20 Best Ways to Make Money In One Hour In India

How to earn money in one hour?

Are you looking to earn money in one hour? In today’s fast-paced world, the need for quick cash is a common desire. Whether it’s to cover unexpected expenses or add a little extra to your wallet, making money in just an hour is appealing. There are various ways to achieve this.

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In this article, we’ll explore various methods & find out how to make money in one hour.

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20 Best Ways to Make Money in One Hour

There are many ways to make money in just one hour or less, and you don’t need to spend a dime upfront. Let us explore 20 legitimate methods to help you know how to earn money in one hour online.

You can also watch this video, where we discuss the top apps for cash in India:

How to Make Money in 1 HourApprox. Earning in 1 Hour
Tutoring Online₹200 to ₹500
Freelance Writing₹250 to over ₹1,000
Graphic Design₹300 to ₹1,500
Data Entry₹100 to ₹300
Online Surveys₹50 to ₹200
Pet Sitting₹200 to ₹500
Delivery Services₹100 to ₹300
Ride-Sharing Driver₹200 to ₹400
Selling Handicrafts Online₹300 to ₹1,000
Play Online Games₹10 to ₹500
Social Media Management₹250 to ₹1,000
Photography₹500 to ₹2,000
Fitness Trainer₹500 and ₹1,500
Yoga Instructor₹300 to ₹1,000 
Web Development₹500 to ₹2,000
Stock TradingDepends on Profit & Loss
Consulting₹1,000 to ₹5,000 
Language Translation₹250 to ₹1,000
Event Planning₹500 to ₹2,000
Teach Music₹300 to ₹1,000 

1. Tutoring Online

If you want to learn how to make money in one hour, online tutoring is the best fit for you.

Online tutoring is a flexible job with very high salaries in India, specifically due to the increasing demand for personalized learning and the comfort of studying at home.

Virtual tutoring requires teaching students using digital platforms in any discipline or several disciplines. The tutors use Zoom, Google Meet, or the specialist platform provided by the tutoring companies to interact with students. This helps students teaches lessons, and provide feedback on assignments and test preparations.

Key Features of Online Tutoring:

  • Subject Expertise: Tutors need to have a strong knowledge of the subject they plan to teach, ranging from elementary school curriculum to college-level subjects, competitive exams, or even language learning.
  • Technology Use: Tutors must be comfortable using computers and online teaching tools, including digital whiteboards, presentation software, and educational apps to enhance the learning experience.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial in online tutoring to ensure that students of varying ages and educational backgrounds clearly understand concepts.
  • Flexibility: Online tutoring can be scheduled according to the convenience of both the tutor and the students, making it a flexible job option suitable for different time zones and personal schedules.

Earnings – Typically, you can earn between ₹200 to ₹500 per hour, depending on your qualifications and the subject matter.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a commonly preferred work option for those who are looking for how to make money in 1 hour. This job is best for those with a flair for writing and who can utilize their skills in different niches like technology, education, marketing, etc.

Freelance writing is creating content for multiple clients on a contract basis rather than only one company. The content may vary in nature and include blog posts, articles, web content, technical writing, copywriting, and creative writing. Freelance writers prefer working at home or in their offices, taking care of their agenda, and making decisions regarding their work.

Key Features of Freelance Writing:

  • Diverse Opportunities: Writers can explore various genres, including but not limited to SEO content, academic writing, journalism, scriptwriting, and social media content creation.
  • Flexibility: One of the biggest perks of freelance writing is the ability to work on flexible schedules, choose clients, and decide on workload according to convenience.
  • Skill Development: It offers continuous opportunities for writers to hone their skills in researching, writing, editing, and understanding different industries.

Earnings – Freelance writers can earn from ₹250 to over ₹1,000 per hour based on the complexity of the topic and expertise.

3. Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of those jobs that helps you find out how to earn money in one hour. It is a broad and creative career direction in which visual content should be produced to convey meaning. Graphic designers utilize different design elements like typography, pictures, symbols, and colours to create a graphic look that is required for websites, advertisements, publications, product packaging, and many other things.

Graphic design is a strategic and systematic skill that visually depicts information and communication. The work can take place on any scale, from creating a stamp design to a national sign system for post offices.

Key Features of Graphic Design:

  • Diverse Media: Designers work across digital and print media. They create everything from websites and digital advertisements to brochures and product labels.
  • Creative and Technical Skills: Graphic design requires combining creative thinking (to generate innovative ideas) and technical expertise (to execute those ideas effectively).
  • Tools and Software: Proficiency in design software, mainly Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), is essential.
  • Visual Problem Solving: Graphic designers often must solve specific visual communication challenges and develop effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Earnings: Rates vary widely, typically from ₹300 to ₹1,500 per hour, depending on the design complexity and client demands.

4. Data Entry

If you want to make money in 1 hour, then considering data entry jobs is a practical option. Data entry is the most fundamental and vital task for companies across the board. The role entails data entry into computers, database systems, or spreadsheets. It is a diverse job encompassing many sectors, including healthcare, finance, retail, and IT.

It is a process of populating or updating data from paper documents into a computer system using a keyboard, scanner, or data recorder as input tools.

Key Features of Data Entry:

  • Skill Requirements: The primary skills required include fast and accurate typing. Also, knowledge of office productivity software like Microsoft Excel or similar, and sometimes, a basic understanding of databases.
  • Low Entry Barrier: Data entry jobs often require only a high school diploma or equivalent, making it accessible to many job seekers.
  • Flexibility: Many data entry jobs are offered on a flexible schedule, including part-time, freelance, and telecommuting positions, which makes it appealing to people seeking flexible work arrangements.
  • Attention to Detail: A critical aspect of data entry is a keen attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of the data entered.

Earnings: With data entry jobs, you can earn ₹100 to ₹300 per hour.

5. Online Surveys

Online surveys have become a means for individuals looking to find out how to make money in one hour online. Companies and research institutions often conduct this research to get data about consumer behavior, preferences, and perceptions. This helps companies improve their products and services.

These surveys can cover almost all areas of imagination, including consumer products, political opinions, personal habits, and so on. Participants get a small amount of money, a gift card, or points that can be converted into rewards.

Key Features of Online Surveys:

  • Accessibility: Online surveys are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and can be completed on a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Flexibility: Participants can choose when and where to complete the surveys, making it a convenient option for earning extra money on your schedule.
  • Variety of Topics: Surveys can range from simple questions to more extensive questionnaires on various topics, giving participants diverse experiences.
  • Rewards: While the pay per survey is not usually very high, consistent participation can lead to reasonable accumulations of rewards over time.

Earnings: Each survey can earn you from ₹50 to ₹200, depending on the length and complexity.

6. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting would be essential for looking after people’s pets when they are out on vacation, at work, or otherwise engaged in other things. It is a work that merges a special affection for the animals and helps you earn money in one hour.

Staying pets is looking after somebody else’s pets in their absence. This is achieved through activities such as feeding, walking, playing with, and occasionally giving out medication to the pets. It can also include an overnight stay at the pet owner’s home or asking the pet to spend the night at your place.

Key Features of Pet Sitting:

  • Flexibility: Pet-sitting jobs can be flexible, allowing you to schedule work around other commitments. You might take on jobs that last a day, several days, or even weeks.
  • Responsibility: Pet sitters must be responsible as they are entrusted with the care of an important family member and sometimes the home’s security.
  • Animal Love and Knowledge: A genuine affection for animals and basic knowledge about pet care is crucial for this job.
  • Networking: Building a network of clients by doing a great job and getting referrals is critical to success.

Earnings: Depending on the services provided, you can earn from ₹200 to ₹500 per hour.

7. Delivery Services

The answer to the question “how to earn money in one hour” is delivery services.

Delivery services form an indispensable part of the modern economy, especially in urban areas. This is due to the demand for quick delivery of food, groceries, documents, and other items has risen significantly recently.

The services include the way restaurants, stores, warehouses, and other facilities transport and deliver various items from them to customers. This can involve food, parcels, groceries, and more. Delivery employees are those hired by delivery agencies or work as freelancers or contractors for different delivery apps.

Key Features of Delivery Services:

  • Types of Delivery: Food delivery (e.g., Swiggy, Zomato), grocery delivery (e.g., BigBasket, Blinkit), and package delivery (e.g., Amazon, Flipkart).
  • Flexibility: Many delivery jobs offer flexible working hours. This makes it a popular choice for people looking for part-time or gig-based work.
  • Use of Technology: Delivery jobs often require an app to receive orders, navigate to destinations, and manage deliveries.
  • Physical Activity: The job can be physically demanding, involving significant time driving, riding, or walking.

Earnings: Typically, you can make ₹100 to ₹300 per hour, including tips.

8. Ride-Sharing Driver

The use of ridesharing in Indian cities has been on the rise lately. This has created many new jobs due to the high demand. As a ride-sharing driver, you can earn money in 1 hour from your vehicle by transporting passengers who book a ride through a dedicated application. Ride-sharing is using your car to offer rides to people who request them through Uber and Ola apps. This service is supposed to function as an easy and cheap alternative to taxis and public transport.

Key Features of Ride-Sharing:

  • Flexible Schedule: One of the most significant advantages is its flexibility. Drivers can choose when and where they work, aligning their driving schedule with personal commitments or peak demand times.
  • Earnings: Compensation typically comes from the fare passengers pay, which can vary based on distance, travel time, and local demand. Drivers also often receive tips from passengers.
  • Use of Technology: Ride-sharing apps provide drivers with navigation, ride requests, and earnings tracking. This technology simplifies the process of finding passengers and managing rides.
  • Ratings and Feedback: Both drivers and passengers rate each other, which helps maintain a quality and safety standard within the community.

Earnings: Earnings can vary greatly, but drivers can make between ₹100 to ₹300 per hour after expenses.

9. Selling Handicrafts Online

Selling handicrafts online has proven an excellent opportunity for crafters, artisans, or craft enthusiasts looking for ways to make money in one hour. This means that you expand your range outside of local markets. Moreover, you might enjoy the challenge and profit a lot. The term handicrafts generally cover works made by hand or using fundamental tools. Therefore, such parcels of valuable goods may well include traditional crafts such as pottery, textiles, woodwork, metalwork, jewellery, and many other handiworks based on indigenous culture and handcraft.

Key Features of Selling Handicrafts Online:

  • Broad Audience: Selling online gives access to customers nationwide and internationally, far beyond what local selling can achieve.
  • Niche Market: Handicrafts often cater to a niche market of customers who appreciate and are willing to pay for handmade and unique items.     
  • Brand Storytelling: Successful online handicraft sales often hinge on the story behind the products, such as the craftsmanship, the tradition, or the artisan’s personal story.
  • Visual Appeal: High-quality images and good presentation are crucial since customers can’t touch or feel the products online.

Earnings: The income per hour can vary based on product and demand, but it’s possible to make ₹300 to ₹1,000 per hour.

10. Play Online Games for Rewards

The competition in online gaming tournaments where you can win cash prizes is a way that helps you win money. Although the income may be short-lived, you can win online games for money using your skills and strategies. With online money-winning games like Zupee, you can win real money.

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  1. Ludo Supreme League
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  3. Ludo Ninja
  4. Ludo Turbo
  5. Snakes & Ladders
  6. Trump Cards Mania

Earnings: By playing games on Zupee, you can earn from ₹10 to ₹500 per hour.

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11. Social Media Management

Social media management is the most demanding activity, and it supervises the entire online presence of a person or a company across various social media networks. The more businesses use social media to hit and involve their audience, the greater the market for qualified social media managers is. The social media manager devotes time to developing and sharing content, such as images, videos, and written content. They use platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It incorporates imaginative initiatives to spread the reputation and reach of organizations and individuals through social media, data analysis to assess the effectiveness of social media campaigns, and adjustment of strategies based on daAta findings.

Key Features of Social Media Management:

  • Content Creation and Curation: Developing content that is engaging and tailored to the specific audience of each platform.
  • Community Engagement: Interacting with followers by responding to comments and messages and engaging in conversations to build community and support around the brand.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Using tools to track engagement, follower growth, and campaign performance to refine strategies and report results to stakeholders.
  • Strategy Development: Planning and executing a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with broader marketing goals.

Earnings: Depending on the client and the amount of work, pay can range from ₹250 to ₹1,000 per hour.

12. Photography

Photography as a profession is not just about making beautiful pictures. Still, it combines technical skills, artistic eye, and creativity to turn the moment, story, or message into visuals. Indian photography has evolved into a highly regarded and financially rewarding profession, with digital media, advertising, weddings, and corporate events emerging as significant platforms. Moreover, it provides people with a solution for how to get money in one hour. Photographers may work with different genres, including portraiture, fashion, sport, event, commercial, and landscape photography.

Key Features of a Photography Career:

  • Diverse Opportunities: Photographers can specialize in different fields, each with its demands and opportunities. For example, wedding photographers capture the essence of a wedding event, while commercial photographers might focus on advertising or product photography.
  • Skill and Equipment: Professional photography requires technical skills in handling camera equipment, lighting, and editing software. Quality equipment is a significant investment but crucial for professional results.
  • Creative Expression: Photography offers a unique platform for creative expression. Each shot can be stylized and edited to convey the photographer’s vision.
  • Freelance and Entrepreneurial Nature: Many photographers work as freelancers or start their businesses, which provides flexibility in choosing projects and clients.

Earnings: Professional photographers can charge ₹500 to ₹2,000 per hour depending on the event and portfolio.

13. Fitness Trainer

Becoming a fitness trainer is a good career choice with many benefits since you can indulge your interest for health and fitness and assist others in their wellness journey. India’s sense of health and wellness increases with the growing demand for fitness trainers who meet the required standard. A fitness trainer is a specialist who educates his clients on physical fitness and serves as a coach during workouts and fitness regimes. They can work in different settings, including but not limited to gyms, fitness clubs, clients’ homes, and even remotely through the online platform. It is one of the best ways to make money in one hour in India.

Key Features of a Fitness Trainer Career:

  • Expertise in Fitness: Trainers must understand human anatomy, physiology, and various fitness techniques, from cardiovascular exercises to strength training and flexibility workouts.
  • Certifications: Having professional certifications from recognized institutions adds credibility and is often required by employers. Organizations like the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), or the Indian equivalent, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute (GGFI), offer such certifications.
  • Personalized Programs: Fitness trainers create tailored workout programs based on their client’s health history, fitness levels, and goals.
  • Motivation and Communication Skills: Trainers must be good motivators and communicators, helping clients stay motivated and informed about their fitness journeys.

Earnings: Personal trainers typically charge between ₹500 and ₹1,500 per hour.

14. Yoga Instructor

Being a yoga instructor is a gratifying profession for those looking to earn money in one hour. In India, the demand for certified yoga teachers has experienced notable growth, mainly because of the widespread popular perception of wellness and wholesomeness. A yoga teacher leads yoga classes, which usually include a sequence of postures and respiratory exercises accompanied by meditation techniques tailored to support both bodily health and mental serenity. Trained yoga teachers lead pupils through these exercises, demonstrating the correct body postures and techniques. Additionally, they sometimes deliver yoga lessons that are combined with yoga philosophy.

Key Features of a Yoga Instructor Career:

  • Expertise in Yoga: Profound knowledge of various yoga poses, breathing techniques, and the philosophical underpinnings of yoga practices is crucial.
  • Certifications: While not always legally required, having certifications from reputable yoga schools. Consider those accredited by the Yoga Alliance that enhances credibility and employment prospects.
  • Adaptability: Yoga instructors often work with students of varying skill levels and physical abilities and must adapt their teaching methods accordingly.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential to explain postures, convey the subtleties of alignment, and inspire students.

Earnings: Yoga instructors can earn from ₹300 to ₹1,000 per hour.

15. Web Development

In digital time, it is such an in-demand skill that companies and people widely use since it is a critical tool to communicate with their target group. With more and more companies going digital in India, the demand for web developers is also increasing. This is the process by which websites are created and maintained. It includes multiple aspects, including web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. A web developer can take up the frontend(client-side), backend (server-side) or both development (full-stack development). Moreover, it is one of the best ways if you are looking for how to make money in one hour at home.

Key Features of a Web Developer Career:

  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend languages like PHP, Python, or Ruby is crucial. Knowledge of database management, frameworks, and version control is also essential.
  • Problem-Solving: Developers must be able to think logically and solve complex problems as they translate a website’s visual and interactive elements into code.
  • Continuous Learning: The tech field evolves rapidly, requiring developers to stay updated with the latest technologies and practices.
  • Project Management: Ability to manage time and resources effectively, especially when working as a freelancer or on multiple projects simultaneously.

Earnings: Web developers can earn from ₹500 to ₹2,000 per hour.

16. Stock Trading

Stock assets consist of buying and selling shares of public companies and are one way that individuals may be able to create wealth for themselves. The stock market in India has become open to individuals with the advent of the Internet and trading platforms and the growing awareness of the financial markets.

Stock trading includes the purchasing and selling of shares through either the exchange market or the over-the-counter market. Successful trading entails an analysis of companies’ trends, economic signs, and performance, with the factor of timing and risk management to be included.

Key Features of Stock Trading:

  • Market Knowledge: Understanding the factors that affect stock prices, such as economic indicators, company performance, and market sentiment, is crucial.
  • Capital: Unlike some forms of investing, stock trading often requires a reasonable amount of capital to start, as price fluctuations need to be significant enough to produce a profit after trading fees are covered.
  • Risk Management: Managing risk through techniques such as stop-loss orders, diversification, and careful analysis is vital to protect investments.
  • Trading Platforms: Traders use platforms provided by brokerage firms to conduct trades. These platforms often come with tools for analysis, research, and real-time data.

Earnings: This can vary greatly; traders can make significant gains or losses within an hour.

17. Consulting

If you want to learn more about how to make money in one hour online, then consulting is the best choice. It is a dynamic and influential sphere dedicated to bringing solutions to organizations that can improve their effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability. In India’s case, the consulting services market covers management, technology, finance, and human resources. Consulting includes problem analysis, solution design, and even execution management in some instances. Experts are frequently hired because of their specific skills and unbiased solutions.

Key Features of Consulting:

  • Expertise in Specific Fields: Consultants are typically experts in specific areas, such as business strategy, information technology, marketing, or human resources.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: A significant part of consulting involves identifying problems and devising effective solutions.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Effective consultants must communicate clearly and persuasively to convey their ideas and build client trust.
  • Project Management: Consultants often manage specific projects for a client, which requires excellent organizational and time-management skills.

Earnings: Consultants can charge from ₹1,000 to ₹5,000 per hour based on their expertise and reputation.

18. Language Translation

Language translation is a critical service that enables communication among different cultures and languages worldwide. It consists of transferring the written text from one language into another language, whereas the original meaning, tone, and context are to be maintained. India, a country rich in languages and expanding its international business interaction, has a growing number of qualified translators. Translation of languages encompasses many aspects, including translation of literature, technical documents, and medical, legal, and business translations. Translators may specialize in translating from one or more languages and in specific fields by using the correct terminology and cultural nuances to ensure that what has been translated is accurate and appropriate.

Key Features of a Career in Language Translation:

  • Language Proficiency: High proficiency in at least two languages is essential. One is usually the native language (or another at a native level), and the other is the source language you translate.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Specializing in specific fields (such as legal, medical, or technical translation) can increase demand for your services and allow you to charge higher rates.
  • Attention to Detail: Translation requires a keen eye for detail to ensure accuracy and that the translation reads as if originally written in the target language.
  • Cultural Understanding: Effective translation also involves understanding cultural context, which is crucial for localizing content to fit the cultural, social, and legal standards of the target audience.

Earnings: Translators typically earn between ₹250 to ₹1,000 per hour, depending on the language and complexity.

19. Event Planning

Event planning is a fast-paced and creative business sector; it organizes and manages events. These includes weddings, corporate meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and parties. It needs a balance of organization, imagination, and communication skills so that all the event details come out as expected and planned. It is the whole complex planning of an event from the initial idea to the implementation. Event planning covers budget making, venue selection, transport arrangement, food and drinks orientation, vendor coordination. For example, florists and photographers and the smooth running of the event on the event day.

Key Features of an Event Planning Career:

  • Creativity and Vision: Successful event planners bring innovative ideas to life, ensuring each event is unique and memorable.
  • Organizational Skills: Exceptional organizational skills are essential for managing the numerous components of an event and ensuring everything aligns with the client’s expectations.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Event planners frequently interact with clients, vendors, and guests, so strong communication and negotiation skills are crucial.
  • Problem-Solving: Handling unexpected issues and making quick decisions is critical to managing events smoothly.
  • Attention to Detail: Every small detail must be considered, from the room layout to the timing of speeches and the guests’ dietary requirements.

Earnings: Event planners can charge from ₹200 to ₹1000 per hour based on the size and scale of the event.

20. Teach Music

Teaching music is a rewarding career path for those looking to make money in 1 hour. In India, music teachers can work in various settings, such as schools and music academies, privately or even online. Music teaching involves instructing students in music performance, theory, and sometimes music history. This can include teaching how to play a musical instrument, vocal training, and preparation for music examinations, concerts, or competitions.

Key Features of a Music Teaching Career:

  • Expertise in Music: Proficiency in at least one musical instrument or vocal performance is essential. Understanding music theory, reading music, and composition are also important.
  • Educational Background: While a formal degree in music is highly beneficial (such as from a conservatory or university music program), it is not always mandatory. However, certifications and qualifications can enhance credibility and job prospects.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to effectively communicate and explain concepts to students of all ages and skill levels is crucial.
  • Patience and Adaptability: Teaching music requires patience and adapting teaching methods to individual student needs and learning styles.

Earnings: Music teachers usually charge ₹300 to ₹1,000 per hour, depending on their skill level and the instrument.

Final Takeaways

Today, where money is essential, making some extra money cannot be overlooked. From participating in online surveys and editing content to selling items, you no longer need to use a wide range of skills such as cooking, photography, or social media management; there are endless prospects.

Apart from this, Zupee is also a platform that allows users to play mini-skill games ranging from many genres, like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders and Trump Cards Mania, for cash prizes and provides ways to make money in 1 hour.

If you need cash to make a living or just want to get it for other purposes, these methods are a good choice, regardless of your skills and occupation. This adaptability allows everyone to choose a fast cash-generating scheme with the utmost efficiency of their time and money resources.

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FAQs – How to Make Money in One Hour

How can I make money fast in an hour?

To make money fast in an hour, consider tasks like completing online surveys, selling items you no longer need. However, you can also consider freelancing on platforms that allow immediate hiring and quick payments.

How can I earn 1000 Rs daily?

To make Rs 100 daily, cleaning houses, sitting pets, or looking after kids are great options. You could gather the different things by doing surveys online, delivering food or driving people.

Are there any risks to attempting to make money quickly?

Yes, attempting to make money quickly can involve risks such as financial loss, encountering scams, and legal issues. It often involves uncertain, unvetted opportunities that might compromise personal information and economic security.

How to get money in one day without a job?

Without the job, you can earn money by selling old and unused items. These can be your old games, garments, and even sports gear you no longer need. Alternatively, you can drop some used cans and bottles at the recycling site or ask friends and relatives if they need something to pay for.

How can I earn money in one hour at home?

To have extra cash in one hour at home, you can do things like selling stuff you have and rarely use, such as your old clothes and a cell phone. You could also walk dogs for people, teach online or tutor students.

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