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Most of us know about Carrom, right? It’s that popular board game that we’ve all played at least once in our lives. Well, in recent years, a new version of the game is taking the world by storm – the Online Carrom Board Game. So, what is an online Carrom board game, why should we play it, and which is the best Carrom board app right now? Continue reading to find out!

Carrom board Apps

The online game is a digital version of the popular Carrom board game. It is an online multiplayer game that can be played with two or four players on a virtual Carrom board with discs or Carrom men and a Carrom striker. We can play online Carrom board games for free or with real money.

Typically, most online Carrom board games aim to flick the striker at the discs or Carrom men so that it falls into one of the Carrom board’s four corner pockets. And we will win the game if we pocket the most discs or Carrom men with the Queen before our opponent. However, several online Carrom board apps offer an interesting and exciting way to play Carrom online.

Carrom board apps include various game modes, customizable boards, and online multiplayer capabilities. They allow players to compete with friends or random online players. Some Carrom board apps also allow you to win real cash!

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Carrom board app – Advantages

There are many reasons to enjoy playing online Carrom board games, whether casual or competitive. Let’s look at a few of them:

  1. A chance to win cash
  2. Quick gameplay
  3. Play anytime
  4. Mega tournaments
  5. Twist to games
Pros of carrom board apps

A Chance to Win Cash

Yes, playing online Carrom board games allows us to win cash. This is an excellent opportunity for those who love playing Carrom and want to make money.

Many people have won cash by playing Carrom online. Besides, it is essential to note that not all online Carrom board games offer real cash. Some only offer points or credits that can be used to purchase items in the game.

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Quick Gameplay

People often think of Carrom as a slow and relaxing game, but online Carrom board games can offer quick gameplay that is perfect for a short break or some light competition. The beauty of online Carrom is that it is much faster than physical Carrom boards. This is because there is no need to set up the board, and the game can be played with just a few clicks.

Play Anytime

We can play online Carrom board games anytime and with anyone we want. All we need is a mobile device and an Internet connection.

Mega Tournaments

The mega tournament is among the latest and most prominent trends in the online Carrom board game world. These are online tournaments with many players from worldwide with attractive prize money to winners.

Mega tournaments add to the game’s excitement and provide an opportunity to win some quick money. The tournaments are open to all, and the winner takes home a lot of money.

Twist to Games

While the gameplay has remained largely the same, the advent of online Carrom board apps has added a new twist to the classic Carrom game. Many online carrom board apps offer customization options allowing players to create unique boards and pieces.

Some online carrom games may include bonus rounds that allow players to earn extra points or rewards. These rounds may involve special challenges or obstacles players must overcome to succeed.

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Online Carrom Board Games Apps in India

There are several Carrom board game apps available in India. Many of these apps are available for Android and iOS devices. In addition, they are usually free to download and play. Here is the list of some carrom board apps in India:

  1. Carrom Pool is a well-known carrom board software featuring realistic physics and a variety of game modes, such as Classic, Disc Pool, and Carrom Pro. It was created by Miniclip.
  2. Carrom King: This Gametion app offers both single-player and multiplayer choices along with a variety of game types, such as Classic, Freestyle, and Disc Pool.
  3. Classic Carrom Board: This game provides a classic carrom board experience with various customizing choices and difficulty settings.
  4. EivaaGames’ Carrom 3D: software offers a 3D carrom board experience with realistic mechanics and a variety of game types, including timed and free play.
  5. MegaByte Studios’ Carrom Club app: provides single-player and multiplayer choices and daily incentives and rewards for loyal users.

For Indian carrom fans, these apps provide several features and gaming options, making it simple to enjoy the game from the convenience of their mobile device.

Learn more about the Carrom rules and playing procedure of the game before our first game.

Common Terms Used in Carrom Board Game

If you’re planning to download a carrom board game, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these common terms:

  • Queen: The red or pink coin placed at the board’s center at the game’s start.
  • Foul: Pocketing the striker is considered a foul, resulting in a penalty of one carrom coin.
  • Break: The first strike made by a player in a game.
  • Due: When a player fails to return an earned coin after committing a foul due to the unavailability of coins.
  • Penalty: Charges imposed on players for violating the rules while playing carrom board online games.
  • Covering: Pocketing your respective color coin immediately after pocketing the queen.
  • White slam: Pocketing all the white coins during the first turn.
  • Black slam: Pocketing all the black coins during the first turn.

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Carrom board apps – FAQs

What are the basic rules of playing carrom?

Carrom is a two or four-player board game that requires a carrom board, carrom men, and a striker. The basic rules of carrom are straightforward: players take turns striking with the striker to place all of their carrom men, small discs, into the pockets on the carrom board. To learn more about the carrom game rules, check out Zupee’s blog.

Can I play Carrom Online on Zupee?

No. Zupee does not offer Online Carrom Games. You can check out the real cash games on Zupee.

Are there any tips & tricks to win a carrom game online?

There are a few tips and tricks to winning a carrom game online. Here are some of them: – Using a stable Internet connection, Having a good aim, Mastering techniques when breaking the carrom men and Trying to avoid committing fouls. Here are 10 carrom tricks to win the online game.

How can I win real money playing Carrom online?

If you want to win real cash prizes playing Carrom online, look for a Carrom game app. Look at this article to learn more about Carrom board game apps.

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