10 Hyper Casual Games that you can’t miss out to play!

Hyper Casual Games to Play

Hyper casual games are becoming a popular and profitable phenomenon in the gaming industry. All you need to have is just your smartphone and good internet connectivity. But, what are Hyper casual games? Why are they so irresistible to play? Read on to know more!

What are Hyper casual games?

Hyper casual games are easy-to-play, user-friendly games with minimum user interface designs. They are easy to follow but are quite irresistible. Nevertheless, they offer a high level of entertainment to the users.

The best part about these games is that they do not require any tutorial, and one round of a game does not last for more than a few minutes. They are also usually free to download, and the producers typically earn money through in-app ads and purchases. These games do not require a fancy device or software and can be played on your smartphone!

So, let’s dive into the wondrous world of hyper-casual games and learn about the top 10 highly engaging masterpieces that are too much fun to play! Our list includes hyper-casual games for android and ios phones.

10 Best Hyper Casual Games

Rise Up

  • Total downloads (Google Play): 100 M+
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play

This is a simple game that provides almost a meditative experience. Here, you need to control your balloon with your finger and protect it from various objects that are trying to pop it.

The game is simple at the beginning but becomes challenging as you progress. However, its minimalistic designs and colors are mesmerizing and may even calm you while you play. This game offers a very different experience than what is generally seen in smartphone games. This game is a top recommendation for people who just wish to relax and have some fun after a long, tiring day.

Going Balls

  • Total downloads (Google Play): 100 M+
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play

Going Balls is another extremely simple yet attention-grabbing game. Developed by Supersonic Games, it has been successful in attracting millions of players worldwide. In this game, the player needs to control a ball using one’s touch and roll it towards the finish line by avoiding all obstacles in its way.

Sounds easy? Remember, the game gets intense as you move ahead! As the ball rolls forward, it will have to dodge a growing number of obstacles. The game is super simple but requires quite a lot of attention.

Crossy Road

  • Total downloads (Google Play): 100 M+
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play

Although released in 2014 by Hipster Whale, the game is still very much in trend! It has consistently topped the charts as one of the most successful mobile games and garnered millions of downloads from players around the world.

It is a simple game where you need to control a character and help them cross a road full of vehicles, floating boards, and various other characters or objects. The game features simple mechanics, but it can become quite addictive. It is also bound to test your patience as you move ahead. However, its amazing visuals will make you want to beat your score again and again!

Jelly Jump

  • Total downloads:
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play

One of the most satisfying games to play, this jelly is bound to make your heart melt! As an easy-to-play game with stunning graphics, Jelly Jump can keep you glued to it for hours at a stretch.

In this game, you have to help the jelly jump higher to help it survive longer. Sounds doable, right? However, sometimes you might not see any form of danger in your way, and it may cost you a game!

Bridge Race

  • Total downloads (Google Play): 100 M+
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play

An interactive and engaging game, Bridge Race received a lot of attention at the beginning of the year for being a competitive and adrenaline-inducing game.

The concept of this game is uncomplicated. Your character has to collect blocks to build a bridge of a specific color. Easy-peasy! But, to win, you also need to overcome your opponents and stop them from building their bridges. Remember, your opponents will also be coming after you, so be careful!

Helix Jump

  • Total downloads (Google Play): 100 M+
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play

Produced by one of the biggest online mobile game publishers – Voodoo, Helix Jump is pure entertainment. The game has a fan base of millions; it is simple, easy to understand, but great fun!

In this game, you need to control the axis and allow the ball to freely fall for as long as possible. However, the game requires you to be extremely patient and attentive as the speed of the ball keeps increasing gradually. A single brush with the axis, and you will have to start from the beginning!

Stack Ball

  • Total downloads (Google Play): 100 M+
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play

Stack Ball, published by Casual Azur Games, is an engaging and cathartic game. Similar to Helix Jump, in this game, you need to ensure that your ball drops as low as possible.

Throughout the game, your ball will stumble upon colorful blocks. However, the game will end if your ball hits a black one. It’s a crazy-fast game, and the player will need to keep their eyes on the ball to protect it from shattering into pieces. Once you have played this game, you will wish that other games were this fun!

color Adventure: Draw a Path

  • Total downloads: 50 M+
  • Available on: Google Play

color Adventure, although a hyper-casual game, is an enchanting journey. The game is highly popular, with over 50 million downloads. It is one of the most successful games created by Casual Azur Games.

It is relaxing – almost meditative, and is a great choice after a long or stressful day at work. In this game, you need to take your colored cube on an adventure across the city, draw lines and just go with the flow. The colors used in the game are soft and will help calm your mind.

Crowd City

  • Total downloads (Google Play): 100 M+
  • Available on: Google Play, App Store

Crowd City is another super-hit game introduced to the market by gaming wizards, Voodoo. With over 100 million downloads, this game has captivated the minds of many people and is one of the favorites in the gaming community.

In this game, you command a crowd spreading throughout the city. Your task is to take the help of others to build a larger crowd. Isn’t it a little perplexing? Surprisingly, the game’s concept fits the genre perfectly – all you have to do is control the crowd’s movement.

Although the theme is intriguing, the visual is far from just ‘good’. Plus, the graphic choices and the game art are very similar to those seen in the publisher’s other games. So, it’s bound to excite you!

Fun Race 3D

  • Total downloads: 100 M+
  • Available on: Google Play

Fun Race 3D is a time-sensitive, competitive, and enthralling game! It will surely get your adrenaline rushing! It is a super-fun game that requires you to make your character reach the finish line before the opponents beat you to it.

The path is full of obstacles, but controlling the character is easy. Touch the screen with your finger to make your character run, and release your finger to make it stop. Trying to beat your opponents can make this game highly competitive, but winning will definitely make you happy!             

Hyper-casual games are the current rage. Apart from the ones mentioned above, a plethora of other hyper-casual games is available for you to play. These games have become extremely popular in the past few years and are bound to grow exponentially in the future.

Hyper Casual games – FAQs

How are hyper-casual games different from casual games?

Hyper-casual games follow the same concept as casual games, but hyper-casual games are designed with more simplicity and only involve simple taps and swipes. Take a look at the top casual games to play in 2022.

How do companies monetize hyper-casual games?

Hyper-casual games can be monetized in two ways: through advertising and in-app purchases.

For how long can I play a hyper-casual game?

Hyper-casual games, as the name implies, are light games with simple mechanics that provide immediate gameplay. Hyper-casual games are highly irresistible and engaging because of their ‘fundamental simplicity.

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