets kicked off the board.
  • A player breaks the rules about striking.
  • Three unsuccessful attempts are made by the initial attacker to overcome the defenses.

Carrom Striker – FAQs

What is a carrom striker?

A Carrom board striker hits other carrom coins and queen across the board and into the pocket.

What materials are used to make carrom strikes?

A Carrom striker is of a circular shape, originally made of wood but now more commonly made of light plastic for commercial purposes.

How should I strike a striker?

Your palm should be on the board; your middle finger should be at the edge of the striker. To apply pressure to the middle finger, use your thumb. Let go of the middle finger to move the striker forward and strike the carrommen. All you have to do is adjust your hand’s direction by the board’s position.

Who is the best carrom player?

Maria Irudayam is a well-known carrom champion from Chennai, India. He has twice won the World Carrom Championship and nine times won the Indian National Championship. He received the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1996 from the Indian government in recognition of the pride he brought to India.

How many Carrom pieces are there on the board?

Carrom has two pieces known as the “striker pieces,” nine black pieces, nine white pieces, one red piece (also known as “the queen”), and nine white pieces. Carrom features nine pieces for each player in addition to a striker piece.

Which striker is best for Carrom?

There are many types of Carrom strikers found online. Fiber carrom striker, Plastic carrom striker, PVC carrom striker, etc.

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