An Essential Guide to Snakes and Ladders game and How to play it online?

All of us have played Snakes and Ladders at some point in life. It’s one such board game that is quick to learn, with easy-to-understand rules. Over the years, this game has gained popularity, and now you can even play it online. But, how is the online gameplay different?

In this article, we talk about playing the classic Snakes and Ladders game, rules, and equipment you need. We also compare the gameplay of classic board game vs. Snakes and Ladders plus, a fast-paced online game where you can win a chance to earn real money. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your sleeves and dive into this guide!

Snakes and Ladders game – classic version

The Snakes and Ladders game originated in ancient India as “Moksha Patam”. It was taken to England and renamed “Snakes and Ladders.” The game was also associated with the Karmic journey, where the squares with ladders meant virtue and snakes meant evil.

Historians and travelers from around the world have written about the various forms of Snakes and Ladders that existed. Some of the travelers even took home then existing versions of the game, which can be found in various museums of England. The game was later introduced in the United States as “Chutes and Ladders”.

With the game’s growing popularity, you can now play it both online and offline. However, the game’s objective remains the same. i.e., navigate your token, according to the dice roll, from start to finish. But, while you are doing that, make sure you don’t land on a snake’s head and race your token towards the 100th box by moving up the ladders.

Here is a brief overview of the classic snakes and ladders game:

Country of OriginIndia
Game GenreBoard game, Race game, Dice game
Players2 or more
Playing time15-45 minutes
Age range3+
Skills requiredCounting & observation
Different names of Snakes and LaddersMoksha Patam, Chutes and Ladders, Saanp Seedi, Paramapadham, Gyan Chaupa, Golok Dham, and Sa Nam Lam Sha.
Online versionSnakes and Ladders Plus
Snakes and Ladders Game overview

Snakes and Ladders online

The game’s objective remains the same while playing Snakes and Ladders plus. Based upon the dice roll, the player navigates the token from start to finish, avoids the snakes, and takes shortcuts by climbing the ladder. However, the gameplay is a bit different from classic Snakes and Ladders. For example, a player gets one token while playing the traditional game, whereas three tokens while playing Snakes and Ladders Plus. Moreover, the winner of the game is decided based on a scoring system while playing online. What’s more?

To play the classic snakes and ladders game, you need:

  • A square-shaped snakes and ladders board. The board has numbers 1 to 100. Different boards have snakes and ladders starting and ending on different squares, which affects the duration of the play.
  • A dice
  • A token for each player

Depending on the brand, buying a board might cost you around 100 to 500 INR. But, you can play it for free on your mobile with Snakes and Ladders Plus. Besides, you get 10 INR as a bonus to download the game and play live tournaments. Besides, you can even win a chance to earn real cash and withdraw your winning instantly!

Here are the key differences between the online and traditional Snakes and Ladders game:

DifferencesSnakes and Ladders plusClassic Board game
GameplayEach player gets an equal number of moves.Time is not specified. Can go on for hours
Players2-42 or more
Equipment’sMobile phone with decent internet serviceBoard, Dice, and tokens
Winning moneyCan win up to 10 lakhsProbably no winning money
WinnerThe Scoring system determines who wins the gameThe player to reach the 100th box first wins
Snakes and Ladders Game - Online vs. Offline

How to play the Snakes and Ladders game?

You can either play Snakes and Ladders online with live tournaments all day long or can stick to the classic board game. The classic Snakes and Ladders game is a perfect choice when you are off to a game night with your friends and family. However, if you want to play the game on the go and probably win some money out of it, Snakes and Ladders Plus is your best bet.

Snakes and Ladders plus

You can play Snakes and Ladders Plus between 2-4 players. Each player gets three tokens and an equal number of moves depending upon the number of players in a game. For example, in a 2 player format, each player gets 18 moves, whereas, in a 3 and 4 player format, they get 12 moves.

Snakes and Ladders Plus Format

You can play Snakes and Ladders Plus in 4 different formats, with an entry fee, which is either paid or free of charge:

  • 1 vs. 1
  • 1 winner
  • 2winners
  • 3 winners


  • The player who starts the game is randomly decided. Moreover, the player does not need to roll a 6 to start the game.
  • The number on the dice determines the number of boxes the token will move.
  • For each box moved, the player gets 1 point, and if the token reaches home, they earn 100 points.
  • The player who earns maximum points wins the game.

To make the game more exciting and competitive, the players can cut their opponent’s token by landing on the same box. When a token is cut, it returns to the starting position, and all points made by that token are lost. The player can also safeguard their token by landing two of their tokens in the same box.

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Snakes and Ladders – Classic version

We all might be familiar with playing the classic Snakes and Ladders game. If not, let us refresh your memory. You can play the classic version between 2 or more players. Once the board is set up, the players can choose a token color and place it at the start position. The game is played with just one token.


  • The player who rolls the highest number starts the game, and in some cases, each player needs to roll a 6 to active their token.
  • The number on the dice determines the number of boxes the token will move.
  • The player who takes their token to home or 100th box wins the game.
  • Unlike Snakes and Ladders Plus, the players cannot capture or safeguard their tokens. They just need to make sure they race quickly to the finish line.

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Rules and Instructions  

One key factor differentiating Snakes and Ladders Plus from the classic version is the set of rules. Let’s take a look at the rules you need to follow while playing Snakes and Ladders online vs. classic board game:

RulesSnakes and Ladders PlusClassic Snakes and Ladders
Roll a 6 to get an extra turnNoYes
Cut an opponent’s tokenYesNo
Extra turn to cut a tokenYesNo
Safeguard your tokenYesNo
Move down the ladderNoNo
Move up the snake’s tailNoNo
Skip your turnYesNo
Reach 100th box and win the gameNoYes
Earn maximum points and win the gameYesNo

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Tips and Tricks

The best tip that we can give you is to understand the rules before playing the game. Many versions of the classic Snakes and Ladders game are out there, with different rules to follow. So, make sure that you know them.

To win the classic game, the player needs to roll the exact number on the dice to land on the100th box. If they fail to do that, the player rolls the dice again in the next turn. Moreover, there is no concept of cutting the opponent’s token or skipping your turn. So, the player’s sole purpose is to pray that he does not land on the snake’s head and get a good number on the dice to reach the 100th position. Basically, it’s purely a game of luck! 

To win the Snakes and Ladders plus game, the player needs to strategize his moves right from the start. The player can stop an opponent’s token to reach the 100th position by capturing it and can even safeguard their token. These tweets to the gameplay make the game more strategy-based.

Here are some tips and tricks to play Snakes and Ladders plus:

  • Safeguard the token that has advanced the most in the game
  • Mitigate the risk of losing points by playing with multiple tokens
  • Capture your opponent token so that your opponent loses points and you get an extra turn
  • Check opponent’s profile to look at their wins and losses to get an idea about their gameplay skills

Snakes and Ladders – FAQs

What do the phrase snakes and ladders mean?

Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian game played with a board and dice. When you go up the ladder, you progress quickly. However, when you go down a snake, you go backward.

What are a few rules of playing the snakes and ladders game?

One general rule of snakes and ladders is if a player’s token lands at the bottom of the ladder, they can move to the top of the ladder. If a player’s token lands on the head of a snake, they must slide down to the bottom of the snake. Take a look at this article to know gameplay rules to follow while playing snakes and ladder.

Can I play snakes and ladders online?

Yes. Play the snakes and ladders plus with online players and win exciting rewards.

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