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Best Sudoku Books

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, you require a combination of reasoning and trial-and-error. However, behind the scenes, there’s more math. For example, group theory is used to characterize when two grids are equal, and computational complexity is used to solve Sudokus. So, if you want to take your puzzle-solving skills a notch up, the best way is to practice and improve your skills. In this article, we highlight the top 10 Sudoku books, that will allow you to solve various Sudoku puzzles and can help you enhance your puzzle-solving skill.   

Sudoku Books that will test your brain

If you want to improve your Sudoku skills, take some time out of your day to pick up the most outstanding Sudoku books and challenge your brain with both easy and challenging puzzles.

Here are the top 10 Sudoku books in 2022:

Sudoku bookApprox. Price (Paperback)LevelWhy buy this Sudoku book?
How to Solve Sudoku: Step-by-step guide from Robin Wilson₹ 3,500BeginnersThe book includes tips, strategies, and practice questions. It explains how to solve easy–hard Sudoku puzzles with examples.
Easy Sudoku – Kyle Craig’s Sudoku₹ 1,800BeginnersThis book is purely for practice. It includes 300 easy Sudoku puzzles.
The Big Book of Sudoku₹ 800Beginners – ExpertThis book is purely for practice and includes 500 easy to hard difficulty level questions.
Surrender to Sudoku by Will Shortz₹ 800ExpertThis book is purely for practice and includes 200 hard Sudoku puzzles that you can solve.
Master Sudoku by Carol Vorderman₹ 1,000Beginners – ExpertThis book includes 200 easy to hard Sudoku puzzles, with tips for solving the puzzle faster.
Relax and Solve Sudoku by Brain Games₹ 1,000IntermediateThis book has 161 easy-medium puzzles. The Sudoku grids are large, and easy to read and fill out.
Sudoku for Dummies Volume 2₹ 600Beginners – ExpertApart from the popular 9×9 grid, this book also allows you to solve ten 16×16 and ten circular grid Sudoku. In total there are 240 puzzles in the book.
Sudoku 555 Puzzles Easy to Expert by Game Nest₹ 400Beginners – ExpertThis book has 150 easy, 150 medium, and 150 Hard puzzles. For expert players, the book offers 75 very hard puzzles and 30 expert puzzles. 
The Best of Sudoku by Dhawal Bhatia₹ 200Beginners – IntermediateThis book is a comprehensive guidebook to solving Sudoku puzzles. It includes 100+ puzzles and helps you to discover a variety of secret tools and strategies to crack the most difficult puzzle.
Sudoku 3 by Chronicle books₹ 500ExpertThis book includes 200 Sudoku puzzles that are very hard and extremely difficult to solve.

Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Learn how to play Sudoku in 6 easy steps for beginners. Want to solve the puzzle quickly? Take a look at this article that highlights various strategies and tips to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

Best Sudoku books for intermediate, Beginners, and Experts

How to Solve Sudoku: Step-by-step guide from Robin Wilson

This book is by Robin Wilson, an Oxford university mathematician. The book is a highly recommended book for novice Sudoku players and helps you to understand how to solve Sudoku puzzles quickly and easily. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, the book will help you break free with 52 tips, methods, and strategies for analyzing the whole Sudoku grid to find the answers. Moreover, the book uses examples and offers practices grids with puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty.

Easy Sudoku by Kyle Craig

If you are a newbie at solving Sudoku puzzles, this book can come in handy. It has 300 beginner-level puzzles that you can solve. Each page has eight puzzles, making the book compact so that you can carry it everywhere. Keep in mind that unlike the book by Robin Wilson, this book does not include tips and strategies to solve the puzzle. So, once you have solidified your understanding of how to solve a Sudoku puzzle, you can try out ‘Easy Sudoku’ by Kyle Craig for practice.

The Big Book of Sudoku

The Big Book of Sudoku has something for everyone. It has over 500 problems ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult. The puzzles are large and easy on the eyes because there are only two per page, and the spiral-bound allows you to put the book flat for the convenience and comfort of writing. This one is perfect for beginners or those who want diversity because of the large selection of alternatives.

Surrender to Sudoku by Will Shortz

Surrender to Sudoku is the finest choice for people who want to be challenged. The book is written by puzzle master and New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz. There are 200 puzzles, and according to customers the puzzles are “irresistibly difficult”. You can buy this book once you are confident about solving easy-medium puzzles.

Master Sudoku by Carol Vorderman

The Master Sudoku book by Carol Vorderman is an excellent choice for all puzzle fans, whether you play Sudoku at a beginner, moderate, or advanced level. Carol Vorderman, a Sudoku expert in the United Kingdom, has created 200 puzzles for Sudokists of all levels in this book. The book also includes directions and suggestions for completing problems fast.

Relax and Solve Sudoku by Brain Games

Relax and Solve Sudoku in some challenging puzzles that will bring much-needed pleasure if you’re searching for mild brain stimulation after a long day. Each book page features a single challenge, making it suitable for those who don’t want to strain their eyes by solving multiple small riddles on the same page. Because the book is heavy, you may not be able to transport it while traveling. Nonetheless, the book is one of the best stress relievers for Sudoku fans.

Sudoku for Dummies Volume 2

Sudoku for Dummies by Andrew Heron is a fantastic place to start for folks new to Sudoku puzzles. The book is an excellent place to start because it has 240 captivating puzzles and a specific chapter that demonstrates how to solve them. It also answers all the puzzles in the book at the back. Sudoku for Dummies includes a variety of 9×9, 16×16, and circular Sudoku puzzles that range from easy to challenging.

Sudoku 555 Puzzles Easy to Expert by Game Nest

Are you searching for a Sudoku book with many puzzles for adults? The title of the book, Sudoku 555 Puzzles, tells it all! The book comprises simple, medium, hard, extremely hard, and expert-level problems, making it appropriate for adults. There are six puzzles on every page of the book, providing hours of enjoyment. Anyone who enjoys completing Sudoku puzzles will like Sudoku 555.

The Best of Sudoku by Dhawal Bhatia

Over 100 puzzles, ranging from basic to exceedingly difficult, are included in the book. Each page features two problems, so you won’t strain your eyes to figure out the answers. Moreover, the book acts as a comprehensive guide to solving the most difficult puzzles with ease. It includes strategies and tips that can help you solve the puzzle more quickly.

Sudoku 3 by Chronicle books

The Sudoku 3 book will pique your curiosity if you are an experienced or professional Sudoku player who can quickly solve medium difficulty levels. The book contains complex to complicated Sudoku puzzles that promote logical thinking. Sudoku 3 has 200 puzzles to keep you occupied for months. This small book may be taken anywhere and keep you engaged for hours. It has over 200 intriguing Sudoku puzzles.

So, there you have it! Top 10 Sudoku books for beginners, advanced players, and experts. Learning different Sudoku tactics and playing Sudoku daily will improve your abilities and speed. You can even play endless free Sudoku games online. The online Sudoku games let you improve your speed at solving problems while competing against a live opponent while keeping the fun going.

Take a look at this article to know where you can play Sudoku online.

Sudoku Books – Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented Sudoku?

Howard Garns invented Sudoku. Take a look at the history of sudoku.

Is Sudoku a type of math?

Sudoku is a puzzle game where you must place numbers 1 through 9 on a grid without replicating any of the same numbers in the same row, column, or square. Sudoku is a logic game, not a “math” game.

Which Indian Sudoku champion is currently reigning?

Rohan Rao is an Indian businessman and entrepreneur. He is the current Indian Sudoku Champion and Sudoku Champion of the Times of India. Rao holds a record of 18 national championships and has competed in the World Sudoku Championship (WSC), World Puzzle Championship (WPC), and Asian Sudoku Championship as one of the most refined Indians (ASC).

What is the secret to doing Sudoku quickly?

Instead of thinking about the entire grid at once, concentrate on just one element of a square, row, or column. Move up the ladder until all 81 spaces are filled. Begin with an initial square, then a row, and finally a column. You’ll be able to solve the Sudoku grid significantly faster if you eliminate any other distractions. Here is an article that highlights 10 ways to solve sudoku puzzles.

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