35+ Best Money Earning Apps In India

Best money earning apps

Are you looking for the highest-paying app in India? Then you are in the right place! With the digital revolution in India, earning money with just a few taps on your smartphone has become easier than ever. We have compiled a list of 30+ best earning apps to help you monetize your free time and earn real money. 

From survey sites and referral programs to teaching and reselling apps, this article will tell you about some of India’s best and most downloaded money earning apps for Android and iOS.

You can watch this video to get a brief idea about the best real cash earning apps in India (Bharat):

What are Money Earning Apps?

For those unaware, a real money earning app is a smartphone application that allows users to get incentives or make money by performing specific jobs or activities. These duties include various activities, including sharing material, playing games, completing surveys, viewing films, referring friends, completing offers, and even delivering freelance services. 

These applications frequently offer a variety of ways to earn and reward users with money, credits, gift cards, or other priceless prizes. Money-earning applications have become quite popular because of their accessibility and flexibility. They let users successfully spend their free time, augment their income, and look into other revenue-generating opportunities from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Types of Cash Earning Apps

There are a plethora of cash-making apps available today that carter different preferences and interests, and these are:

  • Tasked-Based Apps – Users can get paid by completing quick activities like data entry or app testing. This is a perfect alternative if you want to work from home and make easy money. 
  • Gaming Apps – Many apps reward users for playing money games with cash or prizes. Users can win money by finishing game levels, competing in tournaments, and attaining high scores.
  • Referral Apps – When users invite friends and family to use these referral-based incentive apps, they are paid and rewarded. Check out the best refer and earn apps in India
  • Affiliate Marketing Apps – Using these apps to get money, users can promote goods and services and earn commissions. When a transaction is made using a unique affiliate link that users share, the user receives a commission. Flipkart Affiliate and Amazon Associates are two examples. 
  • Online Survey Apps – Users can win cash or redeem gift cards by answering questions and offering their thoughts on various subjects. For students, this is among the finest ways to get money.
  • Cashback & Reward Apps – When customers shop through partner stores, they get paid a percentage of their purchases in cash or prizes.

How Can I Find the Real Money Earning App

Finding legitimate software that makes money might be challenging because there are so many possibilities and frauds to avoid. The following steps will assist you in locating trustworthy and lucrative money-earning apps:

6 Best ways to find a real online money earning app in India:

  1. Research and Reviews – Check out app stores (App Store, Google Play Store) for user ratings and reviews. Look for user reviews and suggestions on websites and forums devoted to revenue-generating apps.
  2. Check Developer Information – Examine the developer’s prior apps and user reviews to confirm their legitimacy.
  3. Download from Official App Stores – Only download apps from recognised app stores to reduce the chance of installing harmful malware. Unless verified sources post links on social media, stop downloading programs from untrusted websites.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions – The terms and conditions, privacy statement, and payout details for the app should all be carefully studied. Ensure the app requires no unnecessary permissions for things that have nothing to do with it. 
  5. Payment Proofs – Look for evidence of payments, such as screenshots or user reviews from payouts that have been completed.
  6. Be Cautious of Red Flags – Avoid programs that demand payments in advance or make exaggerated profit promises. Apps that frequently crash or malfunction should also be avoided, as do those with negative user reviews.  

Zupee – Best Ludo App to Win Money 

Zupee is a skill-based money-winning app that rewards you with cash. It features scientifically designed entertainment games that promote critical thinking skills. With Zupee, you can win up to 10 Lakh and easily withdraw your money. 

However, you must know the Ludo money withdrawal process on Zupee to easily take your winnings out of your bank account. Upon winning, the cash is instantly transferred to your bank account! Additionally, Zupee games offer cashback and referral bonuses. You can play online games on Zupee, such as Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Trump cards.

Here are 6 online multiplayer games you can play on Zupee:

  1. Ludo Supreme League
  2. Ludo Supreme
  3. Ludo Turbo
  4. Ludo Ninja
  5. Snakes & Ladders
  6. Trump Cards Mania
Money earnign app Zupee Games to play

In addition to playing games, you can also earn money from Zupee without playing. To do this, you need to know about Zupee refer and earn programs. You simply have to refer people to the Zupee app, and you will earn money for every download made through your referral.

35+ Best Money Earning Apps You Should Know

Are you curious about the best applications for making money online that you can download and use right now? View this carefully-picked collection of apps that generate revenue.

AppsTypeApprox. Earnings
Roz DhanTask-based₹100 – ₹5,000/month (depends on tasks completed, articles read, and referrals)
TaskBucksQuiz & Games₹100 – ₹5,000/month (based on offers completed and referrals)
MeeshoAffiliate Marketing₹5,000 – ₹50,000/month (based on product sales and network)
FieWin AppGames₹100 – ₹5,000/month (depends on games played and wins)
mCentReferrals₹50 – ₹500/month (depends on browsing and tasks completed)
Big Cash LiveGames₹500 – ₹20,000/month (based on game skills and wins)
InstagramSocial Media₹1,000 – ₹1,00,000+/month (depends on followers, engagement, and brand deals)
YouTubeVideo Sharing₹2,000 – ₹1,00,000+/month (depends on views, ads, and sponsorships)
Upstox IndiaTrading₹1,000 – ₹50,000+/month (depends on trading skills and market conditions)
Sikka Pro AppTask-based₹100 – ₹5,000/month (varies based on app activities)
Teen Patti GoldGames₹500 – ₹20,000/month (depends on game skills and wins)
WonGo AppGames₹100 – ₹5,000/month (based on activities and wins)
WinZo GoldGames₹500 – ₹20,000/month (based on games played and wins)
SkillClashGames₹500 – ₹15,000/month (depends on game skills and wins)
HobiGamesGames₹500 – ₹15,000/month (based on game skills and wins)
Pocket MoneyTask-Based₹100 – ₹2,000/month (depends on tasks completed)
Paytm MobileGames₹100 – ₹5,000/month (cashback and offers)
Google PayPayments₹100 – ₹5,000/month (cashback and offers)
ShareChat AppVideo Sharing₹1,000 – ₹20,000+/month (depends on content and engagement)
Dream 11Games₹500 – ₹50,000+/month (depends on fantasy sports skills)
Big Time CashGames₹100 – ₹5,000/month (based on games played and wins)
Qureka QuizQuiz Games₹100 – ₹5,000/month (depends on quiz participation and wins)
Baazi Now AppQuiz Games₹100 – ₹5,000/month (based on quiz participation and wins)
Fiverr Freelance AppFreelancing₹5,000 – ₹1,00,000+/month (depends on gigs and skills)
Cash KaroCashback ₹100 – ₹5,000/month (cashback from shopping)
Google Opinion RewardsOnline Survey₹50 – ₹500/month (depends on surveys completed)
True BalancePersonal Loan₹100 – ₹5,000/month (cashback and offers)
TelegramMessaging₹1,000 – ₹20,000+/month (depends on channel size and monetization)
UserfeelUsability Testing App₹500 – ₹10,000+/month (depends on tests completed)
SquadStackTask-based App₹1,000 – ₹20,000/month (based on tasks completed)
FoapPhoto app₹500 – ₹10,000+/month (depends on photo sales)
CashNGiftsTask-based App₹100 – ₹5,000/month (depends on tasks completed)
SlideJoyAds-based App₹50 – ₹500/month (depends on phone use)
CashBossTask-based App₹100 – ₹5,000/month (depends on offers completed)
4Fun AppVideo Sharing App₹100 – ₹5,000/month (depends on content engagement)
CashOutSurvey & Offers ₹100 – ₹5,000/month (based on app activities)
PanelPlaceOnline Survey App₹500 – ₹10,000/month (depends on surveys completed)
CashPirateTask-based App₹100 – ₹5,000/month (depends on tasks completed)
PollPayOnline Survey App₹100 – ₹5,000/month (based on surveys completed)
Adda52GamesUp to ₹5,000  (based on games played and wins)

1. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is the best trustworthy free money earning app in India, and it has over 25 million users. Rewards for news reading, app installations, games, surveys, contests, and referrals are just a few of the chances it provides.

Were you aware that you may make money while continuing to be active? You may track your steps and earn money by walking with Roz Dhan. Extra cash also comes from checking horoscopes, visiting well-known locations, and solving puzzles.

Like other apps, Roz Dhan pays your revenue into a Paytm wallet. In Hindi, the term “Roz Dhan” means “daily money,” which sums up its meaning as a reliable source of income.

Here’s how you can earn money with Roz Dhan:

  • Reading Articles: Earn coins each time you read news articles.
  • Watching Videos: Gain coins by watching a variety of videos, such as funny clips and cooking tutorials.
  • Inviting Friends: Earn significant coins by referring friends using your referral code.
  • Completing Surveys: Participate in available surveys to collect coins.
  • Contests: Join contests that may require task completion or content sharing to earn coins.
  • Redeeming Coins: Convert your earned coins into real money once you accumulate enough.
  • Sharing Content: Share articles, videos, and more on social media to earn additional coins.
  • Engaging with Content: Comment on articles and join discussions to earn coins.
  • Daily Missions: Complete daily missions for extra coins.
  • Playing Games: Earn coins by playing games available on the app.
  • Sign-Up Bonus: Get a bonus in coins when you first sign up.
  • Profile Completion: Fill out and update your profile to maximize earnings.

These activities offer diverse and engaging ways to earn money on the Roz Dhan earning app.

2. TaskBucks

Taskbucks, developed by TIMES Internet, a leading digital product company in India, is a highly reliable and long-standing cash earning app. Through this app, you can earn real cash every day by receiving daily Paytm cash and free recharges. Taskbucks offers a variety of tasks that you can complete to earn a good income, potentially making thousands per month. With this app, you can earn between ₹50 to ₹150 daily and easily transfer the winnings to your Paytm account.

Ways to Earn Money with Taskbucks:

  • Receive bonuses every week just by logging in.
  • Earn money by inviting friends to join using the referral system.
  • Participate in games and quizzes to win real cash prizes.
  • Open treasure chests daily to earn rewards.
  • Install different apps on your smartphone to earn money.

In this way, Taskbucks allows you to easily earn money through various activities.

3. Meesho

The Meesho app is an excellent option for women and students to earn part-time pocket money, allowing them to earn thousands per month from home. This real money earning app is a reliable reselling business platform where no investment is required. On Meesho, daily earnings can range from ₹300 to ₹800. You can also receive Meesho discounts upon downloading the app.

Advantages of Meesho:

  • Meesho provides a comfortable and secure way to earn money in one hour from home.
  • It gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and according to your schedule, allowing you to consider the terms of your job.
  • Meesho offers the convenience of starting without any initial investment, making it even easier to begin.
  • By exploring new products and market opportunities, you can expand your business, which is excellent for business growth.

4. FieWin App

Try the FieWin free money earning app to earn money from your mobile. This new and user-friendly app allows you to earn money by playing various games. The FieWin app also provides daily rewards, Happy Rupee Daily, and daily check-in rewards.

Through this app, you can earn ₹10 real cash upon signing up and earn ₹200 to ₹300 daily. FieWin also gives you a ₹10 referral bonus for each referral, which you can withdraw into your account via UPI or direct bank transfer.

The main features of the FieWin App are as follows:

  • Referral Bonus: The FieWin app offers a ₹10 referral bonus for sharing the referral link via WhatsApp. This allows users to invite their friends and family to the app and earn extra money.
  • Daily Referral Bonus: Users can earn ₹10 daily by joining FieWin’s Telegram channel. This channel provides users with the latest information and updates about the app.
  • Earning on Online Recharge: The FieWin app teaches the process of online recharge, and users can earn ₹2 for correctly answering related questions.

These features set the FieWin app apart from other money-making apps by offering users diverse ways to earn money.

5. mCent

Regarding referrals, mCent is the best online money earning app in India. You can win bumper rewards by downloading apps, watching videos, and clicking on affiliate links. To receive cash rewards hassle-free, you can connect your Paytm account to mCent. Additionally, this app provides data packs as rewards, which apply to all operators in India.

Isn’t it better to watch news feeds or videos and earn money instead of wasting time on social media? To join this platform, you must download the app and register with your phone number or email ID. Currently, this app is available on the Google Play Store.

6. Big Cash Live

The Big Cash Live app is one of the fantastic money making apps online that lets you earn ₹150 to ₹300 daily. This app offers over 16 entertaining games to play daily without any investment. Additionally, Big Cash is one of the least competitive apps in online gaming, with a winning probability of over 95%.

Big Cash features over 15 games, such as Live Bulb Smash, Car Racing, Cricket, and Rummy. Playing games on this money-making app allows you to earn up to ₹6000 per month from home. When you create a new account on this app, you receive ₹50 instant Paytm cash. Daily-earnings on this app range from ₹300 to ₹1000, and you also get ₹30 for each referral.

The features of Big Cash as a earning app are as follows:

  • You receive ₹50 free Cash upon opening an account.
  • This app is 100% secure.
  • There are more than 15 easy ways to earn money through this app.
  • You can earn ₹70 for each referral.
  • Earn money by playing games like Rummy, Cricket, and 8 Ball Pool.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is just ₹50.
  • Over 20 million people are using this app.
  • This app is famous for the largest referral competition in India.

7. Instagram

Instagram is a familiar mobile app for everyone. But do you know how to earn money from Instagram? It is a 100% reliable app for earning money from home. Instagram is an excellent way to earn a decent amount of money easily and through a smartphone.

Earning in dollars using Instagram through a smartphone is simple and convenient. This app is used for posting pictures, stories, and reels and making money. 

One great advantage is that it is specifically designed for smartphones. Many Instagram users are earning millions every year through this platform. Now learn how to earn money from Instagram in detail:

Benefits of a real money earning app through Instagram:

  • Strengthen Social Media Presence: Using Instagram, you can strengthen your social media presence, increasing your number of followers and enhancing your credibility.
  • Partnerships with Brands: Having many followers means you can partner with various brands through marketing collaborations and sponsorships, resulting in good earnings.
  • Promote Online Business: Promoting your online business using Instagram can attract more customers and help you adapt to market demands.
  • Monetize Your Creativity: Using Instagram as a platform, you can earn money from your creativity by selling your photography, art, or any other hobby.

8. YouTube

YouTube is a reliable and popular Android app that offers a great opportunity to earn money from YouTube channels. It is also a popular social media platform where you can make money. By uploading content on any topic, you can earn money through various methods on YouTube.

No special investment is required to earn money through YouTube. All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and a YouTube channel.

Ways to Earn Money on YouTube:

  • AdSense Monetization: You can earn money through advertisements by enabling AdSense monetization on your videos.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can also earn money through affiliate marketing by promoting products and earning a commission on sales.
  • Sponsored Content: By promoting sponsored content on your channel, you can earn substantial money.

9. Upstox India

Upstox is one of the leading money making apps online in India, and you can double your money by investing, trading, and making referrals on your mobile device. This app is very popular in India and is among the highest-paying apps. Investing and trading on it can increase your money up to four times.

Through Upstox’s Refer and Earn program, you can earn ₹400 to ₹800 per referral, which is the highest compared to any other app in India. On this app, you can earn ₹700 to ₹2200 daily.

Features of Upstox App:

  • The most famous money-making app in India.
  • More reliable with the support of Ratan Tata.
  • Facility to open a free Demat account from home.
  • Receive a referral bonus of ₹200 to ₹600.
  • Free app download.
  • Invest directly in gold, IPOs, and mutual funds.

Benefits of Earning Money through Upstox:

  • Financial Autonomy: Upstox provides an online financial service that allows individuals to manage their investments independently, helping them achieve financial freedom.
  • Low Brokerage Fees: Upstox offers low brokerage rates for investors, increasing the potential for profit and making the investment process more lucrative and convenient.
  • Online Investment Facility: Upstox provides investors easy access to market conditions and stock information, enabling them to make timely and informed investment decisions.
  • Fast and Secure Transactions: Upstox guarantees secure and swift transactions, giving investors greater security regarding their funds and investments.

All these benefits make Upstox an attractive option, especially for those who want to actively participate in the financial markets.

10. Sikka Pro App

Sikka Pro is an earning app where you can earn unlimited money by completing simple daily activities and using the referral program. This app also provides a list of various other money-making apps.

When you download any app through Sikka Pro, you earn 200 to 1200 coins per installation, where 10 coins are equivalent to 1 rupee. You can instantly withdraw these earned coins via UPI, Amazon Pay, or Paytm.

Ways to Earn Money with Sikka Pro App:

  • Referral Program: Earn a commission of 500 to 4500 coins through the referral program.
  • Daily Task Offers: Earn 400 to 1200 coins daily through daily task offers.
  • Sikka Pro Fantasy: Participate in fantasy tournaments, invest 100 coins (₹10), and earn rewards.
  • Daily Spin and Win: Earn ₹1 to ₹10 and free rewards through daily Spin and win.

11. Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold is a gaming app that allows you to earn money by playing the Teen Patti game. When you download this app and start playing, you receive a ₹200 free sign-up bonus. You can use this bonus to play the game and win real cash amounts ranging from ₹600 to ₹3700 every day. Additionally, the app offers a ₹20 referral bonus for each referral and a 30% commission on your referrals’ deposits.

Features of Teen Patti Gold:

  • Completely Legal and Secure Gaming Option: Ensures safe and lawful gaming.
  • Instant Withdrawal of Winnings: You can withdraw your winnings directly to your bank account.
  • Excellent Customer Support via Live Chat: Provides responsive customer support through live chat.
  • 23 Different Money-Making Games Available: Offers a variety of games to earn money.

Benefits of Earning Money with Teen Patti Gold:

  • Entertainment and Enjoyment: This app is an excellent source of entertainment where you can play with friends and have a good time.
  • Opportunity to Earn Money: When successful, you can earn and use money for your needs.
  • Improve Perspective: Playing Teen Patti Gold can help you improve your perspective, meet new people, learn new games, and enhance your luck.
  • Social Interaction: This game allows social interaction with other players, helping you expand your network and make new friends.

12. WonGo App

WonGo is an excellent option for Jio phone users to earn money by playing simple games. This app is primarily based on a colour prediction game where you must guess the correct colours.

If you guess the colours correctly, you can win up to ₹10,000 in one go, and if you excel at the game, you can earn up to ₹50,000 in a single day. Additionally, this app has a referral system where you can earn ₹10 to ₹125 per referral.

How to Earn Money with WonGo:

  • Create Your Profile: First, create your profile on WonGo.
  • Select a Color: On the homepage, various colours are illuminated. Choose one colour for your prediction.
  • Wait for the Result: After a short wait, if the colour you chose gets highlighted, you win real money deposited directly into your WonGo wallet.

This app allows you to earn money and serves as a great source of entertainment, especially if you are using a device with limited options like a Jio phone.

13. WinZo Gold

WinZo Gold allows you to earn ₹300 to ₹1200 daily without any investment. This app lets you make money by participating in fantasy sports and playing games. It also includes a referral program to earn ₹52 per referral. You can easily transfer your winnings to your Paytm wallet or UPI/bank account.

Ways to Earn Money with WinZo Gold:

  • Earn by Referring Friends: Invite friends to join the app and earn money through referrals.
  • Play Popular Games: Win money by playing popular games like Free Fire and Ludo Supreme Gold.
  • Participate in Daily Spin and Win: Join the daily Spin and win games for additional earnings.
  • Become a WinZo Super Star: Achieve lifetime earning opportunities by becoming a WinZo Super Star.
  • Engage in Fantasy Sports and Tournaments: Participate in fantasy and WinZo tournaments to win more money.

Benefits of WinZo Gold:

  • Variety of Games – This app offers a diverse range of games, allowing users to choose games according to their preferences.
  • Real Money Earnings – WinZo Gold provides the opportunity to earn real money, creating excitement and a unique gaming experience.
  • Secure & Convenient Transactions – This gaming platform ensures safe and convenient transactions, allowing users to enjoy playing without worries.

14. SkillClash

SkillClash is an enjoyable app that allows you to access over 50 diverse games for free. When you create a new account on this platform, you receive a ₹50 welcome bonus. Through this app, you can earn ₹75 to ₹250 daily, depending on your gaming skills.

Ways to Earn Money with SkillClash:

  • Play Popular Online Games: The app offers various games, such as puzzles, action, strategy, and more. By playing these games, you can not only have fun but also earn money.
  • Refer and Earn: Refer your friends to the SkillClash app and bring them to the platform to earn more money. This method benefits both you and your friends.
  • Welcome Bonus: New users receive a ₹50 welcome bonus, which they can use to play games. This provides them with initial funds to participate in the games.
  • Daily Spin and Win: You can earn additional Spin and win prizes and bonuses every day by playing daily Spin and win games. This game gives you the chance to earn small but significant amounts regularly.

SkillClash is an ideal platform for gaming enthusiasts who want to earn extra money in their free time.

15. HobiGames

HobiGames is one of the great online gaming apps to get money by playing rummy. When you sign up on this app, you receive an instant ₹31 sign-up bonus. You can also earn referral bonuses by referring your friends, increasing your earnings.

Benefits of HobiGames:

  • Additional Income Opportunities – HobiGames allows you to earn extra income, improving your financial situation.
  • Entertainment and Amusement – This app provides entertainment, giving you enjoyment and keeping your spirits high.
  • Economic Self-Reliance – It allows you to earn money aside from your regular job, making you more financially independent.
  • Social Interaction – Through the app, you can connect with new people and expand your social circle, which can help build new friendships.

HobiGames is an effective way to utilize your free time for both entertainment and earning additional income.

16. Pocket Money 

Pocket Money is one of the most popular cash making apps that allows you to earn cashback and wallet cash through various activities. Through this app, you can earn thousands every month, and daily earnings can range from ₹50 to ₹160, depending on the tasks you complete.

Ways to Earn Money with Pocket Money:

  1. Referral Bonus – By referring this app to friends, you can earn up to ₹160 daily as a referral bonus. This very easy method only requires you to share the app.
  2. Completing Surveys – You can earn additional income by completing various surveys matching your interests and profile.
  3. Downloading Apps –You can earn money by downloading and installing other apps shown on this platform.
  4. Playing Games – You can earn from Pocket Money by playing various games. This is not only entertaining but also contributes to your earnings. For example, you can earn money by playing Pocket Ludo games.
  5. Completing Small Tasks – You can earn extra money daily by completing small tasks.
  6. Daily Bonus – You can receive additional points or cash as a daily bonus, which depends on your daily login activity.

Pocket Money is ideal for those who want to easily and enjoyably earn extra income in their free time.

17. Paytm Mobile

Paytm offers various opportunities to earn money and provides convenient services for mobile recharge and bill payments. Moreover, there are various Paytm cash giving apps by which you can earn money online easily. 

Ways to Earn Money with Paytm:

  • Free Cashback – Paytm offers cashback to its users through scratch cards for mobile recharges and bill payments. By scratching these cards, users can win cashback ranging from ₹20 to ₹200.
  • Using Promo or Coupon Codes – Paytm provides various offers and discounts through promo and coupon codes. Utilizing these codes can help you save more money.
  • Referring Friends – You can earn rewards by referring friends to Paytm. When your referred friend uses Paytm, you receive a reward.
  • Playing Games – Paytm offers various types of games where you can earn money by playing.
  • Becoming a Paytm Seller – If you have a business, you can become a seller on Paytm and sell your products.
  • Joining the Affiliate Program – Paytm’s affiliate program is an excellent way to earn money through your website or blog.

Paytm provides its users with diverse and convenient ways to earn money, allowing them to gain additional income alongside daily transactions.

18. Google Pay

Google Pay, developed by Google, is a highly trusted and secure app that offers various ways to earn cashback rewards through recharges, bill payments, money transfers, and referrals. These cashback rewards are provided in the form of scratch cards, which can yield ₹1 to ₹100 when scratched. This cashback is directly deposited into your bank account and can be withdrawn anytime.

Ways to Earn Money with Google Pay:

  • Money Transfers – When you transfer money using Google Pay, you can receive scratch cards that give you cashback.
  • Shopping with Offers and Deals – Google Pay offers various deals and discounts. By using these offers for shopping, you can earn additional cashback.
  • Refer and Earn – When you refer Google Pay to friends, and they install the app using your referral link, both you and your friend receive cashback, earning you up to ₹220.
  • Cashback Rewards – Using Google Pay for mobile recharges and bill payments, you can receive scratch cards offering cash back rewards.

Using Google Pay provides convenience for financial transactions and offers an opportunity to save money on your daily expenses.

19. ShareChat App

If you are looking to make money through apps for free, then ShareChat helps you earn ₹300 to ₹1000 daily without any investment. It is a popular social media app that allows users to earn money by sharing videos and messages. This platform can be especially beneficial for video creators, allowing them to showcase their creativity and connect with a wide audience to earn money.

Ways to Earn Money with ShareChat:

  • Earn by Referring Friends – Invite friends to join ShareChat and earn ₹40 for each successful referral. By maximizing referrals, you can earn up to ₹200 daily.
  • Upload Original Photos or Videos – Earn up to ₹600 daily by uploading original photos or videos. Your earnings will depend on the popularity of your content.
  • Participate in the Champion Program – By participating in this program, you can win up to ₹12,000 weekly. This program involves completing special tasks; exceptional performance can earn you additional rewards.
  • Golden Envelope – This special reward can offer prize amounts up to ₹1 lakh. You can obtain this during special events or promotions.

Using the ShareChat app allows you to enhance your creativity and establish your presence on a social media platform. It also allows you to connect with various people, expanding your social network.

20. Dream 11

Dream11 is a leading fantasy sports app in India that allows users to create cricket, football, and other sports teams to participate in competitive games. Users can enter various leagues with entry fees ranging from ₹30 to ₹60 or more and win substantial amounts of money by excelling in these competitions.

Ways to Earn Money with Dream11:

  • Play Fantasy Sports Games – Create your fantasy team and participate in competitions. Your team’s performance depends on the players’ real-life performance, allowing you to win significant amounts.
  • Refer and Earn – Invite friends to join Dream11 using your referral code and earn referral bonuses when they sign up.
  • Participate in Leagues – Joining more competitive leagues with higher entry fees increases your chances of earning more money.

Benefits of Dream11:

  • Entertainment and Excitement – Players can choose their favourite players and track their games, enhancing their excitement and interest in sports.
  • Skill-Based Earnings – You can earn substantial amounts with a good understanding of the sport and accurate analysis.
  • Social Interaction – Compete with your friends and connect with new people through social networking.

Dream11 serves as a source of entertainment and an avenue for sports enthusiasts to earn economically.

21. Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is an app that allows users to earn significant amounts of money, with many earning thousands. You can earn money by playing games and participating in free lucky draws. The winnings can be transferred to your bank account via PayPal. Additionally, you can donate the prizes you earn through this app.

Ways to Earn Money with Big-Time Cash:

  • Win Money by Playing Games – Play different games available on the app to win cash rewards.
  • Participate in Lucky Prize Draws – Participate in lucky draws to win additional prizes.

Big Time Cash provides a fun and rewarding way to earn extra income through gaming and lucky draws.

22. Qureka Quiz

If you are looking for apps to generate money, then Qureka Quiz is an ideal choice. By playing quizzes on this app, you can earn ₹10 to ₹30 daily. Qureka is an educational platform where you can earn Paytm cash by answering questions related to math, general knowledge, and other subjects.

Ways to Earn Money with Qureka Quiz:

  • Participate in Quiz Competitions: Join the quiz competitions held every hour to win cash prizes.
  • Referral Links and Codes: Send referral links and codes to invite friends and earn rewards.
  • Play Sports-Based Games: Engage in games based on cricket and other sports to earn additional money.

Benefits of Qureka Quiz:

  • Entertainment and Knowledge: Qureka Quiz provides a fun way to spend time while enhancing your knowledge on various subjects.
  • Earning Opportunities: It offers chances to earn money, making it a useful potential employment solution.
  • Social Interaction: It allows you to connect socially and gain inspiration from others.

Qureka Quiz not only helps increase your knowledge but also offers excellent opportunities for entertainment and earning.

23. Baazi Now App

Baazi Now is an online money income app that allows you to earn by participating in various quizzes. You can answer questions on general knowledge, English, and mathematics and respond within 10 seconds. Based on your ranking in the competition, you can win real money, which can be transferred to your account as Paytm cash.

Ways to Earn Money with Baazi Now:

  • Participate in Quiz Competitions: Join quiz competitions on Baazi Now and answer the given questions correctly. You need to answer within 10 seconds.
  • Achieve High Rankings: The higher your ranking in the competition, the more cash rewards you can win.

Baazi Now offers a fun and competitive way to test your knowledge and earn money simultaneously.

24. Fiverr Freelance App

If you have coding, writing, or designing skills, you can earn money from home on Fiverr. This money-making app allows you to offer services like website development, graphic design, content writing, photography and video editing, software development, and more based on your expertise. This is known as freelancing, and you can earn in dollars through Fiverr. Your income depends on your services and skills.

Benefits of Fiverr:

  • Freedom and Expansion – Fiverr allows you to market your skills and services, increasing your business’s popularity.
  • Variety and Utility – This platform offers various services across different fields and provides useful tools to easily manage projects.
  • Reliable Income Source – Fiverr is a stable and reliable source of income for freelancers, allowing them to earn regularly and continuously.

Fiverr is an attractive platform for those who want to turn their skills into money and work on their terms.

25. Cash Karo

CashKaro is a prominent real money earning app that offers 100% cashback on various occasions. It claims to provide the highest cashback among similar apps. You can enjoy attractive deals and offers on major platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. By purchasing these deals, you can earn cashback, which can be withdrawn as gift cards or directly to your bank account.

Here’s how CashKaro works:

  • Shop on Partner Websites – Make purchases on partner websites through the CashKaro app.
  • Find the Best Deals and Offers – Search for the best deals and offers on the app.
  • Refer Friends – Refer the app to friends and earn 10% cashback on every purchase they make.

Benefits of Using CashKaro:

  • Enhances Shopping Experience – CashKaro makes your shopping experience enjoyable and economically beneficial.
  • Economic Benefits – Earn cashback on your purchases, providing you with financial savings.
  • Simple and Convenient – Easily withdraw your cashback as gift cards or directly to your bank account.

CashKaro makes your shopping experience pleasant and provides significant economic benefits by offering high cashback on various purchases.

26. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app developed by Google designed for user convenience. This app allows you to make money by completing various surveys. You are given simple questions in the surveys, and you earn rewards by providing the correct answers. Through this app, you can earn ₹100 to ₹300 daily.

Ways to Earn Money with Google Opinion Rewards:

  • Surveys and Tasks – Participate in surveys and complete the tasks assigned.
  • Answer Simple Questions – Provide correct answers to the simple questions asked in the surveys to earn rewards.

Benefits of Using Google Opinion Rewards:

  • Easy Earnings – Earn money by simply providing your opinions on various topics.
  • Convenient and User-Friendly – The app is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and complete surveys.
  • Financial Rewards – You can earn significant money over time by regularly participating in surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards offers an easy and beneficial way to earn money by sharing your opinions. It is simple to use and can provide consistent financial benefits over time.

Know 13 ways to Earn Money with Google

27. True Balance

True Balance is an outstanding app for earning money through shopping, reselling, and referrals. With this app, you can earn ₹20 to ₹60 daily. In addition to cashback, you can also take personal loans ranging from ₹5000 to ₹50000. True Balance allows you to shop online, recharge mobiles, book train tickets, and even purchase insurance.

Ways to Earn Money with True Balance:

  1. Earn Commissions on Mobile Recharges, Bill Payments, and Dish TV Recharges. Get commissions by performing these tasks through the app.
  2. Receive Cashback on Recharges and Other Payments. Earn cashback when you make recharges or pay bills.
  3. Invite Other Users and earn money when other users use the app with your link.

True Balance is a convenient app for managing daily tasks while earning money and saving through various cashback offers.

28. Telegram

Telegram is a popular app that allows you to earn substantial money by creating groups with thousands of members and sharing various links. In 2024, it is considered one of the top money-making apps you need to download and use according to your area of expertise.

Ways to Earn Money with Telegram:

  • Affiliate Marketing – Share affiliate links in your groups and earn commissions on sales.
  • Link Shortening – Use link shorteners and earn money based on the number of clicks.
  • Selling Courses – Create and sell courses to your group members.
  • Freelancing – Offer freelance services to your group members.
  • Blogging – Share your blog posts and earn through ad revenue or sponsored content.
  • YouTube – Promote your YouTube channel and earn from views and ad revenue.

Features of Earning Money with Telegram:

  • Free and Fast – One of the best and fastest ways to make money for free.
  • Large Audience – You can add thousands of people to your Telegram channel or group.
  • File Sharing – Share any type of file on this platform.
  • Increase Subscribers – Earn money by increasing the number of subscribers through various methods.

Telegram provides new opportunities to earn money by utilizing your creativity and business skills.

29. Userfeel

Userfeel is a different kind of online money earning app that pays you for conducting usability tests. No need to perform any chemistry tests in a lab! Userfeel will pay you to conduct usability tests on mobile, PCs, and tablets. These usability tests help improve and enhance website performance by allowing businesses to see themselves from a customer’s perspective.

How to Earn Money with Userfeel:

  1. Qualification Test – You need to take a qualification test first. Don’t worry, this isn’t an exam! It’s a simple test to ensure you can perform the usability tasks.
  2. Explore Websites – After qualifying, you will visit new websites, explore them, write comments, and perform other simple activities.
  3. Complete Tests – Each test takes 15 to 20 minutes and can be done on your phone, laptop, or tablet. After completing a test, you will be paid ₹500.

Features of Userfeel:

  • Simple Usability Tests – Perform usability tests on websites to help improve their user experience.
  • Easy to Use – Tests are easy to complete and do not require any specialized knowledge or skills.
  • Quick Earnings – Earn ₹500 for each test, and the process is quick, usually taking just 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Multiple Platforms – Tests can be conducted on mobile phones, laptops, or tablets.

You can download the Userfeel app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store to earn money by conducting usability tests. This app provides a simple and effective way to make money while helping businesses improve their websites.

30. SquadStack

SquadStack is a popular app that allows users to earn money by completing various tasks. These tasks range from data entry and content moderation to image tagging and market research. Users can select tasks based on their interests and skills, and upon successful completion, they are rewarded with cash or gift vouchers. This app provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it a reliable platform for earning money in India. You can download this money-making app on your Android phone.

Ways to Earn Money with SquadStack:

  • Data Entry – Complete data entry tasks and get paid for your accuracy and speed.
  • Content Moderation – Moderate content to ensure it meets specified guidelines and earns money.
  • Image Tagging – Tag images with appropriate labels and receive payment for your work.
  • Market Research – Participate in market research activities and earn rewards.

SquadStack provides a trustworthy and efficient way to earn money by leveraging your skills and interests. Download the app on your Android phone to start earning today.

31. Foap

Foap is a unique money-making app that allows users to earn money by selling their smartphone photos. Users can upload their high-quality photos to the platform, which can be purchased by businesses and individuals worldwide. Foap also organizes photo missions where users can submit photos to meet specific requirements and win cash prizes. With its simple interface and global reach, Foap provides photographers and smartphone users an excellent opportunity to monetize their skills. You can download this money-making app on your Android and iOS devices.

Ways to Earn Money with Foap:

  • Sell Photos – Upload your high-quality photos to the Foap platform, where they can be purchased by businesses and individuals worldwide. Each photo sold earns you 50% of the sale price.
  • Participate in Photo Missions – Join Foap’s photo missions by submitting photos that meet specific requirements. Winning these missions can earn you significant cash prizes.
  • Create and Sell Photo Albums – Organize your photos into themed albums and sell them as collections to interested buyers.

Foap is an excellent platform for photographers and smartphone users to earn money by leveraging their photography skills. Download the app on your Android or iOS device to start earning today.

32. CashNGifts

CashNGifts is a comprehensive rewards app that allows users to earn money and gift cards by completing various tasks. Users can participate in surveys, play games, watch videos, and complete offers to earn points. CashNGifts also offers a referral program where users can earn additional rewards by referring friends and family to the app. CashNGifts provides a flexible and rewarding experience with its wide range of earning options. You can download this money-making app on your Android device.

Ways to Earn Money with CashNGifts:

  1. Participate in Surveys – Take surveys and earn points for your opinions.
  2. Play Games – Play games that are available on the app to earn points.
  3. Watch Videos – Watch videos to accumulate points.
  4. Complete Offer – Complete various offers to earn points.
  5. Referral Program – Refer friends and family to the app and earn additional rewards.

CashNGifts is an excellent platform for earning money and gift cards through various simple tasks. Download the app on your Android device to start earning today.

33. SlideJoy

SlideJoy offers a unique way to earn money from home. By installing SlideJoy, users can turn their lock screens into personalized billboards. Every time users unlock their smartphones, they earn points, which can be converted into cash or gift cards.

SlideJoy also provides users with relevant news and content on their lock screens, ensuring an engaging experience. With its passive earning model and seamless integration, SlideJoy offers a convenient way to make money using your smartphone. You can download this money-making app from the Google Play Store.

Ways to Earn Money with SlideJoy:

  • Unlock Your Smartphone: Earn points every time you unlock your phone.
  • Convert Points to Cash or Gift Cards: Redeem your accumulated points for cash or gift cards.

SlideJoy is an excellent platform for earning money effortlessly by utilizing your smartphone. Download the app from the Google Play Store to start earning today.

34. CashBoss

CashBoss is a popular money-earning app that allows users to earn money by completing simple tasks and offers. Users can participate in surveys, install and use suggested apps, or earn cash rewards by referring friends. The app offers major payout options such as mobile recharge, Paytm cash, and direct bank transfers.

This app also provides daily competitions and referral bonuses, increasing users’ earning potential. With its straightforward main page and multiple earning opportunities, CashBoss is a reliable app for users seeking extra money.

35. 4Fun App

4Fun is a money-earning app that allows users to make and share short videos from the comfort of their homes while providing an opportunity to earn money. Users can upload entertaining videos and earn cash rewards based on the views and engagement they receive. 4Fun also offers a referral program where users can invite friends to join the app and earn additional rewards. The app supports multiple Indian languages, making it accessible to a wide user base. With a focus on fun and creativity, 4Fun provides a unique platform for users to earn from their video content.

36. CashOut

CashOut is a user-friendly real money earning app that allows users to earn money in various ways. Users can participate in surveys, complete offers, play games, and watch videos to collect points. These points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or used to purchase gift cards from popular retailers. CashOut also provides daily check-ins and bonuses, increasing users’ earning potential. The app features a simple and consistent interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access various earning opportunities.

37. PanelPlace

PanelPlace is a reputable platform that connects users with legitimate survey panels and market research opportunities. By joining the PanelPlace mobile money-earning app, users can access various paid survey opportunities from reputable companies. The app offers a user-friendly interface where users can find and participate in surveys that match their interests and demographics. PanelPlace provides additional earning opportunities, such as product testing and online tasks. With a focus on quality survey panels and diverse earning options, PanelPlace is a reliable app for users looking to earn money by sharing their opinions and participating in market research.

38. CashPirate

CashPirate is a renowned money-earning app that offers users various ways to earn cash rewards. Users can earn money by downloading and testing suggested apps, completing offers, watching videos, and referring friends to join the app. CashPirate features a user-friendly interface and a point-based system where users collect coins to complete tasks. These coins can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or used to purchase gift cards from popular retailers. With its earning options and flexible payout methods, CashPirate is a reliable app that allows users to monetize their time and activities on their smartphones.

39. PollPay

PollPay is one of the best money earning apps that allows users to get paid for participating in surveys and sharing their opinions. With PollPay, users can sign up, complete their profile, and start receiving survey invitations tailored to their demographics and interests. The app offers a variety of survey topics, ranging from consumer preferences to market research, and users can choose the surveys they want to participate in. Each completed survey earns users points, which can be redeemed for cash via PayPal, gift cards, or other payment options. PollPay provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for users who want to earn money by sharing their feedback and insights.

40. Adda52

Players can make money by participating in poker games and tournaments on Adda52, a well-known online gaming application with a poker-specific focus. It is one of the top money earning apps in India, it offers both novices and expert gamers a safe and secure playing environment. 

How to Earn Money with the Adda52 App

  • Register for an account. New users often receive a welcome bonus, which can be used to play games and win real money.
  • Adda52 offers a variety of cash games with different stakes. Choose a table that matches your skill level and budget.
  • The app hosts poker tournaments daily, including freerolls, guaranteed prize pool tournaments, and special events.
  • When your friends sign up and start playing, you earn referral bonuses, which can be used to play more games or be withdrawn as cash.
  • Adda52 frequently offers promotions, bonuses, and loyalty rewards.
  • Join the Adda52 VIP club to earn loyalty points based on your gameplay.

Adda52 gives poker fans many chances to make money while playing their favourite game because of its user-friendly layout, safe payment options, and selection of games and tournaments.

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How Cash Making Apps Works?

The money making apps online in India employ a variety of business concepts to make money for their customers. They include cashback compensation programs, referral reward programs, and affiliate marketing. The majority of money-making applications, however, operate using the tried-and-true user loyalty program paradigm. Users are expected to launch the applications daily and finish the assigned activities. However, every other program handles its user base differently, allowing them to make money online. Consequently, running the apps often yields significant financial gains for the consumers. 

These online income apps allow users to accumulate money within the app. According to their preferences, the users must send this money. The apps provide various transfer methods, including direct transfers to bank accounts, Phonepe, Paytm wallets, etc.

You should invest time and effort in these free money-making apps. This is something that users can do for extra cash. Above all, each of these apps for making money online is functional and produces actual revenue for users. To see the outcome, one needs at least give them a try.

However, if you want an app that lets you win money based on your experience and skills, you should download the Zupee app.  

FAQs – Top Money Earning Apps

Which is the Best Gaming App to Win Money?

Various gaming apps are liked by millions of users, including Zupee, MPL, Adda52, etc. It offers Ludo games, poker games, quiz games and tournaments with cash prizes. With a user-friendly interface, secure transactions, and frequent promotions, these apps provide a reliable platform for players to earn money through their poker skills.

Which is the Best App to Gain Money?

CashPirate is one of the best apps for gaining money. Users can earn by completing tasks such as downloading and testing apps, watching videos, and referring friends. Its point-based system allows easy redemption of coins for cash via PayPal or gift cards.

What are the 10 Best Money earning Apps from this List?

There are more than ten money-earning apps, such as Adda52, CashPirate, Taskbucks, PanelPlace, 4Fun, CashOut, PollPay, CashBoss, Swagbucks, and Google Opinion Rewards. These apps offer various ways to earn money, such as completing tasks, participating in surveys, and playing games.

Are Money Earning Apps Legit?

Yes, many money-earning apps are legit. Reputable apps like Swagbucks, Google Opinion Rewards, and Adda52 are trustworthy and have positive user reviews. However, it’s important to research and read reviews to ensure the legitimacy and reliability of each app before using it.

How much money can I earn from money-earning apps?

The amount you can earn from money-earning apps varies. On average, users can earn between ₹50 to ₹150 daily from apps like Taskbucks. Earnings depend on the time invested, the type of tasks completed, and the app’s payout structure, with some users earning significantly more over time.

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