Travel games to play on your smartphone in 2024

Travel Games

Are you looking for fun travel games to play online? From classic board games to exciting puzzles, travel games help you stay entertained and pass the time while commuting. Here, we have compiled a list of the 6 best travel games available while you are away from home. So what are you waiting for? Grab your devices and get ready to have fun with these amazing travel games!

6 Best Travel Games

Zupee offers some of the best online travel games. Once you log in to Zupee, you can remain assured that you will get the best gaming experience and the chance to win real cash. The following are the games on the Zupee app:

  1. Ludo Supreme
  2. Ludo Ninja
  3. Ludo Turbo
  4. Ludo Supreme League
  5. Snakes and Ladders Plus
  6. Trump Cards Mania

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Ludo Supreme – Time-based Travel Game

Ludo Supreme is one of the best online traveling Ludo games on Zupee. This game can be easily played with two, three, or four players. The gameplay time is approx. 8 to 10 mins.  It is a time-based game where players must earn maximum points within the timeframe. To make the gameplay quick, a timer is set for each player to make their move. Watch how to play Ludo Supreme online:

Try classic board game Ludo online.

Ludo Ninja – Dice-less Travel Game

Ludo Ninja is another Ludo travel game to be played in 2023. It is based on the popular classic game and offers an exciting new twist. It is a dice-less game where players can see the upcoming value on the dice. All players get the same value but in a different order. While most other Ludo games cannot provide a dice-less playing environment, 24/7 live tournaments, or cash winnings, Ludo Ninja is free to download and unique in comparison. Take a look at the features of this travel game below:

Travel games to play

Ludo Turbo – Move-based Travel Game

Ludo Turbo is another Ludo game by Zupee, which follows the same rules as Ludo Supreme, but players have limited moves. Ludo Turbo is a faster version of the game of Ludo, which is more challenging and exciting. It is a move-based game, where in a 2-player game, you get 30 moves, whereas in a 4-player game, you get 18 moves.

Ludo Supreme League – Single-player Travel Game

Ludo Supreme League is another great option for those looking for a new twist on a classic board game. You compete with others to move up the leaderboard and win real cash by playing Ludo tournament online. Take a look at how to play Ludo Supreme League on Zupee:

Snakes and Ladders Plus – Unique multi-token Travel game

Snakes and Ladders Plus is an option for those looking for an exciting twist on an old classic. Players must use their wit and strategy to traverse the board and earn maximum points. Moreover, each player gets 3 tokens, rather than 1, like in the classic Snakes and Ladders game.

Trump Cards Mania – IPL-based Cricket game

Trump Cards Mania is a great online traveling game for those looking for something fun and exciting. Trump Cards Online is a strategic and tactical card game where players battle one another. It is a popular game among cricket fans and fans of trump cards. It is a cricket trump cards game based on the IPL you can play on your mobile device. The stats used in the game go through the 2022 IPL.

Travel card games

Travel Games

Travel games are forms of amusement that can be enjoyed while traveling. They make the ride more enjoyable by passing the time. They can include everything from board games to card games to video games that can be played on physical boards, laptops, or cell phones. The idea is to select a game that is appropriate for the situation.

Traveling is now more convenient and accessible than ever, just like online games. Gone are the days when you carried the game board. Now, the games are just one click away! In fact, some apps allow you to play games for cash. Zupee is one such app.

Why play travel games?

Why to play games while traveling

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer playing games while traveling:

  1. Travel games help keep boredom away: Traveling can be long and tedious, but with suitable games, you can stay engaged throughout your journey. Playing games helps keep your mind active and engaged, preventing boredom and helping you make the most of your travel time.
  2. Give you something to look forward to: Whether a competitive or cooperative game, having something to look forward to can add an extra layer of excitement to your travels.
  3. Great for passing the time: Playing games can help you pass quickly on a long trip. Whether in a car or on a plane, having something to do can help make your travel time go by faster.
  4. Travel games provide a learning opportunity: Traveling games are a great way to learn about new cultures, places, and people. Whether it’s a geography quiz or an activity related to a specific culture, playing games can be an educational experience.
  5. Travel games connect people: Playing games while traveling is a great way to bring people together and form connections. It’s a fun and engaging way to bond with friends and family and meet new people.

A wide range of travel games is available, from physical board and card games to trivia and guessing games. In fact, with the advancement in technology, you can play these games online too.

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Why Play Travel Games Online?

Playing online travel games offers several benefits, including convenience, cost savings, and the ability to play with multiple people worldwide. Some of the best online traveling games, such as Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Trump Cards can be found on Zupee and are sure to provide hours of entertainment with their quick gameplay and the chance to win real cash prizes!

Online travel games

Pros of playing Travel Games online

Here are some advantages of playing online travel games:

  1. Ease of Access & Quick Gameplay
  2. More Variety
  3. Good Distressing Tool
  4. Attentive Mind
  5. Multiplayer games
  6. Win Cash

Ease of Access & Quick Gameplay

Online travel games are easy to access. You don’t need an expensive console or powerful device to play them. You need an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop, and you’re good to go. Moreover, the gameplay time is less, sometimes less than 10mins!

More Variety

Online travel games offer more variety than most console or PC titles. With various options, something is bound to suit your interests. They also have a low learning curve, so you can easily get into the game even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Good Distressing Tool

Online travel games can also provide a much-needed distraction from the stress of traveling. You can forget your worries and immerse yourself in a different world for a few hours. It can help reduce boredom and make the journey more enjoyable.

Attentive Mind

Another great benefit of online travel games is that they help keep your mind active during long trips. Playing such games can improve your problem-solving skills and logical thinking. It can also help you practice patience and stay calm under pressure.

Multiplayer games

Some of the best traveling games have multiple modes, like 2 players, 3 players, or 4 players. You can choose which mode you want to play. Here are the best online multiplayer games to play in 2024.

Win Cash

Some of the online games allow you to win real cash. Zupee, for example, has six online real-money games where you can win up to ten lakhs! Click on the “Download App” button and start winning!

Play Zupee Games and win up to Rs. 10 lakhs! Click on the “Download app” button.

Travel Games – Key Takeaways

Playing travel games can be a fun way to pass the time while on the go. Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or plane, an excellent game can help make the trip more enjoyable. When considering the best online traveling games, there are a few key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Think about the type of game that would work best for you. You may want something fast-paced and intense or something more relaxed and low-stakes. Also, consider the type of device you’ll be using to play – some games may require specific hardware or software.
  • Make sure the game is not too complicated. Some games can be tailored to different skill levels, so check this before playing.
  • Consider how much time you have to invest in playing games while traveling.

Travel Games – FAQs  

Why play Travel games?

Traveling can be monotonous and exhausting, but with the right games, it can be made fun and exciting. Playing games is a terrific way to pass the time and enjoy your journey.

What are some Travel games for solo travelers?

Solo travelers can enjoy both single-player and multiplayer games online. They can play Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and trump cards. Apps like Zupee offer classic board and card games online that can be fun ways to pass the time. Take a look at the best travel ludo games.

What are the advantages of playing Travel games online?

There are numerous advantages to playing Travel Games online, such as the convenience of playing from any location and the chance to connect with other players worldwide.

Can I download games to my phone before traveling?

Yes, you can download games to your phone before traveling.

Are there any travel-friendly games that I can play without needing internet access?

Yes, many travel-friendly games don’t require internet access. Popular choices include word games such as Crosswords or Hangman, card games like Gin Rummy or Solitaire, and Board games such as Mancala.

Can I bring my video game console while traveling?

Yes, you can bring your video game console while traveling. However, ensuring you have all the necessary cables and adapters before departing is important.