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Online Ludo Referral to friends

Ludo is one of the most popular Indian games of all time. It is not a game in India but an emotion. Thinking about Ludo can transport you back to the past when playing Ludo with our friends was the highlight of our days. It was one of the best past times. But with time, these games have gotten lost. We hardly get time to gather the entire family/friends and invest around an hour to play the Ludo board game. But what if you can play Ludo within 10 minutes, requiring just your smartphone?

With Ludo online, you no longer need a Ludo board or pawns; the gameplay time is less than 10 minutes! Moreover, you can also refer your friends and family to join an online Ludo tournament and win rewards. You just need your smartphone, and you are good to go. This article will familiarize you with everything you need to know before playing Ludo online. Let’s begin! 

What is Ludo Online? 

Ludo is one of the ancient games in India. It is a classic game that makes use of strategy and planning. It can be played by 2-4 people at the same time. To play Ludo offline, you require a Ludo board, dice, and colored tokens. 

The world of online Ludo is completely different. It is a board game that can be played seamlessly on your smartphone. You do not need a physical board, dice, or even tokens. It is an online multiplayer game where you also stand a chance to win real money. You need to use extensive strategy and planning to win.

You generally need 2-4 players to play online Ludo games. To reduce the gameplay time, the players have a timer element, where they have to make their moves in a specific timeframe. For instance, Ludo Supreme gameplay time for 2 players is 8 mins, after which the game ends. Some online Ludo games also have limited moves. For instance, Ludo Supreme League and Ludo Turbo are move-based Ludo games, where with limited moves, the player has to earn maximum points to win the game.

There are a certain set of rules governing Ludo online games. You need to follow them religiously to win. You also have the chance to win money online if you win. 

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Why Refer Online Ludo to Facebook Friends? 

The referral program is extremely common in the world of online gaming. Online games have made a market of their own now. With so many games to choose from, everyone can play games online. You can engage in both indoor and outdoor games on your smartphone. Everything is just a click away. 

Online gaming applications have developed a referral program to make things more exciting. This allows you to share a particular gaming app with your friends. In return, you will be eligible for additional benefits. 

How to Get Friends to Play Online Ludo & Win Rewards? 

As we already know, the referral program can be extremely effective for you. You need to get your friends to sign up on the app and help you earn additional benefits. It is a mutual relationship that will benefit you both. 

You can share the referral links directly with your friends and ask them to sign up. You can both play on the same platform and win rewards. It is a win-win for all. You can share your referral code on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. 

Zupee offers an extensive and interactive game of online Ludo for you and your friends. It also has an amazing referral program for your benefit. Take a look at the image below to learn how Zupee Referal works:

play ludo online with friends - Refer and earn reward

Zupee – Invite Friends, Play Ludo & Win Rewards

Zupee has an effective referral program. It is active and lets you win extra money while playing. You are eligible for constant rewards if you keep referring to your friends online. 

After sharing your referral code, you can get ₹5 as soon as your friend signs up. Additionally, you are eligible for additional benefits when your friend deposits money. For every ₹100, you’ll get ₹30 play money along with ₹70 bonus money. 

This also applies to your friend. When you deposit ₹100, they get ₹25 as play money and ₹75 as bonus money. You can get cashback and bonus money for deposits as low as ₹1!

Refer friend and earn reward - Online Ludo

Download the Zupee App by clicking the “Download App” button on this page. Play 3 different types of Ludo games in one App. Stand a chance to win up to ₹10 Lakhs!

Play Ludo, Refer Friends, Win Rewards – FAQs

How many friends can I refer for a reward?

The number of friends you can refer for rewards depends on the website. Some websites have a limit on the number of referrals you can make.

How safe is Zupee? 

Zupee Games is an extremely safe, secure, and growing gaming platform. You are also eligible to win money on Zupee and instantly withdraw your winnings through UPI.

Are Zupee Ludo Games free to play?

Yes. Zupee Ludo games can be played with or without an entry fee.

How many players can play Ludo Online?

The number of players depends on the gameplay format. Some online Ludo games are single players, like Ludo Supreme League, whereas some allow more than 2 players, like Ludo Supreme and Ludo Turbo.