Skill Certificates

Welcome to Zupee, where skill meets recognition! We’re thrilled to announce our certification for the classification of our games as skill-based, awarded by Dr. Bimal Roy.

Dr. Roy, the Former Director of the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and Former Chairperson of the National Statistical Commission, Government of India, has bestowed his expertise in affirming the skill nature of our games

His team has applied comprehensive statistical methods to evaluate the games and determine the extent to which skill influences the outcomes. They deployed simulation-based and data-based tests. By analyzing Indian and global jurisprudence as a foundation along with existing statistical methods, six quantitative tests were developed to determine “skill” in online games being assessed:

  • Simulation-based: Intentional Losing test, Skill Gradient test, and Skilled v/s Random test.
  • Actual Data-based tests: Persistence of Skill test, Learning Curve test, and Exemplary Skill test.

The analysis reveals that skill play a substantial role in determining success in the assessed Zupee games.

Zupee Games that were tested: