How to earn money from Instagram in 2024

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Instagram is no longer just a straightforward photo-sharing application. With more than 2.4 billion monthly active users, it has developed into a potent earning source for people as well as businesses. Instagram provides several ways to make money, whether you’re a creator hoping to monetize your work or a business trying to increase your audience. 

Earning money on Instagram is surprisingly simple, regardless of your goals, be it building a social media empire or boosting your income with a lucrative side hustle.

This article will talk about how to earn money from Instagram, along with some key tactics for creators and businesses.

Let’s move on.

4 Reasons Why You Should Earn Money with Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for personal and company growth, effectively helping to earn money online. It provides a variety of customizable monetization alternatives, such as selling items or services. Here are the top reasons to earn money from Instagram:

  1. Vast Audience

With its vast user base, Instagram offers a huge potential market for your goods or services. You may connect with people who are actually interested in what you have to offer by using targeted marketing techniques.

  1. Engagement

The engagement level of Instagram users is strong. You may communicate with your followers in a variety of ways with tools like stories, reels, and live sessions, which will strengthen your bond and encourage fidelity. 

  1. Visual Appeal

Your products or services can be creatively showcased as the platform emphasis on visual material. However, video and picture quality matters since it increases sales and draws in viewers.

  1. Flexibility

Instagram provides a wide range of revenue opportunities to support various business models and artistic endeavors. On Instagram, you can monetize your content by sharing your artwork, selling tangible goods, or providing services. 

What You Need to Make Money on Instagram?

If you are wondering how to make money through Instagram, you need to have these:

  • Engaged Audience – It’s essential to have a foundation of devoted and active followers. Put your energy into creating a community that engages with your material.
  • Quality Content – High-quality content is crucial, so make sure your audience connects with the images and videos you use.
  • Consistency – Maintaining and expanding your following requires consistency. Regular publishing and engagement with your followers can help.
  • Know Instagram Features – Become acquainted with the platform’s tools and features, including shopping tags, reels, live sessions, and stories.

How to Earn Money from Instagram as a Business?

Being active and engaged on Instagram is one of the best ways to succeed in your business. Here’s how you can do that:

Offer Marketing Services

If businesses are looking for how to earn money using Instagram then they can provide marketing services. Social media marketing specialization makes it possible for other businesses to expand their market on Instagram. 

This includes:

  • Content Creation: Creating fresh posts and stories for the business and inspiring reels appealing to the target market.
  • Account Management: Performing daily tasks related to managing Instagram accounts, such as posting activities, interacting with the target audience, and monitoring the results.
  • Strategy Development: Develop full-service marketing plans that define objectives and execute plans to obtain the client’s objectives, whether it be in gaining followers or sales.
  • Influencer Outreach: Social touch helps to establish links between business entities that wish to have their products or services endorsed by appropriate influencers.

Schedule Shoppable Posts

Instagram Shoppable Posts are a type of post where businesses may tag their products in posts and stories. These tags offer easy navigation to other related products. The viewer can simply click on the tags to view other related products, such as their prices and descriptions. They provide a direct link to the business website for any product.

Key Features:

  • Product Tags: Companies using images in their business operations can add tags to the images in their business, such as product names and prices.
  • Product Detail Pages: Clicking a tag leads users to a product detail page within Instagram to provide updated information.
  • Shopping Stickers: Businesses can still exploit shopping stickers and posts in stories to reach their clients effectively.
  • Instagram Shop: A tab wherein people can find products from different brands is available on Instagram.
  • Checkout: In some countries, even Instagram has introduced checkout within the application so the user does not have to exit the application to buy a product.

Here’s How to Earn Money from Instagram Shoppable Posts

You can start making money with Instagram shoppable posts with some of these ways:

  1. Set up a business account
  2. Create a product catalog
  3. Submit account for review
  4. Tag products in posts
  5. Promote your products
  6. Engage with your followers
  7. Analyze and optimize

Using Instagram Shoppable Posts, companies may profit directly from their Instagram presence, converting their followers into clients and increasing revenues via the network. 

Implement an Instagram Chatbot

An Instagram chatbot allows communication between customers and businesses. They can be used as a tool for customer support to improve businesses’ Instagram. 

So, how to earn money from Instagram Chatbot? It’s very simple!

Direct product recommendations from an Instagram chatbot to users within the chat window can result in quicker and more efficient sales. The chatbot can provide three answers to a consumer asking what color foundation you have in stock, which they can instantly add to their cart without ever leaving the platform. 

Top benefits of using a chatbot include:

  • 24/7 Customer Support: This can involve responding to frequently asked questions without directing customers to read the FAQ section so that they are more satisfied with the services provided.
  • Lead Generation: Web leads, on the other hand, involve converting visitors into possible customers by promoting an interaction with them and obtaining their information.
  • Order Management: Help customers with orders, including when to place them, how to track them, and how to return products.
  • Marketing Automation: Use the accounts’ followers and send them unique messages and offers usually according to their activities on your account.

Utilize Instagram Advertising

Advertising can be a great option if you are trying to earn money from Instagram. It is one of the most effective ways of making extra money by selling goods, services, and products online. With this knowledge, you have insights on ads, how to create a perfect campaign, and various strategies for making good sales and profits on the platform. This makes it easier for advertising space to be sold, thus increasing the chances of making money and providing an opportunity to constantly improve the ads.

  1. Create a business account
  2. Define your goals & objectives
  3. Understand your target audience
  4. Set up Facebook Ads manager account 
  5. Target your audience
  6. Set up your budget 
  7. Track performance & optimize

Incorporating these strategies into your Instagram marketing plan can significantly enhance your business’s revenue-generating potential. Stay attentive to trends, engage with your audience, and continue to refine your approach for optimal results. 

Remember, Instagram is a dynamic platform that offers numerous avenues to connect with your audience and drive sales.

Sell Branded Merchandise

Selling branded products on Instagram is a good business idea for those who want to know how to make money through Instagram.

Focusing on the niche your audience is interested in, you can prompt them to purchase clothing, accessories, or custom products with your brand name. Instagram tools like Instagram shopping enable users to run a shop directly on their profiles, where the clients can shop without having to navigate out of the application.

Engaging with the use of influencers and the target use of hashtags may also provide higher results in terms of reach. So, to achieve a good outcome and make your Instagram shop a reliable source of steady income, it is crucial to follow high-quality standards and maintain consistent branding.

Set Up an Instagram Shop

Operating an Instagram shop is like managing an online store where everything is done through an app. Its tagline, “post, tag, sell,” clarifies how it operates. It just requires uploading product photos, descriptions, and prices after setting up a business account on Instagram. Then, without ever leaving Instagram, users can find your products and complete their purchase.

Check out the Instagram shops for getting ideas about how to generate income from Instagram. Through extending their online sales, they can expand their user base and generate revenue on Instagram. To encourage potential buyers to visit their website and learn more about their other products, businesses have also included the URL of their website.

Take the following five actions to set up an Instagram shop:

  • Change to a business account
  • Establish a Facebook Page connection
  • Add a product catalog to your upload
  • final review of the account
  • Activate the shopping mode

Promote Special Offers

The internet audience always looks for a good deal, and 43% of Instagram users claim to use the app for weekly shopping. This is one of the great ways to earn money from Instagram.

Showcase your business’s wonderful aspects on Instagram, especially when you’re running a discount. Posting a discount, coupon, or other special deal on Instagram lets your followers know that you have something going on and makes the content very shareable.

Dropship your Products

Inventory is a factor that frequently presents financial and logistical challenges when launching a firm. However, the dropshipping business model makes it possible to operate a store without ever keeping any inventory. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity for those who want to know how to get money from Instagram. 

You can select from millions of various suppliers’ products, including t-shirts, novels, mugs, and pillows, when you launch a dropshipping business. You no longer have to worry about fulfillment or shipping, and you can decide how much to charge to make the most money. Create a specific Instagram page to highlight your products, promote your website, and boost sales as soon as you’re ready to advertise your dropshipping company. 

Start an Ecommerce Store

E-commerce integration with your Instagram appears to be very effective in ensuring increased sales. The Instagram app integration with Shopify or WooCommerce also gives users more visibility on Instagram to shop directly. Your Instagram bio should be a call to action such as, ‘click the link in bio to shop.’ Incorporate Instagram Shopping and Stories to direct users to your online store.

How to Make Money on Instagram as a Creator

Even if you don’t run a traditional business, Instagram offers numerous opportunities for individuals to make money. With a solid follower base and a distinct niche, you possess influence that can translate into being an influencer.

Collaborate with Brands

Partnering with brands is perhaps the creators’ most widely recognized ways for those who want to know “how can I make money on Instagram”. Seek out brands, big or small, that align with your values. This alignment is crucial, as endorsing a brand incongruent with your content can come across as inauthentic.

Brand partnerships can take various forms: you might receive payment for a post featuring a specific product or get free products in exchange for content creation. Craft a few posts showcasing your favorite restaurants, skincare products, etc., without compensation. You can then showcase these posts when approaching brands.

Monetize Content on Instagram

Making the most of Instagram’s large audience and engaging features through content monetization is a profitable method to make money. As a content creator, you may begin by establishing a loyal and devoted audience by regularly publishing excellent content that appeals to your target market. When you reach a significant number of followers, you can collaborate with brands on sponsored posts that pay you to advertise their goods or services. 
Here are some of the best ways how to make money through Instagram by monetizing your content:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Instagram shopping
  • Creator fund and bonuses
  • Brand partnerships
  • Live sessions

Engage in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are linked to brand partnerships, as they involve associating yourself with businesses that market specific products or experiences. Affiliate programs compensate you for promoting others’ products that resonate with your values. You receive compensation if your followers purchase items from the brand through your unique link or discount code.

Here’s how to earn money from Instagram in India with affiliate marketing.

For instance, a nail artist might act as an affiliate marketer for a nail polish brand. Whenever followers use that discount code to purchase nail polish, you will earn commission. 

Boost Website Traffic

80% of respondents claimed Instagram aids in their search for the purchase of new goods and services. There seems to be a positive correlation between brand visibility on Instagram and the likelihood of online sales. You can utilize Instagram as a means of indirectly increasing website traffic in order to increase your online income. Your community of devoted customers will develop, your email marketing list will expand, and revenues will increase thanks to all of your Instagram visits. 

Sell Photos, Illustrations

Since Instagram is primarily a platform where aesthetics is high on the priority list, it’s high time designers, photographers, and other creatives made good use of their skills. You can sell your photos to other businesses, which is usual in the travel industry, or your content, like prints and illustrations.

In addition, if you run a photography website or have an online portfolio, think of Instagram as your store window and seek more clients.

Self promotion of a personal site to get advertisement and earning money through channels such as YouTube can be very profitable. One of the biggest Instagram secrets is that it is a perfect platform to lead your audience to the other site.

Here’s how to gain money on Instagram:

  • Food enthusiasts share homemade dishes on Instagram and link to their blogs with detailed recipes.
  • YouTubers showcasing vlog snippets on reels and directing followers to their YouTube channels for full videos. 

Learn how to make money on Youtube

  • Fashion influencers display outfits on Instagram and link to their websites for clothing details.
  • Adventurers share breathtaking landscapes and link to their blogs with comprehensive travel guides.

Enable Live Badges

Being an Instagram creator involves more than simply the stuff you post. It also involves the interaction you have with your followers. To maximize your earnings, you should strive to establish a solid relationship with your followers, create an Instagram business account for added trust, and provide them with the content they desire.   

Instagram considered this when it developed Live Badges, which can be used to express support for creators. Live Badges is a special symbol that viewers can provide for Creators during live-stream shows, similar to a tip.

If you want to add this feature to your account, navigate to the “Profile” and then choose the “Professional Dashboard,” “Grow Your Business,” and then “Badges.” When you go Live, swipe left at the bottom of the page to find the “badges” and turn the function on.

Offer Paid Tutorials or Masterclasses

If you are looking to know how to gain money on Instagram then online tutorials and masterclasses are one of the best ways for individuals to earn. Followers pay for the services you offer. If you possess expertise in a particular domain, consider offering online masterclasses requiring paid admission. This approach is popular among fitness influencers who might offer free short workouts and then charge for access to complete training routines.

Incorporating these strategies can help you monetize your Instagram presence and turn your passion into a profitable venture.

Provide Exclusive Content

Humans are curious creatures with a strong desire to keep learning. This is why online course platforms such as Coursera, Masterclass and Udacity have gained a large customer base. If you’re considering creating an online course, Instagram is a wonderful outlet to market it and earn money with each registration.

An average individual course can start at about Rs 500, while longer, more intense courses can cost thousands of rupees. But you don’t only have to limit yourself to earning through this alone. Simple downloadable guides, eBooks, whitepapers or templates can be other profitable ways to make money on Instagram.

How to Make Money on Instagram as an Individual

If you want to make money using Instagram as an Individual, you can also join company’s or brand’s giveaways and contests. 

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Follow Official Instagram Account:
    • Go to the official Instagram account.
    • Click the “Follow” button to get updates on their posts, stories, and contest announcements.
  2. Engage with Latest Posts:
    • Like, comment, and share their posts, especially those related to contests and giveaways. This not only shows your interest but also fulfils potential entry requirements.
  3. Participate in Contests and Giveaways:
    • Brands & often announces contests and giveaways on its blog and social media. Check out their latest giveaway contest details like that of Zupee. You can also find the latest contests from the Zupee Instagram account
    • Follow the instructions provided, which may include liking a post, tagging friends, sharing content, or using specific hashtags.
  4. Stay Updated:
    • Regularly visit social media accounts to stay informed about new contests and giveaways.
    • Turn on post notifications for Instagram accounts so you don’t miss any contests or giveaways news.

By following these steps, you can stay connected with a company or brand and participate in their contests, which potentially increases your chances of winning exciting prizes. 

However, if you like to play online games like Ludo and have high-skills then you must check Zupee giveaways contests to win real cash online. 

On Zupee you can play money games and win up to Rs 10 lakhs! The app also offers the opportunity to refer and earn with easy cash winning withdrawals. 


Instagram provides numerous possibilities for those businesses and individuals who want to know how to make money via Instagram. In terms of earnings, it remains open, whether it is through brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, selling via Instagram Shop, or providing access to additional content and services. Some great practices like keeping the content high-quality, interacting with the audience regularly, and mastering all the features of Instagram can strongly impact the ability to make money. 

Thus, to further extend your potential to earn money online with investment, you must keep up with the fundamental changes in this app. If you are committed, innovative, and well-planned, you can easily transform Instagram into a highly profitable platform.


How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

Even with just 1,000 followers, you can start making money on Instagram. However, you need to have active, engaged followers who engage with your content than to have an excessive amount. Micro-influencers frequently work with companies on sponsored content and affiliate marketing, generating revenue from their targeted audience.

How to get paid on Instagram?

You may make money on Instagram via sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, Instagram Shopping, and the use of tools like Live Badges, Brands pay for promotions, and affiliate links, which will result in commissions. In-stream advertisements and subscriptions are two other ways that Instagram monetizes its platform to generate direct revenue.

How to earn money from Instagram reels?

Join the Reels Play Bonus program to earn money from Instagram Reels. Instagram will pay you when you reach certain view milestones. Revenue can also be produced by collaborating with sponsors on sponsored Reels and using the Reels’ widespread reach to direct viewers to monetizable platforms.

How much does Instagram pay for 1k followers?

Although Instagram doesn’t pay for followers, influencers with 1,000 active followers can make great money with each post via sponsored content and brand deals. This is dependent on the influencer’s niche, engagement rate, and brand-negotiation abilities.

How many views do you need on Instagram to get paid?

Instagram has not set a minimum view count for payment, although monetization schemes like Reels Play Bonuses demand that certain view thresholds be met. When evaluating influencers for paid marketing, brands typically look for high interaction and steady viewership.

How much reels pay for 1,000 views?

The payment for views on Instagram Reels is not set in stone. A program’s monetization and engagement determine earnings. Generally, rewards for programs such as the Reels are not fixed. This depends on the engagement and how much brand or sponsored ads are willing to pay.

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