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Did you know you can play real cash games online and win money simultaneously? Real money gaming apps have become popular over the years, and participating in cash games is entirely legal as these are skill-based games. Apart from real cash, they are entertaining and give us adrenaline as we compete with other opponents online.

Among the online real cash games, board games like ludo, carrom, snakes and ladders, etc., and card games like rummy, trump card games, etc., have become quite popular. 

In this article, we highlight the advantages of playing real cash games and list the top 7 games to play online.

What are real cash games?

Real cash games are the ones that allow you to win real money by defeating your opponents online. They are becoming quite popular in India. Due to the mobile-first phenomena, the Indian real cash gaming market is expected to grow exponentially.

Playing real cash games online can be fun; you can indulge in them whenever you feel bored. They offer an interactive interface allowing you to interact easily with other players. Also, you can invite your friends and relatives to get an extra referral bonus.

Many real cash game apps also provide players a welcome or joining bonus. You just need to sign-up on the app! Moreover, the majority of real cash games provide the option of instant money withdrawal and deposit.

Learn more about online gaming for money.

Download 1 Cash Game App, Play 7 Real cash games

Playing real cash games online is easy because you simply need to download a gaming app to win real money. It is essential to cross-check the authenticity of a gaming app before downloading it. You must always go for gaming apps that follow a transparent payment policy and allows you to play multiple games via a single app.

Zupee is an emerging brand in online money-based gaming. You just need to play 10-minute games here to get a chance of winning Rs. 10,00,000 daily. Also, the games offered by Zupee are skill-based. You will find exciting and straightforward online games on this gaming app. These games are winnable if you use some tricks and tips.

The features like instant withdrawals, cashback on deposits, dedicated customer support, and an interactive gaming interface make it one of the best real cash games for smartphone users. You may also play real cash games or free games on Zupee.

7 best real cash games to win money online

The top 7 real cash games online that can be played on Zupee are listed below:

  1. Ludo Supreme
  2. Ludo Supreme League
  3. Ludo Turbo
  4. Snakes and Ladders Plus
  5. Carrom Ninja 
  6. Trump Cards Mania 
  7. Ludo Ninja
Real Cash GamesGame Type No. of PlayersDownload Cash Game
Ludo Supreme Ludo Online Game2-4Ludo Supreme APK & iOS
Ludo Supreme League Ludo Online Game1Ludo Supreme League apk
Ludo Turbo Ludo Online Game2-4Ludo Turbo apk
Snakes and Ladders Plus Snakes and Ladders Online Game2-4Snakes and Ladders Plus apk
Carrom Ninja Online Carrom game 2Carrom Ninja apk
Trump Cards ManiaOnline Trump cards game2Trump Cards Mania apk
Ludo Ninja Online Ludo Game 2-4Ludo Ninja apk

Play real cash games on Ludo Supreme

Like any other ludo game, Ludo Supreme is also a 2-4 player game that is both interesting and entertaining. However, Ludo Supreme has a few exceptions not found in other real cash games online. For example, you can choose 1-on-1 matches, and participating in one-winner, two-winners, and three-winner contests are also available. Moreover, Ludo supreme is a time-based game where you need to earn maximum points to win the game within a specific time (less than 10 mins).

Real cash games online  - Ludo Supreme

Here are some important points to play this real cash game online:

  • There is no need to get 6 on the dice after rolling to initiate the game. As a result, all the tokens can be opened irrespective of the number on the dice. 
  • You earn one point for every box you cover while moving toward the home.
  • Get an extra chance for every token you take home.
  • For every token you take home, you earn a whopping 56 points. 
  • 1-on-1 games last 8 minutes, whereas the 4-player match lasts 10 minutes. Therefore, your main aim must be to earn as many points within the time limit. 
  • You get another chance to roll the dice if you get a 6. However, you miss one turn if you roll 6 three times consecutively. You will lose the game automatically if you miss two chances in a row. 
  • If you land your token on the opponent’s token, their token will return to the starting position. Also, all the points earned through that token will be lost. The same rule applies if another player manages to follow your token in the same box. 

Play Ludo Supreme Gold and Win real money. Click on the “Download App” button to play and win real cash.

Real Cash games for Ludo – Single-player mode

Ludo Supreme League is a single-player Ludo game by Zupee. It is a real cash game where you can win money. Watch this video below to understand how to play Ludo supreme league on Zupee:

Ludo Turbo – Super fast Ludo Real Cash Games

Ludo Turbo is yet another mind-boggling ludo game available on Zupee.

Real cash game - Ludo Turbo

Here are some important points to play this real cash game online:

  • For 2-player games, each player gets 30 moves, whereas only 18 moves are provided to each player in 4-player games.
  • To win the game, you must focus on earning the most points before the moves are exhausted.
  • Each player gets 10 seconds to make a move. You must make a move to make that turn.
  • On losing a turn three times consecutively, you will be directly disqualified from the game. 
  • An extra turn is provided if you cut an opponent’s token. When you move your token into the home area, an extra turn is also provided.
  • If one of your tokens is cut, you lose all the points that the token has earned. The same rule applies when we cut the opponent’s tokens. 

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Snakes and Ladders Plus – a real cash game with 3 tokens

Snakes and Ladders is a traditional board game that most of us have played in childhood. However, the rules of this real cash game are slightly different on Zupee.

real cash games online - Snakes and Ladders Plus

Here are the rules to play this real cash game online:

  • All the players get 3 tokens each.
  • There is no need to roll a 6 to unlock the tokens.
  • You earn one point for moving forward to every box. To move faster, you can use the ladders.
  • When you accidentally land on a snake, that token is driven down to its tail.
  • You can cut the opponent’s token to make them lose all the points earned by that token.
  • An extra move can be earned by cutting the opponent’s token. 
  • If two same-colored tokens are present in the same box, you cannot cut them.
  • Each of your tokens that reach the home helps you to earn 100 points.
  • An extra turn is not provided on rolling a 6. 

Play Carrom online real cash games without a queen

Carrom is a popular indoor board game. Each carrom board consists of 19 tokens. Apart from 9 white and black tokens, one red token is popularly called the queen. When you play carrom online on Zupee, the gameplay is slightly different.

Instead of white, black, and red tokens, all 19 tokens are numbered. Also, to ensure fair play, the computer takes the first shot. It is one of the best real cash games online on this app.

Real cash games online - Carrom Ninja

Here are the rules to play this real cash game online:

  • It is a two-player game; each player gets 30 seconds to strike the pieces or tokens.
  • Extra 30 seconds is provided during the entire game to help you strike the tokens if you fail to do it in the first 30 seconds of every move. You get automatically disqualified if all 30 extra seconds are utilized and the opponent wins the game.
  • No extra turn is provided for pocketing the tokens. 
  • The number on each token determines the points you earn after pocketing it. Therefore, you must focus on the tokens assigned with higher numbers to earn more points. 
  • Each player gets only 8 moves. Therefore, you must precisely strike and pot the tokens to win the game. 
  • The tokens with the top 3 values remain highlighted throughout the game. Therefore, it becomes easy to find them. 

Play Carrom Board online with Carrom Ninja. Click the “Download App” button.

Real Cash Games for IPL cricket fan

Trump Cards Mania is the IPL version of the trump cards game we all loved back in the 90s. It is a two-player game in which each player gets 11 cards. Among the 11 cards, 4 of them are gold, 3 of them are silver, and 4 of them are bronze cards. The players who have scored the highest runs fall in the golden category, whereas silver and bronze cards are for the batsmen who have made lesser runs in the IPL tournaments.

Real cash games - Trump cards Mania

Here are some important points to play this real cash game online:

  • You can choose a captain and a vice-captain within the first 60 seconds. After that, you get 15 seconds for each round to challenge the statistics of the opponent.
  • Extra 30 seconds is provided for the entire game if you don’t manage to make a challenge in the 15 seconds. You will lose the game if these extra 30 seconds get exhausted. 
  • When you challenge an opponent’s card, the stats of both cards are revealed, and the player who shows a card with a better stat wins that round.
  • Every winning round helps you to earn one point.
  • You must pick the cards from the same tier to ensure fair play. It means that a gold-tier card cannot be pitted against a silver or bronze-tier card.
  • If you win in the round where you show your captain, you get 3 points, and you win 2 points in the round where you show your vice-captain and win. 
  • The trump cards mania trophy is won by the player who earns the most points at the end of the game. 

Play diceless real cash games on Ludo Ninja  

Ludo Ninja is another amazing ludo game with different rules than the Ludo Supreme.

Real cash games online - Ludo Ninja

Here are some important points to play this real cash game online:

  • The unique thing about Ludo Ninja is that it is a dice-less ludo game. You get to see the next number that you will be getting. As a result, you can play moves strategically to beat your opponents. 
  • Each player gets 24 moves (2-player mode) and 18 moves (4-player mode). Therefore, the player who earns the most points at the end of the moves wins this real cash game. 
  • Each token helps you to win 1 point for every box moved. There is no need to get 6 for moving the tokens, as all of them are in an open position. 
  • Each player is allotted equal numbers of ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes. However, their sequence is changed to make the game more exciting and strategic for the players. 
  • No extra turn if you roll 6.
  • If you cut an opponent’s token, you get one extra chance.
  • An extra chance for every token you take home.
  • Earn 56 points for every token that you take home. 

Play Ludo online with Ludo Ninja. Click “Download App” button to play and win real cash.

Why Download real cash games?

Real cash games are, just like it suggests, online games where you can win real money within the comforts of your home. There are many advantages to playing real cash games online. You can find a game with the stakes and players you are comfortable with, and you can play from your home.

Another advantage to playing real cash online is that the games are faster than offline. For instance, a game of Carrom can take hours to complete; however, if you play Carrom online, the gameplay is usually less than 10 minutes!

Learn how to play Carrom online and win real cash.

Pros of playing real cash games

Here are some of the reasons to download and play real cash games:

  • Instant online games cash withdrawal
  • Multiple real cash games on one platform
  • No minimum entry fee to play real money games
  • Cash game apps have good graphics 

Real Cash games offer Instant withdrawal

The real cash games app developers ensure your transactions’ safety by providing a safe payment gateway while depositing and withdrawing money. The introduction of withdrawals and deposits through UPI and mobile wallets has made it much easier and safer to complete transactions online. Generally, all real cash games offer instant cash withdrawal of your winning. For instance, while playing real cash games on Zupee, you can withdraw your winnings instantly!

Multiple games on one Cash game App

Real cash game apps usually allow you to play multiple games using the same app. This negates the need to download various real cash games. For instance, you can play ludo, carrom, snakes and ladders, and many other money games online by downloading a gaming app called Zupee. Therefore, if you don’t master one game, it is always possible to master another to win online money. 

Play real cash games with no minimum entry fee

The winning amount is generally a collection of the entry fee from each player. However, many online cash games allow you to play without any entry fee. Here, you get matched with players who play only in the free game mode. As a result, there is no risk of losing money when you need to understand the rules of a specific game.

So, you can start with no-entry-fee games and build your skills to enter an entry-fee tournament. The gaming apps that allow you to proceed with an entry fee of Rs. 2 or Rs. 5 are ideal as they don’t require you to stake a considerable amount for every game. Once well-versed in the game, you can opt for a higher entry fee tournament.

Cash game apps have good graphics 

Developing high-end real cash games allows you to play exciting games with exceptional graphical quality. The great sounds, game quality, and features enhance your gaming experience. Also, these gaming apps keep upgrading to add new and exciting features to make real cash games more entertaining for the users.

Here are some relevant articles on real cash games:

Real Cash Games Online – FAQs

What kind of real cash games can I play online?

You can play real cash games like Ludo, snakes and ladders, and carrom online. Zupee app is one of the best gaming apps in India that allows you to play 6 types of real money games – Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, Snakes and Ladders Plus, Carrom Ninja, and Trump Cards Mania.

Is it safe to play real cash games online?

The answer to this question really depends on where you are playing. If you are playing on a reputable, licensed, and regulated site, it is safe to play real cash games online. However, if you are playing on a website that is not regulated or licensed, then there is no way to guarantee your safety. Therefore, it is important to do your research before playing any real cash games online.

How to withdraw money from real cash games?

Most real cash games online allow us to withdraw the winnings through net banking, bank transfer, and UPI. Some cash game apps allow us to withdraw the winning amount directly to the mobile wallet. 

How to deposit money to play real cash games online?

The deposits to play real cash games online can be made through one of the following ways – Debit cards or credit cards, UPI, Mobile Wallet, or Bank transfer. Here are UPI withdrawal games.

Can we earn money through referrals on a real cash games app?

Yes, most real cash game apps provide a referral bonus if we refer it to friends and acquaintances. However, they need to download the app using our referral code to qualify for a referral bonus.

What to do if we don’t successfully withdraw the winning amount from real cash games?

On most occasions, there are no issues regarding the withdrawals. However, we can always contact the customer support team if we face any issues regarding withdrawing and depositing money.