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Ludo Earning App - Play and win real ludo cash

You might want to download and play Ludo money games for many reasons. You may want a fun, family-friendly game to play online and win money. OR, you may be looking for a real cash game you can play with strangers worldwide. Or you’re looking for a new game to add to your rotation and win real Ludo money!

Whatever your reason, the Ludo money games are a great option. The real cash ludo games are easy to play, with straightforward rules! Moreover, most Ludo money apps are free to download and play. So, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

This article discusses how online Ludo cash games work and maintain gameplay fairness. We also answer one key question: Which Ludo money game is best and why?

Ludo Money Game App

Ludo Money App allows you to play games online with global players and win real cash on your mobile. They have simple gameplay, and the rules are straightforward and uncomplicated. Each of the four quadrants on the Ludo online board is of a distinct color: red, blue, yellow, and green.

Ludo Money games enable you to play games online in different modes such as multiplayer mode (2-4 players), quick mode, 1 vs. 1, 3 winners, 4 winners, etc. You can choose any mode and win real cash! Learn how to play ludo online with 2+ players.

Each player in the Ludo online game generally has four tokens, which they race from beginning to end. Depending on the result of the die roll, the players move their tokens on the online board.

Why download Ludo earning app?

Unlike the classic ludo game, where the first person to get all four tokens to the finish line wins the game, the rules to win online Ludo are different. Generally, the person who earns the maximum points wins the game (even if only some of the tokens are taken to the home area).

While moving your tokens in Ludo online games, you must use a lot of strategy and observation in addition to depending on the number you receive when rolling the dice.

Learn how to always win online ludo games.

Pros of playing Ludo money games online

Here are some of the advantages of playing Ludo money games online:

  • Mostly, all  Ludo money apps offer a payout and a registration bonus that you may use to play the games and win money.
  • Some Ludo apps also offer a fantastic referral program that allows you to promote friends in exchange for outstanding benefits.
  • You can also access sizable deposit offers to replenish your wallet and receive bonuses.
  • You can make money with Ludo apps without investment by playing free-to-play games.
  • Get easy and quick Ludo money withdrawal with Ludo cash games. You may immediately transfer the money you won into a bank account or Paytm wallet. 

Enjoy Ludo Game online and Jeeto Paisa on Zupee.

How do Ludo money games ensure fairness? 

While playing games on Ludo money-winning apps, make sure that they value transparency and integrity. How? The best way is to visit the app’s official site and investigate the fair play policy. Here are some key points to look out for in a Ludo-winning app to ensure fair play:

  • A chance for everyone
  • RNG certification
  • Security and safety
  • Actual and Valid Users
How do ludo earning app ensure fairness

A Chance for Everyone

  • All players should have equal access to the games.
  • Players should be subjected to the same game rules and restrictions.
  • Ensure that the ludo money game app you download takes every precaution to prevent cheating or hacking on the site.  
  • Generally, deadlines are established for each tournament to ensure every player gets an equal opportunity at the game.

RNG certification

  • Make sure that the Ludo games you play have RNG certification. A “Random Number Generator” (RNG) certificate guarantees statistical randomness in the numbers generated by the ludo dice.
  • A qualified RNG testing authority should approve certification.

Security and Safety

  • Make sure the withdrawal process is 100% safe and secure. Ludo apps generally partner with reputable third-party payment gateways that use 3-D secure authentication.
  • Ludo apps should use industry-leading data security processes and methods to protect users’ personal information. 
  • Any personal information shared with the app should only be used for user verification unless it is required by law.  

Actual and Valid Users

  • Ludo apps should ensure that only verified users play games on the platform.
  • No robots should be allowed.
  • Necessary policies and procedures should be in place to monitor any violations.
  • Generally, players must provide proof of their identification and account, such as copies of their PAN card and bank account information, before being allowed to withdraw any winnings.
  • The app should personally collect and verify documents or do so through a third-party service provider by the applicable law or regulatory authorities.

Zupee Ludo games ensure fair play through a high level of transparency and integrity. Take a look at Zupee’s Fair play policies here.

Which Ludo money game app to download? 

If you are looking for Ludo money games that ensure fair gameplay and safe and secure transactions, then Zupee is your solution. Zupee owns a 95% market share in the largest gaming sector in India, the casual & board game segment, making it the largest online gaming company. Zupee creates skill-based games that make people happier in their daily lives by keeping them engaged and amusing and allowing them to win money while they play.

Zupee Ludo Games

Learn how to win real cash with Ludo app from Zupee Ludo online cash games.

Ludo money games to win real cash

Three different forms of online Ludo games are available to you on Zupee. Therefore, you can select the gameplay style that suits you best to improve your chances of winning the game.

Ludo supreme – Online Ludo Cash game

If you are looking for a game similar to the classic Ludo game, then Ludo Supreme is the right choice. However, Ludo Supreme’s rules are slightly different from the classic game.

For instance, you must take all four tokens into the home area to win in a classic ludo game. However, you win Ludo supreme game by earning maximum points within a limited timeframe.

Interesting, isn’t it? Take a look at this video to learn how to play Ludo supreme on Zupee:

Learn how to download Ludo Supreme Gold APK, aka, Ludo Supreme.

Ludo Supreme League – Single-player Ludo cash game

Ludo Supreme League is a single-player online Ludo tournament game where you need to rank high on the leaderboard to win. It is a move-based game where you get 30 moves to earn maximum points. Here is a video on how to play Ludo supreme league:

Ludo Turbo – Online Ludo money game

To keep the suspense high, play Ludo Turbo at a breakneck pace. It is a contemporary version of the traditional Ludo game with enhanced graphics and skill-based gameplay. Each player gets an equal number of moves, which they need to earn maximum points. Even today’s Gen-Z adores Ludo Turbo because it condenses all the benefits of the original game into a manageable package.

Learn how to play fast Ludo online games and tips to win.

So, if you are a gamer looking for quick gameplay, Ludo turbo is the game you can try out! Here are the rules to play Ludo turbo online:

Ludo Money game online turbo

Read in detail about the difference between the three Zupee Ludo games.

Download the Genuine Ludo Money game

You can download the Ludo game for Android and iOS phones. Zupee offers three types of Ludo games for android phones – Ludo supreme, Ludo Supreme League, and Ludo Turbo. Just download the Zupee apk version and start winning real cash.

For iOS phones, you can download the Zupee app from this page by clicking the “Download App” button or visiting the App store. However, only Ludo Supreme is available in the iOS version.

Click on the “Download App” button to play Zupee Ludo Games.

Ludo Money games – Takeaway

  • You may play Ludo money games with actual gamers worldwide while making cash.
  • You can play various modes like free games, 1 vs 1, 2 winners, etc.
  • You can play ludo online games without investment by entering free entry fee tournaments. Moreover, Ludo apps are generally free-to-download.
  • Make sure the Ludo game you play is RNG-certified. An RNG certification proves that the numbers are random and unpredictable, encouraging fair play.
  • Ludo-earning apps should use industry-leading data security processes and methods to protect users’ personal information. 
  • Ludo apps should have well-designed procedures for users to contact them and report problems on the helpdesk.
  • Ludo Online games have fast gameplay, and rules differ slightly from the classic Ludo game. Thus, read the laws related to the gameplay before playing.
  • You can play Ludo online without a die on Ludo Ninja!
  • You can win up to Rs.10 lakhs by playing Ludo online on Zupee.

Ludo Money Games – FAQs

Whom am I competing with while playing Ludo money games online?

You compete with verified online players. All the players are legitimate, confirmed individuals from around the nation. On such an app, participants are matched randomly against each other.

Is Ludo an Indian game?

Ludo is a variation of the Indian game Pachisi, just like other cross and circle games. The game and its variants are well-liked in numerous nations and go by different names. Here are other board games that originated in India.

Are Ludo money game apps trustworthy?

Yes, it is totally okay to trust Ludo apps, provided you first review the app’s reviews and policies before playing. Generally, Ludo apps do not share your banking information and personal data. They are safe and secure. Learn how to download the Ludo apk and win money.

Can I win money by playing Ludo?

Yes. You can definitely win money by playing Ludo online. However, make sure that the app you choose is reliable. Learn more about how to spot a genuine ludo money game app.