How to Play Tambola?

How to play tambola

To play Tambola, you need Tambola tickets. The objective of the game is to strike out the numbers, the caller/organizer announces. The number range from 1 to 90). To win, the players need to match the tambola winning patterns.

You can also play Tambola online, where the tickets are generated digitally. Many formats of tambola online game are available with an added element of twist. Whether played offline or online, Tambola promises a delightful blend of luck and strategy for players of all ages. Let us compare the gameplay of classic vs. online tambola. The game’s ultimate goal in both versions is to mark off a winning combination’s numbers. This article will discuss playing Tambola and winning real money online and offline.

How to play Tambola?

You can play tambola either online or offline. Both game variants involve a set of rules and strategies to follow. However, the overall tambola game (Housie Game) objective remains to mark off all the numbers on the tambola ticket and match a winning combination.

Here are the steps to play Tambola game:

  • Step 1: Learn Tambola Game Prerequisites
  • Step 2: Announce the Tambola number
  • Step 3: Strike the number on the ticket
  • Step 4: Match a tambola-winning combination
  • Step 5: Win the Tambola Game

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Step 1: Learn Tambola Game Prerequisites

To play the classic Tambola game (Offline), the organizer needs to:

  • Decide the winning points of the game and inform the audience. Generally, the ultimate winning pattern for a tambola game is to have a ‘Full House,’ which means all the ticket numbers are struck.
  • Sell the tambola tickets to everyone who wants to play the game, i.e., the target audience.
  • Hand out a pencil/pen/toothpick to the audience so they can strike out the number on their ticket when the caller announces it.
  • Arrange a non-transparent container or a box that will hold all the numbers, starting from 1 to 90.

Play tambola online game: Prerequisites

To enjoy playing Tambola online, ensure you have a stable internet connection and a device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Access a reliable Tambola platform or app to participate in the game. Create an account if necessary, and familiarize yourself with the rules.

Additionally, gather friends or join online communities to enhance the gaming experience. With these prerequisites met you’ll be ready to engage in the thrilling world of online Tambola and enjoy the game with others.

Step 2: Announce the Tambola numbers

When you play the classic Tambola game (Housie Game), the organizers are called callers. The caller is responsible for drawing and announcing the number to the players. To announce the tambola number, the caller:

  • Jiggles the box or container with all the numbers.
  • Picks up a number from the box without looking inside and loudly reads the chosen number.
  • Announces the number in funny ways, bringing more excitement and fun to the game. After using the funny phrase or rhyme, they will call out the actual number at the end. Some examples are ‘Top of the house number 1’, ‘Uncle Ben number 10, ‘Goodbye teens at number 19’, and many more.

Tambola Game Online Ticket Numbers

In Tambola Game Online, players purchase virtual tickets featuring unique numbers arranged in a grid. A designated caller announces random numbers, and players mark those on their tickets. The goal is to complete specific patterns, such as a line, corners, or full house, before others. Online platforms often automate the process, making it easy to track progress. The excitement builds as participants eagerly await the next called number, fostering a dynamic and engaging gaming experience with the potential for friendly competition and social interaction.

Step 3: Strike tambola ticket numbers

In the classic tambola game, once you hear the number announced by the caller, it will be your responsibility to check all the rows or columns thoroughly. If the number exists on your tambola ticket, you must dab it. If the number called out by the organizer is not present on the ticket, you must not get impatient. Relax and wait for the caller to announce the next number.

Players must be careful when striking out the numbers. If they strike off a wrong number by mistake, it will create problems in winning the game.

Play Tambola Online: Cut Tambola Ticket Numbers

Cut the hassle of manually marking Tambola ticket numbers. Experience seamless gameplay on online platforms, where the system automatically manages and tracks your numbers. Enjoy the convenience of virtual Tambola, bringing the excitement of the game to your fingertips. Embrace the digital era, making Tambola even more engaging and accessible for players of all ages.

Step 4: Match a Tambola winning combination

While playing the classic Tambola game, you need to be aware and constantly check if you have completed matching a winning combination. There are nearly 22 different winning combinations in the tambola. Some major tambola winning combinations include Early 5, Topline, Middle line, Bottom line, Four corners, and Full house.

Once you have achieved a particularly winning combo, claim it immediately. Stand up and shout out loud to report to the caller. If you fail to claim your winning points, you do not win. Hence, you will miss out on the exciting prizes

In cases when more than one player has matched a winning combo, the first player to announce a winning combo gets the chance to go to the caller and verify their ticket.

Play Tambola Online: Earn Points

Immerse yourself in the excitement of playing Tambola online and start earning points effortlessly. Accumulate points by completing various challenges, winning games, and engaging in interactive activities. The more you play, the more points you accrue, unlocking new levels and rewards.

Step 5: Win the Tambola Game

In a classic tambola game, ticket verification is essential to ensure that the numbers struck out by the player claiming to have won the game are correct. Once the classic tambola game (Housie Game) winners are known, it’s time for the organizer/caller to reward the respective winners with the amount collected by the sale of the tambola tickets.

If the claimed ticket matches a winning combo, the player is the winner of the game. If a player fails to match a winning combo, you can continue to play the game by calling the next numbers until someone claims the ticket correctly.

Win Tambola Online Game

In an online tambola game, you don’t need to verify your tickets. The tournament ends when one or more player claims the Full house. The player/s with the most points at the end of the tournament wins the game.

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How to Play Tambola: Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from the article:

  • Understand the rules of the tambola game.
  • Online Tambola games are more convenient and easy to access than offline games.
  • Offline Tambola games must be conducted with physical tickets and an actual caller, which requires more effort to organize.
  • Be quick to call out when you have a winning row or a full house. In the case of online tambola games, you don’t need to call out. If you win a row or corner, the points get automatically added.
  • Online Tambola is the ideal way to play Tambola if you want to enjoy the game quickly, easily, and conveniently.
  • You can stand a chance to win real money by playing tambola online.

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How to play Tambola? FAQs

What is Tambola game (Housie Game) ?

Tambola is a number-based board game where you can test your luck and win exciting prizes. The game involves dabbing out the numbers in your tambola ticket announced by the caller and then making various winning combos to win the game. Know about the top 15 winning patterns in Tambola.

Can I play tambola game online?

Yes. You can play tambola online game on various mobile applications and websites.

What are Tambola game rules?

As a rule, each tambola ticket has 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns. There are 27 boxes, with 5 numbers written in each horizontal row. Look at this article to know the 8 must-know rules of the game.

Are there any tambola games with twist?

Yes, you can play tambola games with a twist. Apart from the top line, middle line, bottom line, and full house, there are numerous variations to playing Tambola, such as Ludo tambola, pyramid tambola, and Danda. Here are 10 Latest Tambola games with a twist.

What is the difference between Tambola and Housie games?

There is no difference between a tambola and housie games. Housie and Bingo are different names for the same game – Tambola/ Tombola

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