The 10 Best Games Played in Delhi

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India’s capital, Delhi, is a dynamic city whose rich cultural legacy is seen in the variety of traditional and contemporary games. The city’s citizens participate in various play activities that promote community building and serve as a means of recreation, whether indoors or on busy streets.

All age groups continue to love Parcheesi, often known as Ludo, which is at the top of the list of Delhi games. In fact, you can now play Ludo board games online and win real cash! 

So, with this article, we’ll look into the top indoor & outdoor traditional games & activities that are highly popular in the city. 

Outdoor Games Played in Delhi

Delhi’s outdoor activities are integral to the city’s social fabric and go beyond simple physical recreation. In fact ,these fun games in Delhi played outside beneath a big sky, bring people together from all walks of life and promote cultural continuity.

Patang – Kite Flying

In Delhi, kite flying, or “Patang,” is more than simply a recreational activity; it’s a cultural celebration, especially around Independence Day and Makar Sankranti. The Delhities enjoy this traditional activity as one of the best fun games in Delhi on August 15th, every year. Kites of all sizes and colors frequently dot the city’s skyline as a sign of joy and freedom. Moreover, the largest kite market in Delhi is located at Chandni Chowk, and kite enthusiasts from all across the city frequent it to get their supplies. Another advantage of kite flying is that it gets people outside and promotes socialization and physical activity.

Gully Cricket in Neighborhood Streets

In India, cricket is more than just a sport—a religion. The ‘Gully Cricket’ matches in the tiny streets of Delhi are evidence of this enthusiasm. Numerous gifted players who played cricket informally have gone on to compete at the national and international levels. 

Delhi has produced several top cricket players who have excelled nationally and internationally. Here are some notable cricketers from Delhi: 

  • Virat Kohli 
  • Gautam Gambhir 
  • Virender Sehwag 
  • Ishant Sharma 
  • Shikhar Dhawan 
  • Rishabh Pant

As of the most recent season, the Delhi Capitals (DC) roster had several top Indian players who contributed significantly to the squad, including Rishab Pant, Shikhar Dhavan, Ishant Sharma, and some others. 

Street Football

Delhi’s street football is a prime example of how international sports can fit into regional settings. It is one of those best games played in Delhi that can be played anywhere, is a well-liked means for young football players to express themselves and keep active. However, regular matches are held at football stadiums like the Ambedkar Stadium with cheap admission. The sport’s appeal among younger people can be attributed to its physical fitness and teamwork promotion.

Delhi has produced some famous football players for both the Indian national team and several club teams. So, here are a few Delhi footballers who have made significant contributions to the game:

  • Sunil Chhetri
  • Anwar Ali
  • Robin Singh
  • Renedy Singh
  • Shilton Paul 

Aankh Micholi

Aankh micholi, or hide and seek, is a fundamental yet cherished game in Delhi. These are from one of those popular games to play in Delhi that develops players’ interpersonal skills while requiring strategy and agility. Despite no official teams, the game is a mainstay at social events and community gatherings.

Hopscotch in Residential Areas

The next on our list of games to play in Delhi is hopscotch. It’s a simple game that kids of all ages play, needs very little equipment, and is often sketched on sidewalks and in courtyards. Children can improve their social skills and physical coordination by playing this game.

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Indoor Games Played in Delhi

People in Delhi can enjoy indoor games in the comfort of their homes or community facilities, providing a break from the city’s frequently severe weather. In addition to being entertaining, these Delhi games improve cognitive abilities and strengthen bonds within the community.


Delhi’s culture is closely entwined with Parcheesi, or Ludo, as it is most often known. This comes from one of those categories of indoor games Delhi that is loved for its ease of use and for providing hours of strategic gameplay with family and friends. Online apps like Zupee allow players to compete against other players for real money rewards, adding a competitive element to the classic game of Ludo for those seeking a more contemporary experience. You can also take advantage of the Zupee referral code to get cash and play cash games!

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Talking about other popular Delhi games then chess comes into the list, which is more than a game. It’s a mental workout that draws many fans. Moreover, the popularity of the game is primarily attributed to chess benefits including the intellectual challenge and strategic depth. Delhi has several chess clubs and cafés where pros and beginners can play, demonstrating the game’s prestigious place in the city’s cultural scene.


Talking about other games played in Delhi then billiards and snooker are renowned for their strategic depth and deft play. Also, these games are available for play in many sports clubs and snooker halls throughout Delhi, appealing to casual gamers and die-hard fans.

There are many excellent locations in Delhi where billiards and snooker players can enjoy themselves. Plenty of clubs and sports centers with top-notch amenities, regardless of your skill level. Here are a few well-liked locations in Delhi where you may play snooker or pool:

  • Q’BA in Connaught Place
  • E-O-D Adventure Park in Indirapuram
  • Glued Reloaded in Noida
  • Siri Fort Sports Complex by the Delhi Development 
  • Delhi Gymkhana Club 
  • Pacific Mall in Subhash Nagar
  • Knight Riders in East Delhi


In Delhi, bowling has become one of the well-liked and best fun games in Delhi people can play. Several bowling lanes offer a lively environment perfect for social gatherings with friends and family. Additionally, this game, popular at many of Delhi’s malls and entertainment venues, is well-liked for being entertaining and fun.

Delhi people can do bowling in some of these places:

  • Smaaash, Vasant Kunj
  • BluO, Ambience Mall
  • Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden
  • Adventure Island, Rohini
  • Glued Reloaded, Noida

Martial Arts

Another aspect of Delhi’s multifaceted indoor games in Delhi and its culture is martial arts training. People can learn a variety of martial arts disciplines, valued for their physical advantages, mental discipline, and self-defense abilities, at one of the city’s many training facilities.

There are numerous martial arts training facilities in Delhi that can accommodate various styles and skill levels. The following are a few renowned Delhi martial arts training facilities:

  • Sanshinkan Martial Arts & Fitness Pvt. Ltd 
  • Crosstrain Fight Club 
  • Warriors Cove Mixed Martial Arts Academy 
  • Knockout Fight Club
  • Delhi Judo Club
  • Indian Tigers Taekwondo Academy 

The top games to play in Delhi clearly show the vibrant range of the city’s cultures. Moreover, the capital city of India is a veritable playground for the young and old, offering everything from age-old pastimes to more contemporary sports that have been performed for centuries.

FAQs – Delhi Games

What are the most popular games played in Delhi?

The sports most played in Delhi are football, cricket, and ancient pastimes like kite flying and Parcheesi. The locals also favor contemporary sports such as pool and bowling.

Are there any tournaments or leagues for amateur players in Delhi?

Yes, Delhi provides venues for competitive play by hosting several amateur leagues and tournaments in sports, including football, badminton, and cricket.

Can I earn money by playing games?

Yes, you can make money playing video games. This is particularly true for esports, competitive sports, and online gaming platforms where users can win real money rewards by participating in tournaments or matches. Read this article to learn how to earn money by playing games

Are there any tournaments or leagues for amateur players in Delhi?

With various regional leagues and tournaments promoting skill development and competitive play, Delhi provides amateur athletes with many sports options, including chess, football, and cricket.

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