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Cricket Match Prediction Game Review

Play today’s match prediction game on Cricketbaaz. Take a look at the reviews below:

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real money game winner - Ravi

Cricket is a lot more fun with Cricketbaaz! I am always waiting for the next tournament to start so I can test my knowledge. Cricket, fun and money in the same app!

real cash game winner - Anirudh Singh

Only 6 questions to win! I am a big cricket fan and I am always looking for the next best game to play while I watch the matches. And till date, this has to be best game I have come across that mixes cricket and money!

real money game winner - Aparna

Cricketbaaz and cricket are perfect together! The more I know about the match, the better I score. I won cash multiple times. It is a must try during world cup!

What is Cricket Match Prediction Game?

A Cricket Match Prediction Game is an interactive platform where users can make predictions and answer questions related to live cricket matches. It allows cricket enthusiasts to test their knowledge and intuition about match outcomes, player performances, and other cricket-related events. 

There are many different formats that exist in the realm of cricket prediction games and owing to its increasing popularity, more are added every now and then. 

What is Cricketbaaz?

Cricket has just gotten better with a new game launch from Zupee. With Cricketbaaz, now don’t just watch the match but also win money with your knowledge of cricket. This simple yet challenging game will ensure cricket is more fun than it ever was. 

Cricketbaaz is an online multiplayer question game where players join a tournament and answer a few simple prediction based questions to score points. Questions and their answers are recorded on a public survey and keeps changing throughout the live match. 

So, what are you waiting for? Play today’s match prediction game on Cricketbaaz and stand a chance to win real money!

How to Play Cricket Match Prediction Game?

Playing Cricketbaaz is very simple and intuitive. You join a tournament from the lobby page. The games are only live when there is a live cricket match. Learn how to play today’s match prediction game:

  • You will join a tournament with all other players simultaneously
  • All players will get the questions on their screen simultaneously
  • There are 6 questions in each tournament which are related to the live match with 15 seconds to answer each question
  • You have to predict the answer based on your best knowledge and answer by dragging the slider on the scale to select a range between 0-100
  • You get 15 seconds to answer each cricket match prediction question
  • After you answer each question, the correct answer will show up on your screen
  • You get 10 points for getting the answer correct
  • Scoring for any other answer depends on how many boxes are there between the Correct and Your answer. You lose one point for every box on the scale between correct answer to your answer
    • For example, if the Correct answer to one of your questions is 70-80% and your prediction was 40-50%, your score will be calculated by removing the number of boxes between Correct answer and Your answer from 10. Your score in this case will be 10-3=7 points.
  • Don’t miss answering any questions as you will be awarded 0 points for that round
  • Try to score as many points as possible to top the leaderboard

Today’s Match Prediction: Key Gameplay Points

To win today’s match prediction game on Cricketbaaz, you need to follow these rules:

  • All players start game simultaneously
  • 6 questions and 15 seconds to answer every question.
  • Guess answer and submit answer on the slider.
  • Correct answer is shown on the screen after every round.
  • Every correct answer gets 10 points
  • Any other answer gets points based on the number of boxes between Correct answer and Your answer. One point is deducted from 10 for each box between Correct answer and Your answer
  • Missing a round will mean 0 points for that round

How to win Today’s Match Prediction Game?

To win today’s match prediction game on cricketbaaz:

  • Remember, you might get the same questions that you got in previous tournaments and the correct answer will change based on live match
  • All answers are recorded using a public survey that are constantly updated.
  • Make sure you answer before the timer runs out as missing to answer will get you 0 points

Cricket Match Prediction: FAQs

Today’s Match Prediction game is an exciting online platform that lets users make predictions about live cricket matches. Participants can answer questions and guess match outcomes, testing their cricket knowledge and intuition. Successful predictions often lead to winning real money, adding an extra layer of excitement to watching cricket matches.

Cricketbaaz is a Cricket match prediction online game enabling users to win cash through predicting responses to a set of straightforward queries. This multiplayer online competition coincides with live cricket matches, and the participant achieving the top scores secures the highest monetary rewards.

Access your Zupee app and choose Cricketbaaz. After installation, navigate to the lobby page where you can select the tournament to join from the available options.

Yes. You can win real money on Zupee’s cricket match prediction game – Cricketbaaz. Zupee also offers online real cash games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and other types of online cricket games.

Yes. It is safe to play Cricketbaaz on Zupee. Our  app is 100% safe and secure and only partners with verified payment gateway companies.

Yes. Withdrawing your winnings from Cricketbaaz is super easy. Enter the necessary banking information and choose the ‘withdraw’ option within the Zupee App. Your funds will be transferred to your account instantly.

Yes. It is safe to add money to Cricketbaaz, an online cricket match prediction game.Zupee has collaborated with reputable companies such as Razorpay, Cashfree, and Juspay to guarantee secure and seamless financial transactions.

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