Snakes and ladders origin - Moksha Patam

Who invented Snakes and Ladders?

November 8, 2023 By Lekhika Dhariyal

Snakes and Ladders board game was originally created by Sant Dnyaneshwar, a Marathi saint and philosopher, with the purpose of imparting moral lessons to children and highlighting the repercussions of their actions. Over time, the game evolved and was introduced to England in the late 19th century. In today’s world, Snakes and Ladders have transitioned … Read more

snakes & ladders variations

Alternative to Snakes and Ladders

October 27, 2023 By Mounica Duvva

Snakes and Ladders, a classic board game enjoyed by generations, has undergone various transformations to keep players engaged and entertained. Among these innovative Snakes and Ladders variation, Zupee’s Snakes and Ladders Plus stands out as an exciting alternative that adds a unique twist to the traditional gameplay. Before we delve, into the intriguing aspects of … Read more

Snakes and Ladders Game guide

Snakes and Ladders Game

May 30, 2023 By Lekhika Dhariyal

Snakes and Ladders game is a classic board game where players move their tokens along a series of squares according to dice throws. The game originated in ancient India as “Moksha Patam.” Over the years, this game has gained popularity, and now you can even play it online. The best part – the game’s objective … Read more