10 Best Games Played in Kerala

Games played in Kerala

Kerala, a state in the southern part of India, is renowned for its diverse culture, traditions, and the array of games played by its people. From the lush green fields of Palakkad to the sandy shores of Kozhikode Beach, Kerala is a playground for various sports and games.

While outdoor games reflect the state’s rich cultural heritage and communal spirit, indoor games are equally celebrated. They offer moments of joy and competition within the confines of homes or community centers. Ludo (Dayakattam), a traditional board game, takes the crown as the number one indoor game in Kerala, beloved by people of all ages for its simple yet captivating gameplay.

So, let’s look at some of the best games played in Kerala from different parts of the city.

Outdoor Games Played in Kerala

The outdoor games played in Kerala are a vibrant tapestry of physical endurance, strategy, and cultural significance. These games are not just about competition; they’re a means of community bonding, celebration, and preserving the state’s cultural heritage. Among these top games played in Kerala are Kabaddi at Kozhikode Beach, Kho-Kho in the fields of Palakkad, Cricket at Maidanam in Thrissur, and Football in Malappuram standout, each woven into the local culture in its unique way.

Kabaddi in Kozhikode Beach

Kabaddi is one of those games to play in Kerala that holds a special place in the hearts of the people, particularly in Kozhikode Beach. The game is more than just a sport; it’s a cultural festivity. The beach becomes a battlefield where teams from various parts of the state come to prove their mettle. The top Kabaddi playing grounds in Kozhikode Beach, such as the Kozhikode Beach Arena, often do not charge an entry fee. This makes the sport accessible to everyone. The area is home to some of the top Kabaddi teams, showcasing the competitive spirit.

Official Tournaments

  • Kerala State Kabaddi Championship
  • All Kerala Inter-Collegiate Kabaddi Tournaments
  • Kerala Premier League (KPL) Kabaddi

Seven Tiles 

The game Seven Stones is one of the most popular games to play in Kerala that embodies the authentic culture and allure of the state. Still, there is a striking similarity between this game and Lagori. At the beginning of the game, a player from one of the teams will aim to hit the pile of seven stones.

A team member has three tries to hit the stack; if they fail, they must give the ball to the other team. A player from the second squad will attempt to hit players on the other team with the ball. It resembles dodgeball somewhat. The remaining members of the second team will be focused on adding the fallen stones to the stack in their place.

Cricket at Maidanam, Thrissur

Cricket in Maidanam, Thrissur, is more than just a game. It is one of those games to play in Kerala that brings communities together. The vast green expanses serve as a perfect backdrop for thrilling cricket matches. Top cricket playing grounds like the Thrissur Cricket Stadium host numerous local and state-level matches, with some requiring a nominal entry fee. Thrissur is home to several top cricket teams, reflecting the region’s passion and love for the game.

Official Tournaments

  • Inter-school Cricket Competitions
  • District Cricket Leagues
  • All Kerala Cricket Tournaments
  • T20 Leagues

Football in Malappuram

When talking about the best games played in Kerala, football is the heartbeat of Malappuram, symbolizing the enthusiasm and spirit of the local youth. The district’s playing fields, such as the Malappuram Football Stadium and Tirur Municipal Stadium, are arenas where dreams and passions unfold. Entry fees are minimal or non-existent, ensuring the game is accessible to all. Malappuram’s teams are among the top in the state and are known for their skill, teamwork, and the intense support they receive from the local community.

Official Tournaments

  • Malabar Premier League (MPL)
  • Sevens Football Tournaments
  • District Football League
  • School and College Tournaments

Boat Racing – A Traditional Thrilling Sport

Boat racing in Kerala, especially the iconic Vallam Kali (snake boat race), is a vibrant expression of the state’s cultural and social fabric, epitomizing community spirit, competition, and festivity. Held primarily during the monsoon season, this event captures Kerala’s relationship with its waterways, reflecting a tradition that dates back centuries. The most famous of these races, the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, takes place on the Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha, drawing competitors and spectators from across the globe.

While there are no specific stadiums for boat racing, the backwaters and rivers of Kerala serve as natural arenas. Key locations include Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kottayam, and Kollam, where the community organizes these races. Boat clubs across Kerala, such as the Alleppey Boat Club, play pivotal roles in training rowers, constructing boats, and perpetuating the legacy of this thrilling water sport, making it a quintessential element of Kerala’s cultural identity.

Indoor Games Played in Kerala

Indoor games are unique in Kerala’s social and cultural life, offering families and friends a way to bond and compete in a friendly atmosphere. From the strategic gameplay of Chess and Carrom to the word-building challenges of Scrabble and the variety offered by card games, these activities are deeply integrated into the local culture.

Dayakattam: A Classic Game Reimagined

Dayakattam, a game transcending generation, remains Kerala’s most cherished indoor game. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and the nostalgia it evokes. Easy to learn but challenging to master, Dayakattam encourages a sense of harmony and friendly competition. The advent of online platforms like Zupee has reimagined how Ludo or Dayakattam is played, allowing enthusiasts to engage in matches with cash prizes, further solidifying its place in Kerala’s cultural fabric. Zupee Ludo is one of the top games to play in Kerala that offers online tournaments. Moreover, Zupee money game Ludo, such as Ludo Supreme League, Ludo Supreme, Ludo Turbo, and Ludo Ninja let players enjoy the game without making them bored.

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Carrom: Striking the Perfect Shot

Carrom holds a special place in terms of the popular games to play in Kerala. This indoor game is known for its skillful shots and strategic gameplay. The game’s popularity is evident in the numerous local tournaments, where players showcase their mastery over the striker and carrom. Carrom’s appeal lies in its ability to unite people of all ages, making it a staple in households and community centers across Kerala. However, you can also play carrom online in your Android or iOS devices. 

Paramapadam – Striking the Perfect Shot

Paramapadam, more widely known outside Kerala as Snakes and Ladders, is an ancient Indian board game that has transcended regional boundaries, including Kerala, to become a cherished pastime. While not originating from Kerala or specifically depicting its culture, Paramapadam has been embraced by people across the state, reflecting universal themes of fate, virtue, and vice, which resonate with the philosophical and ethical underpinnings of Kerala’s diverse cultural heritage. In Kerala, as in many parts of India, Paramapadam is played in homes, at community gatherings, and during festivals, serving as a tool for moral instruction as well as entertainment.

However, cultural organizations and educational institutions sometimes incorporate traditional games like Paramapadam into events and competitions, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian and Keralite cultural practices.

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Chess: The Game of Kings

Chess is one of those games to play in Kerala that has a profound presence and is celebrated for its intellectual challenge and strategic depth. Kerala has produced numerous champions who have competed on national and international stages. Local tournaments are a common sight, highlighting the game’s popularity and skill level among players in the state. Learn how to play chess

Card Games: A Variety of Choices

Card games offer endless variety and excitement, with numerous variants being popular in Kerala. From the strategic complexities of rummy to the fast-paced thrill of Flush, these games to play in Kerala are a testament to the state’s diverse gaming culture. Card game tournaments are frequent, bringing together the best players to compete in matches that are as much about skill as luck.

Games played in Kerala, both outdoor and indoor, are more than just pastimes; they are woven into the cultural and social fabric of the state. From the physicality of Kabaddi and the strategy of chess to the communal joy of Ludo, these games reflect the diverse interests and talents of the people. As Kerala continues to embrace its traditional games while also adapting to new ones, the spirit of competition and community that these best games played in Kerala foster remains a testament to the state’s vibrant culture.

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Kerela Games: FAQs

Can I play traditional Kerala games online?

Traditional Kerala games aren’t typically available in online formats. However, many Indian games have digital versions. Search for apps or websites that offer Indian traditional games adapted for online play.

How do I download Ludo to play and win cash in Kerala?

To play Ludo online and win cash in Kerala, download a reputable gaming app like Zupee from the App Store or Google Play. You have to register, and participate in paid tournaments.

Are these games suitable for all age groups?

Yes, most traditional, and online games, including Ludo, are suitable for all age groups. It offers various difficulty levels to cater to different skill sets and making them enjoyable for everyone.

Do I need any special equipment to play these indoor games?

For most indoor games available online, such as Ludo, no special equipment is needed. A smartphone or computer with internet access is sufficient to participate and enjoy these games.

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