Ludo Money Withdrawal Process on Zupee

Ludo money withdrawal on Zupee

Ludo Online Cash games have gained immense popularity, letting players win real money and enjoy classic board games. To maximize your winning, it’s crucial to understand the Ludo tips & tricks that can lead to victory. But do you know how to withdraw money from Ludo winnings?

This article explores the process of Ludo money withdrawal from Zupee wallet, providing valuable insights for enthusiasts of this engaging online pastime.

However, you can also watch this video to learn how to instant withdrawal Ludo app money from the wallet.

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Steps for Instant Ludo Money Withdrawal on Zupee

Here are the steps that guide Ludo cash withdrawal process in detail:

Step 1: Go to the Withdraw Money Section

Ludo money withdrawal - step 1
  • The first step in the Zupee Ludo real cash withdrawal process involves checking the Zupee account wallet balance. You can check and control your money within the money app by going to your Zupee wallet. 
  • To access your wallet, click on the wallet in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Wins and deposits are the two balance categories displayed in your Zupee wallet.

Winnings are what you’ve won from the Zupee instant withdrawal Ludo app platform to play games, while deposits are sums of money you transfer from your bank account or another source into your wallet. Winnings can be withdrawn or used to play more tournaments, while deposits can be utilized to participate in Zupee games and tournaments. However, winnings can only be withdrawn from the Zupee wallet.

Step 2: Enter the Ludo Money Withdraw Amount & Bank Details

Select your preferred payment option and enter the amount you wish to request for a Ludo instant withdrawal. Players can withdraw a minimum of Rs 2 and a maximum of Rs 17500, which is the Zupee withdrawal limit per day. 

UPI IDs and bank transfers are some of the widely used methods. You can select from these payment options for deposits and Ludo real money withdrawal. Go to the Zupee Wallet’s “withdraw money” area to enter the amount and method of payment.

Step 3: Complete Your KYC Verification

To withdraw the winning amount from the Zupee instant withdrawal Ludo app, you must finish the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. The KYC procedure prevents fraud and money laundering by verifying your identity and place of residence for Ludo cash withdrawal.

For the company to complete the Ludo cash withdrawal request, users must produce acceptable identification and documentation proving their address. You must submit your signed Aadhar card or PAN card with your bank. If you have entered your UPI ID or Bank details in the Zupee money withdrawal process, then you must have the exact details for your KYC that will match. On the other hand, if you have already completed your KYC verification in your bank before withdrawing money from Zupee, then you need to enter the exact details according to your KYC during the money withdrawal process from Zupee. The unmatched information will result in the cancellation of the process, and you will need to re-enter the correct details. 

However, you can also withdraw your winnings from Paytm UPI and other UPI IDs easily and quickly.

Remember, you can’t change your bank details or UPI ID once you have entered during the Zupee money withdrawal process.

Step 4: Confirm Your Instant Ludo Money Withdrawal Request

The last step of withdrawing money from Zupee is to confirm your Ludo money withdrawal request. You can do this by ensuring your information and hitting the continue button. Additionally, a one-time password that will be issued to your registered mobile number must be entered for the Ludo game money withdrawal process. The payment option you choose and the state of the network will determine how long it takes Zupee to complete your Ludo game cash withdrawal. Thus, it might only take a few minutes or hours.

ludo money withdrawal upi
ludo online cash withdrawal

As a result, you will receive an SMS and an email from Zupee with a confirmation letter and transaction reference number for the Ludo online cash withdrawal request.

You can check the status of your Ludo money withdrawal using your Zupee wallet bank account or digital wallet. If there are any delays after the anticipated fund reception date, contact Zupee customer care; if not, anticipate receiving Ludo game Paytm cash within the allotted time frame.

Zupee Withdrawal Pending Problem Solution 

Contact customer care support immediately if facing problems with the Zupee withdrawal option. Provide them with details such as your account information, transaction ID, and pending amount. They will investigate the issue promptly and provide you with a resolution. Be patient and cooperative during the process to ensure a swift resolution to your withdrawal problem. However, the Zupee withdrawal time is just a few hours, but sometimes, you may need more time due to technical issues. 


Online Ludo is one of those games that people of all ages and backgrounds can play. Ludo is a game that can be played online and win money. Zupee is one of the most reliable platforms for online Ludo real money games that offers instantaneous Ludo money withdrawal options. Search for the Ludo download app to play Ludo online on Zupee, choose a Ludo variation, and participate in cash Ludo games or tournaments.

However, you must submit bank transfer information and go through KYC verification to withdraw actual money from the Zupee instant withdrawal Ludo app. But make sure you don’t exceed the Zupee withdrawal limit to avoid any problems regarding money withdrawal. 

Testing your skills and winning money while playing Ludo online could be a fun way to kill time and enjoy. However, before you begin playing, make sure you know the Ludo rules that help you win the game.

Apart from playing Ludo, you can also win online money by playing Snakes and Ladders on Zupee.

FAQs – Ludo Money Withdrawal

Which money withdrawal options does Zupee offer?

Users can instantly withdraw the winning amount from the Zupee wallet using a bank account or UPI method. However, users must verify their bank account details & KYC verifications to withdraw money.

Is my Ludo Money safe in the Zupee Wallet?

Yes, Zupee always ensures that a user’s winning amount in the Zupee wallet is safe & secure. All Ludo money transactions are handled securely, providing a safe withdrawal process.

How to withdraw Ludo winnings immediately?

To withdraw your Ludo winnings, navigate to your Zupee wallet at the top right corner. All your winning amounts will appear here.
You can withdraw your Ludo winnings from your Zupee wallet directly into your bank account or through your UPI ID. However, you must verify your bank details or UPI ID using the KYC verification method to withdraw Ludo winnings.

Can I withdraw Bonus Cash?

The Zupee Ludo earning app offers bonus rewards in different ways. Users can use this bonus cash to play tournaments and win real cash prizes to withdraw the winnings.

Is the money withdrawal process safe?

The Zupee money withdrawal process is completely safe & secure. A user can withdraw the winning money from the Zupee wallet safely & instantly into their bank account or using a digital wallet.

How long does it take to receive my withdrawn money?

The withdrawal process with Zupee is designed to be instant. After confirming the winning amount and KYC verification, your earnings should be credited to your selected payment mode without significant delays.

How do I transfer money from Ludo to my bank account?

You must go to the Zupee app and click on your winnings at the top right corner. Click on the withdraw option in front of winnings (amount). Now select the amount you want to withdraw and your preferred mode of transaction. After completing the KYC verification process, the winning amount will be credited without any delays.

What are the minimum withdrawal requirements?

Zupee doesn’t limit any minimum amount to withdraw the winning amount. Thus, a user can instantly withdraw as low as Rs 2 from their Zupee wallet. However, KYC verification is required to withdraw the winning amount.

Can we withdraw money from Ludo?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Ludo by using the withdrawal options provided by the Ludo app you’re playing on, such as Paytm, bank transfers, or UPI payment gateways, depending on their policies.

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