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Turbo Speed Ludo: Advantages

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Won ₹50,000

Speed Ludo winner - Preeti

My favourite game on Zupee platform is Ludo, where I have won over ₹50,000. I particularly like the ₹1 game starts, instant withdrawals, and speed ludo games, which wrap up in 10 minutes. It's a safe and secure platform.

Won ₹25,000

Speed Ludo winner - Janved

I learned about Zupee Ludo from Facebook and started playing it. Gradually, I kept playing, and one day I won ₹25,000. Now, I play every day and keep winning consistently.

Won ₹50,000

Speed Ludo winner - Asif

My favorite Indian game is Zupee Ludo, in which I've won ₹50,000 so far. The best thing about Zupee is that withdrawing money is very fast and easy.

Won ₹1.25 crore

Speed Ludo game winner - Ajay

I've won over ₹1.25 crore playing Ludo Supreme. What I really appreciate about Zupee are features like instant withdrawals and fair gameplay. I've recommended Supreme Ludo Gold Zupee to all my friends.

Won ₹1 Lakh

Speed Ludo game winner - Maan

I came across Zupee's social media advertisement and decided to try the game. I ended up winning ₹1 lakh in the Ludo Supreme game. Overall, I've had a good experience with Zupee.

Won iPhone

Speed Ludo winner - Ahmed

The app is very smooth, with speed ludo games under 10 minutes. It is a secure app.


How to Download Ludo Turbo Apk?

You can download the Turbo Speed Ludo apk by installing Zupee App:

  • Click the download button to get the Zupee app on your mobile device.
  • A general warning will appear; click OK.
  • Check your phone notifications or go to “My files -> Downloads folder” to find the app.
  • Install the app and complete the registration process.
  • Select the Ludo Turbo format, then choose between free and paid games to start playing.

Speed Ludo Game on Zupee

Speed Ludo combines the timeless fun of Ludo game with a twist of speed, making it more exciting and enjoyable. The gameplay lasts less than 10 minutes. Ludo Turbo is one variation of the Speed Ludo online game available on Zupee.

Other popular fast-paced Ludo games by Zupee include Ludo Supreme League | Ludo Supreme Gold | Ludo Ninja.

How to play Speed Ludo on Ludo Turbo?

  • Pick your format. Play in 2-player or 4-player modes. Depending on the mode, there can be up to 3 winners.
  • Free or Paid games: Go for free or paid games. Either way, you have a chance to win real money.
  • Start playing Turbo Speed Ludo APK: No need for a 6 to get going; all tokens start in play.
  • Earn Points: Get 1 point for each box you move. Bringing a token home gives you an extra 56 points.
  • Bonus Moves: Get extra moves by rolling a 6, bringing a token home or landing on an opponent’s token.
  • Maximize Your Points: Rack up the most points within 30 moves for 2-player modes and 18 moves for 4-player modes to win real money. Highest points win! Ready to win up to 10 lakhs? Start with a Ludo Turbo APK download!

Ludo Turbo Key Gameplay Points

Here’s how Zupee’s Speed Ludo apk puts a unique spin on the classic Ludo game rules:

  • Immediate Play: All tokens start in the open position; no need to roll a 6.
  • Balanced Dice Rolls: Each player gets an equal number of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s, in a different sequence.
  • Move Time Limit: Players have 10 seconds to make each move. A 30-second time bank is activated if time runs out. This can be used throughout the Ludo Turbo apk game.
  • Turn Penalties: Failing to move within the time limit costs you a turn. Missing three turns results in elimination from the game.
  • Earning Extra Turns: Get an extra turn by rolling a 6, cutting an opponent’s token, or bringing a token home.
  • Scoring Points: Earn 1 point for every box moved. If a token is cut, all points for that token are lost.
  • Home Run Bonus: Each token that reaches home earns an extra 56 points.

Tips and Tricks to win Ludo Turbo

Use these tips and tricks to boost your chances of winning the Ludo Turbo game:

  1. Track Dice Rolls: In a 2-player game, each player gets a 6 on their dice five times, while in a 4-player game, each player gets a 6 three times. Keep an eye on your opponent’s rolls..
  2. Cut Opponent’s Tokens: Seize every opportunity to cut your opponent’s tokens. Everyone aims to win, so stay vigilant.
  3. Value Your Advanced Token: The token that has moved the furthest is the most valuable. It can earn you an extra 56 points. If it gets cut, you lose the most points.
  4. Play Thoughtfully: When you’re in the lead, take your time with each move to maintain your advantage.
  5. Utilize Safe Boxes: Safe boxes are crucial. Use them to protect your tokens.
  6. Stay Ahead: Aim to stay at least 7 boxes ahead of your opponent to maintain a strategic advantage.

Ludo Turbo- FAQs

Absolutely! On Zupee, Turbo Speed Ludo download can help you win real money. Regardless of whether you choose free or paid games, you have the chance to win up to 10 lakhs.

Withdrawing your winnings from the Ludo Turbo game is easy. Simply log in to your Zupee account and click on the withdraw option. Add your bank details or withdraw through UPI. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click the withdraw button. Learn more about the process of Ludo money withdrawal.

On Ludo Turbo, 2-4 players can join a game of speed Ludo. In a 2-player game, each player gets 30 moves, while in a 4-player game, each player has 18 moves.

Yes, Turbo Speed Ludo APK download lets you play games without paying any entry fee on Zupee.

Yes, it is safe to add money to Speed Ludo online Turbo games. Ludo Turbo, a real cash game by Zupee, partners with top payment providers to ensure secure transactions. You can add money using a debit/credit card, bank account, UPI, or wallet.

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