20 Best Daily 100 Rupees Earning App Without Investment in India

daily 100 rupees earning app

⁤In 2024, the market is growing widely in India for people who want to work through the Internet and earn extra money. ⁤⁤Thanks to smartphones and internet connection availability, many applications allow people to generate income online without a deposit. ⁤⁤These apps will most likely become a good opportunity for those who want to receive 100 rupees per day without investing in anything. ⁤

This article will delve into the 20 best daily 100 rupees earning app without investment, each offering unique user features and opportunities.

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App NameType of AppPotential Earning per Day (INR)
FlashEarnTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
EarnKaroAffiliate Marketing100+ (based on sales)
WinbajiTriviaUp to 100
Pocket MoneyMulti-taskUp to 100
Feature PointsApp TestingUp to 100
WinzyTrivia VariesVaries (based on winnings)
Roz DhanTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
TaskBucksTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
SwagbucksTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
EarnEasyTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
TolokaMicro Tasks/SurveysVaries
FreecashTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
Google Opinion RewardsSurveysVaries
mPaisa AppTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
Pollpe AppSurveysUp to 100
U Speak We PaySpeech RecognitionVaries
FrizzaTask Completion/SurveysUp to 100
CashbuddyCashback/RewardsUp to 100
LocoTriviaUp to 100
GlowRoadSocial CommerceVaries
Note: Earning potential may vary based on user activity, tasks completed, and other factors. Zupee is not responsible for these estimates’ accuracy success, or monetization strategies. Users are advised to use discretion and research thoroughly before engaging with earning apps.

1. FlashEarn

FlashEarn is an app designed to give users daily earning opportunities through various tasks and activities. This daily 100 rupees earning app is user-friendly and available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a broader audience. Users can do simple tasks such as surveys, watching videos, and completing offers to earn money.

Features – FlashEarn offers real-time task updates, allowing users to take advantage of opportunities as soon as they become available. It also features a user-friendly dashboard where earnings can be tracked easily.


  • No initial investment is required to start earning.
  • Offers a wide range of tasks, ensuring options for all types of users.
  • Quick withdrawal process, with various payment options available.
  • Regular updates of tasks to maximize earning opportunities.


  • Earnings per task can be relatively low, requiring numerous tasks to accumulate substantial money.
  • Tasks availability might vary based on the geographical location.
  • Some tasks may require more time than they are worth regarding payout.
  • Limited customer support can make resolving issues challenging.

2. EarnKaro

EarnKaro is a cashback and affiliate marketing app that allows users to earn money by sharing deals from popular online retailers with their network. This is one of the best daily 100 rs earning app where users earn a profit percentage every time someone shops through their shared links.

Features – EarnKaro provides seamless integration with major online shopping platforms and offers real-time tracking of earnings and transactions.


  • Opportunity to earn passive income through affiliate commissions.
  • No cap on earnings; more shares lead to potentially higher income.
  • Easy to use, with direct link-sharing features.
  • Regular payouts with minimal transaction restrictions.


  • Requires a good social network to generate significant earnings.
  • Earnings are dependent on actual purchases made through shared links.
  • Limited control over the availability and attractiveness of deals.
  • It can be competitive, as many users may share similar deals.

3. Winbaji

If you are interested in how to earn 100 rupees per day without investment by answering trivia, then Winbaji is an ideal choice. This engaging quiz app allows users to leverage their knowledge across various topics to win cash by answering trivia questions. Winbaji combines the thrill of competition with the opportunity to earn money, making it highly popular among trivia lovers. It’s designed to provide a daily 100 rs earning app experience through its features and interactive elements.

Features – Winbaji offers a dynamic gameplay environment where new quiz questions are introduced regularly, ensuring the content stays fresh and engaging. The app also includes features like a leaderboard and user statistics to track performance over time.


  • No initial investment is required, making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone.
  • Instant cash rewards incentivize quick and accurate answers.
  • Daily challenges provide additional opportunities to earn bonuses and increase daily winnings.
  • Interactive gameplay with regular updates keeps the user experience lively and engaging.
  • Strong community engagement through live trivia sessions and competitive leaderboards.


  • Earnings are dependent on trivia performance, which may fluctuate daily.
  • The competitive nature might be daunting for beginners or those less knowledgeable in popular quiz categories.
  • Limited to trivia-based earnings, with no alternative tasks for income diversification.
  • Participating in live sessions and taking advantage of peak earning opportunities may require a consistent time investment.

4. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a popular app that allows users to earn 100 rs instantly by participating in various activities like downloading apps, playing games, and completing surveys. The app also offers telecom and DTH recharge options.

Features – It includes a referral system where users can earn extra by inviting friends, besides its primary earning tasks.


  • It provides diverse ways to earn money, including referrals and app installations.
  • Regular contests and offers to increase earning potential.
  • Instant credit of earnings to the user’s account.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and task completion.


  • Reward amounts can be small, necessitating engagement in many activities for good earnings.
  • Some high-reward tasks might require in-app purchases.
  • The availability of tasks can be inconsistent.
  • The app is prone to occasional glitches that can affect task tracking.

5. Feature Points

Feature Points allow users to earn points by trying out new apps, completing surveys, and shopping online. How to earn 100 rs instantly? Points can then be converted into gift cards, cash, or Bitcoin.

Features – The app offers a flexible points system and includes various redemption options to cater to different preferences.


  • It offers multiple earning methods, including surveys, app testing, and shopping.
  • Provides various redemption options, including cash and cryptocurrency.
  • Features a straightforward point collection and redemption process.
  • Available internationally, providing wider access to different tasks.


  • Some geographic regions may have fewer tasks available.
  • Point accumulation can be slow, requiring consistent activity to earn meaningful rewards.
  • Payout thresholds can be high for certain redemption options.
  • Limited customer support can complicate issue resolution.

6. Winzy

Winzy is a gaming and trivia app that allows users to earn rewards by participating in quizzes and games. The platform offers a competitive and fun way to earn while testing one’s knowledge in various subjects.

Features – Winzy features live trivia games, timed quizzes, and a leaderboard system to encourage competitive play and increase user engagement.


  • An engaging and fun way to earn money through knowledge and gaming.
  • Offers cash prizes and other rewards for top performers in quizzes.
  • Regular updates with new games and trivia categories to keep content fresh.
  • Social features to compete against friends and other players.


  • Earnings are contingent on winning games, which may not be consistent.
  • It can be time-consuming to participate in live games due to scheduled times.
  • Subjects available on the platform are limited and may not suit everyone’s interests.
  • Potential pressure to perform well in competitive scenarios.

7. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is an all-in-one app that lets users earn money through activities such as reading news, installing apps, playing games, and checking in daily. It’s one of the leading apps in India for earning money without any investment.

Features – The app also includes a fitness tracker that pays users to walk, adding a unique health aspect to earning money.


  • Multiple avenues to earn money, including unique options like earning by walking.
  • Provides daily bonuses and rewards for regular check-ins.
  • Available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a broader user base in India.
  • Quick and easy withdrawal of earnings through popular payment methods.


  • Earnings per activity can be low, requiring frequent use to accumulate substantial amounts.
  • Some featured apps and games may not be of interest to all users.
  • High data usage for some activities, which might not be ideal for users with limited data plans.
  • Dependency on continuous app interaction to maintain earning flow.

8. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is an app where users can earn by completing tasks such as filling out surveys, watching videos, and using apps. It’s particularly popular for its paytm cash transfer option.

Features – In addition to standard tasks, TaskBucks offers contests and referral bonuses to enhance earning potential.


  • Provides a variety of tasks, keeping the content diverse and engaging.
  • Offers direct transfer of earnings to Paytm, simplifying the withdrawal process.
  • Frequent contests and referral bonuses can significantly increase earnings.
  • Suitable for users looking to earn small amounts of money during spare time.


  • The payout per task is relatively low, requiring significant time investment to earn more.
  • Task availability may fluctuate, affecting potential earnings.
  • Some users may find the app interface cluttered with too many options.
  • Limited customer support can make troubleshooting issues difficult.

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most well-known reward apps globally, where users can earn points (called SB) by shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, and completing surveys. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash back.

Features – Swagbucks offers various activities and a robust rewards system that includes daily goals and bonus points.


  • Diverse methods to earn points, ensuring users have constant opportunities.
  • Extensive list of reward options, including gift cards from major retailers and cash through PayPal.
  • User-friendly interface with easy tracking of points and activities.
  • Bonus points for meeting daily goals enhance earning potential.


  • Higher reward items require a substantial amount of points, which may take time to accumulate.
  • Geographic restrictions may limit the availability of certain activities and rewards.
  • Some activities offer minimal points, requiring a lot of effort for little return.
  • Reports of delayed payments or issues with account suspension can be a concern.

10. EarnEasy

EarnEasy is an app designed for users to make money through a variety of micro-tasks like completing surveys, watching ads, and testing new apps. It targets users who want quick and straightforward tasks.

Features – EarnEasy stands out with its minimalistic design and rapid task completion features, aimed at maximizing the user’s time and effort.


  • Simple tasks that can be completed quickly for instant rewards.
  • Low cash-out threshold, allowing users to withdraw earnings frequently.
  • Includes a bonus system for completing a certain number of tasks.
  • Available on multiple platforms, increasing accessibility.


  • Limited task variety, which might become monotonous over time.
  • Some tasks have very low payouts, requiring numerous completions for significant earnings.
  • Occasionally, tasks may run out due to high user engagement.
  • Users report sporadic technical issues with the app.

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11. Toloka

Toloka is a crowd-sourced app that allows users to earn money by performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as image annotation, data validation, and survey participation.

Features – Toloka offers flexibility in task selection and scheduling, making it suitable for users with varying schedules.


  • Wide range of tasks that contribute to AI and machine learning projects.
  • Flexible working hours, as users can choose tasks at any time.
  • Available worldwide, offering tasks in various languages.
  • Reliable payments with multiple withdrawal options.


  • Some tasks require specific skills or higher accuracy, which might be challenging for beginners.
  • The pay rate for some complex tasks may not correspond with the effort needed.
  • Task availability can be inconsistent, depending on the user’s location.
  • Initial learning curve to understand specific task requirements.

12. Freecash

Freecash is a fast-growing app where users can earn money by completing surveys, playing games, and participating in daily contests.

Features – It boasts one of the fastest payout speeds in the industry, with users often receiving their earnings within minutes of requesting.


  • High earning potential with a variety of engaging tasks.
  • Extremely fast payouts, often processed within minutes.
  • User-friendly interface that newcomers can easily navigate.
  • Active community and support system to help users maximize their earnings.


  • Competition for high-paying tasks and contests can be intense.
  • Some geographic regions may have fewer opportunities available.
  • Relies heavily on third-party services for tasks, which can affect consistency.
  • Some users may experience delays in payouts during high traffic periods.

13. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a popular app developed by Google that compensates users with credit for completing surveys based on their interests and recent shopping experiences.

Features – This app stands out for its simplicity and the reliability of being backed by a tech giant like Google.


  • Surveys are typically short, making them easy to complete quickly.
  • Credits can be used to purchase apps, movies, books, and other digital goods on Google Play.
  • High trust and security level due to Google’s backing.
  • Users receive notifications when new surveys are available, tailored to their profile.


  • Limited to earning credits for use within the Google ecosystem, not cash.
  • Survey availability can be sporadic, depending on the user’s demographic profile.
  • Some users may find the reward per survey to be lower than expected.
  • No cash payout option, which might not appeal to all users.

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14. mPaisa App

mPaisa App allows users to earn money by performing tasks such as viewing ads, downloading apps, and inviting friends. It is trendy in regions where mobile credit is a preferred reward option.

Features – The app includes a robust referral program that significantly boosts earning potential when users bring in new participants.


  • Simple tasks that are easy to accomplish.
  • Referral program enhances earning potential.
  • Payouts in the form of mobile credit, appealing to users who value this option.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners.


  • Limited to mobile credit, not offering cash withdrawal options.
  • Earning potential is highly dependent on network size due to the focus on referrals.
  • Task availability may be limited based on regional demand.
  • Some tasks offer minimal compensation, requiring substantial effort for meaningful rewards.

15. Pollpe App

Pollpe App is designed for users to earn by participating in polls and surveys on various topics, from consumer products to political opinions.

Features – It provides a straightforward platform for voice-based surveys, making it unique among survey apps.


  • Engages users with voice-based survey options, providing a more interactive experience.
  • Quick and easy survey completion, usually taking only a few minutes.
  • Offers rewards in the form of cash, gift cards, and other incentives.
  • Periodic contests and special events to earn additional rewards.


  • Limited number of surveys available at times, which can hinder earning potential.
  • Some surveys require detailed demographic matching, restricting availability for some users.
  • Rewards may vary significantly between surveys, with some offering minimal compensation.
  • Users may experience delays in receiving rewards due to processing times.

16. U Speak We Pay

U Speak We Pay rewards users for simply speaking—participants read sentences displayed on their screen and get paid. This app is particularly aimed at improving voice recognition technologies.

Features – It provides a unique earning method by leveraging users’ voices to contribute to AI research and development.


  • Simple and unique task—users are paid to speak, which is easy and accessible.
  • Contributes to technological advancements, particularly in language processing.
  • Quick task completion, with immediate feedback on performance.
  • Payments are straightforward and typically processed quickly.


  • Payment per task can be low, requiring many sessions to accumulate substantial earnings.
  • Limited availability of tasks, depending on the language and demand.
  • Some users may find the tasks monotonous after a period.
  • Requires good articulation and clarity in speech, which may be challenging for some.

17. Frizza

Frizza is an app that provides earnings for users who install apps, watch videos, and complete simple promotional tasks. It’s marketed towards young audiences looking for easy ways to earn pocket money.

Features – Frizza is known for its simplicity and the ease with which users can start earning immediately after downloading.


  • Straightforward tasks that do not require advanced skills or much time.
  • Offers a variety of tasks to keep the experience fresh and engaging.
  • Provides instant credit of earnings, with various withdrawal options.
  • Active promotional offers increase earning opportunities.


  • Rewards for individual tasks can be quite low, requiring significant effort to earn more.
  • Some tasks may require users to keep installed apps for a certain period, taking up device space.
  • Limited customer support, which can affect users’ ability to resolve issues quickly.
  • Dependence on advertisers’ demand may influence the availability and variety of tasks.

18. Cashbuddy

Cashbuddy is an app where users can earn by shopping online, watching ads, and participating in daily quizzes. It is designed to integrate earning with regular online activities.

Features – Cashbuddy integrates seamlessly with online shopping, providing cashback and direct earnings from tasks.


  • Dual earning potential through tasks and cashback from online purchases.
  • Provides daily challenges and quizzes for additional earnings.
  • User-friendly interface that facilitates easy navigation and task completion.
  • Quick withdrawal process with several payment options.


  • Cashback and earnings are tied to partner retailers and may not cover all user purchases.
  • Some tasks and offers may only be available to users in specific regions.
  • Dependency on commercial partners can affect the consistency and variety of tasks.
  • Users may need to spend money to access some of the higher-earning tasks, such as shopping.

19. Loco

Loco is a live trivia and gaming app where users can earn by participating in live quizzes and streaming their gameplay. It appeals to users who enjoy gaming and live competitions.

Features – Loco integrates gaming with live streaming, offering an interactive platform for both viewers and participants.


  • Combines entertainment with earning potential through live games and quizzes.
  • Offers a platform for users to stream their gaming sessions and earn through viewership.
  • Active community of gamers and quiz enthusiasts, enhancing the social aspect of the app.
  • Regular updates with new games and features to keep the platform engaging.


  • Earnings are highly dependent on winning quizzes or attracting viewers, which may not be consistent.
  • Requires a good internet connection for live streaming, which may not be available to all users.
  • Competitive nature may deter users who prefer non-competitive tasks.
  • Can be time-consuming, as significant involvement is required to maximize earnings.

20. GlowRoad

GlowRoad is an app designed for users to earn through a reselling model. How to earn 100 rupees per day online? Users can resell products from suppliers on the platform to their contacts via social media or other channels.

Features – It provides an extensive catalog of products ranging from apparel to home goods, which users can market without holding any inventory.


  • Offers a no-risk model to earn money as users do not need to purchase inventory upfront.
  • A Wide range of products allows users to cater to varied customer tastes.
  • Provides tools and support for marketing the products effectively.
  • Profit margins are set by the users, offering flexibility in earnings.


  • Earnings are entirely dependent on sales, requiring good marketing and sales skills.
  • Competitive market, as many users may be reselling similar products.
  • Requires time and effort to establish a customer base and maintain sales.
  • Some users may find the app’s interface overwhelming due to the extensive range of products.

How to earn 100 rs per day without investment online: Final Words

These are some of the daily 100 rupees money earning apps without investment that offer a convenient way for users to earn extra cash right from their smartphones. Whether you’re looking to complete simple tasks, play games, or share your opinions, there’s an earning app for everyone. So why wait? Download one of these apps today and start earning money effortlessly!

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Daily 100 Rupees Earning App – FAQs

How can I earn 100 RS daily?

You can earn 100 rupees daily by using various earning apps that offer tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, and playing games.

How do you withdraw winning money from these apps?

To withdraw winning money from these apps, you typically need to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold and follow the withdrawal instructions provided by the app, such as linking a bank account or using a digital wallet.

Are these apps safe to use?

Yes, these apps are generally safe to use, but reading reviews, checking ratings, and sticking to reputable platforms is essential to minimize risks.

How long will it take to earn money from these apps?

The time it takes to earn money from these apps varies depending on factors like the tasks available, your level of activity, and the payout rates of the apps.

Are there legitimate apps to earn money without investment in India?

Yes, there are legitimate apps available in India that allow you to earn money without any investment. However, it’s crucial to research and choose reliable apps with positive reviews and a track record of paying users on time.

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