The 10 Best Games Played in Gujarat

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Gujarat, a colorful state in western India, is famous not only for its culture but also for a great variety of interesting and fun games. Among all the familiar Gujarat games Ludo is considered the most popular game, both as a physical board game and as a digital one played using various Ludo apps. These applications have made Ludo a more modern game, with people playing it from wherever they are, even when they are a million miles apart.

Though Ludo is a major part of the gaming culture in Gujarat, the people of this state still play several other vibrant outdoor games and fascinating indoor games that carry a tinge of the local lifestyle and cultural values. In this article, we will take you through the 10 traditional games to play in Gujarat, discussing the rules, the thrills and why they never fail to stay loved!

First, let us look at the games played in Gujarat outdoors.

Outdoor Games Played in Gujarat

Outdoor games in Gujarat are not just pastimes but integral parts of cultural heritage, fostering community bonds and physical skills among participants. Here are the top games to play in Gujarat outdoor that continue to capture the young and old’s imagination across the state.

Pagathiya (Hopscotch): Jumping Joy in Chalked Squares

Pagathiya has long been a staple in Gujarati culture, tracing back to ancient times when children would draw grids on the dirt to play. It is one of the most popular outdoor games played in Gujarat. This game served as a fun activity and helped develop physical coordination and balance among young players.

Players draw a series of numbered squares on the ground using chalk or a piece of brick. A small object, such as a stone, is thrown into one of these squares. The player then hops on one foot to retrieve the stone, navigating the squares without touching the lines.

Aankh Micholi: Blindfolded Fun in the Game of Tag

Aankh Micholi is special in traditional Gujarati society, often played during community gatherings and festivals. The game is rooted in local folklore and is thought to enhance perceptual skills and trust among participants.

One player is blindfolded and spins around a few times; the other players scatter around him/her. The blindfolded player then tries to catch the others, using auditory cues to tag them. Once tagged, a player takes on the role of the ‘seeker.’

Satoliya: Strategic Hideouts and Sneaky Pursuits

Satoliya is an ancient game known throughout India, with a strong tradition in Gujarat. It is believed to develop strategic thinking and team cooperation. The game involves seven small stones stacked on top of each other. Players throw a ball to knock the stack over and then try to restore it while the opposing team throws it at them to hinder their progress.

Chupan Chupai: Hide and Seek Adventures in Every Corner

Chupan Chupai is a universal game with a strong presence in Gujarati cultural traditions, often played during cooler evenings or after school hours.

One person closes their eyes and counts to a predetermined number while the other players hide. The seeker then tries to find and tag each of the hiders. The first person tagged becomes the next seeker.

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Kancha (Marbles): Flicks, Rolls, and Collector’s Delight

Kancha is one of the oldest games played in Gujarat, where it has been a popular pastime among children, especially boys, who often collect and cherish unique marbles. Players use their marbles to strike other marbles in a designated play area. The aim is to knock other players’ marbles out of the circle or hit them into a hole, depending on the played variant.

These are some of the popular games to play in Gujarat outdoor. Now let us look at the best games played in Gujarat indoor.

Indoor Games Played in Gujarat

Indoor games in Gujarat offer a delightful mix of strategy, skill, and social interaction, making them cherished activities during gatherings and festivals. Here are the best traditional indoor games in Gujarat:

Sauktha-bazi (Ludo): Dice, Strategy, and Traditional Fun

Sauktha-bazi, the traditional form of Ludo, has a special place in Gujarati society, often featured in social gatherings and family nights. It’s a derivative of the ancient Indian game Pachisi, adapted to a simpler board format that is more accessible for casual play.

Players roll a dice to move their tokens around a square board, trying to get all four tokens from start to finish based on the dice’s outcome. Strategy and luck play crucial roles, as players can cut each other’s tokens, sending them back to the start.

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Kodiyo (Shells): Coastal Treasures in Traditional Play

Kodiyo has been a favored pastime in coastal Gujarat, where the abundance of small sea shells made it a natural choice for indoor play. It is one of the indoor games played in Gujarat. Traditionally, it was played during monsoons when outdoor activities were limited. This game is deeply embedded in the childhood memories of many Gujaratis, reflecting a connection to the natural coastal environment.

Players collect small sea shells and toss them in the air, attempting to catch them on the back of their hands. The number of shells caught or the patterns they form can dictate the points scored, making it a game of both chance and skill.

Kuka or Gutte: Flicks and Precision in the Game of Skill

Kuka, also known as Gutte, is believed to have been a popular game among children in rural Gujarat. The game’s simplicity and the easy availability of small stones made it widely accessible and enjoyed by many generations.

This game involves five small stones. The player throws one stone in the air and tries to pick up the others from the ground one by one before catching the thrown stone. As the game progresses, the tasks become more complex, requiring greater skill and concentration.

Adko Dadko: Quick Reflexes and Tactical Moves

Adko Dadko is a traditional game that has been played in the alleys and courtyards of Gujarat, often serving as a lively challenge among children to test their balance and agility.

The game involves players hopping on one foot and trying to tag others. The player who is ‘it’ must hop and try to tag another player, while the others must avoid being tagged without ever placing their second foot on the ground.

Ghodi Kudaniyu: Imaginative Riding and Playful Gallops

Ghodi Kudaniyu is steeped in the imaginative play traditions of Gujarati children, mimicking the horseback warriors of folklore and history. It is especially popular among younger children encouraged to use their imagination extensively.

Children use a stick or a similar object as a makeshift horse and pretend to ride it around, often while making galloping sounds and sometimes incorporating elements of races or chases with their peers.

The traditional Gujarat games are not just about entertainment; they also foster community spirit, physical agility, and strategic thinking. These games are a testament to the region’s cultural richness and continue to bring joy and unity to its people.

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Gujarat Games: FAQs 

What are some popular games played in Gujarat?

Some popular games played in Gujarat include outdoor games like Pagathiya (Hopscotch) and Satoliya, and indoor games like Ludo and Kodiyo (Shells).

Where can I play ludo online and win cash in Gujarat?

You can play Ludo online and win cash in Gujarat through platforms like Zupee, which offers competitive Ludo games with cash rewards.

Can indoor games in Gujarat be played competitively?

Yes, indoor games in Gujarat can be played competitively, especially games like Sauktha-bazi (Ludo) and Adko Dadko, often organized in tournaments and local competitions.

How can I participate in game tournaments in Gujarat?

To participate in game tournaments in Gujarat, you can check local event listings, community boards, or online platforms that host and advertise competitive gaming events in the region.

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