Top Online Part-Time Jobs of 2024 with High Pay

online part time jobs

The progress of technology and the accessibility of low-cost internet have provided us with numerous reasons to be grateful. Foremost among them is the opportunity to work from home and generate income via online part-time jobs using our phones and computers.

Online part-time jobs have emerged as a viable option for those who want to set their own schedule while earning a good income. This article will discuss some of the best online part-time jobs in 2023 that pay well and offer flexibility.

Whether you are looking for a side hustle or a new career, read on to discover the opportunities available for part-time online jobs.

What Are Part-Time Online Jobs?

Part-time online jobs are outside the traditional 9-5 jobs and are popular due to their flexibility and convenience. They help you earn good money, pursue your passion, and invest your time in gigs that make you feel happy and fulfilled. 

With the advancement in technology, you can now do part-time jobs online. The ability to work from anywhere has made online part-time jobs quite popular. Millions of Indians have discovered the keys to building a successful side business with part-time jobs online. And now they are happier than ever!

Besides, online part-time jobs boost your productivity and help you make money by applying your skills. 

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How To Get Part-Time Online Jobs?

Now that you understand the importance of part-time online jobs. Many part-time jobs can match your skill set and allow you to earn a high income on the side. 

Well, finding online jobs has never been easier. In fact, you can use your computer or phone and find great part-time jobs today. But there are a couple of steps that you need to take. 

Let’s walk through all of them:

  • Step 1: Find your skill set!
  • Step 2: Find legitimate remote part-time online jobs
  • Step 3: Create a Professional Online Profile
  • Step 4: Expand Professional Network

Step 1: Find Your Skill Set! 

Each one of us possesses distinctive abilities and aptitudes from birth. It is crucial to recognize and acknowledge your skills to harness their potential.

So, first, find out the skill set you pursue:

  • Can you write? 
  • Can you communicate clearly? 
  • Can you paint? 
  • Or can you speak impressionably? 

Once you have identified the side hustle you want to pursue, now is the time for the next steps. 

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Step 2: Find Legitimate Remote Part-Time Online Jobs

This may sound scary, but the only way to get an online part-time job is to find it online. The Internet has dozens of job portals, companies, and direct-to-hire part-time jobs you can do from the comfort of your home. 

To search for jobs, go to the Google tab and type this: [Skill eg: writing] Jobs [Experience] Level Online Part-Time

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Step 3: Create A Professional Online Profile

Online recruitment teams are often required to sift through many job applications daily. Their primary task is to scrutinize each profile to verify that the people they are reviewing aren’t bots but real people.

The only way to get your foot in the race and have an authentic presence is by creating a professional online profile that reflects your work experience, skill set, personal data, and contact information. 

Step 4: Expand Professional Network 

Most online part-time jobs are born out of referrals and professional recommendations. Hence, in the early days, you should focus on finding people within your professional group/skill level. Networking is the best way to strengthen your digital footprint and solidify yourself professionally. 

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Know the Best 10 Online Part-time Jobs in 2024

Here are the top 10 part-time jobs online in 2023 that pay you well:

types of online part time jobs
Part-time JobsPlatformApprox. Salary
BloggerUpwork, Pro Blogger, Flex Jobs, and Fiverr1.8 LPA
Proof-readerUpwork, Freelancer, Guru2.5 LPA
Online Beauty AdvisorBeautytap, Glow & Lovely Careers, ZipRecruiter2.2 LPA
Online Fitness TrainerNudge Coach, Gympik3.3 LPA
Email MarketerPeoplePerHour, freelancer4.1 LPA
Web DeveloperLinkedIn, Fiverr, Guru2.28 LPA
PodcasterFiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Buzzsprout6.7 LPA
Content WriterPepper Content, Fiverr, LinkedIn2.8 LPA
Selling Crafts OnlineEtsy, Fizdi, Meesho, and AmazonAt least 20% of the profit margin
Online, Chegg, Native Camp, and LinkedIn2 LPA

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A blogger is an online content publisher. They are responsible for creating thoughtful content with images and videos for entertainment or educational purposes. You can find blogging jobs online by signing up with Upwork, Pro Blogger, Flex Jobs, and Fiverr. 

How To Become An Online Part-Time Blogger?

To start your career as a blogger, you must have great writing and comprehension skills. You also need to have a solid knack for research and creating good headlines that make people click on your content. Here is the job description for an online part-time blogger: 

  • Publishing thoughtful content online that resonates with people.
  • Writing long-form essays, listicles, infographics, etc.
  • Studying website metrics and audience engagement. 

The average salary of a blogger is approx. 1.8 LPA INR in their first year of blogging. 

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Proofreaders are first-draft editors who scan for published works’ grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors. They ensure the final draft is accurate and error-free before the content is published. Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Guru are common places to look for online proof-reader jobs.

How To Become a Part-Time Proof-Reader Online?

To become an effective proofreader, you must have excellent editing and reading skills, profound language knowledge, and a keen eye for details. Given below is the job description for Proof-reader:

  • Reviewing content such as articles, reports, and blogs.
  • Correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.
  • Ensuring consistency of tone and tenses. 
  • Verifying the headings to match the tone of the brand.

Proofreaders can expect to earn at least INR 2.5 LPA in their first year of proofreading. 

Online Beauty Advisor

An online beauty advisor is an expert who educates you on advice and recommendations for your beauty and skincare. They offer advice on products and treatments that you can get to achieve your dream skin or beauty. You can find Online Beauty Advisor jobs on platforms such as Beautytap, Glow & Lovely Careers, ZipRecruiter, and Linkedin.

How To Be An Online Beauty Advisor?

To become an online beauty advisor, you should have persuasive communication skills, customer service, product knowledge, and an interest in new and old beauty techniques. Job Description for Online Beauty Advisor:

  • Researching, testing, and studying beauty advice. 
  • Engaging with old customers and creating content to bring new customers. 
  • Staying up to date with new products and beauty trends of the world. 
  • Educating clients on products and techniques.
  • Resolving customer complaints and needs. 

Online Beauty Advisors can earn INR 2.2 LPA in their first year.

Online Fitness Trainer

They provide remote fitness coaching, customized meal plans, and tailored workout routines to their clients online. You can find Online Fitness Trainer jobs on Upwork, Nudge Coach, Gympik, and Teacher. 

How To Become An Online Fitness Trainer?

An online fitness trainer requires outstanding interpersonal skills, compassion toward clients, and a thorough understanding of fitness and nutrition. The job description for an online part-time fitness trainer:

  • Offering workout plans and meal-plan recommendations to clients
  • Offering honest advice to clients
  • Guiding people through their fitness, nutrition, and healthy living journey

Online Fitness Trainers can earn INR 3.3 LPA in their first year. 

Email Marketer

Email marketers help businesses develop, manage, and execute email marketing campaigns. You can find Email Marketer jobs online on Upwork, PeoplePerHour, freelancer, and LinkedIn.

How Do You Become A High-Paying Part-time Email Marketer?

To become a high-paying part-time email marketer, you must have Email Marketing Skills, knowledge of Data Analytics, Problem-solving Skills, and Campaign Management skills. Job Description for email marketer:

  • Creating engaging and targeted email content.
  • Engaging with customers and boosting conversions.
  • Develop and implement email marketing strategies. 
  • Building and managing email lists.

Email Marketers can expect to earn at least INR 4.1 LPA in their first year.

Web Developer

Web developers create, design, and manage web applications and websites. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining back-end operations and database management. You can find Web Developers on platforms such as LinkedIn, Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer.

How to Become a Part-time Web Developer?

Aspiring web developers must have Problem-solving Skills, Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Numeracy Skills. Here is the job description for a part-time web developer:

  • Creating websites and managing the back-end operations. 
  • Implementing web design features.
  • Knowing popular web designing tools such as HTML, CSS, etc. 

Web Developers can expect to earn at least INR 19000/month in their first year.


Podcasting is the distribution of pre-recorded digital audio files on the Internet. Unlike radio, podcasts are available on the Internet and can be accessed by users anytime. Podcaster jobs are on Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Buzzsprout.

How To Be A Part-time Podcaster?

Podcasters must have excellent communication skills, engaging content, and the ability to negotiate contracts and bring in guests. Job Description for Podcaster:

  • Organizing a wide range of conversations with various guests.
  • Planning, scripting, and recording the podcast.
  • Editing the podcast and mixing the audio.
  • Negotiating sponsorships.

Podcasters have a sliding earnings scale, as most of their salary comes from sponsorships. 

Content Writer

A content writer is a professional writer on the Internet. Content writers work with editors and write for websites, blogs, and digital platforms. You can find Content Writer jobs on platforms such as Pepper Content, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and Freelancer.

How To Become An Online Part-Time Content Writer?

A content writer should have strong writing and editing skills. They should also have a decent knowledge of SEO and impressionable research skills. Below is the job description for the content writer:

  • Writing content for articles, product descriptions, press releases, and marketing materials.
  • Researching and compiling data to produce content.
  • Engaging with the target audience.

Content Writers can expect to earn at least INR 2.8 LPA in their first year. 

Selling Crafts Online

Online craft sellers are craftsmen who use traditional or modern craft-making skills to sell productions online. Craft products sold readily online are pot painting, fabrics, Warli art, Madhubani, etc. You can sell crafts online through Etsy, Fizdi, Meesho, and Amazon.

How Can You Be An Online Craft Seller?

Craft sellers should have excellent communication skills. Their products should be marketable and have decent customer care services. Earning by selling crafts depends on several factors, including your marketing, selling, and the genre you have opted for. The job description for selling crafts online is as follows:

  • Creating local crafts in your home.
  • Procuring resources and coming up with unique crafts ideas. 
  • Marketing your craft on the Internet.
  • Selling products online.

You can expect decent earnings in the first year of this gig. 

Online Tutor

Online tutors utilize video and live sessions to instruct students remotely. Their services are availed by students worldwide to aid in their academic studies. This profession is held in high regard within our society. You can find Online Tutor jobs on platforms such as, Chegg, Native Camp, and LinkedIn.

How Do You Become An Online Tutor?

Online tutors must have the core skills of engaging with students. They must also know how to manage time, deliver live classes, and have the appropriate knowledge of the subject they are teaching. Job description for an online tutor:

  • Teaching students online and delivering live classes. 
  • Giving tests and assignments and evaluating the progress.
  • Developing study modules and preparing instructional materials so each student is on the same page.

Online Tutors can expect to earn INR 2 LPA in their first year. 

To sum up, having a side hustle is one of the best things you can do in 2023. Not only do you get to earn some extra cash, but you also get to explore your passions. 

There are plenty of online part-time jobs available that pay you well. Get started today! 

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Online Part-time Jobs – FAQs

Can I do an online part-time job right now?

Yes, anyone can take up an online part-time job. There are plenty of opportunities available for everyone. Companies and big businesses no longer care about in-person employment. You can take up any part-time job and earn good money from the comfort of your home.

What are some of the highest-paying online part-time jobs?

Some of the highest-paying online part-time jobs are web developers, email marketers, content writers, and online tutors.

What is the best website to find online part-time jobs in 2023?

The best websites for online part-time jobs in 2023 are Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Chegg.

How much can I earn from an online part-time job?

Your earnings from online part-time jobs depend on several factors, such as skill, industry, and experience. For example, podcasters can expect to earn at least INR 5 LPA in their first year. On the other hand, online Beauty Advisors can expect to earn at least INR 2.16 LPA in their first year.

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