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Carrom board download - online games

Carrom is one of the most loved and adored games of all time. Regardless of age, gender, or interests in a particular sport, everyone enjoys playing carrom. It is an indoor sport that has been creating a rave since it was invented. With changing times, you can easily enjoy carrom at home from your smartphone. In fact, you can even win real money!

But which Carrom board to download? This article discusses the Carrom game and where and how to download the Carrom board online.

Carrom Game: Origin, Meaning, and Objective

Also known as “strike and pocket,” Carrom is one of India’s most fascinating indoor games. It is also popular in neighboring East Asian countries. Many clubs gather together and play Carrom in places where it is a favorite pastime.

The origin of Carrom dates back a few centuries. It is a matter of pride that the Carrom was invented in India by the various Maharajas or kings who ruled over India back then.

After World War I, Carrom started gaining more and more popularity among the masses. By the 19th century, State level championships started gaining momentum in India.

The Carrom board is a square board that consists of carrommen, strikers, and queens. The main objective of the game is to score more than your opponents. This means you must gather more black and white Carrom men and the queen. The queen holds the highest number of points. Carrom can be played in singles, doubles, or even mixed formats depending on the number of players.

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When you play Carrom online, the rules and gameplay are slightly tweaked. Watch the video below to learn how playing carrom online is different from playing offline:

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Online Carrom vs. Classic Carrom Games

As we explore the facts of Carrom, let us help you understand the basic difference between online and offline Carrom games. 

  1. Set up 
  2. Type of players and Tournaments
  3. Gameplay time
  4. Player Availability
Online Carrom vs.  Classic board

Set up

Online Carrom can be played on your phone by installing the required app. It is simple, easy, and does not require much effort. You also need not waste any time setting up the Carrom board. Everything is already set on the online game.

For a classic Carrom board game, you will need a board, striker, the queen, and carrommen before you start playing.

Type of players and tournaments

In the online mode, you can be paired with verified players across the country. You are also eligible to win cash rewards in your games. Additionally, mega tournaments are also arranged. You can choose from various contests (paid and free) and tournaments in online Carrom games and compete for real money. However, playing with real money is prohibited in a classic Carrom game because it is unregulated. Most people only play offline Carrom without using real money.

Gameplay time

Online Carrom board game is faster. Everything is just a click away. There is no investment or effort from you as required in offline Carrom. On the other hand, offline classic Carrom games can last for hours because each player takes their time striking the carrommen.

Players Availability

You can play Carrom online round the clock and have players playing opposite you. This is not always the case with offline Carrom games. In a traditional Ludo game, you need to be present to play the game.

Carrom Board Game Download – Apk version

Now that we’ve discussed the various benefits of playing an online Carrom game let us look at the various places you can download it.

Most games can be combined with other games or have an individual identity. Either way, they can be installed in a few minutes and set up for your play. 

Most online gaming platforms offer a welcome reward or bonus as soon as you sign up on their platform. This bonus can be used in playing the carrom game itself. 

One such platform is Zupee. Zupee’s Carrom Ninja game allows you to win up to 10 lakhs. It is a two-player game that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It has numbered tokens for playing, instead of the classic black and white carrommen. In fact, there is no queen in Carrom Ninja!

What more? Zupee Carrom Ninja has no penalties. So, if your striker goes inside the pocket, you do not lose your turn.

You can download Carrom Ninja for android phones. Keep reading to know how to download the Carrom Ninja apk.

Carrom Board Download on Android

The Zupee app installation is necessary before you actually start playing Carrom Ninja. It is noteworthy that Carrom Ninja is only available on Android phones. The steps for the Carrom board download on your Android device are as follows: 

  • Click on the download app button on this page.
  • There is an option in purple titled “Download Now” at the bottom of your screen. Click on that. 
  • When you install an app outside the play store, a popup appears. 
  • A message from Google will pop up next; click on “okay” to resume the download.
  • After it is downloaded, you’ll receive a notification stating the same. 
  • Open the downloaded apk from the notification bar. 
  • Next, to install your Zupee app, go to Settings, and allow installation from unknown sources. 
  • Open the Zupee app and enjoy! 

The Carrom Ninja game is just a click away on your phone. Just follow the steps above carefully, and you are good to go!

Play Carrom online on Zupee! Click on this page’s “Download App” button and play the Carrom board online. You could also win up to Rs. 10 Lakhs!

Next step after the Carrom board download

After downloading the Zupee App, it’s time to play Carrom board online with the Carrom Ninja game. Although the rules for playing online Carrom are more or less the same, there are still a few steps that you should follow. In this way, it will not be confusing to you.

next step after carrom board download

In the Carrom online game, you only need to push the striker to hit the Carrom men who fall in any of the four pockets. Players who can collect the most points win the game.

Here are 6 steps to play Carrom Ninja online:

  1. Select the two-player format on Carrom Ninja. Remember, Carrom Ninja is a 2 player game.
  2. The game begins with a default shot. To ensure that no player is given an advantage, the first shot that breaks the Carrom token formation on the board is by default. Post the default shot, each player plays alternatively.
  3. Strike the Carrom game pieces by adjusting the position of the striker:
    • Move the slider that is below the Carrom board to target the token you want to pocket,
    • Drag the Carrom Ninja striker up/down to adjust the power of the striker.
    • Target the token by using the arrow and take a shot
  4. Earn maximum points within the limited moves and timeframe:
    • Every player gets 8 moves only
    • You get 30 seconds to make your move.
    • The value of your token equals the points you earn. 
  5. You’ll get no additional moves on pocketing a token and no fouls on the striker hitting the pocket.
  6. Win the game by earning maximum points.

Know more about the rules and steps to play an online Carrom game on Carrom Ninja.

Carrom Board Download – FAQs

How much money can I win by playing Carrom Ninja on Zupee? 

You can win up to 10 lakhs while playing Carrom Ninja on Zupee. Once you’ve secured your prize money, you can easily withdraw it via a bank transfer to UPI like GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc. 

Is it safe to play on Zupee? 

Yes, absolutely. Zupee is an extremely safe and secure platform for playing various games. You also have the chance to win actual money if you win. You need to download it from the Zupee website.

What are the various games I can play on Zupee? 

There are various games available on Zupee. Carrom Ninja, Ludo Turbo, Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Snake and Ladders Plus, and Trump Cards Mania. These games are easily available on the Zupee app. You can play any game of your choice once you have downloaded the application on your Android phone. So play real cash games on Zupee.

How many players can play Carrom Ninja on Zupee? 

The Carrom Ninja game is a two-player game. You will be matched with another player from India to play against you. You can then compete against them in tournaments and win big.