Tambola Rules

Tambola rules

The tambola game is played by marking the numbers announced by the host on the tickets, and the first player to complete any of the winning patterns on their ticket wins the game. One of the rules of Tambola (housie) is that each Tambola ticket should have 15 numbers present on it. Once the numbers are called out, the players must strike them if visible on the Tambola ticket. If the players match a winning combination, they are declared the winner.

Here are the 15 rules to play tambola (housie):

  1. Before starting the game, a caller/dealer/host should be decided.
  2. Players should be aware of the winning pattern before the game starts.
  3. Each player should buy tambola tickets (housie) to play the game.
  4. Players can buy more than one Tambola ticket to increase their chances of winning. However, certain games require all players to buy the same number of tickets to have fair play. So, beware of the gameplay.
  5. The caller should pick the numbers from a container without seeing it.
  6. Numbers ranging from 1 to 90 should be called out by the caller randomly.
  7. Each Tambola ticket should have 15 numbers present on it.
  8. The caller should call out the numbers clearly. It should be audible to the players.
  9. The players should strike off the numbers as and when called out by the caller.
  10. The first one to complete any winning patterns should announce “Tambola.”
  11. The caller should cross-check the ticket and declare the winner.
  12. A player can claim a winning combo only before the caller announces the following number. For example – Say 35 was announced, and a player matched a winning combination on 35. If the player fails to claim the winnings before the next number is announced, they cannot claim their winnings.
  13. If multiple players make a winning combination simultaneously, then the prize should be shared among all of them.
  14. If the caller observes that the claimed ticket is false or wrong, it will be a foul. This foul or mistake is called BOOGY; from then on, the player cannot play with that ticket further.
  15. The game ends when all the 90 numbers are called out, or a winner is declared for all the tambola winning patterns, whichever comes first.

Do the above mentioned rules apply when you play Tambola online? NO! Keep reading

Tambola Online Rules

While playing Tambola online rules are slightly different. Play Tambola Online & Win Real Money!

Tambola Rules

Tambola, also known as Bingo or Housie, is a popular game of chance played with numbers. Playing Tambola online involves a virtual platform where players can join from different locations. Here’s a basic guide on how to play online Tambola. Moreover, you also stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

So, what is online tambola, and how are the rules different from the classic tambola?

  1. Choose an Online Platform:
    • There are various websites and mobile apps that offer online Tambola. Choose a platform that suits your preferences.
  2. Create an Account:
    • Sign up or log in to the chosen platform. You may need to provide basic information and create a username.
  3. Join or Create a Game:
    • Once logged in, find a Tambola game to join or create your own room. Some platforms may have different variations of the game, so choose the one you prefer.
  4. Buy Tickets:
    • In Tambola, players buy tickets that have a grid of numbers on them. Each number corresponds to a call that will be announced during the game. Purchase the desired number of tickets for the game.
  5. Understand the Rules:
    • Make sure you are familiar with the rules of the Tambola game you’re playing. Rules may vary, but the basic concept involves marking off numbers on your ticket as they are called.

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Tambola Winning Patterns Rules

Prizes in a tambola game are also known as winnings or dividends. There are plenty of unique tambola variations. But, the five most common winning patterns are – Full House, Top Row, Bottom Row, Middle Row, and Corners.

Let’s examine the tambola dividend rules used in the classic Tambola game. Here is the list of the 15 most interesting tambola winning patterns used in the game:

  1. Full House
  2. Top Line
  3. Middle Line
  4. Bottom Line
  5. Corners
  6. Centre, Laddu
  7. 123
  8. Early 5
  9. First Half
  10. ‘H’
  11. I Love You 143
  12. Naughty
  13. Reverse Pyramid
  14. Smallest 5
  15. Triplet Column

Full House Tambola rule

When you strike off all the 15 numbers of your tambola ticket, you can claim a Full House. This pattern is also applicable while paying the tambola.

You win the game’s grand prize by claiming a full house. If there is a huge audience while playing classic tambola, the caller/host might distribute the grand prize like Full House 1, Full House 2, and so on, depending on the amount raised for playing that particular tambola game.

Top Line Rule

In the Topline winning pattern, you need to strike off all the first-line numbers, i.e., the top row of your tambola ticket.

Middle line Winning Pattern Rule

A middle-line winning combo can be achieved when you strike off all the numbers of the middle row, i.e., the 2nd row in a tambola ticket.

Bottom line Winning combination Rule

You can claim a Bottom Line if all the numbers in the bottom row, i.e., 3rd row, are marked/cut in your tambola ticket.

Tambola 4 corners Winning rule

When your winning combination is such that the first & fifth numbers of the top row and bottom row are marked in your tambola ticket, you can then claim for Corners tambola dividend.

Centre, Laddu rule

It is a winning pattern in which you have to strike out the third number of the middle or 2nd row in your tambola ticket to claim the tambola dividend. Here is an example:

housie game rule for Laddu dividend

123 tambola pattern rule

123 is a winning combination that you can claim only by striking off the first number of the first row, the first two numbers of the second row, and the first three numbers of the third row. Here is an illustrative for the same:

Housie game rules - 123 winning pattern

Early 5 winning pattern rule

You can claim an Early Five winning combo when the first five numbers in your tambola ticket are marked/cut.

First half tambola winning pattern

To claim a First Half tambola dividend, you have to strike off the first three numbers from each row. This implies striking off the first three numbers from Row 1, 2, and 3. The below-given image will make it easier to identify a First Half winning pattern:

Tambola game rules - First half winning pattern

‘H’ Tambola pattern rule

H is one of the unique tambola winning patterns you can claim in a tambola game. But for that, you need to strike off all the numbers of the first vertical line(1st Column), all the numbers of the middle horizontal line(2nd row), and all the numbers of the last vertical line(9th column) from your tambola ticket. The below-given image will make it easier to identify the ‘H’ winning pattern:

Tambola game rules - H winning dividends

I Love You 143 tambola winning pattern

To complete & claim the I Love You 143 tambola dividend, you need to strike off the first number of the first line (1st row), the first four numbers of the second line (2nd row), and the first three numbers of the last line (3rd row) from your tambola ticket. Here is an illustrative for the same: 

Housie rules for 143 winning pattern

Naughty Tambola dividend

A Naughty winning combo can be achieved when you strike off all the numbers having digits 6 and 9 on your tambola ticket. These numbers could be 6, 9, 19, 46, 39, 60, etc. The below-given image will make it easier to identify the Naughty winning pattern:

Tambola winning pattern

Reverse Pyramid Tambola pattern

It is another tambola winning pattern that can be claimed when you strike off the 1st, 3rd, and 5th numbers of the first line (1st Row), 2nd & 4th numbers of the second line (2nd Row), and 3rd number of the third line (3rd Row) on your tambola ticket. When you closely observe the strike numbers, it will look like a Reverse Pyramid:

housie game rules - Reverse pyramid pattern

Tambola Smallest 5 rule

In a Smallest 5 winning combination, you need to strike off the first five smallest numbers on your tambola ticket. The numbers should be cut vertically starting from the 1st row, then the 2nd row, etc. The below-given image will make it easier to identify the Smallest five winning patterns:

Housie rules - smallest 5

Tambola triplet column rule

To claim a Triplet Column, you have to strike off the number in any three adjacent columns of your tambola ticket. For example, you have to cut the numbers of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. The below-given image will make it easier to identify a Triplet Column winning pattern:

Housie rules - Triplet column

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Tambola Rules: FAQs

How to play Tambola game?

To play Tambola, players need a tambola ticket with numbers between 1 to 90. When the number is called, the players strike them out to make a winning combination. However, when you play Tambola online, the gameplay and rules are different. For example, to play online Tambola, players get two tickets on which four types of numbers are present – LD; 1,2,3; 4,6; and 0. Moreover, the Tambola is played while watching Live cricket.

Am I eligible to play Tambola?

Yes, anyone can usually play the tambola. However, there might be an age limit set by the organizer of the game. For example, when you play Tambola online for money, you should be 18+.

Is Housie and Tambola similar?

Yes. Tambola and Housie are similar and have a similar set of rules and gameplay. Learn about 10 interesting Tambola/housie dividends here.

What are the tambola winning patterns?

Many tambola winning patterns exist, such as early five, top line, bottom line, H, and smallest 5. Tambola has 5 winning combinations – Top, Center, Bottom, Corners, and Full House. Look at this article to learn creative tambola ideas in 2024 to make the game more fun and exciting.

What are the rules of tambola?

The first rule of classic tambola is to have a ticket that has 15 numbers on it. But the online tambola ticket is different. Tambola tickets have four specific numbers, rather than 1 to 90. Read this article to learn more about how online tambola game rules and tickets differ from the classic version.

How do I claim Bamboo tambola winning pattern?

To claim a Bamboo tambola winning pattern a player has to strike off all the numbers of the middle column (5th column).

What is the Blood pressure(BP) tambola winning rule?

Blood pressure or BP is a tambola dividend. To make a BP-winning combo, a player has to strike off the highest and lowest numbers of their tambola ticket.

What is tambola 4 corner rule?

The tambola 4 corner rule marks all four corners, i.e. 1st and last number of the bottom and top row. The player who does it first wins the round.

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