Block puzzle games – Download and play the top 10 block puzzle games online

block puzzle games online

Smartphones have seen various online gaming versions like adventurous gaming, thriller, squad games, puzzle games, block puzzles, etc. Of all modes of online gaming, block puzzle games are pretty relaxing and thrilling. These Block puzzle games are not just exciting but also help improve your IQ power. There are several block puzzle games for Android and iOS that you can choose from. In this article, we list down the top 10 block puzzle games to play online.

Play block puzzle games online

Here’s a list of the top 10 online block puzzle games to play in 2022:

  1. Block Puzzle
  2. Tetris
  3. Block Puzzle: Block Games
  4. Roll the Ball
  5. Wood Block Puzzle
  6. Block Puzzle Jewel
  7. Move the Block: Slide Puzzle
  8. Block! Hexa Puzzle
  9. Unblock
  10. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic
Block Puzzle GamesAndroidiOSFree to download
Block Puzzle9MB147.4MBYes
Block Puzzle: Block Games43MB207.7MBYes
Roll the Ball58MB234.4MBYes
Wood Block Puzzle48MBNAYes
Block Puzzle Jewel25MBNAYes
Move the Block: Slide Puzzle45MB137.7MBYes
Block! Hexa Puzzle76MB222.5MBAYes
Jigsaw Puzzle Epic36MB103.5MBYes

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is something you can’t miss out on. This game is quite fascinating, and you can quickly kill time when you are bored.

How to play?

Playing the Block Puzzle game is damn easy. You just need to fill the space by dragging the blocks of the same colors vertically or horizontally. Once the area is filled up, the blocks vanish, automatically giving space to other colored blocks. Block puzzle is entirely an offline game, so you can play it even if your data is outdated.

The game is free to download on Google Play Store and the App Store. The game contains interpreting ads but is still an addictive game for any age group.


When it comes to playing block puzzle games, only one game strikes the mind, Tetris! In fact, the Keypad phones were also installed with this famous game. You can download it from Google and the App Store for free.  

This new Android and iOS version of Tetris has many fascinating custom themes, and each one has multiple levels to play on. The game also has daily challenges and rewards to keep players’ interests alive. One can check their position in the dashboard and compete with others too. It’s a single-player version with in-app purchases and ads. The game occupies a bit more space as compared to other block puzzle games.

Block Puzzle: Block Games

Created by R V AppStudios, block Puzzle: block games have over 10M downloads on Google Play Store. You can download the game and play it offline. The game also offers daily bonus coins for power-ups.

How to play?

The game is so simple. You need to place the colorful glistening hexagonal blocks in the correct place to fill up the space and make up the ultimate jigsaw puzzle shape. This block puzzle game is so amusing, and you keep on playing it for hours. The game is a single-player game and allows a competitive multiplayer version, too, so that you can have fun playing with your friends. The game consists of in-app purchases and ads for Android and iOS.

Roll the Ball

Without a doubt, Roll the ball is one of the best online block puzzle games. You need to use your logical analysis and IQ to reach the next level.

How to play?

There’s a steel ball positioned at the starting point, and you need to create a passage for the ball to reach its goal by sliding the tiles. This way, the ball rolls through the path you created and reaches its endpoint. Roll the ball is a terrific block puzzle game that suits any generation. It is a multiplayer game and you can download it from the Google Play Store or the App store for free. The game was developed by BitMango developers and gained more than 100M downloads from the Google Play store.  The game also consists of ads and in-app purchases.

Mode of the game: Roll the ball comes in an offline mode, and the online version of the game consists of ads.

Wood Block Puzzle

Ever played a jigsaw puzzle? Wood Block Puzzle game is very similar. Drag the blocks, fit in shapes, splash the panel, and move on to the next level.

How to play?

Wood Block Puzzle game follows the classic block puzzle game model, where you need to fit the wooden blocks of different shapes in their position and fill up the wooden panel. You just need to drop the wooden blocks in their places to fit the shape. Each round of the game is easy to play and relaxing. It is the best game for children to have fun and excitement. Wood Block Puzzle is an offline single-player game with multiple levels and twisting puzzles.

Block Puzzle Jewel

Block Puzzle is an addictive block puzzle game online that will keep us engaged across levels. It is similar to traditional Tetris that we play.

How to play?

Block Puzzle Jewel gives nostalgia for the famous block puzzle game Tetris. Like Tetris, Block Puzzle Jewel has colorful and glossy blocks falling from the top of the screen. You just need to fit the block in the exact position by aligning it before it falls on the ground. To win the game, you have to clear all the gem tiles by adequately aligning the down-falling gem blocks. Additionally, the aids and boosters assist you in winning it forehand and beating your score. You can download Block Puzzle Jewel from the Google Play Store free of cost And play an offline game with ads and in-app purchases. Hui Weiwei developers develop this game.

Move the Block: Slide Puzzle

Move the Block: Slide Puzzle comes in a different shape! It is a bit different from all other block puzzle games.

How to play?

There’s a red brick (block) stuck in between other blocks. You need to slide each block to give way to the red block. In this way, you can release the red block and slide it to the exit.

You can win a three-star rating when you complete the puzzle without hints and help. The game builds up with stunning, peaceful background music, and it is also embedded with undo, reset and hint buttons to play. It has hundreds of levels to finish and is genuinely untiring.

The game is accessible on the Google Play Store and the App store, which consists of advertisements and allows in-app purchases.

Block! Hexa Puzzle

The next block puzzle game on the list is Block! Hexa Puzzle. Block! Hexa Puzzle takes you to the land of amazement. It is a bit different from other block puzzle games.

How to play?

The blocks in the game are in hexagonal geometric shapes as the names of the game. You need to choose the correct block piece and match it to the panel to fit perfectly. The twist here is the block can’t be rotatable, so you need to choose the right hexagonal block to fill the panel. The game Block! Hexa Puzzle, developed by BitMango, can be downloaded easily and free of cost at the Google Play Store and the App Store.


Unblock is similar to the Move the block: Slide puzzle with multiple amusing levels to train our brains.

How to play?

The game has various options to choose from, like cars, marbles, and wooden blocks ranging from beginner to expert levels as difficulty mode. You need to build a path for the prescribed block to move it to the exit. This can be done by moving the rest of the blocks in an ordered manner.

The best thing about the game is it comes in more than ten thousand levels to play. You keep on sliding blocks for hours, enjoying every twist in the levels. One can easily download and install the game from Google Play Store for free, and the game won’t occupy much of our phone space because it’s just 11 MB!

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

You might have played jigsaw puzzles in your childhood. Arranging those unknown random puzzle pieces by fitting and adequately aligning them is pretty interesting for anyone. The Jigsaw Puzzle Epic game is similar to that.

You need to place the jigsaw pieces correctly to make a perfect picture. The game has multiple jigsaw puzzles with various landscape pictures, famous monuments, and famous people. You can even create the jigsaw puzzle of your wish by just simply choosing your favorite pic from the gallery, and tada, the game makes your favorite pic as an intriguing jigsaw puzzle!

Jigsaw is offline gaming with incredible pictures as puzzles. If you are a jigsaw puzzle person, this game won’t disappoint us! Go to the Google Play Store or App store to download the game for free. The game is a single-player mode providing realistic scenarios to players. It consists of ads and in-app purchases.

Block Puzzle Games – FAQs

What is a block puzzle game?

Block puzzle games are a type of puzzle game where you are required to put the blocks together in a logical way. Some of the most popular block puzzle games are Tetris, Block Puzzle, and roll the ball.

What are word board games?

Word board games are word manipulation games that can be played on cardboard. Here are the popular word board games to play in 2022.

What are the different genres of puzzle games?

The different genres of puzzles are crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, logic puzzles, relational puzzles, and number puzzles.

Are there any tips to quickly win block puzzle games?

Yes, there are multiple tips we can follow to make our block puzzle gaming journey easier. Some of these tips include:
– Earn more points by simultaneously clearing multiple vertical and horizontal lines
– Start from the corners
– Plan your moves efficiently
– Don’t just dump the blocks

What are the offline block puzzle games available on Google Play Store?

Tetris, Block Puzzle: block games, Unblock, Block puzzle jewel, jigsaw puzzle, block puzzle, and unblock me are a few offline block puzzle games available on Google Play Store for Android.