Zupee Holi-Wood Contest: Dive Into the Colors of Music

zupee holi-wood contest

The festival of Holi isn’t just about throwing colors. It’s a celebration that binds us together through colors, music, and the joy of sharing moments. This Holi, get ready to add more colors to your celebration with the Zupee Holi-Wood Contest!

Let’s make the comment section of our Instagram post a vibrant Holi party. But what’s a Holi party without some foot-tapping music and a splash of colors? Exactly, it’s time to bring the two together and stand a chance to win an exciting Sony home theatre system!

About Zupee Holi-Wood Contest

Zupee is bringing you an innovative contest this Holi that blends the joy of colors with the love for Bollywood music. The Holi-Wood contest invites you to drop the names of songs that mention colors—think red, yellow, green, blue—in the comment section of the contest post on Instagram. It’s all about celebrating Holi in a unique way, where your love for music could win you an incredible prize.

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How to Participate in the Zupee Holi-Wood Contest?

The contest is hosted on Instagram, making it a perfect opportunity for the social media savvy to showcase their Bollywood song knowledge and creativity. Here’s how you can jump into this colorful bandwagon:

  1. Find Songs: Think of as many Bollywood songs as possible that feature the words Laal, Peela, Hara, or Neela in their lyrics or titles.
  2. Comment: Drop your song list in the comments section of the contest post. The more, the merrier!
  3. Tag Friends: Boost your chances and spread the joy by tagging three of your friends in your comment. Let’s make it a party!
  4. Follow @zupee_official: Ensure you’re following @zupee_official on Instagram to keep up with contest updates and more.
  5. Entry Deadline: Don’t miss out! Make sure to participate before the deadline. Winners will be announced on the 25th of March, so keep your fingers crossed and your Instagram notifications on.

Zupee Holi-Wood Contest Prizes

What’s a contest without some exciting prizes? Zupee is setting the stage with a dazzling prize for the winner – a state-of-the-art Sony home theatre system. Imagine enhancing your music and movie experiences with this incredible prize, making your post-Holi celebrations even more spectacular.

Zupee Holi-Wood Contest Winner

After a vibrant and competitive Holi celebration, Zupee is thrilled to announce the winner of the Holi-Wood Contest. Congratulations to Akansh Pawar, who has emerged victorious, showcasing exceptional creativity and zeal. As the deserving winner, Akansh is awarded a state-of-the-art Sony home theatre system, ensuring his post-Holi celebrations are elevated with unmatched audio-visual experiences.

In conclusion, the Zupee Holi-Wood Contest is not just about winning; it’s about participating in a collective celebration of Holi, music, and the movies we all adore. It’s an opportunity to connect, share, and revel in the joy of one of India’s most cherished festivals. So, let your imagination run wild, dive into the colorful world of Bollywood music, and let the Holi party begin in the comments section. Good luck, and may the most vibrant playlist win!

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