Ludo Win Cash Online

Ludo Win Cash Online

Ludo is one of India’s most popular and loved games. It is a game that can be played between 2-4 people and require extensive planning and strategizing. The game involves dice and colorful tokens. The dice value decides the move of each token, and the tokens that cross the finish line or home line first win. However, the gameplay and rules are slightly tweaked when playing Ludo online. 

This article highlights how you can play Ludo online cash games and withdraw cash instantly! We also list the top 4 Ludo online games where you can win big within 10 mins and withdrawal ludo cash. Watch the video below to learn how to withdraw Ludo money online:

Ludo Online Cash Games

Ludo can be easily played online these days. There are tons of platforms available for playing Ludo online. Some of these platforms can also help you to win money online. However, you must choose wisely among them. You should always go for a safe and secure platform for winning Ludo money. 

Zupee is one such gaming platform. It is safe and secure for depositing and withdrawing cash. It also allows you to play 4 Ludo online games without hassle, with instant Ludo money withdrawal.

Play Ludo Online and Win Real Cash.

Tips to Win Ludo Cash Games Online

If you want to win Ludo money on Zupee, keep these points in mind:

  1. Strategizing is the key to winning. Regardless of the type of Ludo you are playing, you need to plan and play. The more you strategize, the better. It will always keep you afloat. 
  2. Be wary of your opponent. Make sure that you safeguard your tokens from cutting. In turn, be ruthless with your opponents. Do not let them get ahead of you. Do not hesitate to cut your opponent’s token when you can. 
  3. Time management is extremely important. With Zupee Ludo games, you will see two timers. One specifies your game time, and the other your move time. You should utilize it accordingly and watch it throughout the game. 
  4. You have the option to play wild with all your tokens. They are all out in the open on the board. Spread them equally so that they are not confined to one place. This way, your opponent can not attack them all at once. 
  5. Keep your token at the start box. It is a safe place where your opponents can’t attack you. It also gives you an upper hand to attack your opponent if they are before you. 

Here are 15 Ludo Tricks to win online Ludo cash on Zupee.

Ludo Games Online to Win Cash

There are four types of Ludo online games available on Zupee. These are: 

  1. Ludo Supreme
  2. Ludo Supreme League
  3. Ludo Turbo
  4. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Supreme

It is one of the most popular formats of playing Ludo online. Ludo Supreme, aka Ludo Supreme Gold, is India’s modern take on the classical game of ludo. The game can be played between 2-4 players. You need not get a 6 to start the game; all the tokens are in the open. There are safe spots as well. Cutting becomes interesting here as it can earn you many extra points. It is a limited-time game.

Play Ludo Supreme Gold & Win Cash with Zupee.

Watch the video to learn how to play Ludo Supreme on Zupee:

Play Ludo Online and Win Money with Ludo Supreme Gold. Click the “Download App” button.

Ludo Supreme League

Ludo Supreme League is a single-player, online ludo tournament. It is a twist to the popular Ludo Supreme game by Zupee. Players compete to get on top of the leaderboard. The player who earns the maximum points wins the game. So, what are you waiting for? Play Ludo Supreme League and withdraw winnings instantly. Watch the video to learn how to play Ludo Supreme League on Zupee:

Play Ludo Online on Ludo Supreme League. Click the “Download App” button.

Ludo Turbo 

Ludo Turbo has some similar rules to the other two Zupee Ludo games. It makes use of a dice to determine the moves of the tokens. It is an exciting and fast-paced online version of the classic Ludo game. This game differs slightly from traditional Ludo, as it is a turbo version. This means quick gameplay with the same level of competitiveness. In addition, there are daily tournaments and rewards, making Ludo Turbo by Zupee an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Ludo game online - Ludo Turbo

Enjoy fast-paced Ludo Gameplay on Ludo Turbo. Click the “Download App” button.

Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is an online ludo game where players can see the upcoming dice values. It is a dice-less game. Based on the upcoming dice value, players need to move the token. The player who earns the maximum points within limited moves wins the game. So, download the Ludo Ninja Apk and start winning real Ludo money.

Ludo Online real cash games

Play Ludo Online on Ludo Ninja. Click the “Download App” button.

Why Play Ludo Games Online on Zupee?

Zupee is one of the best platforms for online gaming in India. Playing on the platform allows you to win real Ludo cash up to Rs.10 Lakhs. You have the option to choose from a variety of games like Ludo, Trump cards, Tambola, and Snakes and Ladders. 

Zupee is the best platform for playing Ludo and winning Ludo cash because: 

  • Offers 4 formats of Ludo online games  
  • Quick Ludo Money Transfer
  • Ludo Online Referral Cash
  • Easy Ludo Money Deposit
  • Bot-free Ludo online games
  • Ludo online Mega Tournaments
  • Win Ludo online cash up to Rs.10 Lakhs

Download Ludo Game & Win Real Ludo Money!

Offers 4 formats of Ludo Online Games

You have the option to play three different formats of Ludo here. They are Ludo Supreme, Ludo Supreme League, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo. All have different rules. This makes them all the more interesting to play. You will never get bored of them. 

Quick Ludo Money Transfer

You can easily transfer money for playing from your UPI account, wallet, or even bank account. It is extremely safe to do so. It also takes place very quickly. Take a look at how to withdraw your Ludo cash winnings.

Take a look at Ludo Online Paytm cash and UPI Games.

Ludo Online Referral Cash

You are eligible for referral cash whenever you refer a friend to play on Zupee. Both you and your friend get rewarded for playing online on Zupee. Check out the referral bonus on Zupee here.

Easy Ludo Money Deposit

Whenever you want to add money online on Zupee, you can easily get it deposited in your wallet. The whole process is hassle-free and quick. 

Bot-free Ludo Online Game

There are no bots on Zupee. You play with verified real Indian players.

Ludo Online Mega Tournaments

You are eligible to participate in some of the best tournaments hosted by Zupee online. These allow you to win big and interact with more players like you. 

Win Ludo Online Cash Up to Rs.10 Lakhs

You could win up to Rs. 10 lakhs in monthly winnings. The more you play, the more you win. 

Here are some articles related to Ludo online:

Ludo Online Games – FAQs

How many types of Ludo online game formats are available on Zupee? 

There are 4 formats of Ludo available for playing on Zupee. These are Ludo Supreme, Ludo Supreme League, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo.

How many players can play Ludo online? 

Ludo online can be played by 2-4 players on Zupee. You can even play single-player online Ludo tournaments.

How do I withdraw my winnings from Ludo online games? 

After winning money on online Ludo games, you can easily withdraw your money through a bank or UPI transfer. Take a look at the Ludo money withdrawal process here.

How long does a game last on Ludo Online Games? 

Depending on the Ludo online game you choose, the gameplay time varies. Usually, a game lasts 8-10 minutes while playing Zupee Ludo online games.