How to Make Money on Google in 2024

how to make money from google

In addition to being a search engine, Google is a robust platform that offers many online income-generating options. With Google’s tools and services, you can make a living from your expertise in various ways, from content creation to advertising. 

Google offers options for anyone looking to make extra income through content creation or entrepreneurship. It can help you reach new audiences and succeed financially because of its large user base and innovative reputation. Understanding the right channels for you and your abilities and how to apply them is crucial to earning money from Google.

So, whether it’s Google survey or becoming a Google Partner, this article explores how to make money on Google by doing online work from your comfort zone.
So, let’s move on.

Top Reasons to Make Money on Google

Making money online has grown in popularity and accessibility in the current digital era. Google is a dependable and adaptable option among the several platforms offered. Here are some reasons to think about why and how to earn money from google in 2024.


One of its most enormous benefits is the flexibility of making money with Google. Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or a working adult seeking part-time work, Google offers flexible alternatives to suit your schedule. Managing your work and other obligations is simpler when you can work from anywhere, at any time. You can create content or run campaigns on websites like YouTube, AdSense, and Google Ads at your own pace. This flexibility allows you to make money and keep a good work-life balance.

Global Reach

Another good reason to make money on Google is the company’s extensive worldwide reach. Your content or ads can reach a vast and varied audience thanks to the billions of people across the globe. You can network with people from other locations and demographics, significantly enhancing your earning potential due to this global exposure. You could increase your ad revenue and subscriber base by making YouTube videos, for example, that are accessible to people all over the world. Similarly, companies may use Google AdWords to target foreign markets, growing their clientele and increasing sales. 

Variety of Opportunities

If you are wondering how to earn money from Google, it offers a wide range of opportunities catering to different skills and interests. Here are some popular options:

  • Google Surveys: Earn money by completing online surveys. 
  • Freelancing: Make use of Google products like Sheets, Slides, and Docs to provide freelancing services like data entry, writing, and virtual help.
  • YouTube: Create and monetize videos through ads, sponsorships, and channel memberships.
  • Google AdSense: Earn money by displaying ads on your website or blog.
  • Google Ads: Manage ad campaigns for businesses and earn through affiliate marketing.
  • Google Play Store: Develop and sell apps or digital content.
  • Google Opinion Rewards: Participate in surveys and earn rewards.

No matter someone’s interests or experience level, thanks to this variety, there is something for everyone. Google has a chance for anyone who wants to make additional money, regardless of whether they are a marketing, developer, content provider, or just an individual.

Diversified Income Streams

Your dependence on a single source of income can be decreased by diversifying your revenue streams through Google work. A variety of revenue streams can be established by utilizing several Google platforms. You can, for instance, make an app for the Google Play Store, a YouTube channel, and a blog with AdSense advertisements. This diversity also provides financial security, which raises your earning potential overall. You will always have a source of money, even if one of your revenue streams doesn’t function as expected. 

Low Barrier to Entry

The low barrier to entry is among the most alluring features to make money using Google. Nearly everyone with an internet connection can access the majority of Google platforms with little initial outlay of funds. For example, launching a blog or a YouTube channel is relatively inexpensive, and Google offers a wealth of ideas and tools to assist you in getting started. Furthermore, Google makes it simpler for new users to succeed because of its user-friendly interfaces and extensive assistance. This accessibility democratizes the earning process, making it possible for people with different financial circumstances and backgrounds to participate and profit. 

13 Best Ways to Make Money on Google

Google offers a variety of opportunities for individuals to earn money online. From advertising programs to remote careers, here’s a detailed look at the thirteen best ways to earn money from Google:

  1. Referral Bonuses
  2. Google Opinion Rewards 
  3. Google Affiliate Network
  4. YouTube Partner Program
  5. Google Remote Careers
  6. Google Maps
  7. Sell your books on Google play
  8. Sell your app on Google play
  9. Google AdSense
  10. Ad Mob
  11. Search Engine Evaluator
  12. Google Ads
  13. Google Audience Measurement
  14. Become a Google partner

Now, let’s discuss each of these methods in detail. 

1. Mobile Apps Referral Bonuses 

Mobile apps that provide incentives or rewards for bringing in new users are known as referral bonus apps. These rewards may include money, points, rebates, or other advantages. However, apps like Zupee offer real money with its refer and earn opportunity program. 

These referral schemes motivate current users to tell their friends, family, and social networks about the app, which will grow its user base.   

Here’s How It works

  1. Identify Eligible refer and earn apps that offer referral bonuses. 
  2. If you don’t already have an account with the app, download it from the Google Play Store and sign up.
  3. Send your referral link via social media, messaging apps, or email.
  4. Explain the benefits of the app to encourage sign-ups. Mention any bonuses or discounts new users might receive.
  5. You will receive your referral bonus once someone uses your referral link to sign up and meets the criteria.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Are you still finding how to make money online with google for free? With the help of Google Opinion Rewards, a survey app, users can complete simple surveys and earn Google Play credits. 

These quick surveys can be finished in minutes and usually pertain to recent experiences, preferences, or purchases. However, a user’s Google Play credits, which can be used to buy apps, games, books, music, and other digital material from the Google Play Store, are awarded after completing a survey.

Completing surveys is a great way to earn money for a task you may already be performing. 

Here’s How it Works

  • The first and most important step in using Google Opinion Rewards to earn money from home is downloading the desktop or mobile app.
  • Open the app after downloading it, then log in with your Google account. In order to match you with surveys that are relevant to you, you will be asked for some basic personal information.
  • Google Opinion Rewards will periodically send you surveys following your enrollment, based on your location and other demographic data.
  • Open the app and finish the survey as soon as you get notified that a new one is available. Additionally, you will receive rewards in the form of Google Play credits upon completion. 
  • You can buy apps, games, and other digital items from the Google Play Store with the Google Play credits you’ve earned. 

3. Google Affiliate Network

By marketing goods and services on websites, bloggers and third-party websites can help those who are searching how to earn money from Google Affiliate Network.

When customers buy something after clicking on a link, the affiliate gets paid. When executed correctly, affiliate marketing is a well-liked way for blogs and websites to make money. 

You must register for an affiliate network account on ShareASale or Commission Junction in order to start affiliate marketing. After that, you have a variety of products and services to choose from to advertise on your website. You will also receive a unique affiliate link that you can use to track clicks and sales. 

It is possible to make money with affiliate marketing on your blog or website. By choosing a niche, registering for relevant affiliate programs, promoting products on your website, boosting traffic, and monitoring your progress, you can build a successful affiliate marketing business and generate passive income.

4. YouTube Partner Program

Those looking to find more about how to make money using Google, YouTube is a great fit for them.

The YouTube Partner Program has standards that content creators must fulfil to join. The most crucial ones are having more than 4,000 watch hours and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers over the previous 12 months.

In addition, creators have to follow the terms of service and community guidelines on YouTube. However, after signing up for the scheme, creators can link their YouTube and AdSense accounts to begin charging for their videos.

This implies that they can run advertisements on their videos, with the owner receiving a percentage of all click-through revenue. Also with the Google YouTube Partner Program, content creators may profit from their videos and monetize their YouTube channels. 

Here’s How it Works

  • Making a channel on YouTube is the first step to earn money from YouTube. You can build your channel using your existing Google account. However, you’ll have to make one if not. 
  • After setting up your channel, you must begin posting high-quality videos relevant to your selected topic or niche.
  • You must fulfill the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) standards to monetize your videos and begin receiving payments from YouTube. It should be 4,000 watch hours and at least 1,000 subscribers over the previous 12 months. 
  • Once the YPP requirements are met, you must create an AdSense account to make your videos monetizable.
  • Finally, you must advertise your channel on social media and other platforms to expand your viewership and boost your earnings on YouTube.

5. Google Remote Careers

If you are thinking “how can I earn money from Google” you should look for Google online jobs through Google Remote careers. Moreover, it provides a range of remote professional alternatives for people who want flexibility and the option to work from any location in the world. Remote workers can find multiple software engineering, marketing, and sales roles. In addition to retirement plans, wellness initiatives, and health insurance, Google offers top-notch benefits. The tools and assistance available to in-person employees are also available to remote workers.

Here’s how it work

  • You must first assess your skills and the kinds of distant Google online jobs in which you are interested. 
  • You can refine your search for remote jobs by job function, experience level, geography, or keyword. After a good fit is determined, apply for remote employment opportunities.
  • You must go through the hiring procedure if you are chosen for a remote position with Google. 
  • After being employed, you will be able to work remotely for Google.
  • Finally, begin receiving a pay or hourly rate based on your position and degree of experience. 

6. Google Maps

Google created and maintains Google Maps, an online mapping tool. It offers users comprehensive maps and satellite imagery of almost any region, along with real-time traffic updates, directions, and local business information. In addition to providing details like operating hours, customer ratings, and contact details, Google Maps enables users to search for specific addresses, locations, and businesses. 

Generally, users can access the service through a web browser or a specialized mobile app on various devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Along with a host of other features, Google Maps allows users to make personalized maps and share them with others. However, one such tool is Street View, which offers panoramic views of street-level areas. 

Tips to Earn Money from Google Maps

You can turn your love for Google Maps into an income source by following these ways:

  • Promote Local Business Online – A company can improve exposure and connect with potential clients by improving its Google Maps listing and targeting users who are looking for particular goods or services. Local businesses can be advertised and optimized for Google Maps search engines (SEO). Additionally, businesses can build targeted ads with Google Ads, which will appear in Google Maps search results. Firms can expand their customer base through focused keyword and location targeting. You can also apply your SEO and Google Ads knowledge if you have any.
  • Become a Map Analyst – Analyzing Google Maps is another approach to making money with it. You can speak with businesses. They collaborate with Google Local Business to guarantee the accurate display of advertisements, maps, search results, and paid surveys, which provide a plethora of options for earning through surveys and internet sharing. However, this type of work is quite flexible and can be done from home! 
  • Translate Map Content – A large portion of Google Maps must be translated well to serve international audiences. You’ll carry out activities involving adaptation, localization, and translation.

7. Sell Books on Google Play

Selling books online can be a great solution for those wondering how to make money through Google. Authors and publishers can sell their books to a worldwide readership on Google Play Books. 

It can be a lucrative venture if you approach Google Play book sales strategically. You may optimize your profits by creating an account, preparing and uploading your book correctly, choosing competitive prices, and actively promoting it. However, you can succeed by using Google Play’s marketing tools, making your book more discoverable, interacting with readers, reaching a wider audience worldwide, working with affiliates and influencers, and constantly refining your marketing and content strategies. 

Here’s How it Works

  • With Google Play Books’ worldwide distribution, you may connect with readers across many nations. Millions of potential readers will be able to access your book via the Google Play Store.
  • With the numerous pricing choices provided by Google Play Books, you can always change the price of your book. You can also engage in promotional pricing or give discounts to increase sales.
  • Google Play has a revenue-sharing business model. Royalties are usually paid to authors and publishers as a proportion of the sale price. Although the precise proportion may differ, most sales typically fall between 70% and 70%.
  • To maintain your books, the Google Play Books Partner Center offers an easy-to-use interface. However, it’s simple to track sales, update metadata, modify pricing, and submit new titles.
  • Google Play Books uses Google’s robust search engine to assist customers in finding your book. Enhancing your book’s visibility and drawing in more readers can be achieved by adding pertinent keywords and categories to its metadata.
  • Google Play Books provides a top-notch reading experience on various platforms, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Customers may read your book whenever and wherever they like by using the Google Play Books app or the Internet to access purchased books.
  • Urge your readers to provide Google Play Books reviews. Good reviews can increase the legitimacy of your book and draw in additional readers. 

8. Sell Apps on Google Play

App developers can create an app if they’re seeking how to get money from Google using their skills. One of the best Google online tasks is to place it for sale on the Google Play Store. This is perfect for computer enthusiasts who want to create a large project that many people will utilize. Apps can be widely discovered through the Google Play Store. Additionally, one might begin making money through sponsorship or in-app purchases. Another option to generate revenue from a website is through a subscription-based business.

Here’s how it works

  • You must register for an account on Google Play Console to begin making money on the Google Play Store. 
  • You will need to construct your app after creating your account. You can work with a developer to build the app or do it yourself. 
  • You must choose how to monetize your app before submitting it to the Google Play Store to work from home with Google. 
  • When your app is prepared, submit it to the Google Play Store and bide your time for Google to approve it.
  • Once your app has been accepted, you may contact possible users. In this manner, downloads and income for your app are generated. 

9. Google AdSense 

If you are one of those looking for how to earn money from Google then AdSense is one should be at the top of your list. 

One of Google’s well-known initiatives, Google AdSense, enables website owners and bloggers to generate revenue from their blogs by placing customized advertisements. A portion of the money from users clicking these ads goes to the website owner. Moreover, AdSense can be used with other monetization techniques to generate revenue for a website or blog.

Before using AdSense, you must put the AdSense code on your website and create an account. Following approval, Google will show relevant advertisements on your website based on the content you have on it and the demographics of your visitors. The more people that visit your website, the more money you can earn with AdSense. 

Generate high-quality content that drives visitors to your website to boost your AdSense earnings. Search engines optimize your website so that relevant information appears high in search results. Again, the more people that visit your website, the more money you will earn from AdSense advertisers.

How Does it Work? 

  • Interested website owners must register for an AdSense account and add specific codes on their sites.
  • When the codes are pasted, Google will show relevant and content-related advertisements on the page. 
  • When users click on advertisements on the website, the owner receives payment. Typically, this percentage might reach up to 68%. The cost-per-click (CPC) and level of competition in that niche determine the commissions earned. 
  • A website or blog is required to make money from this idea-based work. It takes less than 30 minutes to set up and is simple. It isn’t just for web writers. Anyone can begin blogging right away if they have a free Google account. 
  • One might earn money by writing a blog and attracting visitors to their website. To make money from a blog, just launch it and adhere to specific guidelines. Moreover, the year 2024 is ideal for starting a blog and earning high money.

10. Google AdMob at Home

Android developers may monetize their apps with Google Ads and work from home with AdMob. This platform provides a simple method for converting software downloads into income streams and can easily solve the query of people looking to find how to get money from Google. It also gives the app’s user experience an improvement. AdMob provides developers with a comprehensive solution. This covers every aspect, from reporting and sales to payment. They can then devote more effort to creating amazing apps than to making money.

Here’s How it Work

  • To begin using AdMob, you must first create an account. To accomplish this, visit the AdMob website and complete the registration form.
  • Making ad units for your app will be the next step after signing up. The sections of your app where advertisements will appear are called ad units.
  • AdMob integration with your app is required after ad units are created. This is modifying the code of your app to include the AdMob SDK. 
  • This is where the earning process begins. When a user opens your app and triggers an advertisement, AdMob will hold an auction to choose which ad appears. The targeting parameters, the ad type, and the advertiser’s offer are all considered during the auction.
  • Lastly, you will get paid when users click or view the advertisements in your app.

11. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluator is one of the best answers for those who want to know how to make money using Google. For Google, assessing the caliber and applicability of search engine results falls to an online search engine evaluator. 

Ensuring accurate and user-friendly search engine results is the evaluator’s primary objective. However, in most cases, if you are hired, you will receive training on evaluating search engine results based on predetermined standards and criteria. After registering and receiving training, you can assess search engine results and comment on their quality and relevancy. 

Here’s how it works

  • Look up Businesses that Employ Search Engine Assessors. Many businesses, including Appen, Lionbridge, and Google, employ search engine evaluators. 
  • Ensure you fulfill the standards of the organizations you’ve identified as being of interest before applying for the Search Engine Evaluator position. 
  • Following the acceptance of your application, you will need to go through an assessment procedure. 
  • After completing the assessment, you can also work as a Search Engine Evaluator for Google from home. 

12. Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that lets you make money on Google easily. It enables companies to create and show advertisements on YouTube, other websites, and search results pages for Google.

Due to adverts’ pay-per-click (PPC) nature, advertisers only have to pay when users click on their links. You must accomplish the following to make money from Google Ads: 

  • Create an account
  • Establish a campaign
  • Choose pertinent keywords
  • Place bids on them
  • Create eye-catching ads 
  • Monitor your progress

You might also supply other businesses with advertising management services in exchange for a fee. To maximize the benefits of Google Ads, test and refine your ads often. 

Here’s How it Work

  • Businesses create ads using the Google Ads platform. These ads can also be text, images, videos, or a combination of these formats.
  • Advertisers set targeting parameters based on demographics, interests, keywords, location, and more to ensure their ads reach the right audience.
  • Google Ads operates on an auction system. When a user searches or visits a website in the Google Network, an auction is triggered, advertisers bid on keywords, and the highest bidder with the most relevant ad shows their ad.
  • The winning ads are placed in prominent positions on Google search results, YouTube, or partner websites in the Google Display Network.
  • Advertisers pay when users interact with their ads through cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) models.
  • Advertisers can track the performance of their ads using Google Ads’ robust analytics and reporting tools to optimize their campaigns for better results.

13. Google Audience Measurement

One of the most fantastic Google Internet jobs is Google Audience Measurement, which functions similarly to Opinion Rewards. Information is used to enhance understanding and deliver better services. Research firms get in touch with the proprietor. They let them know about the feedback they need for their project. They then provide them with a Google Reward Code or alternative prizes, such as money or merchandise, as payment.

Here’s How it Works

  • You must register for Google Audience Measurement to begin making money with it. 
  • The tracking code must then be added to your website. It enables Google to monitor how users interact with your website.
  • You must wait for Google to gather data after you’ve put the tracking code to your website. Wait up; it can take a few days or weeks to collect enough information for you to get paid. 
  • Once sufficient data has been gathered, you must use the Google Audience Measurement dashboard to analyze it and improve your website.
  • And lastly, you can make money by running advertisements.

14. Become a Google Partner

Providing digital marketing services can significantly increase credibility and easily help those seeking to make money using Google . Moreover, it leads to new business chances if you become a Google Partner. This is a thorough explanation of how to become a Google Partner and how to get revenue from it:

Here’s How it Works 

  • Enhanced Support and Training: You can access unique resources as a Google Partner, such as advanced training and certification courses, committed account support, and product updates. This advances your abilities and keeps you ahead of industry trends.
  • Promotional Opportunities: The Google Partner badge, which increases reputation and draws in potential customers, can be displayed by Google Partners on their websites and marketing collateral. Additionally, Google includes Partners in its directory, facilitating companies’ search for and hiring qualified experts.
  • Insights into Performance: Partners receive access to cutting-edge performance insights and data, enabling you to improve your clients’ campaigns more successfully. So, better outcomes and more client satisfaction may arise from this.

You can make money by becoming a Google Partner through:

  • Managing Google Ads campaigns
  • Offering comprehensive digital marketing services
  • Conduct online training and workshops
  • Providing expert consulting services
  • Collaborating with businesses and other agencies

Becoming a Google Partner opens up several revenue-generating opportunities for you in addition to providing reputation and exclusive access to resources. This standing can assist you in growing your clientele, providing superior services, and starting a profitable digital marketing company.

Time to Make Money on Google Online for Free

Google is a strong and flexible platform that provides a plethora of options for those looking to know “how can I make money on google”. As mentioned above, anyone can start making money on Google by utilizing its many tools and services. However, the secret is knowing the many aspects of the platform and how to make the most of them to make money from your abilities and expertise.

In recent years, a transformation has been witnessed in how people work in the employment sector, particularly in the private sector. Nowadays, people are seeking the opportunity to work from home and ask for a higher salary. Furthermore, nothing is better than taking on Google online jobs if you would also like to make money online.

You can now begin making money with Google, having read about ways to do so. These ways include Google Ads, YouTube, opinion incentives, and more. 

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FAQs – How to Make Money on Google

Can I work online for Google and get paid?

Yes, you can work online for Google and get paid. Opportunities include roles in software development, marketing, customer support, and more. Additionally, you can participate in programs like Google AdSense, Google Ads, and Google Play to earn money through various online activities and content creation.

How to earn money online with Google Ads?

To earn money online with Google Ads, you can become an affiliate marketer, manage ad campaigns for businesses, or monetize your own website or blog through the Google AdSense program. However, this can be done by displaying targeted ads and earning revenue based on clicks or impressions.

Which Google app gives money?

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that gives you money by rewarding you with Google Play credits or Google opinion rewards for completing surveys. However, other opportunities include Google AdSense for website monetization and the YouTube Partner Program for earning from video content.

How do I make $100 per day with Google AdSense?

To make $100 per day with Google AdSense, focus on creating high-quality content that attracts substantial traffic, optimize ad placements, and use high-paying keywords. Increase your website’s SEO, promote content through social media, and engage your audience to boost ad impressions and clicks.

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