The Top 10 Games Played in Jharkhand

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Jharkhand, a state awash with a beautiful tribal culture and a budding sports industry, organizes several games that are popular among their residents. Moreover, they holds a high importance to the culture. Out of all the indoor Jharkhand games, the Ludo board game is the most popular, and it offers unlimited opportunities to play offline or online.

So, let’s explore some of the best games to play in Jharkhand with this article.

Outdoor Games Played in Jharkhand

The outdoor games played in Jharkhand are much related to the state’s cultural heritage. They make the people happy and healthy and serving as a means to retain unity and heritage.

Sekkor: Fast-paced Action in the Arena of Strategy

Sakkor, a stone accessory game, is one of the most common games played in Jharkhand. It is a practice of improving hand-to-eye coordination and mastering the art. Sekkor, which is loved by the youth and is a pastime, also entails tactical thinking in the state.

Similar to cricket, Sekkor’s primary goal is to hit the ball with a stick. One player tosses the ball at the striker, who attempts to hit it as far as possible. After hitting the ball, the striker runs to a point and back, trying to score before an opponent retrieves and returns the ball. 

It showcases agility, strength, and community spirit. The game is typically played in open fields or shared village grounds, making it a community sport that promotes social bonding.

Hada Pota: Traditional Excitement with a Dash of Luck

Hada Pota is one of the traditional games played in Jharkhand that uses handmade balls and a set of pins to play the game just like bowling but on uneven surfaces. It is mainly played in the home courts, mostly in rural places, as the matches occur on communal grounds. The game can develop hand-eye coordination and balance and provide fun and excitement for the locals as they compete during local festivals.

Football: Dynamic Gameplay on the Field of Glory

Football is one of the most popular games to play in Jharkhand, and it is ramped up as many teams and academies are found locally. The state has generated top players who play for their hometowns, like Rachis and Jamshedpur. Among the many benefits of football are the increased cardiovascular health and team spirit.

Jharkhand is better known for its contributions to sports like hockey and athletics. Still, it has also produced several noteworthy football players who have significantly impacted the national level. Here are some of the best football players from Jharkhand who have participated in official matches or tournaments: 

  • Sumati Kumari 
  • Astram Oraon 
  • Sangeeta Soren 
  • Rajendra Prasad

Kho-Kho: Energetic Pursuit in the Realm of Agility

Jharkhand schools and colleges teach the Kho-Kho game very well since it is all about the amount of energy and teamwork. It is one of those top games to play in Jharkhand that helps you raise your agility, speed, and reflexes and install a strong mentality of being part of a team and playing strategically.

Cricket: The Gentleman’s Sport of Bat and Ball

Cricket is the most popular and one of those games played in Jharkhand that has a big craze among Jharkhandi citizens, the land of cricketers like MS Dhoni of India. The area commits rather much to cricket and thus has its academies and stadiums for young people who want to perform professionally. Only cricket can make you a world-class thinker, a team player, and a fit person.

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Indoor Games Played in Jharkhand

The entertainment through indoor games in Jharkhand allows for both fun and playing and skills like thinking critically and strategy.

Ludo: A Timeless Classic

Ludo, a quite exciting yet technically straightforward game, is one of the best games played in Jharkhand. It is a game that prompts players to consider the possibilities and anticipate ahead, which is part and parcel of strategy. Apart from playing Ludo with physical players, it can be played online using platforms like Zupee, with the Ludo players receiving monetary prizes for winning. Take a look at the video below to learn how to play Ludo tournaments online and win real money: 

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Carrom: A Blend of Skill and Precision

Helped by the fact that this one is a law of motion that that people challenge, carrom board game is common, and people play socially and competitively in Jharkhand. A game exhibits those characteristics through its functionality of increasing focus, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy. Most community clubs and organizations in Jharkhand offer carrom games to play in Jharkhand to its members.

Scrabble: Word Fun for Everyone

In Jharkhand, the younger lot loves Scrabble as it improves their vocabulary and cognitive skills. This is again one of the essential aspects considered as their focal point in school. Local competitions in the language and art field are established to help students develop these skills.

Monopoly: Classic Board Game Adventure

The Jharkhand family say playing Monopoly is enjoyable because it’s fun and informative, for it tries to instill in your mind the virtues of money management along with wise investment strategy relying on a real-life practical approach. It comes under those top games to play in Jharkhand that are perfect for hanging around and having a great time with friends and families on weekends or evenings.

Card Games: Endless Entertainment in Every Hand

Card games such as rummy and bridge are popular throughout Jharkhand. These are some of those games to play in Jharkhand that only provide hours of enjoyment, but they also aid in developing focus, strategy, and social interaction skills.

People enjoy those games for many hours, but they are perfectly fine for developing focus, strategy, and social skills. 

The games played in Jharkhand range from high-energy outdoor sports to strategic indoor games, reflecting the state’s broad cultural tapestry. These activities link tradition and modernity, giving amusement while encouraging social bonds and physical and mental wellness among its participants.

FAQs – Jharkhand Games

What are the popular outdoor games in Jharkhand?

Jharkhand’s popular outdoor games include Sekkor, Hada Pota, Football, Kho-Kho, and cricket. These games are vital to the region’s cultural and social activities, providing both pleasure and physical advantages.

Where can I play indoor games online in Jharkhand?

In Jharkhand, you may play indoor games online on platforms like Zupee, which offers games like Ludo and Trump Cards with cash prizes. You can also use the Zupee referral code to get money to play games on the platform. 

How can I earn money by playing games?

You can make money by playing games on online gaming platforms like Zupee that provide tournaments with cash prizes, competing in contests, or streaming gameplay on sites like Twitch or YouTube to generate ad revenue and sponsorship.

What are some popular variations of Ludo played in Jharkhand?

In Jharkhand, versions of Ludo are popular, such as Pachisi, which is more traditional and uses cowrie shells. These versions frequently contain local rules and are played at community events.

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