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Ludo, a classic board game with roots in ancient India, has evolved significantly in the digital age. On the Zupee platform, Ludo isn’t a game of chance, it is a game of skill, requiring strategic planning and foresight. As players worldwide compete in this modern rendition, many seek winning strategies to gain an edge. This article delves deep into the world of Skill Ludo games on Zupee, offering insights, tactics, and strategies to help you claim victory. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, these tips might just be your ticket to becoming a Ludo game board online champion on Zupee.

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Is Ludo a game of Luck or Skill?

Ludo, often seen as a game of luck, undergoes a transformative shift when played on Zupee. Unlike traditional Ludo, where the dice roll dictates your fate, Zupee’s Skill Ludo games introduce a strategic layer that challenges decision-making abilities and foresight. Here, success is determined by your skill in maneuvering your tokens, predicting your opponent’s moves, and making calculated choices. 

With Zupee’s Skill Ludo games, it’s not just about the roll; it’s about your skillful navigation of the game board. So, if you’re looking for a Ludo experience where your expertise matters more than chance, Zupee is where your skills can shine.

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What skills are required to play Ludo?

Like many board games, playing Ludo requires a combination of skills and strategies to succeed. At the same time, it may seem like a simple game of chance, but several key skills can help you improve your chances of winning.

Here are some of the skills to develop if you want to excel at playing Ludo online:


Ludo involves making strategic decisions about which tokens to move and when. You must decide whether to focus on advancing one token quickly or spreading your moves to protect all your tokens. Planning and adapting to the current game situation is key.

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Risk Assessment

Understanding when to take risks and play it safe is essential. For example, deciding whether to move a token out of the starting area or stay safe until you roll a suitable number requires careful consideration.


Properly positioning your tokens on the board can be a game-changer. When you play Ludo online games on Zupee, you make points for token movement. So, it is a good idea to safeguard the most advanced token by landing it in a safe spot.

Resource Management

When you play Ludo online games on Zupee, you have a limited timeframe or moves to win the game. Thus, managing the time and token movement effectively is vital. You must decide when to bring new tokens into play and when to prioritize moving existing ones.

Psychological Skills

Observing your opponents and their strategies can be crucial. Trying to predict their moves and creating uncertainty for them can be advantageous.


Ludo can be a game of patience. Waiting for the right moment is sometimes better than rushing to move your tokens. Being patient can lead to better opportunities.


Good sportsmanship is always important in any game. Being gracious in victory and respectful in defeat makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Learning from Experience

Finally, like any skill, you can improve Ludo by learning from your experiences. Analyze your past games to identify improvement areas and adapt your strategies accordingly.

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How to play Ludo skillfully?

When it comes to playing Ludo for real cash and honing your skills, Zupee is the platform to consider. Zupee offers a safe and secure environment for Ludo enthusiasts, where you can participate in skill games and stand a chance to win real money. With four exciting types of Ludo real money games available on Zupee, the thrill of Ludo has been taken to a whole new level. The 4 types of Skill Ludo games available on Zupee:

  1. Ludo Supreme
  2. Ludo Ninja
  3. Ludo Turbo
  4. Ludo Supreme League

1. Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme is one of the premier Ludo games available for Android users. It offers fast-paced and enjoyable gameplay. In this version of Ludo, victory is determined by the player who accumulates the most points within the allocated time frame. The game’s duration varies based on the number of participants, making it a multiplayer game where up to four players can compete for real cash. It’s a game of strategy and quick thinking, where every move counts.

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2. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja brings a unique twist to the traditional Ludo game. Unlike conventional dice rolls, in Ludo Ninja, players can see the upcoming dice value and strategically choose which token to move accordingly. This adds an element of strategy and anticipation to the game. In the 2-4 player mode of this turn-based game, each player receives 24 moves. Download Ludo Ninja now and claim a Ludo signup bonus to win big.

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3. Ludo Turbo

Ludo Turbo is the game for you if you’re looking for a dynamic and action-packed Ludo experience. This version of Ludo introduces various challenges and power-ups to intensify the excitement. Ludo Turbo is especially popular among the youth for its fast-paced gameplay, limiting players to 30 moves, particularly in two-player matches. It’s a game that demands quick thinking and adaptability.

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4. Ludo Supreme League

The Ludo Supreme League is a unique single-player online Ludo competition on Zupee. In this format, the objective is to amass the highest possible score within 36 moves to secure a prominent position on the leaderboard. It’s a test of your Ludo skills and strategic thinking, where you compete against yourself and aim to outperform others on the leaderboard.

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Is playing Skill Ludo online safe?

When it comes to playing skill ludo online, safety is a valid concern. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Legitimate Platforms: Ensure you play on reputable and legitimate online platforms. Choose a reputable Ludo online app or mobile app with a history of providing a safe gaming experience.
  2. Age Restrictions: Many online ludo platforms have age restrictions. Make sure you meet the age requirements to play on these platforms.
  3. Privacy Settings: Check the privacy settings on the platform. Protect your personal information by adjusting privacy settings to limit who can see your profile and game history.
  4. Reviews and Feedback: Read reviews and gather feedback from other players to gauge the safety and reputation of a particular platform or game. Read & Find out: Zupee App Review: Is Zupee Real Or Fake Complete Review
  5. Secure Payments: If the platform involves real money transactions, ensure they use secure payment methods. Look for reputable payment gateways to protect your financial information.  Look at the Ludo money withdrawal process. Watch this video to learn about the Zupee withdrawal process. How to withdraw winnings through UPI (Paytm, GPay, etc.) or Bank account:

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How to download the Skill Ludo App?

To download Zupee, one of the best skill ludo games apps, follow these simple steps on your mobile device:

  • Visit the official Zupee website using your mobile browser OR click on the “Download App” button.
  • Look for the “download” or “install” button on the website and click on it. This will initiate the download process for the Skill Ludo App.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the app on your mobile device and tap to open it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account and play real-money Ludo games.

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Skill Ludo FAQ’s:

Is ludo skill-based or luck-based?

Ludo is primarily a skill-based game, where strategic decisions, piece movement, and blocking opponents are crucial in determining the outcome.

Is there any skill in ludo?

Yes, there is skill involved in ludo. Players can improve their chances of winning by making wise decisions, effectively managing their pieces, and employing tactics to outmaneuver opponents.

Which online Ludo game is best?

The best online Ludo game can vary depending on personal preferences, but popular options include Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, and Ludo Supreme League.

How to play Ludo online and win money?

To play Ludo online and win money, you can join real-money Ludo tournaments on gaming platforms or mobile apps such as “Zupee.” Develop strategic gameplay and compete against other players for a chance to win cash.

Why is ludo a game of skill?

Ludo is considered a game of skill because players can enhance their performance through strategic thinking, optimizing piece movement, and using tactics to gain an advantage despite the influence of luck-based dice rolls.

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