Introducing our new brand identity! Spark Delight – Anytime, Anywhere, for All

Zupee games online

With our vision to provide a positive, unique, and engaging experience for our users, starting today, you will see our new brand identity – including a new logo, bold & energetic color palette, and introduction to our super app! These changes reflect who we are as a company and help us to better align ourselves with the value we want to provide our users. 

What is Zupee? 

Zupee is India’s fastest-growing skill-based gaming platform to offer fair play, healthy competition, and time-tested games! Founded in 2018 by Dilsher Malhi and Siddhant Saurabh, Zupee has come a long way with fresh funding from investors such as Tomales Bay Capital, Matrix Partners India, WestCap Group, and Orios Venture. 

After raising $30Mn in August 2021, Zupee raised $72 Mn in January 2022, taking the total series b funding to $102 Mn. Recently, it also announced a strategic partnership with Reliance Jio. 

Zupee games are easy to learn, with simple rules. They have quick gameplay and are inspired by games that most of you might have played when you were young, like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. However, Zupee’s talented product team does add a new twist to the gameplay, making it more entertaining.

At Zupee, we aim to stand apart from our competition by offering a unique experience through familiar games. We believe gaming should be for everyone, and everyone deserves easy access to fun and entertainment! Keeping this in mind, we are happy to announce Zupee’s super app launch, a one-stop destination for fun and entertainment. We have also revamped our Logo and made it more relevant to our brand image. 

Introducing our new Logo 

Zupee’s new logo truly represents its exuberance of a delightful moment, with a peppy spark held by a bold Z letterform. The accompanying logotype is fierce, with friendly quirks that mirror the characteristics of the spark in the symbol. Altogether the logo is all bright, delightful, and Zupee.

Zupee's New Logo - Spark delight

Zupee’s super App – Promising a delightful experience 

Gone are the days when you were required to download Zupee games individually. Now, you can enjoy the existing games and any new games that Zupee launches under one app. Interesting, isn’t it?

With Zupee’s super app, you are bound to have easier access to all the games, reinforcing our initiative to offer our users a delightful experience.

Popular games on Zupee  

Zupee offers multiple games by downloading just one app, which is available for Android and iOS phones. Here are the six games that Zupee’s super app offers:

  1. Ludo Supreme – Time-based game with dice (iOS & Android)
  2. Ludo Ninja – Limited Move-based game without dice (Android)
  3. Ludo Turbo – Limited Move-based game with dice (Android)
  4. Snakes and Ladders Plus – Limited Movie-base game with the unique multi-token format (Android)
  5. Trump Card Mania – Limited round-based game with IPL twist (Android)

Zupee games can be played with or without an entry fee. If you choose an entry fee format, you can win up to ₹ 10 Lakh. Moreover, you can instantly withdraw money from your wallets using net banking and UPI.