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Are you a savvy ludo player who enjoys this classic board game? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to love the twist we have for you. What if you could monetize your gaming skills and earn real cash? Yes, you can play Ludo and earn money with Ludo money earning apps. Intriguing, isn’t it?

In the digital age, not only can you enjoy the excitement and thrill of playing Ludo online, but you can also win real money. Watch the video below to learn how to play Ludo online and win real money:

This article will guide you through understanding the potential of online ludo games and winning real cash.

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What is a Ludo Money Earning App?

A Ludo Money Earning App is a mobile application that enables you to engage in Ludo games while having the opportunity to earn actual money. These apps connect you with players from around the world, enhancing the excitement of Ludo by adding a real-money incentive.

Diverse gameplay modes, multiplayer mode (2-4 players), quick mode, 1 vs. 1, 3 winners, 4 winners, etc., are available on these apps, each offering chances to win real cash. The unique feature is the potential to make money without any initial investment by participating in free-entry Ludo tournaments. These platforms often feature referral programs, providing bonuses for bringing in new users. Additionally, generous deposit offers boost earnings when you add funds to your account. What sets these apps apart is the instant withdrawal of your earnings to your bank or digital wallet, such as Paytm.

Which is the Best Ludo Money App in 2023?

If you are looking for Ludo money apps that offer both trustworthy gameplay and secure transactions, Zupee stands out as the optimal choice. With a dominant 95% market share in India’s primarily casual and board gaming sector, Zupee is the largest online gaming corporation. Zupee specializes in creating games that enhance individuals’ daily joy and engagement through skill-based activities, all while offering the opportunity to win real money.

Ludo Variants on Zupee

Zupee offers 4 types of Ludo games, where you can play Ludo online & win real cash at the same time.

  1. Ludo Supreme
  2. Ludo Ninja
  3. Ludo Turbo
  4. Ludo Supreme League

Have a look at the overview of these games:

ludo real money games on zupee

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Why Play Ludo on Zupee?

If you’re wondering why Zupee is the best Ludo app on the market, here are some valid explanations:

  • Quick Withdrawal
  • Legal and Secure
  • Referral Rewards
  • 24/7 Entertainment
  • Certified RNG Games

Quick Withdrawal

Play Ludo on Zupee and experience the thrill of Ludo real cash games. With instant withdrawal options, you can enjoy your winnings without delays.

Engage in legal and secure real money-winning games on Zupee. Our platform ensures a safe gaming environment, adhering to regulations and providing peace of mind.

Referral Rewards

Refer Ludo games to your friends & family and win real cash. You can win cash rewards for each referral, multiplying your winning potential.

24/7 Entertainment

Enjoy the flexibility of playing real money-earning games at any time. Zupee offers round-the-clock gameplay, fitting your schedule seamlessly.

Certified RNG Games

Zupee’s real money games are backed by certified Random Number Generation, ensuring fair outcomes and an authentic gaming experience.

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20 Best Ludo Earning Apps List (November 2023)

Here is the list of the Best Ludo Money Earning Apps in India updated for November 2023:

Ludo Gaming Applications Rating Platform
Ludo Empire 3.7 Android and iOS
Ludo Gold 3.4 Android and iOS
Ludo Party 2.8 Android and iOS
Ludo Online 2.7 Android and iOS
Ludo Talent 3.6 Android and iOS
Ludo Game Play 3.1 Android and iOS
Ludo SuperStar 3.5 Android and iOS
Ludo Pro 3.2 Android and iOS
Ludo Club 4.1 Android and iOS
Ludo Classic 4.0 Android and iOS
Ludo Fantasy 2.6 Android and iOS
Ludo Championship 4.0 Android and iOS
Ludo King 4.5 Android and iOS
Ludo Master King 3.0 Android and iOS
Ludo 365 3.3 Android and iOS
Ludo All-Star 4.2 Android and iOS
Ludo Star 4.3 Android and iOS
Ludo Master 3.8 Android and iOS
Ludo Elite 2.9 Android and iOS
Ludo Game 3.9 Android and iOS

Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is designed for both casual and competitive players. Enjoy classic Ludo gameplay, and participate in tournaments to win prizes and showcase your mastery.

Ludo Gold

Ludo Gold offers the classic Ludo experience along with the opportunity to earn rewards. Roll the dice, move your tokens, and strategize to secure your victory against opponents.

Ludo Party

Ludo Party focuses on the social aspect of the game. Play with friends, enjoy various themes, and experience the joy of playing Ludo in a party atmosphere.

Ludo Online

Ludo Online lets you play Ludo with players worldwide. Roll the dice, make calculated moves, and compete to become the Ludo champion.

Ludo Talent

Ludo Talent enhances the Ludo experience with various game modes, power-ups, and challenges. Showcase your skills by making calculated moves and progressing faster than your opponents.

Ludo Game Play

Ludo Game Play sticks to the traditional rules of Ludo. Roll the dice, move your tokens, and aim to be the first to reach the center while preventing opponents from doing the same.

Ludo SuperStar

Ludo SuperStar emphasizes a player’s journey to becoming a Ludo superstar. Challenge opponents, complete missions, and unlock achievements to showcase your progress.

Ludo Pro

Ludo Pro offers a competitive platform to showcase your Ludo skills. Participate in tournaments, test your strategy, and compete with players globally to earn rewards.

Ludo Club

Ludo Club lets you enjoy Ludo with friends and family, both locally and online. Its user-friendly interface and regular events make for an enjoyable experience. Roll the dice, make smart moves, and compete against others to win rewards.

Ludo Classic

Ludo Classic preserves the simplicity of the traditional Ludo game. Play with friends or AI opponents, aiming to race your tokens to the center while using strategy to avoid opponents’ captures.

Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy adds a touch of fantasy to the classic game. Engage in magical gameplay, strategize your moves, and enjoy the unique experience of Ludo with a fantasy twist.

Ludo Championship

Ludo Championship focuses on competitive gameplay. Engage in head-to-head matches, use power-ups wisely, and outsmart your opponents to secure victory and climb the leaderboard.

Ludo King

Ludo King offers a modern twist to the classic Ludo game. It supports offline and online multiplayer modes, allowing you to play with friends and players worldwide. The gameplay follows traditional Ludo rules, where you roll the dice and move your tokens around the board to reach the center.

Learn how to become Ludo King on Zupee

Ludo Master King

Ludo Master King combines classic Ludo gameplay with modern features. Play against AI or friends, use power-ups wisely, and strategize your moves to win.

Ludo 365

Ludo 365 ensures you can enjoy Ludo every day of the year. Play with friends or AI opponents, strategize to move your tokens, and experience the joy of winning.

Ludo All-Star

Ludo All-Star presents engaging gameplay with various themes and modes. It offers a more personalized experience, and you can participate in leagues and tournaments to earn rewards and enhance your skills.

Ludo Star

Ludo Star is another popular app with a global player base. Its gameplay remains true to the original Ludo rules. You can challenge friends or matchmake with opponents online, strategizing to move your tokens while blocking opponents’ progress.

Become Ludo Star on Zupee & Win Real Cash!

Ludo Master

Ludo Master provides a polished gameplay experience. Play against AI or friends, strategizing your moves to move your tokens quickly and safely around the board.

Learn how to become Ludo Master on Zupee & Win Real Money!

Ludo Elite

Ludo Elite offers an elite Ludo experience with competitive gameplay. Match wits with skilled opponents, strategize, and advance on the leaderboard.

Ludo Game

Ludo Game offers an immersive Ludo experience. Play with multiple rule variations and diverse themes, making each game unique. Play against friends or AI and experience the excitement of rolling the dice.

Online Ludo Game & Earn Money – Final Words

With ludo money-earning apps, you can channel your love for this classic board game into a lucrative endeavor. These platforms provide the perfect fusion of entertainment and earning, allowing you to play Ludo and earn money from the comfort of your home or on the go. The signup process is simple, and games cater to various skill levels, ensuring everyone gets a chance to win.

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Ludo Money Earning Apps- FAQs:

How do Ludo money-earning apps work?

Ludo money-earning apps allow you to play Ludo games for real money. You compete against other players, and the winner earns a portion of the entry fees collected.

Are Online Ludo apps safe?

Yes, Ludo apps are totally safe when played on reliable platforms. Platforms like Zupee, validated to use random number generators, ensure fair games and protect players’ information, ensuring a secure gaming experience.

Do Ludo earning apps offer real money?

Yes, Ludo earning apps offer real money rewards. Winning cash games against other players allows you to earn cash rewards that can be withdrawn from your bank account, offering a genuine opportunity to earn.

Which is the best Ludo money app?

Zupee is currently the best Ludo money app. With exceptional safety measures, a fair play policy, enticing offers, quick withdrawals, and an intuitive user interface.

How can I withdraw money from Ludo earning apps?

Most apps offer multiple withdrawal options like bank transfers, Paytm, or any UPI withdrawals. Make sure to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold and follow the app’s specific withdrawal process.