Carrom Rules – The rules of the Carrom board game

Carrom Board game rules to follow

You need to learn the Carrom rules to ‘break,’ ‘cover the queen,’ and ‘earn points’ to play Carrom. Apart from these three categories, there are some fundamental rules that you need to keep in mind to win the carrom board game. The game’s objective is to use the striker, pocket all the carrom men, including the Queen, before the opponent, and score maximum points. To play, you need a Carrom board (74×74 cm, with a 5-10 cm border).

Although the classic Carrom game is fun and competitive, you cannot carry it around. You need a proper setup to play the classic Carrom board game. To enable you to play Carrom anywhere anytime, Zupee has launched a new game called Carrom Ninja. All you need is your smartphone to play. Moreover, there are 21 Carrom rules to follow when you play the classic version, whereas you need to follow only 5 fundamental rules to play Carrom online. To put the cherry on the cake, you even stand a chance to win real money!

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of classic carrom rules and how they are different from playing carrom online on Carrom Ninja.

Carrom game rules for beginners

Carrom is played between 2 or 4 players (divided into two teams, also known as a doubles game). There are 19 tokens at play (8 black and 8 white color tokens, plus one queen). Take a look at this article and learn how to play Carrom in 4 steps.

Apart from the carom board game rules, it would help if you also practiced your striking style. There are many techniques to flick the striker. Here are the top 10 Carrom trick shots to improve your game.

Fundamental rules to play Carrom

If you are new to the Carrom game, here is a set of rules that can come in handy:

  • Players can pocket only their chosen color token. If the player pockets an opponent’s carrom men, they need to return it to the center of the board.
  • For every carrom men pocketed, the player gets an extra turn.
  • If a player commits a foul, they either lose their turn or have to return one carrom men as a penalty to the board.  
  • If the player pockets the striker, it is a foul.
  • The player commits a foul if they touch any piece in the Carrom board other than the striker.
  • If the striker or any other carrom men leaves the board, it is a foul.
  • The player can place the penalty carrom men on top of other carrom men within the main circle.
  • If the carrom men overlap with another carrom men or land on end, leave them as it is until moved again in the normal course of play.
  • If the striker rests under another carrommen, remove the sticker with little disturbance to the covering carrommen as possible.

Carrom board rules to ‘Break’

Here are the carrom rules to break:

  • The player who goes first gets three attempts to break the central group of Carrommen. The break is made when the striker touches any Carrommen placed in the center of the board.
  • If the player attempts to break with an improper stroke or pockets his striker without touching the carrom men, they lose their turn.
  • If the player cannot break after three attempts, the turn to break is passed to the opponent.
Carrom - Rules to break

Carrom rules to ‘Cover the Queen’

Here are carrom board game rules to cover the queen:

  • To cover the Queen, the player has to pocket one or more carrom men of their own color after pocketing the Queen.
  • If the player covers the queen successfully, the player gets another chance to strike
  • A player can only pocket and cover the queen if they have already picked at least one carrom men of their color. If the player pockets the Queen first before pocketing any other carrom men, the Queen returns to the center of the board.
  • While shooting for the queen, if the player also sinks one of their carrom men in the same shot, the queen is automatically covered, no matter which went first.
  • If the player pockets opponent carrom men or the final opponent carrom men, the player needs to return the opponent carrom men to the center of the board.
Carrom Rules to cover the queen

Carrom game rules to earn points

Take a look at the carrom rules to earn points in the game:

  • The game consists of 25 points.
  • The value of each carrom men is 1 point, except Queen.
  • The board winner collects 1 point for each opponent’s tokens left at the finish.
  • The player earns 3 points for successfully pocketing and covering the queen.
  • If the board winner is not able to cover the Queen, no one gets 3 points for the Queen.
  • After the player’s score reaches 22, you do not get Queen points.
Carrom Rules to earn points

In total, there are 21 rules that you must know to play carrom. Now, let’s look at the rules to play Carrom online on Carrom Ninja.

Play Carrom Online – Rules to follow

Carrom Ninja is a 2 player game where each player gets 8 moves to score maximum points. There are 19 tokens of the same color. There is no queen in Carrom Ninja. Here are a set of rules to play Carrom online:

  1. Players can pocket any token (1 to 19). Every token carries the number of points mentioned on them. So, if you capture 5 number token, you get 5 points.
  2. The player gets 3x points during a 3x multiplier round, which comes randomly in the game once.
  3. There is no extra turn to pocket a token.
  4. If you pocket the striker there is no foul.
  5. The player gets 30 secs to play each turn. If you don’t make your move within the 30s, you can use an extra time bank of 30s. However, the additional 30s time bank is for the entire game. If you exhaust it, you will be out of the game.
Rules to play Carrom Online

So, there are 5 rules that you need to know to play carrom online on Carrom Ninja. There is no queen, so there are no rules to cover the queen. Moreover, the rules to break are not present in Carrom Ninja, as the first shot that breaks the token formation on the board is by default played by the computer.

Compared to the classic Carrom board game, the player does not need to pocket all tokens to win the game. Just pocket high-value tokens and leverage the 3X multiplier round to score maximum points within 8 moves!

Now that you know the rules to play Carrom Ninja download the Zupee App and stand a chance to win up to ₹ 10 Lakhs.

Carrom Rules – FAQs

What are the fouls in Carrom?

A carrom foul happens when you pocket the striker or an opponent’s piece. It is also considered a foul if a piece leaves the board or you fail to break the formation in the middle of the board after three attempts. Take a look at this article to know Carrom’s rules and fouls.

Can I hit backward in Carrom?

can hit backward in Carrom. Just use your thumb to flick the striker. Learn about the best carrom tricks to win the game here.

What happens if Queen goes with a striker?

If you pocket Queen and striker together, the queen will be returned to the table. Moreover, two additional carrommen will be taken from you, and you will lose your turn.

What is the scoring system in Carrom?

gets an additional 1 point each for their opponent’s pieces left on the board. The game consists of 25 points. Learn how to play Carrom in 4 steps!