Top 10 Popular Games Played in Mizoram

best mizoram games

Mizoram, nestled in the northeastern part of India, is a state celebrated for its mesmerizing landscapes and rich cultural heritage. This vibrant community is not just known for its scenic beauty but also for its profound love for various traditional and modern games. Among the multitude of Mizoram games that bring families together within the cozy confines of their homes, Ludo (Pachisi) shines as a beacon of joy and simplicity, uniting players of all ages. 

This article aims to shed light on those cherished top games to play in Mizoram, highlighting the traditional and contemporary pastimes that resonate with the spirit of its people.

Best games played in Mizoram

Here are the top 10 best games to play in Mizoram:

1. Ludo – The Classic Board Game Loved by All

Ludo, a game that comes from the old Indian game called Pachisi, is one of the popular indoor games in Mizoram. It’s a simple game that people of all ages love to play. Families in Mizoram often sit together to play Ludo, enjoying its fun competition and the way it brings everyone closer.

As Ludo’s charm bridges the gap between traditional play and the digital age, it now thrives online, offering the same fun and competition through the convenience of screens. 

How to Play:

  • Start by placing four pieces of your color in the corresponding starting area.
  • Take turns rolling the dice to move pieces around the board.
  • Aim to navigate your pieces back to your home column first.
  • Land on opponents’ pieces to send them back to the start and use blocks strategically.

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2. Kalchhet Kal

Kalchhet Kal is a traditional game originating from Mizoram, India, rooted deeply in the culture and heritage of the Mizo people. This game has been played for generations, serving as a means of entertainment and physical activity. Traditionally, it was played during community gatherings and festivals, showcasing the agility and strength of the participants. Over time, Kalchhet Kal has evolved but continues to be a popular pastime among the Mizos, reflecting their rich cultural traditions.

How to Play:

  • The game involves two teams, each trying to protect their territory while attempting to touch or ‘tag’ members of the opposite team.
  • Players must maneuver and strategize to avoid being tagged while trying to enter the opposing team’s area.
  • The game is played on a field, often outdoors, where teams have clearly marked territories.

Places to Play in Mizoram:

  • Aizawl: The capital city has various open spaces and community grounds where Kalchhet Kal is frequently played.
  • Lunglei: Known for its scenic beauty, Lunglei offers ample spaces like public parks where the game can be enjoyed.
  • Serchhip and Champhai: These towns also host the game, especially during local festivals and community events.

3. Khanchhuak Atanga Invuak Thlak

Khanchhuak Atanga Invuak Thlak is a traditional Mizo game that translates to ‘hitting the bamboo from a distance.’ This game has historical significance in Mizoram, symbolizing skill and precision. It was traditionally played by young men and women during local festivals, serving as a form of entertainment and a way to demonstrate one’s marksmanship.

How to Play:

  • Participants use a stick or a stone to hit a target, usually a piece of bamboo, from a designated distance.
  • The aim is to knock down the bamboo or to hit it as accurately as possible.
  • Players take turns, and the one with the highest accuracy or who knocks down the target the most times wins.

Places to Play Khanchhuak Atanga Invuak Thlak in Mizoram:

  • Mualpui: This area in Aizawl is known for organizing traditional games, including Khanchhuak Atanga Invuak Thlak.
  • Saitual and Kolasib: These regions host competitions during local festivals, offering a perfect setting for this traditional game.

4. Insuknawr – The Thrilling Bamboo Stilt Race in Aizawl

Mizoram has its own traditional sport that ignites excitement and competitive spirit among its people: Insuknawr. It is one among the popular games to play in Mizoram. This thrilling bamboo stilt race, primarily held in Aizawl, is a spectacular event where participants balance themselves on bamboo stilts and race against each other. The sport not only tests balance and speed but also promotes teamwork and agility. It’s a celebration of skill and endurance, drawing crowds that cheer for the participants in a festive atmosphere.

How to play:

  • Participants compete on bamboo stilts, maneuvering through a set course in Aizawl with agility and speed. 
  • The objective is to complete the course in the shortest time while maintaining balance on the stilts. 
  • Racers must navigate obstacles and slopes, showcasing their stilt-walking skills to avoid disqualification for falling or stepping off the stilts. 
  • The winner is determined by the fastest time to complete the course, with penalties for infractions adding to the total time.

4 Best Places for Insuknawr Races in Aizawl

The popularity of Insuknawr has led to the establishment of specific venues that are renowned for hosting stilt races, equipped with the necessary facilities to accommodate large gatherings and ensure the safety of the participants:

  • Aizawl Sports Complex 
  • Lammual Stadium 
  • Mizoram University Grounds
  • Community Grounds

5. Inbuan Wrestling – Traditional Wrestling in Lunglei

Inbuan Wrestling, an outdoor games played in Mizoram is a traditional form of wrestling, holds a prominent place in the heart of Mizoram’s sports culture, particularly flourishing in Lunglei. This wrestling style is distinguished by its emphasis on strength, technique, and endurance, engaging wrestlers in intense combat to demonstrate their prowess. Lunglei, the cradle of Inbuan Wrestling, is renowned for integrating this sport deeply within its local culture, hosting numerous events that highlight the martial spirit and physical dexterity of its participants. The city has become synonymous with the sport, producing athletes who excel not only on a local but also on a national level, showcasing the competitive essence of Inbuan Wrestling.

How to play:

  • Wrestlers compete in a sandy arena, aiming to bring their opponent to the ground using only their body strength and strategic moves. 
  • The match is won by the wrestler who successfully pins their opponent’s shoulders to the ground, adhering to specific rules that prohibit grabbing clothing or using high throws. 
  • Victories are celebrated with respect and honor, highlighting the cultural importance of sportsmanship and community in this traditional sport.

4 Best Venues for Inbuan Wrestling in Lunglei:

Lunglei boasts several venues that are ideally suited for hosting Inbuan Wrestling matches, offering facilities that cater to the sport’s unique requirements:

  • Lunglei Sports Complex 
  • Zohnuai Arena
  • Mualpui Grounds
  • Community Hall Grounds

6. Inarpathai

Inarpathai is a less known but intriguing traditional game of Mizoram, emphasizing strategy and teamwork. The origins of Inarpathai are obscure, but it has been a part of Mizo culture for many years, often played during community gatherings and social events. The game involves elements of strategy, agility, and teamwork, making it a comprehensive physical and mental activity.

How to Play:

  • The game requires teams to capture members of the opposing team by surrounding them in a strategic manner.
  • It is played on a large open field, with players strategizing to encircle the opponents without being captured themselves.
  • The game continues until one team successfully captures all members of the opposing team or until a predetermined time elapses.

Places to Play Inarpathai in Mizoram:

  • Tlawng River Bank: The wide open spaces along the riverbank provide an ideal venue for Inarpathai.
  • Reiek: This area, known for its cultural significance, also hosts traditional games like Inarpathai during community events.

7. Football – The Universal Passion in Mizoram

Football in Mizoram has a vibrant history, tracing back to the early 20th century when Mizo soldiers were introduced to the sport during World War I. The Pachhunga Football Trophy, initiated in 1926, marked the beginning of organized football in the state. The establishment of associations like the Mizoram Sports Association and the Mizoram Football Association further propelled the sport’s growth. The inception of the Mizoram Premier League in 2012 elevated football to a semi-professional level, garnering widespread attention. Mizoram’s football prowess has earned recognition on the national stage, with notable victories in prestigious tournaments. 

Football serves as more than just a sport in Mizoram; it embodies cultural significance, unity, and pride for the community. The fervent support for local teams and European clubs has created a vibrant football culture. Social media platforms and community gatherings serve as avenues for fans to express their passion. Football in Mizoram continues to evolve, with efforts to professionalize the sport and nurture talent at the grassroots level. It remains a symbol of identity and aspiration for the people of Mizoram, reflecting their resilience and unity.

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How to play:

  • Football in Mizoram is played on a rectangular field with two teams, each aiming to score by getting the ball into the opposing team’s goal. 
  • Players use any part of their body except their hands and arms to move the ball, with the goalkeeper being the exception within the penalty area. 
  • The game is divided into two halves, with each team striving to outscore the opponent through teamwork, strategy, and individual skill. 
  • Matches are won by the team with the most goals scored by the end of the game, with ties decided through extra time or penalty shootouts in competitive play.

4 Premier Football Venues in Mizoram:

  • Lammual Stadium
  • Rajiv Gandhi Stadium
  • Mizoram Football Academy Grounds
  • Community Football Fields

8. Boxing

Boxing, though not indigenous to Mizoram, has gained immense popularity and recognition in the state, producing nationally and internationally acclaimed boxers. The sport was introduced to Mizoram in the 20th century, and since then, it has become a significant part of the state’s sporting culture. Mizoram’s boxing clubs and gyms have been instrumental in nurturing talent and providing platforms for young boxers to train and compete.

How to Play:

  • Boxing is a combat sport where two individuals throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring.
  • Competitors wear protective gear and are required to follow the rules of the sport, which include various techniques and categories based on weight classes.

Places to Play Boxing in Mizoram:

  • Aizawl: The city has several boxing gyms and clubs where enthusiasts can train, including the Mizoram Boxing Association which organizes events and competitions.
  • Lunglei: Another hub for boxing talent, offering training facilities and competitions for aspiring boxers.
  • Saiha and Lawngtlai: These areas have been developing their boxing infrastructure, hosting local and state-level competitions.

9. Archery – Traditional Archery Competitions in Mamit

Archery which is also known as “Thalai”, in Mamit transcends the mere concept of sport, embodying a cultural legacy that celebrates precision, focus, and ancestral wisdom. This traditional activity has become a cornerstone of Mamit’s cultural and sporting calendar, with competitions that attract archers keen on demonstrating their skills and maintaining their connection to historical practices. The sport’s significance is magnified by the creation of specialized ranges and the organization of events that not only test skill but also foster a deep sense of community and tradition among participants.

How to play:

  • In Mamit, traditional archery competitions involve participants using bows to shoot arrows at a designated target from a set distance. 
  • The target is often a cylindrical or circular object, placed at a challenging distance to test precision and skill. 
  • Competitors take turns shooting a fixed number of arrows, with scores determined by the accuracy of their shots, including hitting the center or specific marked areas. 
  • The winner is the archer who accumulates the highest score, showcasing their mastery in aiming and control, reflecting the deep-rooted cultural significance of archery in the community.

3 Premier Archery Ranges in Mamit

  • Mamit Archery Range
  • Community Archery Grounds
  • Schools and Educational Institutions

10. Basketball 

In Mizoram, basketball has also found its way indoors, becoming a popular sport that caters to enthusiasts who prefer the dynamics of an indoor setting. The Hawla Indoor Stadium stands out as a premier venue for basketball in Mizoram, hosting regular matches and tournaments. This adaptation of basketball to an indoor environment showcases the versatility of sports in Mizoram and the state’s commitment to providing diverse recreational activities to its people. It’s a game that promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and strategic thinking, resonating well with the youth and sports aficionados alike.

How to play:

  • Basketball in Mizoram follows the standard rules of the game, played on a rectangular court with two teams of five players each. 
  • The objective is to score points by shooting the ball through the opponent’s hoop while preventing them from doing the same. 
  • Players dribble, pass, and shoot the ball, employing tactics and teamwork to outmaneuver the opposing team. 
  • Matches consist of four quarters, each lasting a set time, with breaks in between. 
  • The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins, showcasing the athleticism and skill of players in this popular sport in Mizoram.

Places to play Basketball in Mizoram:

  • Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Aizawl
  • YMA Basketball Court in Lunglei
  • Thenzawl Basketball Court
  • Saiha Indoor Stadium
  • Champhai Basketball Court

Best games in Mizoram- Final Verdict

The tapestry of games played in Mizoram, from the outdoor exhilaration of Insuknawr and Archery to the indoor camaraderie of Ludo and Chess, reflects the vibrant culture and rich traditions of this beautiful state. These games, cherished by all ages, not only strengthen community bonds but also keep the spirit of Mizoram’s heritage alive. They showcase a perfect blend of physical prowess, strategic thinking, and familial joy, making Mizoram a unique cultural and sporting landscape.

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Mizoram Games: FAQs

What is the famous game of Mizoram?

Football is widely celebrated and passionately played in Mizoram, standing as a testament to the state’s rich sporting culture. Known for producing talented players who excel at national and international levels, football unites communities in Mizoram through leagues, tournaments, and widespread fan support, embodying the state’s love for the beautiful game.

What are the traditional games in Mizoram?

Traditional games in Mizoram include Ludo, Kalchhet Kal, Khanchhuak Atanga Invuak Thlak, Insuknawr etc.

What are some popular games played in Mizoram?

Popular games in Mizoram span from outdoor sports like Insuknawr and Mizo Volleyball to indoor favorites such as Ludo and Chess, engaging people of all ages in both physical and strategic play.

Can one participate in competitive gaming tournaments in Mizoram?

Yes, one can participate in competitive gaming tournaments in Mizoram, which regularly hosts events in various sports, including football, basketball, and traditional games, catering to both amateur and professional levels.

How can one access online games like ludo in Mizoram?

Online games like Ludo can be accessed in Mizoram through digital platforms and apps such as Zupee, which offer various versions of the game, allowing for play with both local and global participants.

Can i win cash prizes by playing online games in Mizoram?

Yes, by playing online games on platforms like Zupee in Mizoram, players have the opportunity to win cash prizes, competing in different versions of games such as Ludo Supreme League and Ludo Ninja.

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