New and improved Ludo board Game

Ludo Board - Online vs. Offline

The Ludo board is a four-sided board where 2-4 players can play. Ludo board game is derived from the Indian game Pachisi. The players are allotted four tokens, which they must move strategically based on a dice roll. The winner is decided based on the format and rules of the game. For instance, players need to take all four tokens inside the home area to win the classic Ludo game. But, when you play Ludo online on Zupee, you win by earning maximum points. So, even if all your tokens are not inside the home area, but you score maximum points, you win the game. Moreover, you also stand a chance to win real money by playing Zupee Ludo games!

Watch this video to learn how to play Ludo on the new and improved online board:

This article will draw a comparison between the classic Ludo board vs. the new ludo online board. We will also talk about the benefits of playing Ludo online.

Ludo Board: Price, Dimensions, and Parts

Ludo board typically consists of a flat, square board divided into four equal quadrants, each with a colored background.

Each quadrant contains three tracks of six squares, with a home base in the center of each quadrant. There are also four corner squares, one in each quadrant. The corner squares are typically marked with the four colors of the game.

The players’ pieces start in the corner of their respective quadrants and must make their way around the board along the paths of their respective colors. The first player to move all four pieces into the home base wins the game.

Ludo Board

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Ludo Board Dimensions

The dimensions of a standard Ludo board vary from brand to brand. However, most boards measure between 33 cm and 38 cm long and wide, with a playing area of about 28 cm by 28 cm.

Price of the board  

A normal Ludo board ranges from ₹300 to ₹400. Luxurious classic Ludo boards may range up to millions of dollars. These boards are made with gold, jewels, and expensive wood. 

No. of safe spots

There are generally four boxes which are the safe zones. These boxes have circles, and here tokens can be placed safely. 

No. of boxes

There is a total of 72 boxes on the Ludo board.

Color quadrants

The areas of the Ludo board have yellow, green, red, and blue colors. Players are allotted tokens according to these colors. 

Home area

The home area is the colored boxes through which you go home that help you win games.


The home area in the board is formed in the middle of cross forms. This home is a large square and is divided into 4 colored triangles. The first player to bring all four tokens here becomes the winner. 

Winning Money with Ludo Online

Ludo Board Online: Price, Dimensions, and parts

Zupee Ludo board is one of the most advanced and easy-to-access online Ludo board games. It allows online multi-player gaming without any hassle.  There are four types of Zupee Ludo games: Ludo Ninja, Turbo, and Supreme. The Ludo board for Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo are similar, with different designs.

Ludo Board Online

Online Ludo Board Dimensions

The Zupee Ludo board has been developed to adapt to any device and specifications. It is equipped with a mechanism that can use online adaptive features to cater to every player’s needs.  Ludo App Download for Android and iOS now!

Ludo board online price

Zupee Ludo board can be downloaded easily on iOS and Android devices. It is free to download and requires no charges or fees to play the game. The games involving monetary wins require you to add money to your wallet.

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No. of safe spots

Just like the classic Ludo board, the Zupee online Ludo board has the same safe spots i.e., four on its board. If your token lands in these safe spots, the opponents’ token cannot cut you.

The spot next to the yard is also the safe spot where all four tokens stand. Thus, in total, there are 8 safe spots.

No. of boxes

There is a total of 72 boxes in the Zupee Ludo boards.  

Color quadrants

The areas of the Zupee Ludo boards have four colors, namely yellow, green, red, and blue. Players are allotted tokens according to these colors automatically.

Home area

The home area is the colored boxes through which you go home that help you win games.


The home area of Zupee Ludo boards is designed a bit differently. Instead of four colored triangles, there is a square in the middle of the board.

Ludo Board: Online vs. Classic Game 

Ludo BoardClassic BoardZupee Ludo Board
Dimensions 12 x 12 cm, 14 x 14 cm or 24 x 24 cm. Online adaptive board. Adjusts according to the screen.
Price₹300 to Variable, depending on the brand.Free to download
No. of safe boxes48
No. of boxes7272
Color QuadrantsRed, Green, Yellow, and BlueRed, Green, Yellow, and Blue
RulesThe classic board game rules apply.The rules of the Zupee ludo board are different and much more exciting.
WinnerTake all four tokens into the home first.The Zupee board has a point system. The one with the maximum number of points wins the game. 

Benefits of playing the Ludo board game online

The origin of the Ludo board game can be traced back to history. A similar game Ludo has been mentioned in the great Indian epic Mahabharata. Apart from that, several historians have said that the Mughal King Akbar was a fan of playing Ludo. It is also said that Kautilya trained Chandragupta to be perfect in the game of Ludo. Ludo helps individuals build their logical, analytical, and cognitive abilities. This game helps one build strategies and be proficient in planning.

Benefits of playing Ludo Board online

The below mentioned are some benefits of playing Ludo:

1. Improves cognitive skills

Ludo increases your brain’s power to cope with situations cognitively. The randomness and excitement of Ludo help your brain develop skills that help tackle problems in real life as well. These cognitive skills help you in professional and academic commitments as well. Several scientists and mathematicians play the game of Ludo to increase their cognitive skills. 

2. Helps with mental health

Ludo helps individuals to cope with anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. Ludo helps individuals improve their mental health. It helps them develop calmness and a peaceful state of mind. 

3. Improves concentration

Ludo is a test of brain power. One wrong move, and it will make you a loser. This is why it requires a hundred percent concentration. Those who play ludo regularly understand this, and it helps them improve their concentration. The concentration skill developed here helps students get better grades and perform well in their assignments. 

4. It’s More Convenient

Playing ludo online is much more convenient than playing board games in person. You can play with people from anywhere in the world at any time without having to worry about transportation, finding a suitable place to play, or rearranging furniture in your living room.

5.  Variety

Many online Ludo games feature numerous versions of the game. This allows players to experience different versions of the classic game. For instance, downloading the Zupee App lets you play three Ludo games online.

6.  Strategy

Playing Ludo online can help players to develop their strategic skills. It requires the players to think ahead and plan the next few moves.

7.  Low Cost

Playing online eliminates the need for physical components, such as a board and pieces. This makes it a much more cost-effective option than buying a physical game.

Ludo Board – FAQs

Is the Zupee ludo board free? 

Zupee Ludo board games are free to download. Ludo App Download for Android and iOS now. You also have the option to play tournaments with or without an entry fee.

How do you play the Ludo board games?

Ludo board game is played with two to four players. Each player chooses a color and takes four pieces of that color. The game board comprises four concentric circles divided by four lines, one for each player. The objective is to move all four pieces around the board once to the home section of your color. Each turn, each player rolls a single die, then moves one of their pieces according to the number rolled. The first player to move all four pieces around the board and into their home section wins the game.

What are the rules of Ludo?

While playing Ludo, you need to look out for your opponent’s token. They can capture your token, or worst, their token is just about to reach their ‘Home base space.’ To avoid such a scenario, you must know the ludo game rules to strategize your moves. Here are 10 key rules to play Ludo.

Is the online Ludo board safe and legal? 

Yes. Make sure you play Ludo online on a secure platform. Zupee ludo board games are made after all the necessary permissions from all the authorities. The Ludo games developed by Zupee are completely legal and safe. Win Real Money with Ludo Supreme.

Is it safe to add money to the Zupee wallet? 

Yes. Zupee board games have partnered with the best transaction companies, including Visa, Google Pay, and other payment mechanisms, including all the recognized debit and credit cards. 

What is the origin of the Ludo board game?

The origin of the Ludo board game is not known for certain, though it is believed to have been derived from an ancient Indian board game called Pachisi. The earliest known version of Ludo dates back to late 19th century England, where it was known as Ludo and later as Parcheesi. It first started gaining popularity as an indoor game in the early 20th century. Get to Know the Ludo Image here.

How many players can play a game of Ludo?

Ludo is typically a game for two to four players but can be adapted for larger groups. Download Ludo Game for free.